‘World’s Best Job’ Winner Ben Southall Reveals Strategy: The Jackrabbit Factor

Mesa, AZ (PRWEB) May 8, 2009

In a May 6 interview with the winner of the ‘World’s Best Job’, CTV’s Canada AM news personality Jeff Hutcheson listens as Ben Southall and his girlfriend Breanna Watkins from Vancouver explain how they used principles from a book called, ‘The Jackrabbit Factor’ to obtain their success.

Jeff surprised Breanna by taking a tangent from the interview’s primary topic to ask, “Breanna … what is the Jackrabbit Effect?”

Taken aback by the unexpected question, Breanna laughed, ”It’s a book called ‘The Jackrabbit Factor’ …and it’s basically writing a goal on paper as if you already have the goal. So we both wrote out about a page and a half long goal of having this job as if we already have it, and saying how amazing it is and how happy we are together, and just being on Hamilton Island and enjoying life there in Australia. So that’s what ‘The Jackrabbit Factor’ is all about, so,” she continued, “you could say we drew it to us.”

Jeff turned his attention to Ben. “What was the last thing you did before you went in to the interview?”

”I got my piece of paper, I did exactly as I did last night before I went to bed, I read the thing from top to bottom, I stood there looking out the balcony window, and I read it exactly again, I left it on the bed…” Ben continued, “I came back here after it all happened, and I thought, this thing actually works, she’s got something here, this girl, I’m sure she has.”

Ben apparently referred to the author of the book, Leslie Householder.

Jeff mused, “You know, sales for that ‘Jackrabbit Effect’ I’m sure are going to go through the roof.”

Even though the actual title of the book is ‘The Jackrabbit Factor’ and not ‘The Jackrabbit Effect’, the fundamental meaning was not lost in the reporter’s mistake.

As expected, with the release of the news clip, sales for the book increased, perhaps as eager readers hoped to learn how to obtain a dream job of their own. ‘The Jackrabbit Factor’ story follows down-and-out Richard and Felicity Goodman as they discover how to access, recognize, and trust their instinct for goal-achieving success.

When asked ”What is your task now?” Ben explained, ”To really act as an ambassador for tourism in Queensland… to try and take on board everything they’ve got to offer, and sell it to the world. That’s what I’m here to do.”

In this tough economy, the good news is that job-hunting and other goal-seeking readers don’t even have to buy the book. That’s because ‘The Jackrabbit Factor’ is available as a free (PDF) download.

In the months to come, maybe Queensland will experience a surge of tourists who read the book and use the principles it teaches to achieve a dream vacation in the same Australian paradise that Ben and Breanna will soon call ‘home’.

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Facebook Contest Winner Arlen Nunez Wins a $500 4 Wheel Parts Promo Card

Compton, CA (PRWEB) February 9, 2011

Congratulations to Arlen Nunez, the January 2011 winner of the 4 Wheel Parts Facebook Dream Upgrade Contest. 4 Wheels Parts, America’s largest distributor of off-road parts for trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs, recently asked their Facebook fans to post pictures of their vehicles, as well as their number one upgrade wish and why they deserve to win. Arlen Nunez was randomly chosen as the final of the three contest winners and she received a $ 500 promo card that will be used towards a dream upgrade for her husband’s truck.

Beginning on the 15th of November, 2010 and continuing for 3 months, 4 Wheels Parts randomly picked and notified the Dream Upgrade Contest winners. Then, the lucky winners were asked to write a few paragraphs for the 4 Wheel Parts blog describing their vehicles, the upgrades, what they would do with the $ 500 promo card, and how it will improve their vehicles/daily lives. Since the contest started last October, over 12,000 Facebook users have friended 4 Wheel Parts.

Arlen Nunez is the last of the three winners of the $ 500 promo card Dream Upgrade Contest on Facebook. She won the contest on behalf of her husband, a family man who works hard and drives harder when off-roading. Mr. Nunez, a self-proclaimed truck lover, enjoys the great feeling that comes with navigating the challenging obstacles so often found when off-roading. He has already upgraded his V8 Toyota Tundra with a Pro Comp 6” lift kit, 20” XD Hoss rims with 33” Nitto tires, and Fab Fours front and rear bumpers. Mr. Nunez already knows what the $ 500 promo card is going to: a set of Pro Comp coil overs.

When asked about the 4 Wheel Parts store and website, Mr. Nunez said, “I think that both the store and the website are great places for the off-road enthusiast and offer great help and service when it comes to making a decision.”

Later in the month of February, 4 Wheels Parts will host its first Truck & Jeep Fest event of 2011 at the San Mateo Expo Center in San Mateo, CA. This event will be followed by 8 more across the nation this year, including Hawaii. Visitors of Jeep & Truck Fest 2011 can experience over 100,000 square feet of custom trucks and Jeeps on exhibit. Manufacturers will be on-site with product demonstrations and over $ 100,000 in aftermarket off road products. Visitors can expect to find some of the lowest prices of the year, special hourly promotional pricing, and installations up to 50% off. There will also be hourly giveaways and several visitors will win free prizes.

Truck & Jeep Fest 2011 Events:

Feb 26-27

Truck & Jeep Fest Raffle Winner Ed Baker Receives $1000 Shopping Spree at 4 Wheel Parts

Compton, CA (PRWEB) March 4, 2011

Congratulations to Ed Baker, the winner of the Truck & Jeep Fest $ 1000 Shopping Spree Raffle held by 4 Wheel Parts, America’s largest distributor of off-road parts and aftermarket parts for Jeeps, trucks, and SUVs. Ed Baker, from Thousand Oaks, California, was chosen by raffle at 2010’s last Truck & Jeep Fest sales event.

From February to August 2011, 4 Wheel Parts will have a minimum of one Truck & Jeep Fest sales event each month. Special sales and amazing show pricing will be available at event locations, online at 4WheelParts.com, and also at more than 50 4 Wheel Parts stores throughout the United States.

Truck & Jeep Fest is a free admission event. Attendees can experience over 100,000 square feet of custom trucks and Jeeps on display. Manufacturers will be on-site with product demonstrations and over $ 100,000 in inventory. Attendees can expect to find some of the lowest prices of the year with factory direct pricing, hourly promotional pricing, and up to 50% off installations. There will be hourly giveaways and some attendees will win free prizes.

2011 Truck & Jeep Fest Events:

Feb 26-27

MeetingMatrix Names Marc Alexander of The Orlando World Center Marriott Winner of First Room Diagram Setup Competition

Portsmouth, NH (PRWEB) August 30, 2010

MeetingMatrix International, Inc. (http://www.meetingmatrix.com) names Marc Alexander, Destination Sales Executive at The Orlando World Center Marriott winner of their first Room Diagram Setup Competition. As winner, Mr. Alexander received an iTunes gift certificate, national bragging rights, and a (suitable for framing) MeetingMatrix Certificate of Achievement. Conducted on Facebook, the competition drew 34 entries. Mr. Alexander’s entry won based on evaluations by MeetingMatrix design and planning professionals.

“The quality of diagrams was quite high,” said Scott Sanker, Graphic Designer, and leader of the Social Media Forum at MeetingMatrix. “This made choosing a winner difficult. But in the end there was consensus that Marc’s entry was the best.”

All entries can be seen on MeetingMatrix’s Facebook page.

“I am, of course, happy I won,” Mr. Alexander said. “I have been drawing diagrams for awhile now. I use diagrams all the time and take a certain amount of pride in my ability to build and use diagrams to help clients see how their event will look and fit in our meeting spaces.”

“I use hundreds of diagrams during the year. With MeetingMatrix software I build diagrams and save and reuse them – I don’t need to recreate the wheel every time I need a diagram. I download diagrams to my iPad and during a site visit I can show my clients how different setups would look. It’s a very useful tool.”

“Based on feedback from participants MeetingMatrix plans on sponsoring additional competitions,” said JM Sahr, MeetingMatrix Vice President of Marketing. “This is an opportunity for planners to get a bit of recognition. And internally we had a lot of interest and enjoyed seeing our product put to work,”

About MeetingMatrix

MeetingMatrix International (http://www.MeetingMatrix.com) designs, implements, and supports on-line marketing solutions for hotels and convention centers worldwide. Based on MeetingMatrix Certified Room Diagrams, measured accurately to 6mm, MeetingMatrix on-line solutions address everyday challenges of event planning. MeetingMatrix web-based solutions and 3D-VR™ rendering capability make interactive room diagrams accessible at venue websites and a variety of vertical search engines. Headquartered in Portsmouth, NH MeetingMatrix has offices in England, The Netherlands, and Hong Kong.


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Advanced Metal Roofing Announces Winner of Second Annual MetalBucks Sweepstakes

Wilmington, N.C. (Vocus/PRWEB) February 10, 2011

Advanced Metal Roofing, a North Carolina-based metal roofing company, announces the winner of their second annual MetalBucks Sweepstakes. James and Kimberly Crutcher of Kernersville, N.C. were selected at random from a drawing of over 500 entrants to win a free installed MetalMan Roofing System for their home.

The MetalBucks Sweepstakes welcomes entrants throughout the year for a drawing to be held in December. Available to North Carolina homeowners, the MetalBucks Sweepstakes requires only that participants submit a form online to enter, available at http://www.advancedmetalroofingnc.com/metal-bucks-sweepstakes.asp, or alternatively call 1-877-858-7663 (specific details can be found online at the above URL). No purchase or participation in a sales presentation is necessary to enter the MetalBucks Sweepstakes.

The Grand Prize in the MetalBucks Sweepstakes is an exclusive MetalMan Roofing System custom installed on the winner’s home, valued at up to $ 22,500. This leading metal roofing system guarantees 42% in home energy savings, no-fade and no-rust vibrant metal roofing colors, and a transferable Limited Lifetime Warranty. Homeowners benefit from added protection for their home, a roof that requires minimal maintenance and will last a lifetime, significant energy savings, an attractive improvement for their home, and added resale value on their property.

Advanced Metal Roofing Marketing Manager, Zach Hanner, comments that the 2010 MetalBucks Sweepstakes winners James and Kimberly Crutcher of Kernersville, North Carolina, were particularly deserving of the Grand Prize as they attempted to purchase a MetalMan Roofing System in October, 2010 but were unable to qualify for financing due to a struggling economy and underemployment. “The timing is also particularly appropriate,” says Hanner, “as James Crutcher is facing surgery on his shoulder and won’t be able to work for several weeks. The MetalMan Roofing System installation means that their home will be made sound and secure in the meantime and that is serious peace of mind for them.”

The MetalBucks Sweepstakes for 2011 is currently underway. North Carolina homeowners interested in reaping the rewards of a MetalMan Roofing System for their home are invited to enter the contest between now and December 23, 2011 by submitting a form at http://www.advancedmetalroofingnc.com/metal-bucks-sweepstakes.asp.

For more information about Advanced Metal Roofing and the exclusive MetalMan Roofing System, please visit http://www.AdvancedMetalRoofing.com and http://www.MetalManRoofing.com or call 1-877-858-7663.

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