Caruth Home in Dallas Boasts LEED Gold Features, Blends Seamlessly With Nature

caruth 1

Architect Tom Reisenbichler has designed this gorgeous Caruth Boulevard home located in Dallas, Texas. While the home is recognized for its LEED Gold design, it is also known for bringing an exceptionally luxurious style into green living.

caruth 2

The surrounding trees provided a base for the home design, which uses sharp horizontal lines that reach into the trees and seamlessly blend nature with architecture. The upper balcony is a great spot to relax in the evening, with enough shade from surrounding trees to stay cool during the day.

caruth 3

The open floor plan provides the perfect space for entertaining, and features like photovoltaic solar panels, recycled building materials, and drought-resistant native plants make it a low-impact space that is as contemporary as it is sustainable.

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Conergy Project Developer Speaking at PV Power Plants Conference — Vincent to Provide Insight into the Importance of EPC Bankability

Denver, CO (PRWEB) November 30, 2011

Conergy Solar Large Project Developer in Western US, David Vincent, will be participating in a session about the Importance of EPC Bankability. Mr. Vincent will bring nearly 6 years of PV experience, combined with his education in Construction Management to his speaking engagement. With expertise in NEM Commercial, Agriculture, and Government Projects and having developed over 10 MW of California systems, Mr. Vincent can offer insight into every step of solar project development, from EPC, O&M, financing and permitting. In his speaking engagement at the PV Power Plants ? USA 2011, Mr. Vincent will discuss the factors that make an EPC bankable. Mr. Vincent is participating in a session called called ?Financing and Bankability? and will be presenting on ?The Importance of the EPC?s bankability? on Thursday, December 1, 2011 at 8:30 AM.

?Since the EPC of a solar energy project acts as the projects backbone and is the main construction risk holder, it is crucial that an EPC company?s is bankable financially and via its track record. Conergy, with local expertise backed by global strength, brings best practices from more than 500 MW of solar parks and 15 years of experience to every project,? stated David Vincent, Conergy Project Developer.

Conergy Solar Large Projects Group recently signed four different solar energy projects totalling over 3 MW in California, one of the country?s leading solar energy states. In northern California, Conergy will act as the project developer and offer EPC services in an agriculture ground mount installation. In central California, Conergy has signed a ground mount and car port installation in both the education and government sectors. In addition, Conergy will be the project manager and offer EPC services for an agricultural ground mount and roof top installation.

About Conergy North America

As a full system manufacturer, Conergy Group delivers solar energy systems from a single source and offers all services under one roof.

Through deep-rooted operations in 18 countries, Conergy System Sales sells premium Conergy products to customers in nearly 40 countries worldwide. Conergy supports homeowners, installers, wholesalers and investors in their efforts to ?go solar.?. With local sales activities on five continents, Conergy has close relationships with all its customers. Listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange, Conergy employs more than 1,700 people worldwide. Since Conergy?s founding in 1998, it has produced and sold more than 1.5 GW of clean solar power, and developed over 500 MW of solar parks.

Conergy?s Solar Large Projects Group manages the planning, financing, installation, monitoring, and ongoing operations and maintenance for turn-key solar projects across the globe. Conergy?s broad project expertise ensures maximum performance from every Conergy power plant.

Through its acquisition of well-established local companies, Conergy began operating as a distributor and project developer in North America in 2005 and currently has five offices, four warehouses and three production sites in the region. In North America, Conergy is both a manufacturer and wholesaler. Conergy manufacturers mounting systems in Sacramento, CA. In Ontario, Canada Conergy produces modules and mounting systems that meet local content requirements for the Provincial FIT. Conergy offers innovative products and tailored services to its North American network of system integrators and project developers. Through these activities, Conergy maintains expert knowledge about local market conditions and requirements.

Please contact us if you have any questions or requests.


Tesselaar Plants Predicts Garden Trends for 2012

Lawndale, CA (PRWEB) November 04, 2011

Forget all those doomsday predictions about 2012. From the garden world?s perspective, life will continue to be good ? with gardeners saving themselves water, hassles and misspent money. At least that?s according to several savvy garden experts and a leading garden trends survey.

Water-wise plants, products

Most on the minds of landscaping professionals right now are issues surrounding gardening and water, “whether it’s the use of water or the cleaning of water,” says Sharon Coates, co-owner of Zaretsky and Associates, a landscape design-and-build firm in Rochester, N.Y.

In light of recent droughts in places like Georgia, Texas and the Carolinas, people are trying to use the water they do have more frugally, Coates explains. ?People are making sure they?re watering responsibly, choosing plants that aren?t water hogs and putting rain sensors on their irrigation systems. They?re also making sure the irrigation is monitored so it?s not watering the driveway and sidewalk.?

Water-wise plants will also make the Mediterranean garden style (above) hot in 2012, says Genevieve Schmidt, a northern coastal California landscape designer and author of the North Coast Gardening blog. Mediterranean landscape design, she explains, often features open and airy courtyards, light-colored, textured hardscaping such as mosaic walls, gravel beds or unglazed terra cotta pots and low-growing, drought-tolerant plants, hedges, topiary trees and vines (i.e. olive, bay and lemon trees, succulents, lavender, palms, roses and grasses). ?Of course, the vivid colors also help make this a winning style.?

Also, when it comes to cleaning the water, especially storm water carrying pollutants like fertilizers and motor oil into local waterways, many people are turning to rain gardens. ?These shallow depressions are filled with deep-rooted plants and grasses

Sacramento Water Treatment Plant’s 70 Year Old Reservoir Gets Cuting Edge Roof

Sacramento, CA (PRWEB) September 22, 2008

Madsen Roof Company, Inc. recently completed replacing the 70-year old redwood deck and corrugated asbestos transite roof at the Sacramento River Water Treatment Plant’s 9.5 million gallon reservoir. The new system includes a Resolite Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) panel deck, Dens-Deck substrate and single-ply membrane roof.

While the original specification called for a plywood deck and standing seam metal roof, Madsen suggested an alternative after monitoring high interior humidity levels which would create significant potential for rot and premature deck failure. The Resolite FRP deck provided several key advantages. It would withstand the humidity, be appropriate for a potable water supply and would be significantly less expensive than a stainless steel deck. Christian Madsen, Vice President of Madsen Roof Company, notes that “it was a real challenge to meet the City’s needs for a durable roof system that also responded to the budgetary constraints that are always a part of a public work.”

The City of Sacramento wanted a roof system that would retain the standing seam metal roof appearance of its original specification, while meeting California Title 24 reflective roof standards. Madsen suggested installing a Sarnafil D