Shipping Containers used in Multi Family Home Build

Shipping Container Home

Shipping Containers will be used in a luxury multifamily home build; the site of construction is located in Detroit and will start in early 2013. Recycling 93 Shipping containers, this project is thought to be the first in the US and the hope is to easily replicate the build.

Three Squared Inc (environmental consulting firm)  is the company behind the Rosa Parks condo project and it was designed by local architect Steven Flum. The containers will be converted and stacked to make a 4 story dwelling which will make 20 separate liveable units, each with ducted reverse cycle air and tankless water heating. The actual construction time per unit and cost efficiencies make this project attractive, though the total costs will be a test as to the feasibility of future multifamily container home projects.

This is an interesting project, as it will offer a significant price reduction on singular dwelling container home projects. We will follow this closely and keep you updated on the progress when more information is released.

Philips L Prize LED Now Selling for $40

I was walking the aisles of Home Depot when I happened upon a screaming deal for the L Prize winning LED light bulb by Philips. This is the bulb, you may recall, that caused a national fuss over the reported price tag of $60. Turns out you can get the same bulb just five months later for the more reasonable price tag of $40 at Home Depot right now.

So I picked one up, and I’ll say this is one impressive bulb. The L Prize light bulb is brighter than the 12.5-watt AmbientLED with a similar yellow exterior.  I have several of these, and they’re excellent but not as powerful as the L Prize bulb.

The L Prize LED bulb uses only 10 watts of energy and delivers 940 lumens, 92 CRI, 2700 Kelvin, and 30,000 hours. In addition, the light bulb is dimmable and installs in a cinch with the Edison-type base. The one thing you may not like is the sealed plastic packaging it comes in. After you hatchet through that and recycle the remains, you’ll be well on your way to conserving energy with a nice dose of soft and warm light.

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Go here to read the rest: Philips L Prize LED Now Selling for $40

LED Downlights: CR6-575L vs. CR6-800L

Although the new, four-inch CR4-575L is available at Home Depot, the updated, six-inch CR6 is not at this time.  So, as Doug pointed out in our comments, it may be worthwhile to post a comparison of the existing CR6-575L with the updated CR6-800L.  Before doing that, note the new CR4-575L has similar specs to the existing CR6-575L with the main difference being one is made for a 4″ housing and the other is for a 6″ housing.  Here’s a head-to-head of the popular six-inch CR6 downlights.

The Existing CR6-575L -

  • 575 lumens
  • 9.5 watts
  • 61 lumens/watt
  • 90 CRI
  • 2700 Kelvin
  • 35,000 hours
  • Availability: Home Depot
  • Price = $34.97 (at Home Depot)

The New CR6-800L -

  • 800 lumens
  • 12 watts
  • 67 lumens/watt
  • 90 CRI
  • 2700 Kelvin
  • 50,000 hours
  • Availability: Cree distributors
  • Price = $54.25 (at EarthLED Store)

So, now you know the main difference is more lumens, less energy, longer life, and about $20, would you spring for the newer, more expensive CR6-800L version, assuming you can locate a distributor?

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Link: LED Downlights: CR6-575L vs. CR6-800L

Expanded Cork Insulation Arrives in USA

If you want to wind up a building scientist, you might mention the topic of insulation.  Better yet, mention the advent of expanded cork insulation in the United States from Portugal-based Amorim Isolamentos.  The insulation is made from leftover material from cork bottle stopper production which is heated and sliced into boards, according to Alex Wilson of BuildingGreen.  Thus, the insulation is rapidly renewable and entirely natural.

Cork insulation is typically installed by wrapping exterior walls with several inches of the material.

Amorim Isolamentos is setting up business in North America, but Wilson estimates that the price for R19 of material could be roughly $5.50 per square foot.  Wilson also indicates that the material has good sound-control properties, insulates to R3.6 per inch, and could be “one of the greenest building materials anywhere.“  Sounds fascinating!

[+] The Greenest Insulation Material — Expanded Cork? by BuildingGreen.

Credits: Amorim Isolamentos.

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Study: Eco Labels Influence Home Values

A green label on a single-family home in California provides a market premium compared to a comparable home without the label, according to a new study co-authored by Nils Kok (UC-Berkeley) and Matthew E. Kahn (UCLA).  The authors found that a green home label — Energy Star, LEED, GreenPoint Rated — adds an average nine percent price premium, or about $34,800 more than homes without a green label using the average home price of $400,000 in California.

Kok and Kahn studied about 1.6 million homes sold in California from 2007 through 2012.  While controlling for variables known to influence home values — location, size, vintage, amenities — the authors claim they were able to isolate the added value, or premium, of green home labels.

In addition, the authors found two interesting points of research relating to the so-called green premium.  First, green homes sell for a higher premium in hotter climates.  The authors speculate that green labels are valued because homes in these areas cost more money to cool.  Second, the premium is positively correlated to geographies with higher registrations of hybrid vehicles.  The authors use hybrid registrations as a proxy for environmental ideology and believe the correlation suggests homeowners in these areas value the intangible qualities associated with having a green home.

In other words, “in communities with strong environmental values, residents may see green homes as a point of pride or status symbol,” said Kok in a statement announcing the new study, The Value of Green Labels in the California Housing Market.

Indeed, some of the benefits that homeowners may associate with green homes include: lower utility costs, higher quality of construction, better indoor air comfort, healthier indoor air quality, and proximity to amenities including parks, shops, and mass transit.  According to some research, demand for green building materials is expected to reach $70 billion by 2015 and green homes could become roughly 28-39% of the market by 2016.

[+] The Value of Green Labels in the California Housing Market.

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The rest is here: Study: Eco Labels Influence Home Values

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The Light Bulb as a Home Appliance

I’m sure by now you’ve read some of the political talk circulating the web as a result of a recent article by The Washington Post about the Philips LED bulb that won the L Prize and $10 million.  The contest was meant to spur lighting innovation and make LEDs more affordable, but readers noted the bulb’s unrebated MSRP of $50 and basically flipped out.

Even Energy Secretary Chu commented on the price: “Nobody expects to pay $50 for a light bulb and quite candidly, if you’re filling your house with light bulbs like that, they should be part of your will,” according to Andrew Restuccia of The Hill.

With the media this LED bulb has generated — especially considering the fact that Philips won the contest in August 2011 — I can’t figure out why there’s not been a more grounded approach to the discussion in the last week or so.  So let’s just cut through the clutter and address some of the main talking points.

What are the specs for the L Prize bulb? 

It’s a screw-type replacement for the 60-watt incandescent and uses 10 watts of energy.  The omnidirectional bulb outputs 900 lumens, has a life of 30,000 hours, has a color of 2700 K (similar to an incandescent), and a CRI of 92.  It’s dimmable, contains no mercury, and turns on instantly.

What is the price of the L Prize bulb? 

It’s reportedly going to sell for the MSRP of $50, not counting rebates, if available.  As of August 2011, 31 utility providers and energy efficiency program partners had signed up to promote and develop markets for the new L Prize bulb.  Philips expects to achieve the $22 target L Prize price through utility partner rebates of up to $30 off in-store purchases.

Doesn’t Philips already have a bulb like this on the market?

You can buy a different Philips 60-watt replacement at places like Home Depot.  I purchased four AmbientLED bulbs less than a year ago for $40 per bulb and they’re awesome.  This same bulb is selling retail for about $25, or $20 right now on Amazon (Wow! You mean it dropped 20 in price in about a year?  Yes.)  It uses 12.5 watts, outputs 800 lumens, has a life of 25,000 hours, has a color of 2700, and has a CRI of 80.  So it’s close in performance to the L Prize bulb but not has high performing in key areas.

What’s the cost of purchasing and using the L Prize bulb?

Based on the cost of the bulb, plus the cost of energy to run the bulb on an assumption of $0.11 kWH: the L Prize bulb costs $82 (prior to any rebates), a halogen bulb costs $186, and an incandescent costs $213, according to a recent Philips press release.  These numbers closely align with the same math performed by Think Progress in response to the WaPo feature.  By the way, WaPo now concludes that the incandescent will cost $145 more over the life of the L Prize bulb.

But that’s still a high initial price?  What to do?

The reality is, many Americans live check to check.  Replacing a bulb every 6-8 months is a lot easier than investing in something that won’t need replacing for like 20 something years.  Which is why it’s probably time we as a nation find a way to treat home lighting as an appliance worth saving for and purchasing, as opposed to an expendable that’s tossed in the shopping cart and trashed when dead.  If it’s cheaper to buy the L Prize bulb when factoring in lifetime energy costs, which it is, then it’s pragmatic to make that happen.

What about Made in America?

To win the L Prize, a majority of the final product assembly and integration must be carried out within the United States.  Philips made the white LEDs and electronic driver in the United States.  During mass production, all final assembly and testing of the L Prize bulb will be completed in the United States.

The real question:  Would you buy one for $50?  How about $20?

[+] More about the L Prize LED light bulb from Philips.

Credit: Philips Lighting North America.

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More here: The Light Bulb as a Home Appliance


Voucher Heaven Brings Together Discount Vouchers and Price Comparison to Help Save You More

(PRWEB UK) 31 October 2011

Price comparison and voucher code websites have changed little since their conception leaving the savvy consumer’s mission to find the best price just as long winded and unreliable as ever. Many consumers will leave a voucher or comparison site expecting to have received the best deal possible, but is that really true?

With price comparison sites, the consumer can browse and search through a wide range of products and select what appears to be the lowest price for the item they are searching for. With voucher code sites, the shopper can browse discount codes from their favourite stores or take a hopeful look through a range of categories such as laptops or 3D televisions, perhaps selecting the code with the biggest percentage discount. Unfortunately neither approach guarantees the best deal.

Many consumers end their search there. The dedicated shopper, still intent on finding the best deal, then spends considerable time checking price and discount code combinations across a number of voucher and comparison websites before they finally discover the best price.

Voucher Heaven has taken the first step in bringing retailer pricing and discount vouchers under one roof. With most of its thousands of voucher codes matched to each and every relevant product in retailers’ catalogues, shoppers can save a considerable amount of time looking for that elusive deal and be much more confident that they’ve found the best price possible.

Visitors to Voucher Heaven can search by product or browse any of the product categories with each item’s listing displaying both the original price and the price after the voucher has been applied at the checkout. Each category starts by showing the cheapest option first and can be refined by brand or price range.

Simon Jennings, chairman of, said: “Voucher Comparison is the next step in the price comparison and voucher codes arena and we’re proud to lead the way, helping shoppers get the best deal around.”

“We’re constantly striving to help consumers find the best deal and to find it quickly. We’re already busy developing the next stage of Voucher Comparison.”

So, this Christmas, why not ‘Compare Vouchers & Prices in One Place?’ at Voucher Heaven.

Voucher Heaven provides discount vouchers for over 2,000 UK retailers. Uniquely, it matches products and voucher codes so that visitors can search by product and price rather than just by browsing by store or category. Voucher Heaven also price watches over 3,000,000 items keeping its visitors informed of the biggest price reductions as they happen.

For more information visit Voucher Heaven


Related Best Roofing Press Releases

House Proud Half Price January Sale!

Norwich, UK (PRWEB UK) 20 December 2011

After the excitement of a full house at Christmas, it can feel a little down in the dumps and empty when January comes around.

Anglian Home Improvements believe the home should always fill the owner with a sense of pride, and so are jazzing up January by giving people the chance to invest in home improvements for half the price!

If you?re looking to reinvent your home for the New Year, this is the time to do it; Anglian Home Improvements are to run the first 50% off sale in their history.

The ?House Proud? Half Price Sale offers an unmissable opportunity to transform your house. No matter what style of windows or doors you need, your home improvement budget can now stretch twice as far.

Both Anglian doors and windows are energy efficient so, while you?re investing in them for half the price, you get twice the benefit with long term protection against rising energy bills.

While the doors ensure that heat does not escape, the new Anglian EcoGain windows capture and retain energy from sunlight actually helping to heat the home!

Anglian haven?t stopped at 50% off double glazing, either. Anglian Home Improvements are offering 25% off conservatories together with a free solar-roof upgrade. With a range incorporating innovative ideas like bi-fold doors and new orangery designs, you can enjoy your garden in the winter months too.

In keeping with the energy efficient outlook of the Company, there will also be 10% off on photo-voltaic panels, which give you the opportunity to collect the sun?s energy for free electricity!

For more information on the House Proud Half Price Sale visit or call 0800 500 600


Experience a Grand Orlando Vacation at a Discounted Price

(PRWEB) January 12, 2006

Easy Orlando Vacations Online, a leading Seller of Travel in the state of Florida, is welcoming the New Year with a bang by offering their clients various vacation promos at discounted rates.

For just $ 99, the Early Bird Resort Offer gives clients the opportunity to experience luxurious accommodations at one of Orlando’s grand hotels for four days and three nights. In addition, they get two adult tickets to any major theme park in Orlando. With this package, clients can save as much as $ 278 in their vacation.

Easy Orlando Vacations Online also offers the Universal Studios Vacation Package. In this amazing deal, tourists can enjoy four days and three nights’ hotel accommodations. In addition, they get to avail of two adult tickets that will give them the chance to enjoy two days of unlimited access to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. This package is available for just $ 191 thus allowing sightseers to save $ 274 in their holiday.

Tying up with Club Sunterra, Easy Orlando Vacations Online also offers a promo that includes three days and two nights stay at a Disney’s Lake Buena Vista Five Star Resort and two theme park tickets for a discounted price of $ 109.

All these marvelous vacation packages are available for a limited time only.

For more information about Easy Orlando Vacations Online and the great vacation packages that they offer please visit the website at


Affiliate Summit 2006 Price Increasing by $500 on April 1

Berkeley Heights, NJ (PRWEB) March 27, 2006

Affiliate Summit 2006 East ( is taking place July 9-11, 2006 in Orlando, Florida. The Affiliate Summit conferences are presented by Shawn Collins and Missy Ward.

The show provides an opportunity for affiliate marketing and search engine marketing executives to get together and learn from one another in a unique, cooperative environment.

The Keynote Speaker will be Jim Bouton – New York Yankee 20-game winner, best selling author, TV Sportscaster, actor, inventor, and businessman.

The Early Bird registration rates of $ 949 (full conference) and $ 199 (exhibit hall only) are going up after March 31. Starting April 1, the rates to register for Affiliate Summit will be $ 1,449 (full conference) and $ 299 (exhibit hall only).

Affiliate Summit will have a number of new perks for attendees, based on feedback from previous attendees. One benefit to attendees, in response to numerous requests is that the conference is going to be captured on video, and the video will be made available to all registered attendees for free.

Other new additions at Affiliate Summit 2006 East include the Affiliate Summit Social Network (, pre-conference teleseminars with Affiliate Summit speakers (, Bingo Networking, an Affiliate Buyer’s Guide (free listings at,

and the Affiliate Meet Market & Vendor Showcase.

The Affiliate Summit conference will also feature an expanded exhibit hall

( and a limited number of booths ( are still available. The booth sponsorships provide the sponsors with the exhibit hall space, passes for employees, contact information for attendees, and five free passes to share with affiliates.

Pricing for exhibitor booths will also change after March 31. 10′ x 10′ booths will increase from $ 3,995 to $ 4,995 and 10′ x 20′ booths will increase from $ 5,995 to $ 7,495 starting on April 1.

Other Affiliate Summit sponsorships are also available. See for details.

Rooms at the WALT DISNEY WORLD Resort Hilton are available at an Affiliate Summit group rate of $ 112 a night until June 10. After that, the hotel will charge the prevailing rate. Rooms can booked during the conference registration process or directly through the WALT DISNEY WORLDR Resort Hilton at

For more information about the Affiliate Summit show, including the companies currently registered, please visit

Subscribe to the Affiliate Summit Real Deal Newsletter for breaking news, tips and the latest information about the affiliate marketing industry at

About Affiliate Summit, Inc.

Affiliate Summit, Inc. was founded by affiliate marketing industry veterans Shawn Collins and Missy Ward and serves the affiliate marketing professional community. With three consecutive sold-out Affiliate Summit Conferences under its belt, its mission to be the leading global source of learning and networking opportunities surrounding the affiliate marketing industry has been brought to fruition. For additional information about the conference, please visit or contact us 800-258-6094.


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