Emigration Canyon Home is First Recipient of LEED Silver Green Home Certification

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Located in Utah’s Emigration Canyon just north of Salt Lake City, this contemporary 2,500 square foot home was designed for a family with small children by Sparano + Mooney Architecture. It provides breathtaking canyon views from every angle, and is the first recipient of the LEED Silver green home certification thanks to sustainable materials and energy-efficient qualities.

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The main living room consists of a 30-foot operable wall that transforms it into an outdoor room, and cor-ten steel cladding mixed with board-formed wood textured concrete create a modern, low maintenance interior that maintains a natural style. The lower level is an open, flexible design, ideal to be used as an art studio, playroom, home office, or entertainment room.

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Solatube skylights maximize the use of natural light, and an in-floor radiant system provides energy-efficient heat during cold Utah winters. The surrounding landscape complements the architecture with native, drought-resistant plants that provide a seamless transition between the cozy home and rustic canyon surroundings.

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Appeals Process Exposes the Grave Injustice Surrounding Miami Trial of Five Cuban “Spies”

(PRWEB) July 17, 2003

Plastered across billboards, banners, and t-shirts, the faces of the Cuban Five fill the streets of Havana. As a result of their efforts to infiltrate anti-Castro terrorist groups, these five “spies” were convicted and sentenced to unusually long and severe prison terms during a controversial trial in Miami. Although the Cuban Five have achieved martyr status on the island, only a small percentage of U.S. citizens has even heard of their case. However, this situation is quickly changing as U.S. grassroots organizations create informational websites and host educational meetings on the topic. Mobilizations to free the Five already have occurred in New York City, Washington D.C., Los Angeles and San Francisco. Likewise, a resolution before the British Parliament has attracted the signatures of 99 members. More than 125 groups from 64 countries in Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa have protested the plight of these prisoners. On the legal front, lawyers of the Five filed briefs with the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta on April 7, 2003, and on May 13, 2003, to appeal the district court

Emergency services find an answer to the problems surrounding rapid deployment of high speed communications services at the scene of a major incident.

(PRWEB) January 5, 2004

DSL-SAT Limited announced the launch of a fully automatic mobile Internet platform designed for mounting onto the roof of a Command and Control vehicle.

Whilst DSL-SAT are a provider of satellite broadband services to commercial and home users, their specialist knowledge into the problems facing the emergency services in providing rapid deployment of a fast, secure Internet service have given birth to a product marketed under the name of SATSEEKä

SATSEEK is a mobile satellite platform that offers the ability to locate and lock onto any satellite the operator selects where the vehicle is under the satellite footprint.

Once the satellite is located the broadband service offered to the emergency services is an un-contended broadband link, which allows high-speed file transfer, essential for delivering large files such as contingency plans or building schematics directly to the scene.

The solution offered also provides the facility for the emergency services to be able to deploy portable tripod or vehicle-mounted cameras at the scene of a disaster or major incident which then allows the transmission of video or thermal imaging back to the Command and Control vehicle. Because of the dedicated bandwidth in use, this vehicle is then able to stream multiple video or thermal images back to Headquarters, allowing senior management and incident specialists, the opportunity to see first hand real time images captured at the scene of the incident, directly on their computer screens.

Additional benefits of Voice over IP services, allows voice communications over the dedicated link. This benefits the emergency services in providing voice communication in areas where mobile phone and radio communication are ineffective.

Managing Director, Steve Reed said,