Orlando, Florida Vacation Homes Prove the Ideal Accommodations for Family Reunions

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) April 11, 2008

For years, groups have flocked to sunny Central Florida for their annual family reunions. Whether wanting to all stay together in a spacious Orlando vacation home, or desiring a bit more space, with everyone still close by in the same resort community, Global Resort Homes offers a large amount of units in a smaller number of select communities, offering the unique ability to accommodate groups of any size.

Windsor Hills is one such gated community within Global Resort Homes that offers families both large and small the opportunity to create lasting memories together surrounded by a refreshingly tropical Caribbean style. A refreshing community, made up of everything from comfortable condos and town homes to spacious six-bedroom homes, families are sure to find the accommodations that promise to suite their every vacation need.

Each Windsor Hills Resort vacation home offers convenient amenities for groups looking to spend quality time together on-site within the Global Resort Homes community. Private screened in swimming pools with spas, fully equipped kitchens with dining areas and an array of fun amenities to entertain kids of all ages including homes available with game rooms including billiards, table tennis, air hockey, play stations and televisions are all available for families looking for a fun-filled reunion.

Many of the resort communities boasts private clubhouse, complete with lavish lagoon-style pools, often highlighted by water slides and hot tubs, 50+ seat movie theatres, fitness centers, tennis courts, kid’s playgrounds, business center and so much more. The cost effective Orlando family resort also offers a shuttle bus service to Walt Disney World, SeaWorld and Universal Studios*, after delivering park tickets directly to your lodging location, which means no more waiting in long park lines. Baby-sitting services for special adult nights out is also available, promising only to enhance special times together, creating the perfect family getaways anytime of year.

Family vacation and reunion planning should be an exciting time for all, so call (866) 921-1167, or book online today to start the journey to a positively perfect family reunion.

About Global Resort Homes

Since 1993, Global Resort Homes has been recognized as a trusted and reputable vacation rental management company in Orlando, serving the Central Florida community around Disney World. High-end hotels cannot match the space, convenience, relaxing atmosphere and exclusive experience that accompanies a stay in one of Global Resort Homes’ beautifully appointed vacation homes in Orlando, Florida. From 2-bedroom upscale condos to spacious 7-bedroom homes, guests are sure to find accommodations that will suit every need. Global Resort Homes’ professional staff maintains and manages the area’s premier network of nearly 300 Orlando vacation homes. Choose from unique town homes, luxurious condos and spacious vacation homes in Orlando, Florida, located within six distinctive resort communities – Windsor Hills Resort, Windsor Palms Resort, Glenbrook Resort, Oakwater Resort, Cypress Pointe and Vista Cay Resort. Enjoy beautiful Orlando vacation rentals boasting private screened pools and spas, conveniently located near SeaWorld, Universal Studios, the Orlando Convention Center and other top destination attractions. Each resort community offers a family-friendly atmosphere and a variety of recreational activities to suit all ages. For more information on Global Resort Homes, or for information to make a reservation, call toll free at (888) 426-0472 or visit http://www.globalresorthomes.com.

*Local charges apply.


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New Window Flashing Products Prove Challenging, According to Building Risk Expert Stan Luhr

Salt Lake City, UT (PRWEB) November 14, 2011

Window leakage claims continue to plague homeowners and frustrate builders, despite wide adoption of more expensive self-adhered flashing (SAF) products specifically designed to prevent such leakage, according to nationally recognized forensic expert Stan Luhr.

The problem isn?t with the new products’ flexibility or adhesive qualities, according to Luhr, CEO of Utah-based AxisPointe, a risk management services provider. Luhr has investigated hundreds of window failures across the country, and claims that installers place too much faith on the products. ?It?s all in how the products are being installed,? says Luhr.

Dozens of SAF products are on the market, including brands from Grace, DuPont, Fortifiber, Protecto Wrap and others. Luhr says the products work well when installed properly, but other factors must be considered when trying to make a building weatherproof, particularly in recessed window designs common in the west.

?A recessed window should be treated like a roof with a window opening very close to the deck surface, and that is why it is problematic for some builders,? Luhr said. Luhr?s forensic business includes testing windows and solving problems for builders and insurers before they get out of hand. When problems go unresolved, litigation often follows, leading to frustrated homeowners and expensive lawyer battles.

Luhr claims that most leaks occur due to the following reasons, which can be easily corrected during installation:

Improper clearance to window. Recessed windows, particularly in stucco designs, often lack sufficient room to allow the SAF products to terminate vertically, above the finished stucco or brick sill. This results in a ?bathtub effect?, trapping water in the system where it finds its way through the slightest hole and into the building. Luhr recommends elevating the rough window sill at least 4-inches above the horizontal shelf to allow sufficient vertical termination of the membrane and clearance to the window sill product. Window offsets less than 6-inches should require the window to be installed after the sill is waterproofed.

Leakage at Flashing Product Lap Joints. SAF products stick together very well, giving a false impression that a seam is entirely waterproof when it isn?t. Luhr says that the primary leakage is at the recessed window sill, where multiple pieces are joined together or when wrinkles occur at splices. When products are installed at inside corners and 90-degree joints, small openings can occur which allow water to travel through.

Complex Inside Corners. Many popular SAF products do not flex and stretch around three-dimensional corners, requiring the SAF to be cut and spliced. At inside recessed corners, Luhr insists that a folded corner?not a spliced corner?should be installed. Folded corners are created by folding the product into the dimensional shape which results in a completely waterproof joint.

Outside Corners. SAF products must be cut and spliced to lay flat, creating a pinhole where no protection exists. Luhr says that despite manufacturers suggesting use of a corner piece (often called a ?bowtie?), leakage still occurs. Luhr prefers products that can completely cover the outside corner, such as DuPont?s FlexWrap? which stretches and can be installed around corners without cutting.

Inadequate Slope at Sills. SAF products are considered waterproof when perfectly installed, but few installations are perfect. Luhr recommends providing positive slope under the flashings to promote rapid drying and movement of water. The minimum recommended slope is