Finally the Heat Wave is Over – Water is This Season’s New Threat to Your Home’s Foundation Reports

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) October 26, 2011

The pro’s at remind the homeowners that although the heat wave is finally over, they shouldn’t let their guards down. Strong storms are bringing much needed water, unfortunately, all at once, causing the very dry and contracted soil to expand rapidly.

The summer heat and dry conditions are finally over. Homeowners survived the worst drought in the history of the state of Texas which produced incredibly dry, cracked soil. All it is needed is water to make things better and bring balance back into the soil.

Unfortunately, very rain-heavy storms are rolling in dumping several inches of water per hour. The much needed water is causing flash floods, flooding in low lying areas and standing water in areas with poor drainage.

The expansive soils present especially in North Texas, will respond to that much moisture in a mirror fashion do the summer dry weather by swelling up and causing the home’s foundation to be lifted and possible cracked needed foundation repairs.

There are some things the homeowner can do to protect the residence’s foundations. For example:

Before the storm, inspect gutters for blockages caused by birds nest, leafs and tennis balls.

Evaluate your gutters and downspouts. It is very critical to capture and control the water coming down from the roof. A 2,000 sq. ft. roof can dump more than 1,000 gallons of water around the perimeter of the foundation, if not properly controlled with gutters and dispersed correctly with the downspouts. The diameter of the downspouts is critical in order to have enough capacity to evacuate the water collected by the gutters. Normally a std 2″x3″ downspout can remove about 180 gal/min. Sometime, depending on the roof size and slope, commercial size downspouts are needed to remove more than 400 gal/min. If during a storm the homeowner notices that the water is not draining properly, they should have a professional evaluate the situation and recommend the best corrective actions.

After a strong storm is over, homeowners should go around the house and inspection for standing water within 7-10 feet from the foundation. If water is present in large quantities too close to the foundation, actions should be taken to improve the drainage. Some examples are:

French Drains. Allows for an under ground perforated pipe to drain water is slope condition allow it.

Pumps. They are needed to remove water from low lying areas when natural gravity can not be used due to contour of ground.

Grading. By adding or removing soil, sometime the ground can be sloped away from the foundation far enough away to keep the water from causing foundation repairs.

Once the rainy season start, homeowners should have a foundation repairs company do an inspection of the residence perimeter and the current drain system situation. This evaluation is needed to determine if any drainage modifications are needed in order to prevent foundation repairs.

For more information about drainage system in regards to foundation repairs, contact Premier Foundation Repair Inc at 3767 Forest Ln, Dallas, TX 75244


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WiiTournii Bowling Competition Comes to Charlotte, North Carolina This Summer

Charlotte, NC (PRWEB) April 16, 2009

WiiTournii, the first annual WiiTournii Bowling Competition, is coming to Charlotte, North Carolina this summer on June 20, 2009 at the Charlotte Convention Center. Players will participate in rank-based elimination until a regional winner is determined. Prizes include up to $ 5,000 in regional events and also advance the top 5 competitors to the championship elimination which will be held in Orlando, FL on November 14, 2009. The championship game includes a cash prize of $ 250,000*. Total cash and prizes up to $ 500,000 for all events. For a complete list of prizes, please visit

The WiiTournii in Charlotte, North Carolina is expecting to draw hundreds of local attendees for an exciting day of WiiTournii Bowling. Registration to play is $ 79 and includes a free WiiTournii official tshirt. Registered players are encouraged to bring friends and family for support at no additional charge. For more information, or to register, please visit our web site at

*Actual value of all cash prizes is determined by total number of competitors and is subject to change.


HiddenRadio Tops Christmas Lists this Season! Thousands Including Adam Savage of Mythbusters Are Swooping Them Up on

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) December 20, 2011

Two designers, 4 weeks and over $ 380,000 of crowd support is making the HiddenRadio a ?not so hidden? success.

The success of this design has been so massive that the HiddenRadio has been selected as part of the 2012 gift box celebrities will receive for the Academy Awards Oscar ceremony.

The product is only available on Kickstarter until January 18th, and more than 2100 fans are not only backing it with dollars but with suggestions and ideas as well.

The product was designed on the basis of consumer intuition. No knobs, buttons, or displays: The user simply twists the sleek metallic or graphite black housing to elegantly adjust the volume. While its minimalism remains intact, the device has been upgraded and now multiple speakers can be connected with a simple twist of the cap to literally lift the roof with booming sound.

?Our supporters have asked and we have listened. The extra money has allowed us to add new features and deliver an even higher quality product?, says Australian designer John Van Den Nieuwenhuizen now based out of San Francisco. John and his business partner Vitor Santa Maria founded Hidden Design over 4 years ago. Vitor is from Rio de Janeiro but has been a designer in Milan for over 18 years.

?Our approach is to create simple designs which make a positive impact in people?s lives,? says Vitor. The device is both elegant and extremely useful. Several speakers can be placed around the house, creating abundant sound inside as well as outdoors.

It provides several functions: it’s a wireless Bluetooth speaker with FM radio that works with leading electronic devices like iPhones, iPods, iPads, or any other smartphones, tablets and computers. It runs on rechargeable batteries, which last over 30 hours on a single charge. There is also a standard 3.5 mm audio jack for connecting with non-Bluetooth devices.

A single HiddenRadio and Bluetooth Speaker delivers pure, powerful sound to over 80 dB. ?We’ve tested it side by side with leading products on the market, and it has excelled in both sound quality and battery life,? says John.

The HiddenRadio is available now at The clock is ticking down to pre-order and be the first to own the Bluetooth wireless speaker with FM radio. People can support the development of this product through by pre-ordering their unit for $ 119, which will normally retail for $ 175. This will secure delivery of a limited-edition product directly to their homes with global shipping included.

The designers have already invested over $ 50,000 to develop the product and the capital raised through will be spent on injection molding tools, Bluetooth certification, initial inventory, and other equipment necessary for mass production.

Just in time for the holiday gift season, this is a chance to promote and support the production of this simple, useful and elegant product before it hits the main market.

Orders can be placed for a limited time at:


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Travel Experts Recommend Top 10 Beaches for Vacationers to Set Their Sights on this Summer

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) May 25, 2005

With one of the busiest travel weekends of the year approaching, millions of travelers throughout the country will be on the lookout for destinations that won’t break their budget this Memorial Day and throughout the summer. Before travelers begin to pack their bags for summer vacations,

How to Keep Your Home Warm, Cozy and Energy-Efficient This Winter

(PRWEB) December 14, 2011

With the winds of winter fast approaching, it?s a good idea to shore up your home?s defenses against the cold temperatures, ice and snow to ensure a cozy, energy-efficient home, as well as avoid any weather-related damage. And, through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, homeowners can receive an energy tax credit of up to $ 500 for making certain energy-efficient improvements to their home before the end of the year.

For good winterization ideas, take a look at the following tips from CertainTeed Corporation, North America?s largest brand of building products.

Add Insulation

Don’t Buy a Condo Hotel Until You’ve Read This

St.Croix (PRWEB) September 7, 2006

Before investing in a Condo Hotel project potential investors need to read a case study prepared by Frank Arena Editor of

Case study 101

There are many different types of condo hotels. Condo hotels sell for $ 300,000 to millions of dollars. Let’s review two examples of condo hotels being offered in the Orlando/Kisssimmee Florida area.

One option is new construction ranging from $ 400 per square foot to $ 700 per square foot.

A second option is conversion of an exiting franchise hotel. These units are 331 sq.ft. and sells for $ 272 psf. Let’s compare the two investments and see which one makes good dollar and cents.

If you purchase a 400 sq. ft. unit for $ 600 per sq. ft., your purchase price would be $ 240,000. With 10% down and 30 year amortization at 6.5% interest rate, payments would be $ 1,390 per month.

The monthly income for this condo hotel based on the national occupancy rate average of 57.1% (percentage of hotel rooms used) and national average daily rate of $ 94.94 (the amount charged per room), according to Smith Travel Research would be $ 1700. per month.

Gaylord Palms Resort Rocks Orlando this Summer with ‘SUMMER ROCKS! at Gaylord Palms’

Kissimmee, Fla. (Vocus) June 16, 2009

Summer visitors to Gaylord Palms Resort will have an opportunity to live large, kick back and rock on, thanks to a new summer roster of activities called “SUMMER ROCKS! at Gaylord Palms.”

SUMMER ROCKS!, which runs through Aug. 27, is open to all guests staying at the Orlando-area resort. The program features activities for all ages, including:

– GUITAR HERO COMPETITION: A chance to channel your inner-Metallica and show off your virtual guitar awesomeness, perfected by hours of late-night Xbox-infused guitar gluttony. If you’ve got magic fingers, you may find yourself at the end-of-the-night finale, with your own audience… and a chance to win a night’s stay! (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday)

– POOL JAM: The life of a rock star includes countless hours at the pool (perfect to nurse the blister on their little finger, or that blister on the thumb!). Enjoy a dip at our new Clearwater Cove water activities playground, while our DJ spins today’s tunes and provides an evening of rock star fun! (Wednesday and Saturday nights)

– BOOGIE NIGHTS GOLF: Spread your summer lovin’ spirit and shake your groove thang while enjoying a round of sun-free glow-in-the-dark golf. Shine at the mystery hole and you could win a prize! (Nightly)

– ROADIES CHALLENGE: You’re the roadie and you have one responsibility… keep track of the band’s guitars. Oops. You’ve wandered off and their entire collection is missing. Search the Gaylord Palms atriums to find them all, and you can enter to win a prize! (Daily)

– LIL’ ROCK STAR CHALLENGE: Wee rockers (up to age 10) can travel the Gaylord Palms atrium, following clues and filling their rack star goodie bag. (Daily)

– FLORIDA TOUR 2009 – THE BAR CRAWL: Take a rock tour of the Sunshine State and enjoy a special drink at each Gaylord Palms lounge. Complete your entire tour and receive your very own t-shirt, to prove your legendary status! (Nightly)

– ROCK STARS OF THE KITCHEN: Your opportunities to meet the stars of our award-winning restaurants, during our chef “meet and greet.” (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)

– MORNING DETOX: Join us at South Beach Pool after 10 a.m. and flow through the morning, allowing the music to become “one” with your emotions. DETOX is about hanging with your friends and sharing moments of pleasure. Sit back, and relax and channel past sunsets, martini lounges, Caf

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