Green Design with Breathtaking Views

Leicester House Marvin Windows - exterior

This is the last installment in our series called Energy-Efficient Windows 101 made possible by Marvin Windows and Doors.  Last time I discussed how Marvin windows contribute towards LEED certification, and today want to wrap it up with this showcase of an award-winning home in Leicester, North Carolina.  Designed by Eric Gartner of New York-based SPG Architects, the energy-efficient home has a custom configuration of Marvin windows providing expansive southern and western views.

Leicester House Marvin Windows - interior

It’s hard to explain how digging the water well in 2008 influenced what ultimately was built, but that’s what happened, according to Gartner, SPG Architects.  Due to drought conditions, the well had to be dug much deeper than expected, and the housing economy basically crashed at about the same time.  When these two things happened, the owner reassessed plans and worked with Gartner on a more environmentally friendly home while still keeping a tight construction budget.

The result is a 3,000 square-foot abode with three bedrooms and three-and-a-half bathrooms, split between two levels.  The upper level has the living and master suite, while the lower level has the guest wing and can be zoned off when not in use to save energy.

A key feature of the Leicester home is an engineered window wall overlooking a green roof with sunset views of the west and also toward the south.  This was accomplished with the custom configuration of Marvin windows and doors explained below.

Leicester House Marvin Windows - windows

Contemporary and Green

Leicester collects about 80% of the water that falls on the house and diverts it to two tanks that hold a total of 3,400 gallons.  The non-potable resource is used for landscape irrigation and in the water-conserving toilets.  Also, the green roof reduces water runoff and the heat-island effect and insulates the guest wing below.

As for the construction, Leicester has a basic insulation package with R19 fiberglass in the walls, an insulated foam in the basement, and an R38+ roof with a combination of R19 fiberglass and closed-cell urethane foam.  The HVAC system has three zones – again, these can be shut down when an area of the house isn’t being used – powered by a geothermal system with a field of horizontal loops.

To conserve energy, the owner installed Energy Star appliances, Energy Star Marvin windows, and low-consumption lighting, and Gartner’s design includes massive overhangs for summer shade and winter warmth.  These windows facilitate stunning views and also provide for cross-ventilation.

Leicester House Cross Ventilation

About the Windows

The window package from Marvin works overtime to minimize unwanted heat gain from the west.  Gartner said the UV rating is really high, and, specifically, the windows have low-E2 glass filled with argon.

Marvin’s team was able to sync with the design team to deliver a mostly continuous view using steel bars engineered for structural support, connections, and an arrangement of the Ultimate Swinging French Door, Ultimate Casement Window, and Ultimate Awning Window.  And Gartner was honored as one of Marvin’s 2012 Architect’s Challenge winners.

If you’ve ever thought about having stunning views like this from your home, find a Marvin dealer near you to bring your vision to life.

Leicester House Marvin Windows - architecture

Courtesy: SPG Architects; credits: Daniel Levin Photography.

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Windows That Help with LEED Certification

This is the third installment in our series called Energy-Efficient Windows 101 made possible by Marvin Windows and Doors. In the previous article, I discussed some of the product options available for your energy-efficient windows. For this article I want to focus on how Marvin windows contribute towards a home’s efficiency and LEED certification.

Windows and Energy Efficiency

Windows are a weak point in the envelope of a home and can make a home uncomfortable or drafty. However, that doesn’t have to be the case with products available from Marvin. Energy-efficient windows and doors can help reduce energy bills by up to 15%, according to the Energy Star website, and Marvin has more than 150,000 options for meeting or exceeding Energy Star requirements. Marvin has dual- and triple-pane windows, various low-E coatings, insulating gases like argon and krypton, and several choices of framing materials.

Windows and LEED Certification

As you probably know, windows themselves can’t obtain LEED certification but they may contribute towards certification for a project or home. Marvin windows may help contribute toward LEED-H points in several categories relating to energy performance, construction waste management, recycled content, regional materials,daylighting and views, and certified wood.

Try the Smart Performance Promotion

Marvin is running a Smart Performance Promotion giving one lucky homeowner $5,000 toward the purchase of new Marvin windows and doors. In connection with the promotion, the company published a collection of energy efficiency and other home improvement tips from Lou Manfredini, a homebuilder, contributor to the Today Show, and host of HouseSmarts TV.

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Delta Taps the Maker Movement: Part II

All that sophisticated faucet technology I shared in yesterday’s post (Part I) about my visit to Delta Faucet Company needs an equally sophisticated aesthetic design. That’s where Director of Industrial Design Judd Lord comes in! During a tour of Delta’s on-site design studio, Lord and his team shared the inspirations behind their luxury Brizo collections.

While some of their design direction comes from professional trend forecasters (who chart even the slightest trend changes on a quarterly basis), some of the most inventive insights happen when Lord is out and about on cool-hunting expeditions.

For example, wrought iron scrollwork with a unique 1/4” twist discovered while walking the streets of Paris became the impetus for the groundbreaking Virage lav faucet. The Beliza kitchen and bath suite was inspired by a stunning beacon of light he witnessed emanating from a lighthouse, while the Venuto‘s handle is an exact replica of the delicate hair sticks worn by waitresses in a sake bar in Italy.

With that out-of-the-box maker mindset, Lord and his crew prefer to attend conferences and events completely unrelated to the plumbing fixture world to keep ahead of design trends. In addition to auto shows, gift fairs, and interior design expos like ICFF, Fashion Week is an important early indicator of what might be trending in the faucet design world over the next couple of years.

Says Lord, “When a model walks down the runway, I’m observing the form, material, and movement of the clothing — then thinking of how I can translate what I see into a faucet design.

With Lord’s keen eye for trend-spotting and a talent for reinterpreting that into what he calls “functional sculpture,” Brizo has been rapidly gaining the loyalty of interior designers and architects with fashion-forward clientele. But I would be remiss if I didn’t also credit the talented young designers he collaborates with, which Lord was sure to do often. As a guest industrial design professor at Purdue and other local universities, Lord has his pick of promising designers. One such young protege is Lead Designer Seth Fritz, who co-created the stunning bath collection with fashion designer Jason Wu due out this fall.

So what’s going to be hot in the faucet world? Mixed materials, including the innovative use of unexpected materials as seen in the interchangeable handles of their Siderna suite. Color blocks are very with it, as well.

The Delta kitchen faucet Fuse has been selling like hotcakes, especially the Chili Pepper red! In a completely different direction, Lord predicts Asian Fusion to be coming back around, as it always does every 3-5 years. As he told us, there are usually 4-6 trends that emerge each season as important — which means there will always be a look for everyone’s taste!

Has all this talk about cool technology and stellar design got you hunkering for a new faucet? Well, this just might be your lucky day — Delta has surprised us with an awesome giveaway! Stay tuned for my last installment of “Delta Taps the Maker Movement” for all the juicy details!

Disclosure: Delta Faucets invited Jetson Green to Indianapolis and covered expenses during the conference.  All opinions are our own.  Photo credits: Lisa Vail.

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Original post: Delta Taps the Maker Movement: Part II

hair loss treatment for men

Delta Taps the Maker Movement: Part I

When I was first asked to represent Jetson Green at the Delta 2012 Maker/DIYer Blogger Event, I knew very little about the concept of makers and even less about our host, Delta Faucet Company. A quick Google search for makers revealed a subculture of out-of-the-box thinkers who share their invention, creativity, and resourcefulness at Maker Faires around the world. Sounds pretty cool, I thought. But what does this “maker movement” have to do with an almost 60-year old plumbing company from Indiana? Along with seven other bloggers, I was about to find out during a two-day, expenses-paid visit with Delta’s makers at their Indianapolis headquarters.

The original Delta maker was company founder Alex Manoogian, who introduced the first single handle lavoratory faucet to the world back in 1954. His company has been innovating ever since, with some of the most exciting technological breakthroughs in the plumbing industry emerging from Delta’s in-house engineers and product developers.

We spent an afternoon with these passionate and industrious fellows, all the textbook definition of a maker if there ever was one! We played with some of their most popular water-saving inventions, feeling the voluminous spray of a low-flow showerhead featuring H2O Kinetics and marveling at those “magicTouch 2O faucets, which stop and start the water flow with a simple tap anywhere on the spout — and from whichever body part is most readily accessible. No need to yuck up your faucet handle with raw chicken hands when your elbow is available!

They even now have completely hands-free activation (known as Touch 20xt) on some faucet lines, which can sense your presence with remarkable accuracy (no faucet dance!), turning on and off immediately after you remove your hands to conserve water. As Senior Product Development Manager Paul Patton put it:

We are very serious about water conservation — but not at the expense of the user’s experience of our products. Our mission is to keep finding and filling the gaps between technology and consumer needs, which makes Delta an exciting place to work right now!

One of the best ways they pinpoint unmet needs is by videotaping and then studying people using their sinks, faucets and showers at home (with their permission, of course!).  When they see common “workarounds” like Big Gulp cups kept in the shower stall for extra rinse power or to wash out the tub, then they know there is an opportunity to fulfill a need. The In2ition showerhead with a built-in handheld is a perfect solution for just those issues! Observing so much wasted time waiting for large pots inspired Multi-Flow and lots of dangling pull-down spray wands led to the invention of the MagnaTite feature.

All this is just the tip of the iceberg of what these innovators have in the works right now! In my next installment, we’ll visit Delta’s Director of Industrial Design Judd Lord and his team in their on-site design studio — where all kinds of cool “making” goes on!

Disclosure: Delta Faucets invited Jetson Green to Indianapolis and covered expenses during the conference.  All opinions are our own.  Photo credits: Lisa Vail.

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Eco-Friendly Canvas Prints by UPrinting

*This is a sponsored post for

Let’s say you have a new home with naked surfaces in desperate need of some wall art.  You can drop coin on expensive art or splatter some color on a canvas — Jackson Pollock style — or you can turn your best photography or custom digital art into a canvas print with the help of UPrinting.  UPrinting offers canvas printing in two formats, rolled canvas and stretched canvas.

With UPrinting, you can design your canvas print online and have it made in as quick as two business days for rolled canvas or three business days for stretched canvas.

Rolled canvas ships in a tube and can be made in myriad standard and custom sizes.  Stretched canvas mounts on a 1.5″ wood frame in standard sizes from 11″ x 14″ through 24″ x 36″.

UPrinting creates these canvas prints using vegetable or soy-based inks with lower VOCs than traditional petroleum-based inks.  Also, if you wander from the canvas prints section, UPrinting uses only recycled paper, which is made from 55% post-consumer recycled content and a sustainably harvested component for the rest.

*This is a sponsored post; compensated Jetson Green, LLC.  That said, the reason we are writing about canvas prints from is we think you may have an interest in the product.  Click here to sponsor a post on Jetson Green. 

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Everblue Trains New BPI Energy Auditors

*This is a sponsored post for the Everblue Training Institute.

The green homes market is growing like crazy and energy efficiency is a big aspect of this growth. Specifically, I think the energy audit is critical to helping homeowners improve the performance and comfort of existing homes, and trained professionals will play an important role going forward.  That’s why the Everblue Training Institute is providing a great resource by training professionals to obtain BPI Certification.

Everblue offers several different kinds of BPI training, including BPI Building Analyst Certification training, in over 60 locations to further its motto of “building earth’s sustainable workforce.

A BPI Building Analyst, for example, goes “beyond a traditional energy audit to perform comprehensive, whole-home assessments, identify problems at the root cause, and prescribe and prioritize solutions based on building science,” according to the Building Performance Institute.

Everblue’s Building Analyst program can be completed in less than a week and includes classroom instruction, study materials, field training, field testing, and the online exam.  Everblue provides all the equipment and runs trainees through the energy audit process from start to finish.

There are no pre-requisites to becoming a BPI energy auditor, though BPI Certification can be a great way to expand business for someone like a home inspector, HVAC pro, general contractor, home builder, or HERS Rater.  So if you’re looking for a start with energy audit work, or want to learn more in this area, visit Everblue to reserve a seat.

*This is a sponsored post. The company who sponsored it compensated Jetson Green, LLC.  That said, the reason we are writing about Everblue’s BPI Certification training is we think the program has the potential to benefit our readership.

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Excerpt from: Everblue Trains New BPI Energy Auditors

CleanMyPC – how to speed up your computer

Full Sail Real World Education Serves as Presenting Sponsor of Otronicon and Offers Inside Look at Video Game Careers and Development

Winter Park, FL (PRWEB) January 18, 2008

Full Sail Real World Education ( will be returning for the third year as the presenting sponsor for Otronicon (, the ultimate video game experience happening in partnership with the Orlando Science Center. With nearly 20,000 visitors each year, Otronicon further establishes Full Sail as one of the leading gaming schools in the world, and offers Full Sail an additional venue to introduce their leading-edge educational training through workshops available to students and to the public during the anticipated convention.

Starting on Friday, January 18, staff from the Game Development department of Full Sail will be lending their talents to instruct workshops in Game Design, Game Development and Asset Production. Each area of instruction will have numerous courses designed to allow students to gain a fundamental understanding of video game development. “The focus of Otronicon is to bring the gaming industry to the community. Through the workshops, we are able to showcase all of the aspects of gaming and various jobs available through this business,” said Erik Noteboom, Director of Education for Digital Arts at Full Sail.

Also available during Otronicon are a wide variety of video game and simulation activities for individuals of all ages to experience, including playing Halo 3 on the Orlando Science Center Cinedome, learning to fly in a military simulator, and showing your skills on the large production Rock Band stage. A full list of Otronicon activities can be found at

“Otronicon represents an industry that is continuously growing as it raises the bar on training and educational tools,” added Noteboom. “This is an opportunity for students and parents to learn of the career possibilities within the gaming industry, and it creates an increase in national attention for gaming while creating a stronger digital media element for Central Florida.”

Since 1979, Full Sail Real World Education, a college outside of Orlando, FL, has been an innovative educational leader for those pursuing careers in the entertainment industry. With over 27,000 alumni, graduate credits include work on Oscar, Emmy and GRAMMY-winning projects, best-selling video games and the #1 grossing U.S. concert tour seven out of the last seven years. Full Sail’s 178-acre campus proudly welcomes over 5,600 students from 50 states and 47 countries.

Full Sail currently offers a total of thirteen degree programs including: Associate of Science Degrees offered in Graphic Design, Recording Arts and Show Production & Touring; Bachelor of Science Degrees offered in Computer Animation, Digital Arts & Design, Entertainment Business (online), Film, Game Art, Game Development, Music Business and Web Design & Development; and a Master of Science Degree in Education Media Design & Technology (online) and Entertainment Business (online and on-campus).

Students on-campus experience a real world education with a professional class structure of 8-12 hours per day and a 24-hour around the clock schedule which earned Full Sail the Most Innovative Program Award by the Florida Association of Postsecondary Schools and Colleges. The college has also been named: The Harvard of Game Schools by Tips & Tricks Magazine; one of the top three New Media Schools by Shift Magazine (alongside the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and New York University); one of the Top Five Game Degree Programs in the world by Electronic Gaming Monthly; one of the Best Music Programs in the country by Rolling Stone Magazine; one of the Best Music Business Departments in the Schools That Rock: The Rolling Stone College Guide; and one of the Best Film Programs in the country by UNleashed Magazine.

For more information about Full Sail, please visit


SmartSource Computer & Audio Visual Rentals Named Official Computer Rental Vendor and Gold Sponsor for the IAEE™ Expo! Expo! Atlanta 2009

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) December 2, 2009

SmartSource Computer & Audio Visual Rentals (Hauppauge, NY), one of the nation’s leading providers of computer, audio visual (AV) and trade show technology rentals and services, has been named the Official Computer Rental Vendor and Gold Sponsor for Expo! Expo!, IAEE’s Annual Meeting & Exhibition in Atlanta. The event, a premier educational, networking and career enhancing venue for the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE™) members, non-members, event industry managers and staff alike, will take place December 8th-10th, 2009. The majority of activities will be held at the Georgia World Congress Center with the Atlanta Marriott Marquis and Georgia Dome also serving as locations for select programs. Organized in 1928 as the National Association of Exposition Managers to represent the interests of trade show and exposition managers, IAEE™ is currently the leading association for the global exhibition industry, representing over 8,500 individuals who conduct and support exhibitions around the world.

For its part, SmartSource Computer & Audio Visual Rentals will be the supplier of a wide range of brand name equipment, from computers, servers, and copiers to LCD and plasma monitors and kiosks. In addition, the company will provide its comprehensive, end-to-end support services, from on-time delivery, fast set-up and correct configuration to convenient de-installation and removal – all backed by its “No Hassles, No Worries, NO EXCUSES” guarantee.

According to SmartSource Computer & Audio Visual Rentals President and CEO Michael McClernon, “We are very pleased to be involved with Expo! Expo! for the sixth consecutive year as a Gold Sponsor and Official Computer Rental Vendor. We are honored that a standard setting organization like IAEE puts their trust in SmartSource year after year to deliver qualityTechnology Rentals] to the IAEE itself and to its exhibitors. The exposure that being part of Expo! Expo! provides us is invaluable. It puts SmartSource in front of the Who’s Who in the exhibition industry and gives us the opportunity to showcase our ability to be the Provider of Choice for a broad range of Event Technology Rentals and Services. We look forward to seeing visitors at Booth 310 on the exhibit floor.”

SmartSource Computer & Audio Visual Rentals has a long history of service to the exhibitions and events industry. In recognition of its contributions, the company recently received the trade show and meeting industry’s “2009 Top Industry Supplier Award.” The award was presented by, the world’s leading online resource for convention, trade show, and conference planning. Additional evidence of its leadership in this area is SmartSource’s standing as the official technology vendor for some of the nation’s largest convention centers.

About SmartSource Computer & Audio Visual Rentals

Founded in 1984 and formerly known as Rent-a-PC, Inc., SmartSource Computer & Audio Visual Rentals serves broad-based corporate IT, association, professional AV and trade show technology rental needs. The company is widely recognized for its outstanding customer service, technical expertise, geographic reach, breadth of product, and end-to-end solution. Its extensive line features brand name products from Apple, Dell, HP/Compaq, IBM, NEC, Eiki, Meyer, Stumpfl, and others. Among its products are computers, servers, copiers, professional AV equipment, LCD and plasma monitors, kiosks, digital signage and video walls. SmartSource employs over 250 including over 100 field technicians. Its 21 strategic locations are in: Anaheim, CA; Atlanta, GA; Boston, MA; Chicago, IL; Dallas, TX; Englewood Cliffs, NJ; Eugene, OR; Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Las Vegas, NV; Long Island, NY; Los Angeles, CA; New York, NY; Orlando, FL; Philadelphia, PA; Phoenix, AZ; Portland, OR; Queens, NY; San Diego, CA; San Francisco, CA; Seattle, WA; and Washington, DC. Visit us online to see What’s New at SmartSource Rentals.

About Kirtland Capital Partners

Kirtland Capital Partners is a relationship-oriented private equity firm focused on accelerating the growth of middle-market companies by leveraging its internal operating, financial and strategic resources. For more than 30 years, Kirtland has executed a disciplined investment strategy that has created long-term value in its portfolio companies and delivered superior returns to its investors and management teams. Kirtland invests in niche manufacturing, distribution and business service companies with potential for growth organically and/or through strategic acquisition. The firm has $ 293 million of capital under management from institutional and individual investors. Kirtland is known for the strong partnerships it builds with its operating management teams and the experience of its professionals. For more information, visit:


More Convention Center Orlando Fl Press Releases

Chevrolet Announced as Title Sponsor for the Fireball Run Adventurally & its Race to Recover America’s Missing Children

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) April 1, 2011

Producers of the Fireball Run Adventurally announce CHEVROLET MOTOR COMPANY, as the official title sponsor for 2011 national automotive series. Competitors take part in a live action, eight day, and rolling motion picture. While competing in series of challenges embracing points of interest, road side America, as well as geographical location, teams participate in a massive recovery effort for missing and exploited children. The public is welcome to meet teams beginning Saturday September 24th in Melbourne, Florida. The adventure begins Sunday September 25th at 10am as Mayor Good area leaders wave the green flag starting teams on a 2500 mile adventure across America. Other public appearances are Jacksonville, FL, Charleston SC, Peachtree City GA, Knoxville TN, Clarksville TN, Anniston AL, and Gulf Port MS.

The Fireball Run’s cause-related effort called, the Race to Recover America’s Missing Children, is the largest active recovery effort for missing and exploited children in the country. Every team is assigned a missing child from their home region along with thousands of posters to distribute along the route. A decal featuring the child is affixed to the vehicle, creating a rolling milk carton. Since 2007 the effort has assisted in the recovery of 36 missing children. “All of us take this effort very seriously,” says Fireball Run Announcer and legedary radio personality Ron Seggi, “It’s fun, it’s a competition, but its also about compassion.”

“This is our best cast of characters yet,” said J Sanchez, the Executive Producer. “The Fireball Run is a challenging 2500 mile interactive game; America is the game board. The teams are simply pawns in our game.” Notable registered to compete in the rally are NASCAR legend Geoff Bodine, Space Shuttle Astronaut Winston Scott, Co-Founder Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka, Scott Newitt, and nearly 50 other teams. Adventurers interested in competing can visit to learn more. Fans are encouraged to follow along on Facebook and subscribe to the Fireball Run YouTube Channel.

The 2011 rally themed “Southern Excursion” sets out to be the most cultural, scenic and diverse experience so far. Nearly 50 teams will adventure over 2,500 miles in 8 days, driving everything from Camaro’s to Corvettes, Lamborghini’s to Land Rover’s, even the Time Car from Back to the Future II and the police interceptor from the Andy Griffith Show. Along the way they must solve clues and complete challenges in an attempt to earn points, in addition to various motorsport challenges. Also making a rare appearance is Chevrolets new police cruiser, driven by Fireball Run’s Safety Coordinator, retired Albuquerque Police Chief Sam Baca.

The Fireball Run Adventurally, sponsored by Barrett-Jackson Auctions LLC,, O’Donnell Corp, and RedBird Printing, and Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka is a national automotive event and production headquartered at the NBC UNIVERSAL Studios in Orlando Florida. The safe yet mentally challenging rally is welcomed by area law enforcement in each host destination.

The 2011 Chevrolet Fireball Run Adventurally starts September 23rd on Florida’s Space Coast and concludes October 1st in the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The event encourages the public to come out, get autographs, and show their support. The production is filmed and available on DVD.

# # #

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Kaplan Early Learning Company, Frog Street Press and Nemours BrightStart! to Sponsor Free Concert for Kids

(PRWEB) September 16, 2011

Kaplan Early Learning Company is proud to sponsor Celebration of Children, a free concert for children in the Orlando, Florida area this coming November.

Alongside co-sponsors Frog Street Press and Nemours BrightStart!, Kaplan will play host to a free concert event featuring renowned children?s performers, Ella Jenkins, Hap Palmer, Greg & Steve and The Learning Station. Steve Spangler of Steve Spangler Science will emcee the event.

The concert will be held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida on Wednesday, November 2, 2011, from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

The Celebration of Children free concert will be held in cooperation with the NAEYC Annual Conference and Exhibition as well as the Florida Association for the Education of Young Children.

Free tickets are available to area preschools, lower elementary schools, and everyone attending the NAEYC conference.

There is a limited number of seating available, so to reserve your tickets please call 1.800.789.9990 or email TheLearningStation(at)cfl(dot)rr(dot)com as soon as possible. If you are a teacher or care provider, make sure to include the exact number of students or children in your care that you intend to bring to this event.


More Orlando Convention Center Press Releases