Property Landlords Insurance News: Flux Now Offers Landlords Free Contents Cover with its Building Insurance Scheme

(PRWeb UK) July 23, 2009

Mortgages are harder to get these days and there are an increasing number of people turning to the rental market for housing which is good news for landlords. However, landlords in the furnished sector often find it difficult to get contents cover for their properties. Now Adrian Flux’s landlord division can include free contents cover with its landlord’s building insurance to offer a comprehensive package.

“By including free contents cover with the buildings insurance we are able to offer landlords an extremely cost-effective policy,” says Julie Carter of Flux. “It also cuts down on the paperwork and hassle for landlords when it comes to sorting insurance.”

Flux’s scheme offers landlords comprehensive cover for the building itself. The free contents insurance is designed for furniture and fittings that landlords supply with furnished lets, including beds, curtains, sofas and kitchen equipment, and some of Flux’s policies offer cover up to

Household Insurance News: When a Dream Property Turns into an Insurance Nightmare

(PRWeb UK) November 18, 2009

Sometimes property dreams turn into nightmares when it comes to getting insurance, especially if the property is a bit unusual and doesn’t tick all the boxes. Adrian Flux Insurance Services, one of the leading home insurance brokers in the UK, has set up specialist expertise on hard-to-insure properties within its Household Division to deal with such problems.

“We’ve noticed we are getting more enquiries from people with non-standard homes who are experiencing difficulties getting insurance,” says Julie Carter of Flux’s Household Division. “For example, those who have thatched properties, cob walls and timber-framed properties.”

The problem is that on the one hand more people are moving into unusual properties, but at the same time insurers prefer to insure ‘standard’ homes. Trends towards ‘green’ construction techniques can throw up new circumstances and build-characteristics insurers are unsure about covering.

Because these properties present such different insurance criteria Flux advises home-owners to ring around different companies and speak to advisors rather than relying on internet quotes or price comparison sites.

At Flux each enquiry is individually assessed and the cover designed to suit the property and the owner’s requirements. In this way any little quirks in the property build, history or location can be taken into account and factored into the equation.

“We relish the challenge of finding insurance for unusual properties. All our staff are experienced underwriters with a high degree of knowledge in this area and don’t like to think a property has them beaten,” says Julie Carter.

Cover on these hard to insure properties, such as those with flat roofs, thatched roofs, underpinning, timber frames and subsidence damage, is every bit as good as that on standard housing. Flux also offers access to a 24 hour claims hotline, discount for alarms and security locks and discount for a combined buildings and contents cover policy.

Adrian Flux aims to offer cheaper home insurance and has a range of policies for homes, contents, landlords and buy to let, including specialist schemes for hard to insure properties such as thatched homes, underpinned buildings and those at risk of flooding. For information call the Flux household insurance hotline on 0844 888 1313, email or visit the website,, and click on the relevant button under the ‘Home Insurance’ section.

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The Bay Area’s First Rate Property Inspection Provides Tips on Triple Net Leases

Oakland, CA (PRWEB) December 15, 2011

First Rate Property Inspection, specializing in commercial properties, states that accurate property condition information is a necessity for both property owners and businesses desiring a lease. There are many different types of leases and First Rate Property Inspection provides tips on using a triple net lease.

The triple net lease is very popular in commercial building leasing because it reduces the owner?s need to spend time and money monitoring property conditions and providing maintenance, repairs and/or replacement of roofing, air conditioning and other major property components. This type of lease works especially well for owners who wish to create an ?armchair investment? situation.

The basic idea of a triple net lease is for the lessee to assume responsibility for all the property?s expenses, both fixed and operating. While there are many versions, triple net typically includes taxes, insurance and maintenance.

Most triple net leases require the lessee or tenant to cover costs to maintain the various components of the building that can wear out or be damaged during the lease period. A modified net or modified gross lease is a variation of the triple net lease in which the tenants pay their own utilities, interior maintenance, repairs and insurance, and the landlord pays everything else, including real estate property taxes.

For more information about triple net lease or any of First Rate Property Inspection?s services, call 855-537-5326 or visit First Rate Property Inspection is located at 360 Grand Ave., #194 Oakland, CA 94610.

About First Rate Property Inspection

First Rate Property Inspection?s primary purpose is to provide easy to use, high-quality home inspection and property inspection reports, which describe key components of commercial properties and provide valuable information their clients need to make important decisions on purchasing, leasing and maintaining properties. The company?s inspection services include roof surfaces, drainage and flashings, HVAC, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, structural components, plumbing and electrical systems, exterior and interior components, and surfaces.

# # #

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Mortgage Note Buying Versus Rehabbing Homes- An Alternative Strategy for those Investing in Property During Times of Rising Interest Rates

Chandler, AZ (PRWEB) April 28, 2006

Sometimes rehabbing a home takes longer than anticipated. The cost of materials and labor can rise unexpectedly, local ordinances can change, or other scenarios can come into play to make a project run longer than scheduled or over budget – or both. And many of the circumstances dictating how things unfold may be impossible to foresee. Weather can play a critical role, for instance, especially if you are doing roof repairs, concrete work, or exterior painting and need the help of sunny skies. When hurricanes and other natural disasters strike, even on the other side of the country, construction materials can suddenly become more expensive – the price of plywood can jump 20 percent overnight.

Many projects are now on hold simply because of a rise in gasoline prices, which adds to the cost of all materials delivered by truck to the local lumberyard or home improvement store. “It can even add to labor costs, because if your contractors are commuting, they expect to be compensated for the cost of getting to and from the job site,” says Troy Fullwood. If you are working on a slender margin, a few cents per gallon at the gas pump can be enough to erase your potential profits while you work to rehab and “flip” a property.

Any delay in a real estate project leaves the investors open to vulnerability from shifting economic factors. If the housing market cools off and interest rates spike before you get your house on the market and sold, for instance, you can be left holding the bag through the downturn, with expenses like mortgage payments, insurance premiums, and property tax added to your balance sheet.

To find an alternative way to invest in real estate – without the day-to-day logistical headaches – many investors turn to paper investment, either as a way to supplement their portfolio or as a full-time business in lieu of actual physical ownership of properties. “By buying the debt that finances real estate, they can participate without having to roll up their sleeves and deal with the nitty-gritty details of rehab work,” said Fullwood. “And without financing, you aren’t a buyer; you’re just a browsing looker, so those who invest in the loans that fuel projects will always be in demand, as long as there is a market for buying and selling property.”

Especially in times like these – when the real estate market is challenged by steadily rising interest rates – mortgage note investors can earn substantial yields, taking advantage of the higher rates. And those who have prior experience as real estate investors can use their knowledge of property to help choose sound, secure, credit-worthy investments. “If the building that serves as collateral on the note is valuable, then the debt carries less risk, and those who are accustomed to rehabbing property usually have an eye for what constitutes solid and problem-free construction,” says Fullwood.

As with any debt instrument, when investing in real estate mortgages there are different rates of return, yields, timetables to maturity, and degrees of risk versus potential reward. To learn more about investing in mortgage notes, log on to

Contact Information:

Troy Fullwood

Pinnacle Investments

88 S. San Marcos Pl, Suite 200

Chandler, AZ 85225



The Bay Area’s First Rate Property Inspection OffersTips and Discusses Updating or Replacing Building Systems

Oakland, CA (PRWEB) December 13, 2011

The general rule is that most building components, such as roof surfaces and package rooftop HVAC units have 15 to 20 years of useful life. This rule, however, has several exceptions. For instance, an AC unit in a hot climate has substantially greater use than one in a cooler west coast area. The same is true for many roofing systems. A cap sheet or tar and gravel roofing system in a hot area, unless very carefully maintained, will begin to fail after 15 or 20 years. In cooler areas, lifespans twice this age are not unusual.

Roofing and HVAC systems tend to fail at the same time. One goal may be to focus on maintaining the system that is most likely to fail first, and to actually encourage simultaneous system wear out or failure. The ideal replacement approach is to remove the roof area equipment, typically with a crane, install new roofing, and then install all new HVAC equipment. This method is expensive at first but can greatly reduce costs over time.

Some components are considered to have an unlimited lifespan, such as modern steel-reinforced concrete floors and walls. On the other hand 1950s concrete block buildings with hollow unreinforced block walls may require costly repairs or replacement to resist earthquakes, tornados, and hurricanes.

?Bay Area property inspection company, First Rate Inspectors are very familiar with seismic, hurricane, site stability and other structural issues. We will recommend an additional engineering evaluation be performed if there are indications of needed corrections or upgrades. We can provide an engineering evaluation performed either as part of our original inspection or when we observe serious potential hazards during our inspection,? says Roger Robinson, founder of First Rate Property Inspection.

For more information on the services offered by Bay Area home inspection company, First Rate Property Inspection, call 855-537-5326 or visit them online at First Rate Property Inspection is located at 360 Grand Ave., Suite 194, Oakland, CA 94610.

About First Rate Property Inspection

Since 1979, First Rate Property Inspection has been inspecting properties in the Bay Area and producing top quality reports designed to meet each client?s needs. It offers inspection services like home inspection and property inspection and provides easy-to-use, high-quality inspection reports that describe key components of commercial properties and provide valuable information their clients need to make important decisions on purchasing, leasing and maintaining properties.


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Zilbert’s Featured Miami Property for December 2011 is a $6.75M South Beach Marina Townhome

Miami Beach, FL (PRWEB) November 28, 2011

Zilbert Realty Group, a premium real estate brokerage firm based in Miami Beach, Florida, announces its monthly real estate showcase property. For December 2011, the featured property is Murano #TH-M1, a condo townhome located directly on the Miami Beach marina. It is a sprawling, premium residence with 2,786 square feet of living space.

Priced at $ 6.75M, the residence is a three-story, all-glass structure with dramatic marina views, spacious terraces and private access. The home features a large open floorplan on the first level, with an entire second level dedicated to the master suite. A third level creates a private living space with access to a roof terrace. Design features include a floating staircase between the three levels, specialized antique wood flooring and a private two-car garage. The master suite has two sets of bathrooms and walk-in closets. The home’s designer used premium materials and fixtures throughout the property.

This property is part of the Murano at Portofino condo complex, located at 1000 South Pointe Drive in Miami Beach. The townhome sits adjacent to the condo tower, in a separate structure.


Zilbert Realty Group is a real estate brokerage firm specializing in upscale properties in Miami Beach, Miami and surrounding beach cities. With annual sales of $ 165M, the firm caters to both local and international buyers and sellers.

Zilbert is known for high levels of customer service and professionalism in both online and traditional, face-to-face customer channels. is an award-winning website receiving over 50,000 visitors each month. The company’s staff are members of the National Association of Realtors(R), and work with customers 365 days a year, including weekends and holidays. In early 2012, Zilbert will be opening the first Zilbert Realty Store in Miami Beach, a retail real estate concept store that enables consumers to shop for real estate in a retail-like setting.


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Roofing Pros Advises Property Owners Not To Fall For The Hard Sell From Roofing Repair Contractors

Atlanta GA (PRWEB) September 27, 2011

Roofing Pros is well aware of the common roofing repair practice known as ?going door to door?. Almost everyone has had experience with a roofer or someone representing a roofing company knocking on their door, offering to fix or even replace their roof for what sounds like a dream deal.

In the weeks following the one two punch or Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee, however, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of high pressure operators working within the roofing arena. Between doorbells ringing, mailbox stuffing, and phone calling, it has become a nuisance for a growing number of home and business owners.

Unlike scam artists, who promise big and then disappear with whatever money they can get from their victims, these are actually reputable companies, offering a quality product, but mistakenly choosing the wrong course when it comes to marketing and promotion.

A spokesperson for one roofing company in North Carolina said that the aggressive marketing campaigns were the logical result of a bad economy, where many businesses were struggling to take as much of the pie as possible, particularly in cases like this where there is considerable need.

Donna DeCesare of Charlotte NC explains her problem, ?With a product like a roof, you really depend on and need quality roofers to be fair, accurate, and honest.? Such honesty can become suspect when it becomes perceived that a given company is pushing too hard for someone to make a decision.

The Better Business Bureau typically advises folks to beware of such high pressure sales, as some of them may not even be roofing companies. It is always advised to take the time to check out anyone that is being considered for a roofing job, follow up on references, etc. Genuine providers should be able to prove that they have a contractor?s license and any other proper credentials.

Roofing work is a complicated procedure. Any company not performing the work correctly could result in additional problem, making an already precipitous situation even worse, and doubling or tripling repair bills before the job is finally done right.

Roofing Pros advises property owners not to get taken in by the quick sell or high pressure approach.

?Your roof is the first best line of defense for your home against the elements,? said RPL Content Manager Billy Ritchie, ?which means that you only want to entrust it to the best and most qualified service providers available.?

Roofing Pros is a nationwide network of roofing contractors, certified and in good standing with the National Roofing Contractors Association. Residents requiring roofing work can contact Roofing Pros and get connected to a reputable provider in their immediate service area. It is a form of accountability designed to provide security for homeowners and business owners, as well as getting damaged roofs repaired or replaced with minimal impact on personal lives or business.


Bancap Self Storage Group Brokers Another Lender-Owned Storage Property

Moorpark, California (PRWEB) November 02, 2011

Bancap Self Storage Group, Inc., the ?#1 Self Storage Broker in California,? recently announced that the firm has successfully brokered the sale of the Casino Self Storage property located in the city of Moorpark in Ventura County, California. Dean Keller, the firm?s president, was the exclusive listing agent and sole broker in the transaction. The sale was facilitated by special servicing company LNR Partners, LLC on behalf of a CMBS fund that had foreclosed on the property earlier this year. The buyer was Public Storage, a publicly traded REIT, which will re-brand the property with its name.

?This is a classic example of a very desirable first class property that was just over-leveraged in a very difficult economic climate,? Keller said ?It is the nicest storage facility in the city and it should perform very well in the long run.?

The property sold for $ 10.5 million on an ?all cash? basis. This was much less that the property?s outstanding debt at the time of foreclosure. Although physical occupancy was over 85%, economic occupancy was approximately 66%, offering further upside potential to the buyer. The facility?s gross potential income at the time of closing was approximately $ 1,078,000 per year.

Casino Self Storage contains nearly 85,430 net square feet of self storage space divided into 822 units, including 91 climate controlled units. The attractive two-story project was built in 2005 and is located on Los Angeles Avenue (also known as State Highway 118) on a highly visible corner in retail and commercial oriented location. The buildings are constructed of concrete block and stucco with metal partitions, roofs and doors.

?There have only been a handful of foreclosed storage properties listed for sale in Southern California in the past few years and we have been the exclusive listing broker for most of them,? Keller said. ?There are plenty of buyers looking to ?steal? lender owned properties, but we have been able to obtain very good and fair prices for the sellers ? usually millions of dollars more than the ?direct offers? received from potential buyers and other brokers before our listing and marketing of the property. Self storage is such a unique property type and it takes a specialist with proven expertise and experience to maximize value for sellers in this unique property niche.?

Bancap Self Storage Group is the ?#1 Self Storage Broker in California? with over $ 900 million in completed self storage sales, including many lender-owned ?REO? properties, numerous portfolio sales, and a record setting single property sale at over $ 31 million. For more information contact Bancap Self Storage Group at (949) 888-5355 or visit the company web site at


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Stirling Homes Shares a Spring Property Checklist & Offers Access to Services Without a Contract!

Aspen, CO (PRWEB) April 21, 2011

Spring has finally arrived in Aspen, Colorado – albeit a tad reluctantly. Temperatures are now warming up and the snow is slowly fading away.

With the arrival of spring comes the annual tasks of scheduling lawn care, regular interior and exterior maintenance, and housekeeping. Here are a few suggestions for spring maintenance:

Gutters and downspouts: Remove leaves and debris from gutters and downspouts. Inspect gutters for proper slope to the downspout. Reattach gutters that have pulled away from the house.
Roof: Inspect roof surface flashing, eaves and soffits. Check flashings around all surface projections and sidewalls. Check drainage at same time as gutters above. Check the attic for leaking.
Siding: Clean siding with a pressure washer to keep mold from growing. Check all wood surfaces for weathering and/or paint failure. Repair, paint and stain as necessary.
Exterior caulking: Inspect caulking and replace if deteriorating. Scrape out all the eroding caulk and re-caulk the needed area.
Window sills, door sills, and thresholds: Fill cracks, caulk edges, repaint or replace if necessary. Check weather stripping and replace as necessary.
Window and door screens: Clean screening and check for holes. Patch holes or replace the screen. Tighten or repair any loose or damaged frames and repaint. Replace broken, worn, or missing hardware. Wind can ruin screens and frames that are allowed to flap and move, so make sure they are securely fastened. Tighten, clean and lubricate door hinges, closers and tracks.
Landscape: Cut back and trim all vegetation and overgrown bushes that are touching structures.
And the list goes on. Clean the evaporative cooler, change the furnace filter, check the foundation, treat decks and wood fences, power wash flagstone patios, re-seal the driveway, fire up the sprinkler system.

Does your Aspen property need freshening up? We invite you to call on Stirling Homes, Inc. if you have specific landscaping, maintenance or housekeeping projects. Now thru June 15th, Stirling Homes, Inc. is extending it’s services to our non-managed property owners with rates starting at $ 50 per hour. Our qualified team believes in proactive preventative maintenance.

Stirling Homes Inc. specializes in real estate, vacation rentals, and property management in Aspen, Colorado. We emphasize customer relations, competitive pricing, and individualized service. We’re not trying to be the biggest, only the most respected and reliable Aspen property management company. The emphasis is on sustainable, preventative maintenance. We respond promptly and intelligently.


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