August Month in Review [Outline]

It’s been another month and time is chasing by. Here’s an outline of coverage from August.  From newly published pieces this month, I noticed that our articles about colored solar panels and this New Mexico Passive House were shared a fair amount.  For a visual look at what’s being shared, also make sure to check out Jetson Green on Pinterest.

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New Blueair Air Purifier Just Makes Sense

This the new Blueair Sense designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune.  It was designed to shatter barriers in the bland world of air purification with a contemporary design, touch-less control, compact size, low energy consumption, quiet operation, and optimal clean air delivery rate.  All Blueair units are Energy Star certified and use “HEPA Silent” technology, and I understand Blueair Sense will be no different.  I’ve asked Blueair for pricing and availability information and will update this article when I hear back.

[+] More about air purifiers by Blueair USA.

Credits: Blueair.

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Link: New Blueair Air Purifier Just Makes Sense

Nest Thermostat Gets a Software Upgrade

The launch of the Nest Learning Thermostat back in October 2011 created a ton of interest in residential thermostats, and the gadget’s been installed in all sorts of green homes (including the C6 Prefab).  Today, Nest Labs announced improvements to the new display with an automatic software update that will be pushed to all thermostat owners.

The improvements include enhanced Energy History, Airwave, and more information and control through applications available on the iPhone, Android phones, and online.

Airwave is a new feature that can help save up to 30% on cooling costs.  Airwave takes advantage of a cooled AC compressor by shutting down the compressor while keeping the fan running to circulate air.

In addition, Energy History now shows 10 days worth of heating and cooling activity and the impact of weather, adjustments, and Away settings.

Other than these improvements to Nest software, you may have heard that Honeywell sued Nest Labs in connection with the alleged infringement of seven patents.  Gigaom is tracking the details of that lawsuit, so we’ll just have to see what happens on that front.

[+] More about the new updates released by Nest Labs.

Credits: Nest Labs. 

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Active House Specification Migrates to U.S.

It’s time to welcome a new green building protocol with the arrival of the Active House specification in the United States.  The specification gets a big test with this home, called Active House USA, which will be the first Active House in the country when finished.  It’s designed by Jeff Day & Associates and will be built by Hibbs Homes and Verdatek Solutions in St. Louis to test the new specification in a mixed climate.  Here’s a little more about Active House and this 2,500 square foot home.

First and foremost, Active House is a “target framework for how to design and renovate buildings that contribute positively to human health and well-being by focusing on the indoor and outdoor environment and the use of renewable energy,” according to the specification published by Active House Alliance.

An Active House is designed to the Trias Energetica concept — first reduce energy demand, then source renewable energy, and finally use fossil fuels as efficiently as possible, if necessary.

In addition, the specification has an indoor climate component that relates to lighting, views, thermal environment, indoor air quality, and noise and acoustics, as well as an environment component that relates to energy consumption, water consumption, and cultural and ecological context.

All of these will be put to the test in Active House USA, which will be built with Insulpan SIPs, triple-glazed windows, zero- and low-VOC paints and finishes, an ERV, a high-efficiency furnace, and reclaimed materials.

For extra measure, the project team will also pursue four certifications: Energy Star, EPA Indoor airPlus, Building America Builder’s Challenge, and the National Green Building Standard, according to the Structural Insulated Panel Association.  I’ll follow the project and provide updates in the future.

[+] More about energy efficient Active House USA in Webster Groves.

Credits: Jeff Day & Associates (top); Active House Alliance.

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Truline RV. Don’t Trade It. Update It Flat Screen HDTV Upgrades.

Spokane, WA (PRWEB) September 7, 2010

With the advent of HDTV and flat screen televisions thousands of RVs became obsolete overnight. And unlike a home you can’t just put a new set in place of the old.

Among other specialties, Truline RV knows how to remove the old tube-type TV and install a new HDTV flat screen TV in its’ place – looking as if it came from the factory – often better.

“Besides updating your coach, switching to a flat panel makes your RV safer,” says Chad Yackel, Owner and Founder of Truline RV adding, “Removing a heavy TV from over your head is always a good thing.”

There is more to the process and Truline RV tends to the details. Structural work must be addressed with this kind of upgrade and cabinetry and finish work must meet or exceed the original coach-builders standards. “Every update we create is a result of true craftsmanship,” says Yackel. “It doesn’t meet my personal standard, it won’t leave this shop.”

Truline RV can install any type of HDTV from a basic LCD unit to a high end LED system. And one of Chad’s passions is audio-video electronics. Truline RV always welcomes the challenge to exceed its’ customers expectations.

“Coaches that have tube-type televisions and are in for upgrades should consider some other things as well,” says Yackel.

With a new HDTV – a new Blu-ray/DVD player and antenna or satellite system should be considered. While on the roof, any leaks should be addressed as well.

While cabinetry is being remodeled, other projects to consider include replacing worn string blinds with Duo-roller shades. Window valence fabrics can be updated along with comforters and other accent pieces. And this would be the perfect time to change carpet, or remove it all together and install tile or wood flooring.

“The possibilities are endless,” says Yackel. “It really depends on each customer’s needs. Truline’s main goal is to have our customers leave excited and renewed; and feeling as if we exceeded their expectations.”

Truline RV customers travel from all over the Northwest and Southwest United States to take advantage of the shops commitment to quality and service. For more information contact Chad Yackel at

Truline RV Areas of Specialization

Custom Cabinetry / Floorplan Modification
Audio-Video Systems
Coach Re-Striping and Graphics and Full Body Paint
Window Treatments, Carpet, Tile and Wood Flooring, Upholstery
Collision Repair (Insurance Claims)
Structural Repair (Sidewalls)
RV Maintenance
And More…

About Truline RV

Truline RV is a family-owned business located in Spokane, Washington created in 2001. The Company was begun based on the philosophy that the RV community needed a better option when it came to repairs and complete custom remodels.

Having been in the industry since 1993, Chad Yackel, The Company’s founder, formed Truline RV with the understanding that the RV lifestyle is about relaxation, comfort and peace of mind. It is in that spirit that Truline RV set out to provide those qualities in its’ business model and differentiate itself from the competition.

Truline RV is not interested in being the biggest in the business – but rather it is committed to being the best through quality, attention to detail, depth of knowledge and work ethic.

For more information, contact Chad Yackel at: Chad(at)TrulineRV(dot)com. Logos, web and press images are available by contacting Yackel.


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