This Week in Energy News – February 8, 2013

German PV Installations Set New Record


The Federal Network Agency of Germany (Bundesnetzagentur) photovoltaic solar (PV) installation counts that set new records at 7.6 GW of PV power plants installed and connected to the grid.

First Solar Acquires New Mexico Solar Power Project


The 50-megawatt solar power project First Solar has acquired from the solar division of Element Power is billed as the state’s largest and raises questions about solar energy as a commodity.

Siemens Energy Launches New Offshore Wind Turbine


With a generating capacity of four megawatts and a rotor diameter of 130, the new design was launched at at the annual conference of the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) in Vienna.

NRG Solar Starts Operation of Alpine Solar Generating Station


NRG Energy, Inc. announced its 66-megawatt (AC) photovoltaic facility has started commercial operation, which is now California’s largest fully operational solar plant.

New Australian Proposal for Solar Use on Public Housing


Western Australia Greens have announced their $68 million plan for the installation of solar PV panels on roofs of public housing homes and apartments

Scotland to Invest in Low Carbon Action Plan


The Scottish Government announced plans to invest over $1.8 billion in the next three years on climate change strategies with goals to “cut carbon emissions from electricity generation by more than four-fifths by 2030.”

Spain Breaks Wind Farm Energy Record


The Spanish Wind Energy Association says that Spain’s wind farms produced more electricity than other power sources, delivering over 6 terawatt hours during January.

Minnesota Utilities to Phase Out Coal Plants


Minnesota Power, the state’s second-largest utility, will be phasing out coal production at two facilities and the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission ordered Otter Tail Power to stoop burning coal at one of their plants.

UK Investing in Wind Farms


The UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) is investing £50m on six wind farms through a stake in a renewable energy fund.

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Solar Industry Has Jobs!

Unemployment and underemployment are higher than we have seen them in decades. Jobs growth throughout the U.S. is continuing at a much lower rate than many had hoped, with just 80,000 jobs being added in the last month. However, there is one industry that has continually stayed strong throughout the crisis, and now expects as much as a 26% growth in workforce over the coming year. That industry is solar power. The solar industry is booming and, as a result, hiring.

The main reason solar power has managed to grow even in this bad economy is because the public wants to save money and are continually looking for alternative sources of energy. For years people have wanted solar panels on their roofs. With more cost effective developments being made in the area of solar power on a daily basis more people can afford to install solar panels than ever before. As a result many people are choosing to do so even in this bad economy because the price is right and it will save them money in the long term.

Perhaps even more importantly, people have seen, in the last few years, how dangerous and unaccountable large energy companies that rely on gas, nuclear, and oil can be. We had the BP spill, the Fukushima disaster, and many smaller headline disasters that not everyone heard about. Due to this growing skepticism with the conventional ways of producing electricity, solar panel use has increased and gained large amounts of public support.

In fact, the solar industry is doing so well that the major problem they are facing is a lack of expertise in their job applicant pool. The industry is expanding at such a rate that they can no longer hire people with previous experience in the field because there are none. Now, when hiring technicians for installs and other jobs within the industry they must look to similar fields which can have crossover skills.

So, what lesson do we take from all this? The solar industry is booming and if you have solar training in the field you will be far more likely to find a job.

Solar Industry Has Jobs! is a post from: Boots On The Roof

Link: Solar Industry Has Jobs!

Good Business International: Better Business for a Better World Opens to Public

New York, NY (PRWEB) August 6, 2008

A virtual free access business and society think-tank featuring news from Wall Street moguls, green business entrepreneurs, free market capitalists like Gates and Buffet, corporate executives, economists, marketing mavericks, “consciousness pioneers,” social change activists, students, and ordinary consumers. Good Business International (GoodB) is the hub for the good business movement listing over 300 better world business organizations with combined online readership of several hundred thousand members.

GoodB covers all the good business news “fit to print” including features like Wall Street Walk, B-School Trends, Human Rights & Business, CSR, and social entrepreneurship in the U.S., European Union, and global markets. Wall Street executives, technology entrepreneurs, Ivy League social scientists, investment bankers, environmentalists, academics, NGO representatives, business bloggers and authors review the global credit crisis, global warming, microfinance, labor laws, shareholder activism, water privatization, human trafficking, and current business trends for the common good.

The “Five Star Approach to Good Business” lays out the five specific goals of good business. Green Action details the multi-faceted green initiatives from sustainable business practices to eco-friendly products. Profits & Purpose reviews new products and services that serve the economic bottom line and addresses a social purpose. The Human Bottom Line records changes in worker rights and labor market issues. Ethical Action reviews laws, regulations, and corporate compliance issues. Lastly the Common Good explores the growing business of corporate philanthropy.


“Academic Trends” features maverick leaders in green business and social business research and initiatives. B-School trends include MBA programs in social entrepreneurship, sustainable business, “bottom of the pyramid” economics, and corporate social responsibility.

A special section called “Wall Street Walk” features ethics, green activity, purposeful profits, and common good initiatives specific to Wall Street. CEO and well-known “human and social capital” expert Peter Ressler, financial recruiter to the Wall Street stars, writes a column called: The Value of Values. Ressler writes about the current credit crisis from the inside track as a former recruiter for Goldman Sachs, Bear Sterns, Lehman Brothers, and who now serves the private equity and hedge fund community. (

GoodB partners with an NGO subcommittee: Values & Business Working Group on human rights issues including efforts to prevent child prostitution as well as initiatives providing safe drinking water for developing nations. GoodB lists the United Nation’s Global Compact ten principles as a source for better world business inspiration.

Other sections include good business event listings, the GoodB Choice featuring select book and blog recommendations and reviews, business media analysis reporting on those who report on business news, the GoodB blog invites readers to voice their own views and concerns, a special section “Do the Right Thing” features details on spiritual, philosophical, and faith-based workplace initiatives. The GoodB Community encompasses inclusive listings of nonprofit organizations, nonprofit and for-profit media, and blogs from across the wide gamut of “better world business” from CSR, civic, social, spiritual, academic, human rights, green, and ethics-based perspectives. Non-profit business listings and media outlet information are included as a free public service. GoodB plans to add for-profit business listings in the GoodB Star Directory for a fee.

GoodB was founded by award-winning author, entrepreneur, and social change leader Monika Mitchell Ressler along with a small group of business mavericks, inspirational writers, marketing mavens and tech wizards. Asked about the impetus behind Good Business International, Monika said, “The overarching purpose of GoodB is to bring all the disconnected and disparate groups of business for a better world together under one tent. In doing so, we hope to create a vortex of human energy for the exchange of ideas to galvanize the business for a better world movement. In this early 21st century, we are at the threshold of major global changes across all sectors of the social, political, environmental, and economic landscape- you might call it, The Age of the Second Enlightenment. GoodB is part of that global transformation.” (

For more information contact: R. Davison at info @ Good Business International, (GoodB) Business for a Better World is a registered trademark. All material is copyrighted. GoodB’s website is powered by solar energy.

About Good Business International (GoodB):

GoodB ( is a free access public service information center dedicated to documenting and inspiring better business practices for a better world. Membership is not required. GoodB is open to all members of the public. GoodB is self-supported by private funds and paid listings by companies that share GoodB’s Five Star mission. GoodB maintains the highest standard of journalistic integrity and does not accept payment nor financial influence over any of its research and published information to the best of our ability. All articles are clear of commercial agenda and dedicated to the preservation of the public trust as its first and foremost priority. GoodB’s stated goal is to reestablish public trust in the greater global business community.


Ron Davison

Good Business International (GoodB)

info @


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Gaylord Hotels Celebrates the Spirit of Christmas By Inviting the Public to Share Their Favorite Memories Online

Nashville, TN (PRWEB) November 9, 2010

Whether it’s Grandma’s powerful rendition of “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” or the annual fruit cake eating (or throwing) contest, every family has its own traditions at Christmas that become the memories that carry on from year to year. In the spirit of the season, and with the hope that showcasing these tender, funny and special moments will make the holidays a little more meaningful, Gaylord Hotels is once again hosting its “Share Christmas Memories” promotion. As an added bonus, participants are invited to post their favorite Christmas moments within an online community and have a chance to win a stay at one of America’s four most festive resorts.

“When we launched this promotion last year, we were overwhelmed by the number of people who not only participated, but told us how much they enjoyed the opportunity to share their special memories with others,” said Rich Maradik, senior vice president and chief marketing officer of Gaylord Hotels. “Christmas is serious business at our hotels – we feature millions of twinkling lights; signature attractions like our popular ICE! exhibits; live entertainment; over-the-top decorations; SNOW!, the brand new attraction at three of our hotels; and many more surprises.”

“The bottom line is that the holidays are a time for emotional connections,” added Maradik. “And this promotion is another way to help our guests enrich their holiday experiences.”

Everyone is invited to upload a favorite photo, original poem or story, or post a video that exemplifies their personal spirit of Christmas. Family, friends and colleagues are sure to enjoy becoming part of this Christmas memory community by viewing the posts and sharing their own. Joining the fun is simple: visit from now through January 4, 2011. The randomly chosen winner receives a Grand Prize trip for two to the Gaylord Hotels resort of his or her choice, which includes an atrium garden room for two nights, daily breakfast buffet, one spa treatment per person at Rel


Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) February 3, 2011

David Aquilina, Strategic Storyteller, announced that he has been retained by LiveRoof, LLC to provide public relations and media relations services to the horticultural science company. Aquilina is a Minneapolis-based B2B communications professional. LiveRoof, headquartered in Spring Lake, Mich., developed and manufactures the LiveRoof

aba Warns About Public Liability Insurance

(PRWEB) June 1, 2010

Bolton commercial insurance broker, aba Group, is warning businesses that have paints, oils, or other possible pollutants on their premises that they may not be covered in their public liability insurance policy in the event of a leak, pollution or contamination.

Graham Webster, Managing Director of aba Group, explains: “There have been a number of cases recently, nationally, where businesses have been unable to claim for any liability arising from a leak or pollution from their premises under their standard public liability insurance policy and have been left with significant clean-up costs, particularly if the Environment Agency has got involved.

“Standard public liability insurance policies will only cover liability arising from leaks, pollution or contamination under certain circumstances, specifically, if it is judged to be ‘sudden, identifiable, unintended and unexpected’.

“Conversely, if a business, for example, finds that an oil tank has been leaking over a period of time into a neighbouring water course or onto a piece of land, the business would not be covered under a standard public liability insurance policy. The business may then be left with a bill for thousands of pounds to clean up any contamination,” he adds.

Businesses or premises formerly used in textiles, metal fabrication, fuel distribution and fuel sales, demolition, facilities management, food production, printing or paper, chemical blending or storage, logistics and haulage, roofing contractors, and plastics and rubber manufacturers are most at risk, says Mr Webster.

He went on: “These recent cases highlight the need for businesses that may have any possible pollutants on their premises to check their existing policies and ensure that they have relevant and specific cover to protect themselves against a leak or contamination and the associated clean-up costs.”

aba Group, based at Bridgeman House on Salop Street, in Bolton, provides a range of insurance and risk management products and services to all types of commercial businesses (typically in Manchester and Lancashire) and private individuals, including buy-to-let landlords insurance, pubs and clubs insurance, motor fleet insurance, professional indemnity insurance, prestige home insurance and contractors’ insurance.

aba Group was started in 1993 and employs 10 people.

It comprises two companies: aba Risk Management Limited and aba Insurance Services Limited.

aba Risk Management Limited aims to identify and control areas of risk in a business and to minimise those risks wherever possible. These may include Risk Management, Health and Safety, Risk Assessments, Fire Risk Assessments, Asbestos Reports, COSHH, PAT Testing, Energy Certificates, and HR Assistance and Services.

aba Insurance Services Limited arranges insurance protection against the risks identified. The company offers advice and guidance to produce a tailor-made insurance programme to protect a client’s business and its assets.

aba Group has access to around 50 insurers and is part of a network of insurance brokers that gives it extra buying power in order to provide more competitive premiums for clients.

The company provides the following types of insurance:

Business insurance

Property Owners’ Insurance – Commercial Property Insurance, Residential Property Insurance and Buy-to-Let Landlord Insurance.

Contractors’ Insurance – Specially-designed insurance schemes for businesses in the contracting industry

Professional indemnity insurance – Businesses and consultants needing liability

Prestige Home Insurance – Competitive personal household insurances to protect your valuable personal assets

Pub and Clubs Insurance – for tenants, managers, landlords

Motor Fleet Insurance – Motor insurance for business vehicles

The company is increasing advising clients on insurance for goods in transit, particularly businesses importing products from China and other parts of the world.

Mr Webster added: “Our ethos has always been to say to clients: ‘our advice is to get advice’”. It never surprises us how often we find that when we review a new client’s existing insurance policies that these do not include relevant and adequate cover to properly protect the individual needs of that business.

“Every business is different and their insurance needs are often very specific. Standard insurance policies – which many businesses just take out assuming that these will cover them for almost all eventualities – often do not cover the business at all for the most important events.

“Unfortunately, many businesses only find out that their standard insurance policies don’t cover them when they come to make a claim – and for some businesses that can mean going out of business.”

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