New Living Wall Planter by Woolly Pocket

Starting in October 2012, Woolly Pocket will have a new Living Wall Planter available for sale from $26.99, according to the LA Times.  The product isn’t soft like the standard Wally made with 100% recycled PET.  It’s made with hard recycled plastic not to include BPA and equipped with a self-watering tank.  The modular planter may be installed inside or outside and will be available in white, green, brown, gray, black, orange, and yellow.

[+] Watch for the new Living Wall Planter at Woolly Pocket.

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KuL Intros Recycled Modular Wall Planters

Along the lines of Urbio or Minigarden, check out these new modular wall planters by KuL Studios made with recycled HDPE plastic.  Called Ballavaz, the planters can be used indoors or outdoors and are available in 10 colors.  KuL offers two sizes, 24″x12″ and 24″x18″, which mount with screws or hooks.  Ballavaz include a concealed recess for drip irrigation — making these just right for herbs, veggies, and maybe a flower or two.

[+] More about Ballavaz modular wall planters by KuL Studios.

Credits: KuL Studios.

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NOLA Gets First Aeroponic Urban Farm

Louisiana-based Aquaponic Modular Production Systems, an urban agriculture development company, just announced the debut of a project — the first aeroponic farm in New Orleans.  The Tower Garden is hosted by Hollygrove Farm and Market to showcase an innovative, fast, and eco-friendly way to grow fresh produce for the community.

The design is a closed-loop system that uses nutrient-enriched water, not soil, to grow food.  The recirculating farm has no water runoff and is expected to yield upwards of 40 pounds of greens per week, according to a statement by AMPS.

AMPS says The Tower Garden can “efficiently capture and repurpose waste, recycle water to reduce consumption, and grow food virtually anywhere – indoors or outside and in oddly shaped spaces.“  It’s made with food-safe plastic suitable for outdoor use and allows 44 plants to grow in five square feet.

[+] More about Aquaponic Modular Production Systems.

Credits: AMPS. 

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