Gulf Islands Cabin by Olson Kundig Provides a Single-Room Retreat in British Columbia

This gorgeous Gulf Islands Cabin by Olson Kundig Architects is the perfect spot for nature lovers to escape for a cozy weekend retreat. Located in British Columbia, the minimalist space consists of one wood-paneled room, with a secure exterior made of corten steel that ensures safety from storms and fires.

The single bedroom is secure on a concrete foundation, and provides just enough room for a bed, chair, toilet, stove, and kitchenette. There is a shower outside on the porch, and the roof overhangs on each side for plenty of shade and protection from natural elements. The floor-to-ceiling windows provide plenty of natural lighting through the front of the cabin, and a movable steel exterior can be closed over it for protection while not in use.

As the steel and exterior begins to weather, it will blend in more with its natural surroundings and begin to emulate a rustic cabin in the woods. There’s even a small section of outdoor wood storage, which enhances the log cabin look and provides plenty of material for campfires all summer long.

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New Cork Wall Tiles by Cali Bamboo

Cali Bamboo offers indestructible bamboo floors and bamboo decking, as well as a new cork wall panel under a new company brand referred to as GreenClaimed — a reference to a material that’s been reimagined, revived, or recovered and then transformed into something new.  In this case, the new Designer Cork Tiles are panels made with the bark of cork oak trees.

The cork tiles are “durable, sound-dampening, and temperature-insulated,” according to Cali Bamboo, and made with cork, which is a renewable resource.  Here’s how Cali Bamboo sources the cork.

Cork is harvested from the renewable bark of the cork oak tree … The outer bark is merely ‘trimmed’ and allowed to grow back, leaving the tree undamaged. A cork oak can live up to 200 years with harvesting occurring once every nine years, yielding about 20 harvests during a tree’s life,” according to a statement by Cali Bamboo.

Designer Cork Tiles are available in three styles Tundra (grayer and the most rustic of the three), Sierra (moderately rustic and has more brown tones) and Meadow (thinner layers of cork and hand-cut into a more geometric mosaic pattern).  Depending on the style, these vary in thickness and are about 11.75″ x 23.75″ per tile.

[+] More about Designer Cork Tiles by Cali Bamboo.

Credits: Cali Bamboo.

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Urban Rebellion: Leads the Return to Rustic Living

(PRWEB) June 1, 2009

Many of us dream of a simpler life, a rustic retreat… maybe a log cabin deep in the woods or a lodge at the edge of a pristine lake. Some are able to make this a reality while others capture the lifestyle through vacation rentals. Others turn their urban or suburban homes into their own rustic retreats! In today’s busy and complex world, rustic charm is enjoying a resurgence of popularity as people seek a connection to nature and simpler times. A visit to may just inspire you to realize your rustic dreams.

Kim and Sandra Thornton had their own rustic dreams and now they have a vacation getaway for their extended family and close friends.

Since purchasing their property in the rolling hills of northeastern Alberta six years ago they have fully embraced the rustic, or as they prefer to call it, the lodge lifestyle… part time for now, but with full-time plans for the future!

In addition to major renovations to the cedar log cabin on their property, they have decorated, built log furniture, erected enormous decks on the front and back, installed numerous bird feeders, battled squirrels and bears, cleared dead trees, cut their own firewood, had a new red tin roof installed, got to know the locals, and… created a website dedicated to the lodge lifestyle.

When asked why a website, Kim replied, “It’s the culmination of our enthusiasm for everything rustic.”

“We’re able to put relevant content on the site because we’re living it. When we face a challenge, like we did with mice, we can write about how we solved the problem and at the same time invite our site visitors to share their experiences. We see this becoming a rich exchange of ideas.

“We’ve also scoured the web for a huge assortment of items perfect for this type of living, from rustic window treatments to sunflower decor, from log beds to lodge lighting, from bedding to bird houses. The site has a wealth of information including checklists for seasonal opening and closing, information on cohabiting with wildlife, naming your cabin, fire safety, a recommended reading section and so much more.” In addition site visitors will find over a thousand products to enhance the rustic or lodge lifestyle.

Whether you call it a cabin, cottage, log home, or lodge, if you enjoy the rustic lifestyle, you will find value in this website.

Thornton says they continue to add information and products weekly and look forward to the website becoming a community for like-minded people to share their ideas, stories, and even photos.

The site will likely never be “finished.” Thornton says there is just so much information to keep adding and so many great products they’re finding. But for anyone looking for information about country living, rustic decorating ideas, tips, and discussions on all things rustic, it is already a rich resource. Visit


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