Upfront Cost of Installing Solar at Home

California-based Sunrun and Harris Interactive recently announced the results of a survey of 2,211 adults (1,475 homeowners) about the cost and desirability of installing a home solar system.  The main sound bite is the one-liner that “97% of Americans overestimate the cost of going solar,” as well as the stat that “nearly 8 out of 10 of those who do not already have solar panels say they would install solar if cost were not a factor.

The survey asked respondents to guess: ** the actual cost to install solar panels with solar power service on an average-sized home.**

You may disagree but I view this as a trick question to see if anyone really knows what a “solar power service” is.  That is to say, only 3% responded with what could be seen as a correct answer of “less than $1,000.

With a solar power service – i.e., third-party owned solar in the form of a solar lease or a power purchase agreement, depending on the state – the purchaser doesn’t own the panels, so the upfront cost to the homeowner is nominal compared to purchase cost of the same system.  With a solar power service, one could “go solar” without buying the panels.

As a side note, it’s hard to tell if the question clarifies whether “actual cost” is viewed from the homeowner’s perspective or from the installer perspective.  Regardless of purchase, lease, or other financing, the actual cost is what it is – someone pays for the solar panels and that someone is probably the homeowner in the form of a lease or power purchase payment over time.

In any event, Sunrun found that nearly eight out of 10 homeowners who do not already have solar panels would install solar if cost were not a factor.  That to me is another way of saying: if the solar panels were free, would you like to have them?  Most likely (unless you’re thinking nothing in this world is free), the answer is yes.

Seems like the real takeaway from the survey is many Americans have no idea how solar panels can be leased or financed under various contractual models that tie into state laws.  And this lack of familiarity means the decision to “go solar” should be made after diligence, investigation, and full understanding.

[+] Americans Overestimate Upfront Cost of Installing Solar.

Credit: Sunrun. 

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Sutherland Wins “Best Service & Transaction Process Improvement Project” at the Lean Six Sigma & Process Improvement Summit

Rochester, NY (PRWEB) April 24, 2008

Sutherland Global Services, a leading multi-national Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) provider, received top honors at the 2008 Process Excellence Awards held by the International Quality & Productivity Center (IQPC). Sutherland secured the top spot overcoming stiff competition from some of the world’s largest corporations in the financial services, technology and energy industries. Sutherland won first place in the “Best Service & Transaction Process Improvement Project” category.

“Each year, we are delighted not only to receive such a large number of high-quality entries into the Process Excellence Awards, but also to salute the winners in the field and recognize those that excel. We congratulate Sutherland Global Services,” said Vanessa Lovatt, Divisional Director, Lean Six Sigma & Process Improvement, IQPC. Lovatt cited process innovation and the effective deployment of technology in the Sutherland solution as the key elements of its award winning project.

Sutherland’s project showcased the process development and productivity enhancements that it achieved through the implementation of an extremely successful Six Sigma project on behalf of one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies. Sutherland leveraged the Six Sigma quality framework to develop a decision tree-based support methodology and to implement an automated knowledge management process that ensured faster resolution of customer transactions and improved its client’s overall end-user customer experience.

The Process Excellence Awards were established to honor, recognize and promote Six Sigma and Process Excellence projects that demonstrate true best practices and to expand and increase the uptake of Six Sigma and Process Excellence methodology globally. This year, the Lean Six Sigma and Process Improvement summit was held at Disney’s Contemporary Resort and Convention Center, Orlando, FL with the theme “Unite Process Improvement With Your Business Strategy: Using Innovation & Advanced Lean Six Sigma To Achieve Crucial Business Goals” with Jack Welch as the keynote speaker.

About Sutherland Global Services

Sutherland Global Services is a multinational IT Enabled and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company, specializing in Integrated BPO solutions across Customer Lifecycle and Back-Office Lifecycle Management services. Having started operations in 1986 in Rochester, New York, Sutherland now employs over 21,000 professionals offering RightSourced™ seamlessly blended services from its 22 delivery centers in India, the United States, Philippines, Canada, Eastern Europe and Mexico. By integrating highly trained people with state-of-the-art technology and proven business methodologies, Sutherland collaborates with clients to help them excel in their industry and maximize their customer lifetime value. For more information, visit http://www.suth.com.

For more information contact

Sutherland Global Services,

Michele Sadwick, Vice President

585-586-5757 x6093

Email: michele_sadwick(at)suth.com


Mobility Rental Service Joins Scootaround National Network

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) November 20, 2008

Scootaround Inc., North America’s largest mobility rentals company and Mobility Rental Service, who specialize in traveling mobility rental fleets, today announced that they have signed an agreement to join forces. The resulting merger will create the nation’s largest traveling fleet of scooters and wheelchairs and enable Scootaround to increase its nationwide coverage for all types of conventions, meetings and other large events.

With this merger, Scootaround Inc. will absorb all events and entities previously operated by Mobility Rental Service. The collaboration brings together two of the industry’s best, and strengthens Scootaround’s lead in the assisted travel market. Sue Kelly, President of Mobility Rental Service, will manage Scootaround’s fleet operations based out of Las Vegas, Nevada.

“Both companies share a common goal of providing travelers with practical, reliable mobility solutions designed to make their travel plans successful,” says Scootaround President and COO, Kerry Renaud. “We’ve known Sue Kelly for a number of years and look forward to adding her world class acumen to the Scootaround Team. Our collaboration enhances our services and benefits both the disabled attendee and the event organizer by providing more resources and equipment availability for multiple events in different cities.”

Scootaround has been providing a suite of Special Needs Services for the convention industry for nearly a decade. Their “Total Mobility Management” program helps facilities take their service to the next level by providing the easiest, most professional way of managing attendee mobility. Scootaround is the exclusive provider at North America’s three largest convention facilities including Chicago’s McCormick Place, Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center and The Las Vegas Convention Center.

“Joining the Scootaround organization is not only exciting for me but also timely for my existing customers. They will continue to enjoy the great service they have come to expect and Scootaround can accelerate its growth, provide more equipment and increase its support services for rentals, sales and service,” says Sue Kelly. “Scootaround is projected to serve shows and events that represent more than 20 million attendees in 2009. I’m very pleased to be a part of the team and look forward to the wonderful work ahead.”

Scootaround will continue to provide services to a wide variety of events that range in size from 5,000 to 250,000 attendees. Among Scootaround’s current portfolio of managed events are the Foodlion AutoFair and Turkey Run at the Charlotte and Daytona Motor Speedways respectively, and the Houston Quilt Festival held at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, TX. These three events alone boast an aggregate attendance of more than half a million attendees.

About Scootaround Inc. – http://www.scootaround.com

Since 1997, Scootaround Inc. has been North America’s only nationwide mobility equipment company, providing scooter and wheelchair rentals and sales to all customer types from individual travelers through to Fortune 500 companies. They also provide mobility enhancement services for conventions and tradeshows through fleet rentals and onsite-programs. Scootaround is a proud sponsor of the Society for Accessible Travel & Hospitality (SATH) and an accredited member of both the ARA and CRA Rental Associations.


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Introducing Mobile Vending Systems Available Exclusively From 21st Century Products — Perfect for Catering, Coffee Service & More

Phoenixville, Pennsylvania (PRWEB) April 23, 2009

Mobile Vending Systems, one of the most unique products ever developed for mobile food service and catering needs at all levels, are now available exclusively through 21st Century Products.

Mobile Vending Systems allows a business owner to open up their business wherever the action is – hotels and motels, business facilities, trade shows, outdoor events, colleges and universities, hospitals, airports, sports venues. The innovative product design can be adapted for vending food and refreshments, magazines and newspapers, good, books, shoes, clothing and services.

“Mobile Vending Systems provides a vendor complete portability, with totally self-contained water filter and waste disposal capability that allows you to prepare, deliver and serve hot and cold food and beverages at locations both indoors and outdoors,” said Marian Moskowitz, President of 21st Century Products. “They feature an award-winning range of mobile food and beverage units that are extremely durable, cost-efficient, and adaptable to meet anyone’s mobile vending equipment needs.”

Originally created and manufactured in Australia, 21st Century Products has the exclusive sales and distribution rights to this innovative new product in the United States and South America.

“These stylish and functional Mobile Vending Systems give a new meaning to portable,” Moskowitz said. “Features such as optional sinks, refrigerators, and attachable heating and freezing modules enable you to adapt your system from a display unit into a complete mobile food and beverage center. The highly mobile design of this vending system also means you can take your business to your customers, whether they are at a market, a ball game, or a function on the 40th floor.”

Moskowitz founded 21st Century Products in 2006. An experienced entrepreneur and business executive, Moskowitz’s company is a Certified Women Business Enterprise.

Since introducing Mobile Vending Systems early last year, Moskowitz’s company has customers that include:

NJ Pressure Washing Service Awarded Walmart Contract for Holidays

Roselle, NJ (PRWEB) December 15, 2011

AAA Mobile Wash, Inc. has announced that it has been awarded a contract for the holiday cleaning of the majority of northern New Jersey Walmart stores. This is a significant contract that will mean a lot to Walmart, its shoppers and AAA Mobile Wash as a business.

“This time of year can be overwhelming for large scale businesses like Walmart who are seeing shoppers come out in droves,” says owner Robert Campagna. “Even in this tough economy, these next few weeks leading up to Christmas and the New Year bring in a ton of traffic to Walmart and other businesses who want to keep their storefronts clean for the holidays. We have seen a record number of shoppers already this year, and we are proud to be bringing our power washing teams to the physical locations where these people are spending their time and money this season.”

Here, Campagna mentions his company’s specialty, which is power or pressure washing everything from walls, to floors, to parking lots and concrete. No matter if the surface is on the ground – in the case of tarmac or pavement in a store’s parking lot and pedestrian ways, or if it is upright – i.e. exterior walls and brick, power washing is a technique that can be adjusted to clean completely and safely without the risk of damage.

“We have built our reputation on professional service and that is what won us this contract with the Walmart corporation,” says Campagna. “We have the most advanced equipment in the industry and our service people have been trained to use it in ways that go above and beyond what people anticipate. The difference between our power washing jobs and others is noticeable, and the people of New York and New Jersey are happy to recommend us for any job – no matter if it is a family residence or large scale businesses like Walmart and other shopping centers.”

The company specializes in a number of cleaning and painting jobs, and are known in the area for their commitment to professionalism, meeting deadlines and leaving behind clean and safe work spaces. The power and pressure washing services they provide can be applied to a wide range of surfaces including concrete, tarmac, pavement, brick, siding, roofing shingles, tiles and more.

For media inquiries, contact Robert Campagna at 908-241-1000.



National Discount Rental Car Company Makes Customer Service More Social

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) April 27, 2011

National rental car company E-Z Rent-A-Car (http://www.e-zrentacar.com) has expanded their customer services options and enhanced their accessibility through the social networking site Facebook. As part of E-Z Rent-A-Car’s commitment to responsive, personalized customer service, the popular discount Rent-A-Car company has leveraged their social media presence on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/ezrentacar) to facilitate customer feedback, allow for faster reservations and resolution of issues or questions, and provide fans with further savings on their discount rental car prices with coupons, promotions, and giveaways. The rental car company’s commitment to customer service through social media has been well received by new and repeat customers alike.

From discount car rentals in Orlando, FL to cheap LAX rental cars, E-Z Rent-A-Car has been known for years to travelers across the nation as the source for the most affordable rental car rates. E-Z Rent-A-Car has further expanded their commitment to providing the lowest discount Rent-A-Car rates through Facebook-exclusive discounts, sweepstakes, and coupons. In March, E-Z Rent-A-Car gave away over $ 600 in gas gift cards to Facebook fans. In addition, E-Z Rent-A-Car leveraged its facebook presence to make customers aware of applicable discounts and assist them in applying them to rentals. They also offered fans surprise upgrades on rental car reservations booked through their facebook platform.

In addition to discounts and gas card giveaways, E-Z Rent-A-Car announced a sweepstakes where fans can win an Orlando vacation. The grand prize winner of this sweepstakes will win hotel, full sized Orlando car rental, and $ 250. Other prizes include three-day Orlando car rentals and $ 25 AMEX gift cards.

E-Z Rent-A-Car’s Facebook Fans have also been met with increased convenience and ease in the car rental process. E-Z recently implemented the ability to launch a search for a car rental reservation directly from a facebook application. Whether a Facebook Fan is travelling to Colorado, renting a car in Tampa, or planning a trip to Anchorage, they can check availability and pricing without ever leaving their Facebook account.

E-Z Rent-A-Car has also made customer service more accessible to its valued customers through Facebook. Fans can speak directly to, and receive prompt response from, E-Z’s dedicated staff. Customers can ask direct questions and expect prompt answers, and in turn by publishing these interactions and answers publicly, E-Z Rent-A-Car is able to reach other customers who may have the same issue or question. More than the discounts and giveaways, says Charles Graham of E-Z Rent-A-Car, the ability to promptly respond to customer inquiries has been one of the biggest benefits of their Facebook presence.

“One customer contacted us on Facebook, wanting to know what type of convertible cars we rented in Fort Lauderdale. Not only did we answer the question,” Says Graham, “but we also set aside a specific make/model for him just from his Facebook inquiry. He was a Ford Mustang fan, he has like 5 at home, so he really wanted that car. He was very pleased.”

Fans of E-Z Rent-A-Car have also found a lot of value in their ability to interact with each other and share travel tips, experiences, and reviews of their experience with E-Z Rent-A-Car.

To become a fan of E-Z Rent-A-Car on Facebook, visit https://www.facebook.com/ezrentacar, or visit http://www.E-ZRentACar.com today to book your reservation.

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OSF Global Services Presents Solutions for the Next Generation of Remote Technical Service

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) January 15, 2010

OSF Global Services, the Canadian provider of IT services and consulting, will take part in the fifth annual Call Center Summit in Orlando, Florida, this month, with a keynote speech on The Next Generation of Remote Technical Service. Gerard Szatvanyi, President and CEO of OSF Global Services, and Michael Phelan, Executive Director of Marketing for the leading remote technical support provider PlumChoice, will discuss strategies for optimizing customer support operations to sustain the proliferation of new consumer technologies.

The Summit, running January 26-29 at the Gaylord Palms Hotel & Convention Center, will address call center operations executives, customer service executives, business analysts, employee development and training directors, and sales and marketing professionals. It will focus on topics such as how to improve agent performance, leverage tools and technology, manage customer feedback, and tie each effort back to the business’s bottom line profits.

The OSF/PlumChoice presentation at 12:45 pm on Thursday, January 28, will show case studies and relevant information that will help companies involved in customer service to:

QAI Laboratories and ICC Evaluation Service Combine Resources to Advance Building Product Testing and Evaluations

Rancho Cucamonga, CA (PRWEB) February 11, 2011

Manufacturers can now take advantage of the new QAI and ICC-ES partnership to bring building products to market faster with a lower cost factor. Products covered include, but are not limited to, wall systems and coverings, roofing systems and underlayments, water-resistant and air barriers, insulation, plumbing fixtures and fittings, and PVC pipe and fittings along with other unique building products.

Bringing products to market is a complex process and reducing the timeline can make or break a product launch. Michael Beaton, P.E., ICC-ES Senior Vice President, commented on the announcement: “Time to market is really what brought this partnership about. It’s already proved successful in trial projects with QAI and resulted in much quicker completions. Under our Partner Program, ICC-ES Evaluation Reports (ESRs) are getting approved in a fraction of the usual time.”

Until now, manufacturers would submit test data from independent testing labs directly to ICC-ES to obtain an Evaluation Report that covers comprehensive building code requirements. But needed information for the various code evaluations is often incomplete or omitted, and can cause delays. Under the new partnering program, QAI and ICC-ES, will work with the manufacturers to coordinate efforts from the start to determine the project’s scope, and agree on a testing plan along with the data requirements necessary to achieve the ESR or the PMG Listing. Now, if issues arise during inspections and testing, they are resolved among the parties as testing proceeds so that agreed-upon testing criteria and specifications are met. “This process is going to save a lot of time, settle problems much sooner and avoid delays,” states Beaton.

Chris Bowness, General Manager of QAI, also notes the advantages of this new partnership: “With our California offices just a few miles apart, and many years of working together, QAI and ICC-ES are able to react and resolve issues very quickly, bringing significant acceleration to the end-resulting evaluation report or certification.”

“Our mutual goal is to help customers bring new products and technology advancements to market as fast as possible,” Bowness added. “The partnering process fills communication gaps, providing for the most thorough, accurate, and rapid path to product acceptance. In addition to cost and timesavings, there are several other benefits to the manufacturer. QAI will act as the single point of contact and supervise the entire evaluation process through plan development, sampling, testing, quality documentation, inspection, data package and draft report. Also, manufacturers of plumbing products have the added advantage of receiving dual certification for product recognition in the U.S. and Canada.”

About QAI Laboratories, Inc.:

QAI Laboratories is a leader in certification, testing and inspections of consumer goods such as building materials and plumbing, electrical and transportation products for manufacturers and retailers. Their registered certification logo provides officials and consumers assurance that products certified by QAI meet the standards referenced on the label. QAI partners with its clients so they succeed by offering cost effective solutions to help speed the regulatory approval process and help get products to market. From identifying code requirements to developing an evaluation plan, testing through inspecting and certifying products, or assisting with the Code Agency evaluation process, QAI has established an international reputation for excellence.

For more information about QAI: http://www.qai.org.

About ICC Evaluation Services LLC:

A nonprofit, limited liability company, ICC-ES is the United States’ leading evaluation service for innovative building materials, components and systems. The ICC-ES Evaluation Reports and PMG Listing Program provide evidence that products and systems meet requirements in codes and standards. The ICC-ES SAVE Program provides manufacturers with verification that their products meet specific sustainability targets defined by today’s codes, standards and green ratings. The program also takes into account codes such as the International Green Construction Code (IGCC) and the California Green Building Standards Code (CALGreen). ICC-ES is a subsidiary of the International Code Council.

For more information about ICC-ES: http://www.icc-es.org

About the QAI / ICC-ES Partner Program:

For more information about QAI / ICC-ES partnership program: http://www.qai.org/news-ICC-ES_QAI.html


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Allegria Hotel & Spa Opens Doors To Offer Spectacular Service, Surroundings And More

LONG BEACH, N.Y. (PRWEB) September 19, 2009 -

Allegria Hotel & Spa Owner, Allen Rosenberg, has announced the luxury property’s soft opening. Allegria is located less than 30 miles from Manhattan on the south shore of Long Island and is the area’s first oceanfront hotel west of the Hamptons. A translation from the Italian word for joy or happiness, Allegria also happens to be the name of Rosenberg’s mother. Deluxe accommodations, cuisine by famed chef Todd Jacobs, oceanfront weddings, enticing libations and an ideal backdrop for corporate retreats and meetings, are just a few of Allegria Hotel & Spa’s offerings.

During Allegria’s soft opening, a select number of its 112 guestrooms and 31 premium suites are available. The highly anticipated Atlantica Restaurant & Bar, featuring the cuisine of Executive Chef Todd Jacobs, is also taking reservations. Adjacent to Atlantica, the hotel’s stylish L’Onda Lounge, serving an assortment of specialty cocktails and an extensive wine list, is open to guests as well. Guests can also take advantage of the hotel’s 200-person ballroom and three meeting rooms for weddings, events and corporate meetings. The hotel’s beach concierge, offering chairs, umbrellas, towels and refreshments as well as assisting with surf rentals, is on hand to allow patrons the chance to soak up the season’s final rays. The property’s fitness center with ocean views and a yoga room are both open. Allegria Hotel & Spa’s rates start at $ 229 per night, based on double occupancy.

Guestrooms are designed in a white and sand color palette, with driftwood and periwinkle accents. Bathrooms are finished in limestone with a spa-like shower and include signature marine-based skin and hair products. Rooms are equipped with high-definition LCD televisions, luxurious 400-threadcount sheets and towels woven from plush Egyptian cotton. All accommodations have Juliet balconies to let in sea breezes.

The property’s signature restaurant and bar, Atlantica, features robust yet sophisticated American cuisine. It relies largely on locally grown and organic ingredients, a component of Jacobs’ ‘close-to-door’ philosophy. Jacobs draws on seasonal flavors with dishes from the “Sea” portion of the dinner menu that include Pan Seared Local Sea Bass with Chili Lime Beurre Blanc served alongside Local Organic Greens Saut

California Wildfires Affect Internet Service

Laguna Niguel, CA (PRWEB) October 26, 2007

The recent California fires have cut off communication and internet service for some customers of cable, DSL, and dial-up service. Fires raging areas such as San Diego, Orange County, Malibu, and the Inland Empire have destroyed homes, downed power lines, and ruined telecommunications, severing all forms of contact for families and businesses. Crews throughout the fire ravaged areas are currently working to restore power, telephone, and internet service, but with so much destruction it will be long before widespread internet service is restored. Many communication providers will not begin to make service calls to homes or businesses in the recently burned areas for days (possibly weeks), creating problems for families and businesses who primarily get their news via the internet and further hinders their ability to contact friends and family through email and voice-over-ip (VOIP) phones.

In several of the wildfire areas, homes were previously denied broadband by internet service providers because they lived in rural areas of California. As a result they chose HughesNet, which is available nationwide, as their high speed internet provider. Because satellite internet service is not dependent upon telephone or cable lines, these HughesNet customers did not lose their internet connectivity, allowing them to continue communicating with loved ones.

While covering the fire many noticed trucks and emergency response vehicles that had small satellites on their roof – a similar variation of HughesNet for emergency response communications vehicles.

During these tragic and destructive fires, the technically independent internet service provided by HughesNet offers peace of mind to homes and businesses. For those who may be unable to receive conventional broadband internet service or need backup internet access, HughesNet satellite internet is available.

About Satellite Family:

Satellite Family is a nationwide authorized HughesNet reseller based out of Laguna Niguel, CA. For more information about HughesNet visit http://www.satellitefamily.com. Questions can be directed to 1-866-430-8170 or author@satellitefamily.com.


Satellite Family

28202 Cabot Rd

Suite 205

Laguna Niguel, CA 92675