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We are the best roofing repair enterprise in Orlando, Roofing Repair FL Timothy Parks Construction, Inc. and we serve Florida’s commercial, industrial and multi-family housing community since 2002. We’ve improved the worth of our clients’ property by providing Roofing Repair only the top notch components and workmanship on every roof repair that we perform. The Timothy Parks Construction, Inc.

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Our Roofing Repair group is over qualified and courteous to not only the property owner but to all others who live nearby as well. We are roofing repair and roofing replacement experts in the Orlando, FL Metro Area; not only figuring out problems but correcting them before roof system failure.

Timothy Parks Construction, Inc. Roofing Repair Division is your commercial roofing specialist, servicing roofing projects for healthcare facilities, schools, multi-family buildings, hotels, offices, retail, recreational properties and more. We only give our clientele the highest roofing repair quality crafted and reliable commercial roofing materials that come with a Warranty ranging from 5 years to 20 years! Roofing commercial properties is what we do, trust in the highest quality company that has been specializing in the roof repair area since 2002.

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