Modern Park Passivhaus in Somerville

This is Park Passivhaus in Somerville, Massachusetts.  The home was designed to the German Passivhaus standard and is currently being built on an urban infill lot.  With modern detailing, a slender structure, and a shapely New England form by Placetailor, also the builder, Park Passivhaus will incorporate a Zehnder HRV, two Mitsubishi Mr. Slim mini-splits, and a high performance envelope with an 18″ double-wall cavity, blown-in cellulose, Makrowin windows and doors, Fakro skylights, ZIP sheathing roof, Siga tapes, Siga-Majvest membrane, Cedar and Alucubond cladding, etc.  This is an excellent project to track, especially if you’re interested in Passive House detail.

[+] Follow the build of Park Passivhaus in Massachusetts.

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Anti-LEED Plastics, Efficient Refrigerator, Better Energy Star, + Livable Small Spaces

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generalRoofing On Track To Emerge From Chapter 11

Ft. Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) August 13, 2004

generalRoofing announced today it is on track to emerge from Chapter 11 Bankruptcy by the end of September. This announcement comes after the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Texas in Dallas set August 26, 2004, as the confirmation hearing date for the Disclosure Statement filed late last month.

Samco Adds Educational Web Page Explaining How to Rollform Steel Stud & Track and Select Rollform Equipment

Toronto, ON (PRWEB) June 30, 2008

Samco Machinery, Ltd. added a new web page to their website for those looking to rollform steel stud and track. The web page explains the differences between the load bearing and non load bearing to take the mystery out of the rollforming process for all types of construction.

Samco’s website illustrates the industries they make roll forming equipment for as a custom metal forming equipment supplier. With over 35 years of roll forming experience and 30 engineers on staff, Samco helps companies become rollformers. Samco manufactures decoilers, uncoilers, rollforming presses and roll form dies for the rollforming industry. The educational Samco website guides businesses through the manufacturing process with instructional web pages.

Steel framing is a popular choice for commercial, industrial and residential construction. Steel studs are much stronger than wood studs because they can withstand all the elements different climates face. For generations, steel framing has been used for building because of its durability. Steel studs resist elements such as vermin, fires, earthquakes, tornadoes and termites. Steel framing will not split, rot, crack, warp or change in accordance with the weather. Roofs, floors and walls made with steel stud and track stay straight and move less to reduce air leakage and minimize energy expenditures. Using steel framing is environmentally friendly because it is non-toxic and does not use trees.

Working with steel requires different skills and tools than working with wood. Samco receives telephone calls from companies looking to rollform steel stud and track but they don’t know where to get started. Samco’s educational website is the perfect place to learn the rollforming process as well as the differences between load bearing and non load bearing.

Joseph P. Repovs, Chairman and CEO of Samco Machinery, states, “Since 1972, Samco Machinery had the vision to be the world’s leading rollforming systems manufacturer. At Samco, we service a multitude of industries. Any profile that needs metal bending is a project we want to assist with. We are a custom metal forming equipment supplier. Through this web site, you will learn and understand how to choose the most suitable supplier to make you a rollformer.”

For more detailed information about Samco Machinery and rollform steel stud and track equipment, visit For further inquiries, contact Jeremy Tucker at 416-285-0619, extension 361, or Jtucker(at)


Going Downtown? Get on Track with parkIN’ a Free New iPhone Application that Helps Find Parking and Routes in Orlando

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) September 28, 2010

Visit Orlando for business, Magic games, dining or other entertainment and find the quickest routes and the best available parking spaces downtown using parkIN’. This new free iphone application was created by the Downtown Development Board to ease some of the traffic congestion sometimes caused during high peak times downtown and to ensure a positive experience for people visiting downtown Orlando.

parkIN’, developed by RiGHT BRAIN MEDIA, allows users to find available parking by location, price, hours of operation and number of available spaces. Plus, users can search for the quickest route to their destination using easy to use google maps and tips.

“With the excitement of the new Amway Arena opening just around the corner, the City wanted to create a tool that would help visitors get to their destinations in downtown Orlando with ease.”, Dwight Hooper, CEO of RiGHT BRAIN MEDIA “parkIN’ does just that by giving smart phone users parking and route options at their fingertips.”

parkIN’ Smart Phone Application’s Features:

1. Search over 12,000 parking spaces available in garages and lots throughout downtown Orlando

2. Search for parking by distance or location

3. Sort parking options by price or hours of operation

4. Sort parking options by # of spaces

5. Access google maps and find the quickest route

6. More features being added soon

The Downtown Development Board’s parkIN’ iPhone application is a big step towards the fulfillment of the City’s commitment to making the City Beautiful a premier location to visit. Orlando is not just a beautiful place to visit and live but an easy city to navigate thanks in part to the launch of the parkIN’ application.

The free parkIN iPhone app is available at the iTunes store now. Download the app by clicking here:


RiGHT BRAiN MEDiA began in 2002 as a video and web technology firm offering simple solutions to more traditional web products such as eCommerce, eLearning, Internets, Intranets and other custom online content management systems. RiGHT BRAIN MEDIA has created over 2,000 websites, 150 custom applications and more than 30,000 downloadable applications including iphone applications, live streaming products and video on demand for the commercial business, religious, sports and government sector.

Visit to learn more about Right Brain Media.


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Track and Field Legends – 75% Commission

Track and Field Legends – 75% Commission
2 Track and Field Coaching Legend’s, Coach Tom Tellez and Coach Dan Pfaff finished this 7.5 hr long product. If you have track coaches, parents and/or athletes on your list, you will love this product. l
Track and Field Legends – 75% Commission

Roofers Can Track Hail Storms in Real-Time with Weather Defender’s New Commercial Upgrade 2.0

Omaha, NE (PRWEB) April 19, 2010

Roofers will find roof repairs are easier to schedule and complete using SWIFT Weather’s new Commercial Upgrade 2.0 for Weather Defender – – the user-friendly weather software now featuring several new enhanced hail storm tracking features.

Roofers using Commercial Upgrade 2.0 for Weather Defender will receive real-time and customized hail information in specified geographic areas of their choice, such as where they are performing roof repairs. Real-time information regarding the hail storm location and speed, as well as the size and amount of hail, is sent directly to the roofers through an on-screen computer monitor display, audible alarm, email message, or SMS text to any mobile handheld device – including Blackberry or iPhone.

Benefits for roofers using the new Commercial Upgrade 2.0 for Weather Defender include the following:

MindComet Offers Web Email Service That Tracks Santa Claus- Track Santa’s Journey Across the Globe Via Your Inbox

ORLANDO, FL (PRWEB) December 22, 2005

MindComet, The Relationship Agency, announced today that they have recently signed a deal with Santa Claus to provide Internet-related services to Claus and all elf villages throughout the North Pole. Under the agreement, MindComet will provide free WiFi access to the elf villages and become the official email-marketing provider of Santa Claus.

The agency has launched, a website that allows Santa trackers of all ages to sign up and receive emails on Christmas Eve with updates of Santa’s whereabouts. MindComet, in conjunction with the Elf Advanced Technology Deployment Team, will be tracking Santa via two-way Global Sleigh Positioning (GSP). The system is accurate within two rooftops and will be triggering emails as Santa makes his deliveries around the world.

“Santa is possibly the world’s busiest man,” commented Edward Murphy, President and CEO of MindComet. “We’ve given him the ability to communicate with the Elf Christmas Command Center and all the good boys and girls, automatically, on the busiest day of his year.” This is the first time in Christmas history that Santa has agreed to make his whereabouts available to the public in mass email.

To date, Santa has received over 1,000,000 emails inquiring about Christmas delivery times for the upcoming Christmas holiday. has given S.Claus the ability to organize these emails and sign up anxious inquirers to receive updates. “Between gift delivery, managing the elves, and photo shoots at malls, I just didn’t have time to answer the where and when of it all,” commented Santa Claus. “Now with email and Internet to track my sleigh ride, they’ll watch me drop gifts from California to Shanghai.”

MindComet will continue working to improve the effectiveness of Santa’s business operations. marks the first significant effort to bring the North Pole into the Internet age. MindComet has plans in the near future to help Santa refine his list checking process, as well as wish list delivery management.

Santa trackers can sign up to be sent Santa’s location on Christmas Eve at

About MindComet

MindComet assists marketers in optimizing their customer relationships. The firm offers comprehensive customer relationship marketing services including Relationship Strategy, eWareness, Traffic Building, Lead Generation, Conversion Improvement, Online Experiences and Managed Electronic Communications. Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, the company operates offices in New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta serving many Global Fortune 1000 clients. For more information, visit the company’s website at, or call 1.866.650.7939.


NASCAR Track Commemorated in Ponce Inlet with Florida Real Estate Developer’s Help

Ponce Inlet, Fla. (PRWEB) November 29, 2007

Andrew Howe, president of Florida real estate development company Cranewoods Development recently helped Ponce Inlet commemorate NASCAR’s untamed beach-racing era of the 1940s and its pioneering drivers when the town unveiled a historic marker at the site of the famed beach course South Turn. Drivers started their harrowing drive up Ponce Inlet beach from this spot, with the Atlantic Ocean as the right boundary and the dunes of Ponce Inlet as the left.

Long before the days of restrictor plates and roof flaps, beach racing here was the scene of spectacular crashes, with hoods flying open mid-race and drivers blinded by salt spray and sand. The course was the scene of some of racing’s greatest images and wildest rides until the opening of The Daytona International Speedway in 1958. More than 50 years later, the South Turn is the more peaceful home to a luxury Florida oceanfront home development, which is under construction and overlooks the historic turn. Several legendary veterans of the course attended the ceremony, recounting hazards of beach racing, spectacular crashes, dodging seagulls and the colorful drivers who wrote the first chapters of NASCAR history.

Automobile racing was sanctioned here by NASCAR in 1948, the same year the stock car association itself was formed. For the next decade, both car and motorcycle racing was held on the 4.1 mile course, where drivers completed one lap by traveling north on the hard-packed sand beach, turning left through the banked sand North Turn, then driving south on paved Atlantic Avenue to the banked sand South Turn. Although the original races were typically advertised as taking place in Daytona Beach, the course was actually in Ponce Park, which was incorporated as the Town of Ponce Inlet in 1960. The current-day, pristine setting has earned it a spot in the 2007 America’s Top Ten Best Beaches rankings.

Assisted by Town Manager Kassandra Blissett, Ponce Inlet Mayor Nancy Epps presided over the unveiling on November 20 along with Russ Truelove, a Ponce Inlet beach racing veteran. Other legendary drivers of the famed beach course also were in attendance, including Vicki Wood and “Mad” Marion MacDonald. Wood set records on the course between 1955 and 1960, and her name remains in NASCAR speed record books today.

Of those earliest days of NASCAR, MacDonald said, “It used to be wild out here at this turn. You would just pick a spot up the road and lock up all four wheels, hoping it would slow you down enough to make it. In one race, Smokey Percer was waving me back as we approached, got distracted and wound up in the palmettos.” Truelove, who still has the 1956 Mercury he drove in one of the more memorable beach races in which he flipped the car several times on the North Turn, said, “I can assure you that all those pioneers, both living and those who have left us, deeply appreciate what the people of Ponce Inlet have done to recognize where it all began.”

The gathering of more than 50 people at the unveiling ceremony included Jo Anne Hamilton, sister of beach course racer Ray Chaike; town council members; members of the town’s Historic Board and Park Board; and other town dignitaries and public safety officials.

Attendees also included Andrew Howe of Cranewoods Development, developer of The Cottages at Ponce Inlet at the site. Howe noted that racing is not the only draw to the area: “The historic significance and unspoiled beauty of this site cannot be overstated. Not only is it an important part of the birthplace of NASCAR racing, Beach Street itself is a designated Scenic Road and the intersection is virtually in the shadow of the historic Ponce Inlet lighthouse.” He added that, “for fans who want to live where NASCAR history was made, Ponce Inlet puts them at the epicenter of auto racing, with Daytona Beach just 20 minutes to the north, and Orlando an hour away.”

About Cranewoods Development:

Andrew Howe, president of Cranewoods Development, is an award winning developer, general contractor and real estate consultant with over 35 years experience. Cranewoods offers full service real estate consulting to lenders and investors. Services include: development consulting, bank loan workout solutions, court appointed receiver, turn-key development management, construction management and general project problem solving. To explore Cranewoods further, visit: or follow them on Facebook at

Jacksonville, FL | Cincinnati, OH.

513-257-0749 | 904-758-3434


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