New Cork Wall Tiles by Cali Bamboo

Cali Bamboo offers indestructible bamboo floors and bamboo decking, as well as a new cork wall panel under a new company brand referred to as GreenClaimed — a reference to a material that’s been reimagined, revived, or recovered and then transformed into something new.  In this case, the new Designer Cork Tiles are panels made with the bark of cork oak trees.

The cork tiles are “durable, sound-dampening, and temperature-insulated,” according to Cali Bamboo, and made with cork, which is a renewable resource.  Here’s how Cali Bamboo sources the cork.

Cork is harvested from the renewable bark of the cork oak tree … The outer bark is merely ‘trimmed’ and allowed to grow back, leaving the tree undamaged. A cork oak can live up to 200 years with harvesting occurring once every nine years, yielding about 20 harvests during a tree’s life,” according to a statement by Cali Bamboo.

Designer Cork Tiles are available in three styles Tundra (grayer and the most rustic of the three), Sierra (moderately rustic and has more brown tones) and Meadow (thinner layers of cork and hand-cut into a more geometric mosaic pattern).  Depending on the style, these vary in thickness and are about 11.75″ x 23.75″ per tile.

[+] More about Designer Cork Tiles by Cali Bamboo.

Credits: Cali Bamboo.

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Concrete Roof Tile Business Opportunity Provides Excellent Income Potential!

Concrete Roof Tile Business Opportunity Provides Excellent Income Potential!
By Randy Wilson
Concrete Roof Tile Business:During the 2004 summer season, storms plagued the United States. Damages from the Hurricanes in Florida alone sent resources in the southern states scrambling. The shortage of qualified roofing professionals and supplies were felt immediately. Roofers from all over the United States began hunting down supplies and heading south. There were also many people who saw a roofing business opportunity and invested in roof tile businesses. Concrete roof tile has gone through some evolution over the years. Initially, the tiles were large, like sheets of corrugated roofing. The composition for the size did not hold up well, and lasted only about ten years. When the tiles were made smaller, it was found that the roof tiles held up twenty plus years and were tougher than the larger sheets. Another benefit of concrete roof tile is the ability to stain them, giving them the aesthetic flexibility that consumers want. Their durability and ease of installation are both benefits. Concrete roofing tiles provide great protection from heavy rain, hot sun, and strength. You can also be assured there is little risk of your tiles blowing off in high winds. The tiles size and composition are resistant to breakage as well. Concrete roofing tile can be produced with a small shop and small investment. This is an industry that is being used all over the world. Typical start up costs, not including land and buildings, can cost around one thousand dollars. Equipment can be purchased from hardware and concrete shops locally, or online. Supplies and mixes can be obtained the same way. There are typically two types of concrete roofing tile, both of which will require some learned skill to produce effectively. The first type is the fiber reinforced concrete tile. As the name implies, tiles are reinforced with sisal or coir fibers. The second type of tile is made with no fibers at all. These are known as micro-concrete roofing tiles. Quality control will be an important issue when producing roofing tiles. Micro-concrete roofing tiles will require a great deal of care and precision during the entire process of production or sub standard tiles will be produced. The standards for fiber-reinforced tiles can be produced with slightly less rigorous attention to detail, but you still want a good quality tile to make it to the roofer who buys them. Equipment requirements are actually minimal, but should be selected carefully for quality. A tile vibrator machine, moulds, plastic sheets, batching boxes, a water curing tank, and a table to work on are about the essentials. Your supplies should include sand, water, and cement. The sand should be of the best quality, having a regular grain-size grading. Make sure that the grain size is not too silty, as this will provide sub standard tiles. Once you learn the techniques of producing good quality tile, you will be able to market your tile to local roofers and hardware stores. Working on your sales pitch will be important, especially defining the benefits of concrete roofing tile. The benefits of concrete tile are easy to explain and should make for a great sales pitch to perspective clientele. Concrete roof tile production can also lead to concrete roof tile repair. If you have roofing experience, you will be ahead of the game. Installing concrete roofing tile is no more difficult than most other roofing materials. Always have extra tiles on hand to be able to assist with repair jobs. A concrete roof tile business is ideal for someone willing to make the educational investment. Most of the time involved will be in learning to produce good quality tile. Once you have established your techniques, you should have no trouble in selling your tiles on the roofing market! Copyright Randy Wilson, All Rights Reserved.
About the Author: Randy has dozens more home based business articles such as In Home Daycare Businesses, Earthworm Growing Business and Medical Billing Service..

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Orlando, Florida Vacation Home Management Company Celebrates 15 Years

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) April 17, 2008

Global Resort Homes is celebrating their 15th anniversary by offering guests an unbeatable 15% off any Orlando vacation rental when booking a Global Resort Homes property between April 15 and May 15, 2008. In addition, guests that stay during the celebration month have the opportunity to save an additional 15% off, equaling a total savings of 30%.

Global Resort Homes was founded by Guy and Robyn Bouchard in May of 1993 and over the past 15 years Global Resort Homes has set the standard in the industry and established themselves as the premier vacation rental company in Orlando. By offering unparalleled service and an incredible alternative to staying in a cramped hotel room, Global Resort Homes gives Orlando vacationers a variety of choices for their next trip to Orlando. Their hands-on approach to the company sets them apart from their competition as they grew the company one home at a time. The Bouchard’s and their team currently manage nearly 300 properties in six resort communities, allowing them to dedicate personalized staff and individual service to each community of homes.

“We are simply a different type of company” says Robyn Bouchard. “By staying true to our original vision and only managing in select communities, we can offer the best in location, amenities and properties. This way we have on-site staff and can offer a much higher level of service to our guests and our owners alike. The best thing is, we take the guess work out of everything for our clients.”

Even after 15 years in business, Guy, Robyn and the entire Global Resort Homes team continue to remain committed to maintaining the same vision that began 15 years ago and to carrying out their mission statement of being committed to excellence with each Orlando resort rental. “We continue to hear outstanding feedback from our guests and this is what we strive for,” says General Manager, Russ Kraft. “We see the same guests returning year after year and sending their friends and family with outstanding recommendations; it’s exactly the kind of referral business that we’ve come to know and love, which makes us extremely proud of the fact that we’re doing things right.”

Guy, Robyn and team remain committed to participating and giving back to the local community as well as engaging in global-reaching mission trips. The team has not only made an impact locally but have recently traveled to New Orleans and Jamaica to help give aide to those in need. Trips this year may possibly include Mexico and South Africa. “Giving back is at the core of who we are,” says Guy Bouchard. “Being in the service industry doesn’t only mean serving our guests and owners but also serving and helping those in need. “

First North-West hosepipe ban for 14 years – How to beat the summer hosepipe bans

(PRWEB) July 9, 2010

With United Utiliies announcing it’s first hosepipe ban for the North-West of England in 14 years why not beat the ban and reduce reliance on mains water?

Rainwater is collected from the roof via the downpipes, filtered, stored and then used for non-potable purposes including toilets, washing machines, garden hoses, for cleaning cars and other applications. It is not suitable for baths, showers or washing dishes.

Nu-Heat supplies below-ground tanks, which have the advantage of being unaffected by temperature extremes such as summer heat or freezing conditions. The tanks have a flat, two cylinder design that requires less excavation than other products and offers greater flexibility. They are made of durable plastic.

Sizing depends on a number of considerations such as the average amount of rainfall, the number of occupants and the size of the roof. Tanks are available in two sizes, 3500L and 5000L. If required, two tanks can be fitted together very simply to increase storage capacity to 7000L or 10,000L.

Nu-Heat’s three packages give a flexible solution for individual properties:

Package 1 with an integrated filter suitable for roof sizes up to 150m2
Package 2 with an external filter suitable for roof sizes up to 350m2
Garden package with an inbuilt filter basket and its own jet pump
The range enables Nu-Heat to specify the best solution for any property.

Rainwater harvesting plays its part in helping to achieve required levels of the Code for Sustainable Homes. When level 5 comes into force, rainwater harvesting will be a prerequisite.

For more information contact Nu-Heat on 0800 731 1976 or visit

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Original James Bond Aston Martin DB5 Offered For Sale for First Time in 35 Years

BLENHEIM, Ontario, Canada (PRWEB) November 25, 2005 –

RM Auctions returns to Phoenix, Arizona on January 20th, 2006 for its 7th Annual Vintage Motor Cars in Arizona auction with three extraordinary “celebrity” automobiles from the Smoky Mountain Car Museum of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. The single-day event, known for it’s record breaking auctions, will kick off the collector car season with some of the world’s most legendary and historically significant automobiles.

Leading the star car line-up is the internationally famous 1964 Aston Martin DB5 “The James Bond Car” – Chassis no. DB5/2008/R, the unofficial star of the classic 007 films “Goldfinger” and “Thunderball”, which will be offered for sale for the first time in 35 years.

Formerly the property of Sir Anthony Bamford, the 007 Aston Martin DB5 is one of several celebrity cars offered from the Tennessee museum where it has been on display since the late 1970. Complete with all the exciting spy features, the DB5 is one of only four cars originally commissioned by Eon Productions and used for film, tour and promotional use. This specific example with operating gadgets was primarily used for promotion during the movie’s release in the mid-sixties.

Some of the special James Bond options include: Front and rear hydraulic over-rider rams on bumpers; Front firing .30 caliber Browning machine guns powered by trunk mounted oxy/propane system; Wheel mounted tire slasher; Retractable rear bullet-proof screen; Radio telephone concealed in secret compartment; Radar scanner in racing type wing mirror with tracking screen in the cockpit; Passenger ejector seat – with removable roof panel (seat since replaced with standard seat); Oil slick ejector from left side rear light cluster; Triple spiked nails (calthrops) from the right side rear light cluster; Smoke screen released through separate rear system – located next to rear exhaust; Revolving number plates (3) featuring licenses YRE 186H, 007JB and JB007; and Armaments drawer under front driver seat.

It is one of only three examples that exist today and remains in completely original, low mileage condition. Its occasion for sale represents a rare opportunity to acquire what is widely considered to be the most famous car of all time. (Est. $ 1,500,000 – $ 2,500,000)

RM won’t refuse any offer for Al Capone’s 1928 Cadillac Town Sedan, Model 501, Series 341 A. Used for personal transportation around his Illinois empire, this specially constructed example was originally fitted with

APR Energy Celebrates Eight Years of Involvement in Power- Gen International

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) January 17, 2011

Recently celebrating 20 years of serving the power industry, Power- Gen International is widely regarded as the industry’s leading annual conference and exhibition. This year’s Power- Gen International held in the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida earlier this month lived up all expectations bringing together over 18,000 power industry professionals, including approximately 25 representatives from APR Energy.

APR Energy’s(APR) delegates included individuals representing procurement, supply chain management, operations, engineering and sales departments within the company. Each year, APR Energy sends these representatives to participate in not only the extensive exhibition, but also the various comprehensive industry courses, workshops, technical tours and conference sessions that Power- Gen offers.

As an exhibiting sponsor within the Power- Gen Exhibition APR also participated in the associated PennEnergy Career Fair to recruit talented power industry professionals for the rapidly growing organization.

The 2011 Power- Gen International Conference and Exhibition has already been scheduled to take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, December 13 – 15 and will co- located with Nuclear Power International and the PennEnergy Career Fair.

About APR Energy

APR Energy specializes in the sale of reliable and efficient electricity through the rapid deployment of Customized Turnkey Power Solutions. APR’s power generation solutions combined with comprehensive operation and maintenance services and flexible commercial terms have established APR as a leader in the temporary emergency rental power industry.

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Warner Bros Uses Ductape to tie up New Years Eve

Santa Monica, CA (PRWEB) December 06, 2011

Star studded Warner Bros film New Years Eve arrives in theaters just in time for the holidays and boutique advertising agency Ductape was tasked to create a new promotional tie-in for Boston based Dentovations and their line of Luster White teeth whitening products to integrate with the film’s storyline. Directed by Gary Marshall (“Valentines Day”) New Years Eve follows a large ensemble cast (Jessica Biel, Zac Efron, Josh Duhamel, Katherine Heigl among others) as their lives intertwine in unexpected ways in the days leading up to New Years Eve in New York City.

First time film director Kholi Hicks was chosen to helm the spots. His feature, Superseeds is due in theaters in 2012 and the thirty-second format was a new world for him. “Warner Bros wanted a spot that played on the romantic serendipity in the film and our client was focused on teeth whitening of course so?unifying those two messages was a challenge! Ultimately I feel we got it right,” Kholi said.

The Luster White spot begins with a young woman at a New York cafe scribbling New Years resolutions in her diary. The voice over asks, “Looking for New Years resolution you’ll enjoy?” then the spot integrates brief cuts from the film with Zac Efron, Jessica Biel, Josh Duhamel and others with the story of the woman at the cafe when at first she misses, then finally meets a handsome guy who could be the one (after some teeth whitening of course). The spot feels fresh, big and eye catching and drives viewers to a Facebook fan page where they can enter to win an all expense paid trip for two to New York City to experience Times Square in person.

?We like this campaign because it’s strong on imagery and also has a tightly integrated direct response component that isn’t forced-it feels completely natural to both the movie’s message and the product’s message,” said Garret Cheves, Ductape?s Executive Producer, ?We’ve developed a solid expertise in generating strong measurable response from thirty second spots which was unheard of just a few years ago.?

Ductape is located in Santa Monica, CA and began six years ago creating content for companies like Guthy-Renker and Beachbody (think Proactiv and P90X). As the name implies Ductape aggregates multiple advertising services together under one roof including ideation, production, post production and media distribution and focuses mostly on US television but has also created successful TV campaigns in international markets such as Japan, Germany, Australia and the UK.


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Prominent Builders of New Jersey, a Leading Builder with Over 20 Years of Experience in Residential and Commercial Construction

Fair Lawn, NJ (PRWEB) August 17, 2010

Selecting the right builder for your construction project is one of the most important decisions you will make towards realizing your dreams. Prominent Builders is a family owned and operated design build Construction firms whose professionalism, experience and reliability have made us a leader in the industry for over 20 years. Trust Prominent Builders to be “the one and only source” for your construction project.

Prominent Builders Inc. currently serves the entire Northern New Jersey Market: Bergen County, Passaic County, Essex County, Morris County and select Southern/Central New Jersey areas.

At Prominent Builders, we approach every job with a dedication to uncompromising craftsmanship and with a level of customer service that goes far beyond the sale. So if are looking for remodeling contractors look no further, we at Prominent Builders are here to help.


Design services and Interior Design Services |New Residential Construction

Additions & Renovations |Kitchens & Bathrooms |Entertainment Centers & Media Rooms

Landscapes and Poolscapes |Commercial Retail & Office

Site Development & Environmental |Demolition & Excavation


Prominent Builders integrates all aspects of the building process into a single concept giving customers accurate design, cost and time frame parameters from our first consultation. Prominent is a full service design build firm, meaning we offer all services necessary to design and build your project from concept to completion. If you already have architectural blueprints, site plans, or conceptual design ideas, we will gladly work with you and your design professionals to offer you our complete host of services. So consider us for your remodeling contractors on your next project, or take advantage of the free consultation service and give a call or email us at info(at)prominentbuildersnj(dot)com


Maintaining our customer relationship long after your project is complete is our main objective. Prominent Builders provides a 10-year homeowners warranty on all residential new construction and manufacturer warranties on all of our products and services. Please call to obtain a list of our satisfied customers and inquire about our customer referral program today. Remodeling contractors will promise you the world, we at Prominent Builders let our customers speak for us, because that means more to us and you.


Experience, reliability and trust bond the relationship our customers have with our dedicated onsite project managers. Our managers take an active role in the construction process before any work even begins. Your project manager will be available to you at all times throughout your project to ensure that all work is done to the highest professional standards. In any house addition project, the key is finding the right general contractors, Prominent Builders will give a free confidential, no obligation consultation, we listen to you first and then put together a proposal based our experience and your input.


We handle and expedite all necessary applications to obtain all building permits to ensure strict compliance with all local /state building codes and town ordinances. House additions involve a lot paper work in form of permits and approvals, and general contractors must be licensed contractors.


Prominent Builders will assist you by introducing you to multiple local lending institutions that will evaluate and offer the particular financing that best suits your needs. Financing for house additions is major task that is part of the process, if done by the right professionals; a lot stress can be avoided. As general contractor we do suggest that you do your due diligence before you work any with financial professionals.


Our process is simple…A Prominent Designer will work closely with you, your architect and our on staff professionals, throughout the entire building or remodeling project. Prominent customers will choose from a variety of exterior products such as roofing, cultured stone and siding decors. Interior selections include finish trim, flooring, cabinetry and fixtures/appliances…Prominent Designs finishes your project by offering a range of services such as drapery/blinds, furniture selections and accessories. At Prominent we take pride in our ability to deliver a finished project with a combination of our clients taste, personality, and lifestyle which cannot be matched. As a result we can ensure that every client receives a welcoming and inspirational place that they can call home.

So call us for a Free confidential consultation in Remodeling contractors, Residential remodeling, Home improvement contractors, House addition, Garage addition, second story additions, licensed contractors, general construction or if you are just looking find out about the cost of home addition. Contact us at info(at)prominentbuildersnj(dot)com


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San Francisco Remodel Contractor Cal Star Construction Celebrates 25 Years Serving the Bay Area

San Francisco, CA (Vocus/PRWEB) March 05, 2011

Cal Star Construction, a premier San Francisco Bay Area remodeling contractor, is celebrating their 25th anniversary this year. Since 1986 the founder, a man simply named Tachtook, has built Cal Star Construction utilizing the same elements he uses on every home he builds: hard-work, integrity, responsibility, careful money management, high-quality workmanship, and a love of people and the craft.

“We are very proud and fortunate to be a part of this wonderful community,” said Tachtook. “This area is our home, and we work hard to make it a better place for everyone one home at a time.”

Indeed, Cal Star Construction has earned itself a stellar reputation in the community. Feedback on the Internet at sites like speak to the company’s honest and hard-working approach to interior and exterior home remodeling in the Bay Area.

“Cal Star renovated and painted the outside of our 3-unit building and cottage for a reasonable cost,” said Mandi Weist, a Cal Star Construction customer. “They did an impeccable job, and exactly as we wanted. The crew was habitually on time, worked long days, and always cleaned up the work-site every evening. The contractor was available anytime, made great suggestions, succeeded in staying within budget, and most importantly, is very honest.”

Cal Star Construction prides itself on integrating style, functionality, and superior craftsmanship into all of their work. Whether the project involves is a San Francisco kitchen remodel, an ocean-view deck in Pacifica, or adding an additional floor in a San Mateo renovation, their dedication and attention to detail consistently exceed the expectations of their clients.

By working closely with every client, Cal Star goes into the project fully aware of the budget and requirements. And by establishing and maintaining a healthy partnership with the customer, they develop and work the right plan that ensures the best results within budgetary restrictions. Cal Star handles all aspects of the construction process, from securing all necessary permits to thoroughly inspecting the project and ensuring satisfaction at completion.

In addition to their core business of designing and remodeling interiors, Cal Star has extensive experience constructing interior and exterior stair cases. They excel in the design and installation of linear and curved handrail system that enhance the home’s appearance.

Cal Star Construction also specializes in beautifying and extending the functionality of homes outside. They design and install handsome custom designed decks, patios, screened porches, fences, awnings, gazebos, railings, and outdoor kitchens.

For more information about Cal Star Construction’s 25 year legacy or any of Cal Star Construction’s services, call them at (415) 240-4373 or visit them on the web at

About Cal Star Construction

Founded in 1986, Cal Star Construction is a San Francisco residential contractor that specializes in carpentry, concrete, earthquake reinforcing, earthquake retrofit, big and small remodels, home additions, new construction, engineering, masonry, painting, plumbing, roofing, windows, doors, electrical, architectural design, project management, and the permit processing.

Cal Star’s experienced staff members are certified and each has been employed at Cal Star for at least 10 years. Cal Star only uses the best materials available, and holds ongoing training and safety seminars to ensure the procedures they use are up-to-date, in style, and safe.

Cal Star is licensed and bonded and offers warranty and insurance for all services provided. Most importantly, they work hard to finish each project on time and under budget.

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PGAV Destinations Celebrates 50 Project Openings in Ten Years

Atlanta, GA (Vocus) November 1, 2010

PGAV Destinations, a global leader in the planning and design of cultural and entertainment destinations, celebrates an unprecedented decade of design. In the past ten years, PGAV has opened 50 projects in twenty U.S. states and abroad. The cumulative impact of these projects translates into 81 million in annual visitors and $ 1.54 billion in cumulative project value.

As the most productive period in the firm’s history, the past decade’s business activity reflects an array of record-setting numbers: