MaxCon Software and Aerialogics Establish Strategic Partnership

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) May 14, 2012

Fortuna Logistics, developer of “Maxcon Construction Management Software,” (, and Aerialogics, a premier provider of aerial measurement services and reporting for roofing contractors, (, announced today a strategic partnership that establishes compatibility between their respective technologies along with vast improvement in the economics is achieved for their mutual roofing contractor clients. Technology compatibility will enable web-based, ‘point-and-click’ ordering of Aerialogics’ aerial measurement reports from the “Maxcon Pro” toolset and utilize reported data across the software’s feature set. The two companies will also offer discounted pricing on aerial measurement reports and Maxcon software licensing when contractors purchase the companion services from either Aerialogics or Fortuna Logistics.

“Our technology compatibility and affiliate pricing agreement with Aerialogics offers our mutual clients better estimating productivity, where speed and accuracy with an ‘on target’ quote is a real competitive advantage in the roofing industry,” said Joe Radcliff, CEO of Fortuna Logistics. “In the race to earn a new project, the combination of aerial measurements and Maxcon is an innovative harnessing of internet-based tools contractors can use to get more done in less time.”

Aerialogics’ aerial measurement reports are delivered in 24 hours from online order and are accurate to within 1-2% of actual roof dimensions. Reports reduce estimating costs associated with making a site trip for measurements. “Compatibility with “Maxcon Sketch” further empowers contractors to produce finished estimates at a lower cost–we are pleased to partner with Fortuna Logistics to expand the boundaries of estimating efficiency,” said Sean Green, President/CEO of Aerialogics.

Boots on the Roof rings in the new year with a new Partnership

Unirac! Wow these guys are tough! Not only are they tough… they are fast too. Boots on the Roof is excited to announce our partnership with Unirac, and the addition of their ISYS Ground Mount  to our Mega Lab! Lots of our students have requested training on larger ground mounts, which is one reason we are happy to be incorporating this system into our classes. This system is said to be one of the fastest systems to install with the least amount of labor. Unirac claims an installation time of more than 10 modules per man-hour, making it a great option to teach our commercial students!

Why do we like Unirac for our students? Ground mount systems are a growing part of solar in North America. Unirac is always looking for ways to improve the design of their products, with the intention of reducing installation time.  For this reason, the ISYS Ground Mount is an ideal option for large scale commercial projects that we are proud to offer as an option to our students. Thank you Unirac!


Boots on the Roof rings in the new year with a new Partnership is a post from: Boots On The Roof

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CT Fertility Makes USA Surrogacy More Affordable and Accessible Through Global Partnership Network

Bridgeport, CT (PRWEB) November 30, 2011

International patients who need the help of an American surrogate to become parents are often forced to deal not only with the potentially high costs involved, but also prolonged periods of stay in the USA. This is especially true for couples that do not use an American egg donor, when the intended mother needs to start a medication and monitoring regime several weeks before the IVF procedure. But by announcing new partnerships with reputable clinics around the world, CT Fertility has been increasingly able to allow more clients to save substantial time, money and stress.

?Surrogacy is a complex process that require multiple well-synchronized preparatory steps,? says Dr. Doyle, the clinic?s medical director, ?which forces most clinics to insist on doing everything under one roof. While this serves local clients well, it makes the process daunting and cost-prohibitive to prospective parents who come here from regions where top rated reproductive clinic do not exist or from most European countries, where surrogacy or egg donation are severely limited or restricted.? To make the treatment more accessible and affordable, CT Fertility?s staff worked hard over the last few years to streamline the process so that many more CT Fertility clients, both Americans and from around the world, can now work with doctors in their communities for all the preliminary screening and monitoring work, and thereby reduce the amount of time they need to spend away from home, with the related expenses and stress of traveling to the United States.

While such cooperation is not uncommon in the USA, it is much more challenging to delegate so much of the process to clinics that operate in different time zones, languages, and regulatory environments. To that end CT Fertility has been developing a growing network of top quality doctors, labs and support service professionals it selected in primary US and international destinations. Cooperation started about five years ago with clinics in Sweden and Israel, and has expanded since to countries like Ireland, the UK, Spain and Germany. These clinics follow CT Fertility?s protocols to prescribe medications, conduct screening and genetic blood tests, physical exams, and ultrasound monitoring of both male and female patients.

The benefits to prospective parents are numerous. A majority of the male clients now preform semen analysis, blood and genetic screening in their own countries, saving the cost and time of traveling to the USA for this purpose, and often having much of the medical cost covered by their national health insurance. When a prospective mother is using her own eggs, the savings are even larger. ?The care I received locally for the scans, monitoring, and related services made the experience very efficient,? recounts an Irish patient. ?I am very pleased with what we achieved so far, and we intend to continue increase the number of such fruitful cooperation arrangements,? said Dr. Doyle. ?Overall dozens of Europeans and other CT Fertility clients are now able to avoid needless stress and separation from their families, and save thousands of dollars by shortening the stay in the USA and taking advantage of their own national health insurance to cover the costs of medications, lab and medical fees.? Form New Partnership with The Monarch Group to offer Direct Charter Flights from London to Orlando

(PRWEB) July 06, 2011 ? the UK-based travel agency, have formed a partnership with The Monarch Group to offer direct flights from the UK to Orlando International Airport.

According to Martin Palmer, commercial director at, the decision to establish a working relationship with The Monarch Group was largely based on the needs of the consumer:-

?Holidaymakers love hunting around for the best deals – this is most certainly the case for young families who want to make the trip to Orlando. We decided to introduce Monarch Flights to give these families the choice of using a chartered airline to save money on their travel expenses. For a family of four that?s trying to economise, chartered flights could represent a saving of up to

Session Solar Announces Partnership With Solar Training School Boots On The Roof and Donates CreoTecc Solar Mounting System

Scotts Valley, CA (PRWEB) December 13, 2011

Session Solar, a leading wholesale distributor of solar photovoltaic (PV) products, is pleased to announce its recent partnership with Boots on the Roof, a training facility for the renewable energy industry located in Fremont, CA. Under this new partnership, Session Solar has donated the technologically advanced CreoTecc solar mounting system which will be used in their commercial solar PV training and construction MegaLab. CreoTecc is made in the USA by Session Solar ?

Session Solar will also work directly with Boots on the Roof to develop hands-on training and demonstrate how CreoTecc can significantly accelerate installation time while ensuring greater ease, flexibility and a lower installed cost. CreoTecc solar mounting systems feature an insertion rail design, which eliminates the need for clamps and reduces installation time by up to 30%. Due to the popularity and proven savings of CreoTecc mounting systems, over 150 MW have already been installed in Europe. Session Solar has brought the advanced mounting system to the United States for American solar installers to benefit from these savings.

?We?re delighted to have CreoTecc in our new Commercial Construction Lab. CreoTecc is a very innovative solar racking system, where standard solar panels just ?drop in? to the frame with no tools needed. We want to give our students an opportunity to build with CreoTecc, so they can experience for themselves how fast this system is. We?d like to thank our friends at Session Solar for their support in adding CreoTecc to our Labs,? said Chuck Rames, Program Director, Renewable Energy Division of Boots on the Roof.

By learning to install CreoTecc mounting systems, Boots on the Roof students will gain a competitive edge in the market place and be able to offer their clients greater savings, less roof penetrations, and gap-free module spacing for superior aesthetics. Unlike other systems that may impose constraints on module orientation, roof penetrations or rail placements, CreoTecc is engineered for complete adaptability, making it a great choice for both residential and commercial applications.

?At Session Solar we are always looking for ways to help installers compete,? says CreoTecc Product Manager Rodger Petherbridge. ?With our CreoTecc clampless mounting system, installers can offer proven, high quality systems that reduce the time it takes to design and complete the installation.?

About Session Solar

Session Solar is a leading wholesale distributor of solar photovoltaic (PV) products from inverters to PV modules, and a manufacturer of CreoTecc solar mounting systems. Founded in 2007, Session Solar is supported by parent company SolarMarkt AG, a spin-off of one of the largest PV research institutes in Europe and Wurth Solar, a global pioneer in CIGS thin film technology, both headquartered in Germany. Session Solar is dedicated to growing the photovoltaic industry worldwide and promoting a world powered by sustainable energy with reliable, quality products. For further information, please visit Session Solar’s website at

About Boots on the Roof

Boots on the Roof specializes in training construction professionals on how to make the renewable energy business, their business. Using an engaging mix of classroom instruction and realistic hands-on lab exercises, Boots on the Roof?s popular renewable energy boot camps teach not just design and installation, but also the financial, sales and marketing aspects of renewable energy. Boots on the Roof offers courses in Solar Photovoltaic, Solar Thermal, and Wind Energy at their Fremont, California main campus, and in Newark, New Jersey, with more locations to open soon. For media enquiries, please contact Navraj Bawa at 888-893-0367.


Metro Green Visions and Carlisle Syntec Announce Exciting New Partnership

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 30, 2011

Metro Green Visions, Inc. (?MGV?) and Carlisle Syntec Incorporated (?Carlisle?) are pleased to announce their new strategic partnership and shared vision for the future of green roofing. This partnership combines the vast experience of a leading manufacturer of single-ply roofing systems with a company known for its innovative green roof technology.

As part of this agreement, Carlisle will provide a single-source up to 20-year Total System Warranty for MGV?s GroRoof? modules that are installed over a properly adhered Carlisle Roof Garden waterproofing system. The warranty will include overburden removal and replacement of the green roof components if there is a need to investigate for a leak.

?We are proud to be affiliated with Carlisle. They are leaders in the industry with a long record of proven performance. Together, I believe we can provide our customers with the total package ? a cutting-edge, intelligently designed green roof system backed by one of the most comprehensive single-source warranties available,? said MGV president, Steven Dubner.

The companies plan to roll this new program out with the help of Coastal Specified Products; the exclusive Carlisle representative for the NY and NJ metro area. Allied Building Products, one of the largest and most successful distributors in the building materials industry, will also promote MGV?s GroRoof? system when used in conjunction with Carlisle?s Roof Garden waterproofing system.


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Aerialogics Announces Strategic Partnership with First General Services Canada

Nashua, New Hampshire (PRWEB) November 14, 2011

Aerialogics, a leading supplier of aerial measurement services to the U.S. and Canadian roofing, insurance and solar industries, announced today its strategic partnership with First General Services Canada, LTD, one of North America?s largest affiliate member organizations comprised of full-service restoration contractors with expertise in residential, commercial and industrial facilities. Established in 1983 and headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, First General Services Canada operates from 57 member locations across Canada, specializing in 24-hour, 365 days-a-year catastrophe emergency response services that span securing damaged property, cleaning structures and contents, to complete structural restoration. Under terms of the multi-year agreement, First General Services Canada will utilize Aerialogics? aerial measurement technology to reduce operating costs associated with loss adjustment expense, liability exposure, and re-roofing material waste.

?We are convinced the convenience of online ordering, consistently accurate measurements, and 24-hour delivery of aerial measurement reports will produce significant cost savings across operations, from maximizing our specialist?s time to reducing restoration material costs,? said President and CEO Michael Flatt.

Aerialogics? aerial measurement reporting services are gaining wider use in the insurance industry as a more efficient way to collect accurate roof dimensions needed to document property damage claims. Using Aerialogics? online service, adjusters and restoration contractors submit a property address via their secure online account and receive objective, third-party measurements that are consistently 1-2% of actual measurements. By eliminating the need to manually collect roof measurements, reports reduce time, fuel and liability costs, improve claims processing speed and avoid service delays arising from inclement weather and measurement discrepancies.

?Aerialogics is pleased to have been selected to provide aerial measurements to First General Service?s professional restoration contractor network,? said Aerialogics VP of Global Strategy Andrew Zickell. ?We esteem First General Service?s demonstrated commitment to attaining successive levels of operational efficiency through the adoption of innovative technologies. We expect our aerial measurement services will only augment their service promise of ?quality, integrity, and accountability? in delivery of restoration services to catastrophe-affected customers throughout Canada,? added Mr. Zickell.

Reroof America Management Announces Partnership With Green Shingle, In Two Of The Reroof America Contractors Locations

Kansas City, MO (PRWEB) November 09, 2011

The latest “go green” effort by one of North America’s top insurance replacement roofing, siding and guttering contractors, Reroof America has partnered with the green shingle program. This initiative to adds to Reroof America’s commitments their customers, the roofing industry and now the environment.

The reason for this initiative is that insurance carriers own the salvage rights from their insurance claims for roofs. These carriers are now helping the planet by recycling their Asphalt Shingle salvage. Reroof America works with Green Shingle to safely recycle the shingles, turning them into environmentally friendly materials versus going into landfills. ?And the best thing is that the process doesn’t cost the homeowner anything and it?s a great way to go green and help our environment?, said Mark Lenzer, Vice President of Reroof America Management (the parent company of Reroof America Contractors).

Simple Directions For Home Owners:

1. Verify if Green Shingle program is in your area (Right now we are starting in the Kansas City Market and the Minneapolis, St. Paul areas).

2. Use a green shingle contractor like Reroof America to reroof your home.

3. Tell a friend about your contribution to planet earth!

How Recycling and Reroof America Helps:

1. Recycling Asphalt Shingles redirects TONS of waste-product from our-burdened landfills. (as one of the nations top storm and insurance replacement contractors… Reroof America makes a considerable contribution to this.)

2. Recycled shingles are used in the manufacturing of hot mix asphalt which is used to pave roads, driveways, and parking lots as well as other non-road use.

— Asphalt Shingles actually make a stronger product (for roads etc) than standard asphalt because of the fibers used in shingle manufacturing.

Reroof America is already a member of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) and a certified Green Roofer by GAF Materials Corp. (North America’s Largest Roofing Manufacturer)

Reroof America makes going green even easier… when reroofing consider the environment!

About Reroof America

Reroof America Contractors, and Reroof America Management Corporation are owned and managed by J.R. Emrich, President. The company?s began in the roofing industry in 1979. J.R. Emrich and his companies operate debt free and utilize multiple suppliers in several states. Bonding capability is up to 4 million dollars. The Dun and Bradstreet credit rating for the company is 1R2 and the D&B # is 83-696-7372.

Reroof America is based out of Edmond, OK, having completed over 60,000 roofs in over 15 states over the past 32 years.

Reroof America?s primary business is residential roof replacement; however several locations have commercial divisions, window divisions and offer other residential construction solutions. Reroof America is fully licensed and insured in all states within which it operates, and is a member of NRCA, BBB and multiple local and regional associations.

For Information About Reroof America Contractors, Reroof America Corporation, Reroof America Management, or Metro Roofing, contact Mark Lenzer at: 405-330-5400 or mlenzer(at)reroofamerica(dot com) or follow reroofamerica on facebook or Google+.


Spectrum Marketing and Mark Nelson Communications Announce Strategic Partnership

Whitehouse Station, NJ and Palo Alto, CA (PRWEB) March 29, 2011

Spectrum Marketing and Communications and Mark Nelson Communications today announced a strategic partnership to provide B2B marketing and communications services to suppliers of Automatic Identification and Data Collection (AIDC) technologies and solutions.

Combining their knowledge of bar code, sensor and other wireless information systems, the new partnership will enable clients across the entire spectrum of AIDC technologies to strategically raise the visibility, reputation and value of their brands with an extended portfolio of high-impact, marketing, public relations and communications services.

“At a time when all types of wireless-based solutions are growing at a healthy pace in a variety of vertical markets worldwide, this new alliance comes at an opportune moment for emerging and established companies to raise their visibility, grow market share and enhance brand reputation,” said Ann Grackin, CEO of ChainLink Research. “I’ve known Mark and Bob for years, and both bring trusted relationships and exceptional capabilities to their new partnership.”

The partnership leverages more than 25 years of proven successes in promoting businesses engaged in the AIDC marketplace. Since 1993, Spectrum has provided marketing and communications services to a wide variety of AIDC companies including AIM Global, Checkpoint Systems, Matrics (now Motorola), RFID Journal, SATO America and TAGSYS RFID. Mark Nelson recently established his business after heading public relations and communications for a decade at Savi Technology, a Lockheed Martin company.

“Bob and Mark are talented and dedicated communications professionals who understand the needs of automatic identification companies, their customers and the companies that cover them,” said Mark Roberti, founder of RFID Journal and RFID Journal LIVE! “They also understand the many tools that are now available to companies, including social media, white papers, video and blogging. They can help auto identification companies achieve their business objectives.”

Through the formation of the new alliance, Spectrum and Mark Nelson Communications will be able to offer customers a cost-effective one-stop shop for a wide variety of services, including research and strategic planning, project management, lead generation, public relations, media and analyst relations, new and broadcast media, advertising, complete graphic design and production and executive and employee communications.

The two companies are currently collaborating on a project to provide public relations services for exhibitors and sponsors of RFID Journal LIVE! 2011, being held on April 12 -14, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. There, the companies will also be managing the Press Room on behalf of the event’s organizer, RFID Journal.

About Spectrum Marketing & Communications

Spectrum Marketing & Communications is a boutique marketing communications firm specializing in the Automatic Identification and Data Collection (AIDC) market. Unlike larger firms, Spectrum’s account team is comprised of senior-level design, production and media practitioners. This hands-on business model enables Spectrum to deliver outstanding results and superior client service at an affordable price. Spectrum offers a wide variety of services including research and strategic planning, public relations, advertising and complete graphic design and production. For more information, visit

About Mark Nelson Communications

Mark Nelson Communications offers personalized strategic planning, project management and content creation services for public, media and analyst relations as well as executive and employee communications. The firm specializes in B2B communications for Information Technology companies, particularly wireless information solutions engaged in supply chain, logistics, cargo security and a wide range of vertical sectors such as energy, defense, aerospace, government and government suppliers. Backed by a wealth of experience at major public and start up businesses on both sides of the street (vendors and end-users), Mark Nelson Communications brings an insightful business perspective to client needs with authentic, responsive and creative attention. A global network of talented associates extends the firm’s full-service marketing and communications capabilities. For more information, visit

For more information, contact:

Bob Basmadjian

Spectrum Marketing & Communications

(908) 823-9400


Mark Nelson

Mark Nelson Communications

(650) 537-3731


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Arborview Capital Announces the Acquisition of Drexel Metals in Partnership with Management

Chevy Chase, MD (Vocus/PRWEB) February 22, 2011

Arborview Capital announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Drexel Metals Inc., a provider of energy efficient standing seam metal roofing systems, in partnership with the Company’s management. As a result of the financing, Karl Khoury and Joseph Lipscomb of Arborview Capital will join Drexel Metals’ Board of Directors.

“The Arborview partnership allows Drexel Metals to continue rolling out our comprehensive, industry-leading metal roofing solution,” said Rob Waite, CEO of Drexel Metals. “Our solution enables roofing contractors and distributors to achieve higher profit margins while providing a superior quality Drexel Metals branded roof that is weather resistant, energy efficient, warranty protected and easy to install. As one of the most durable and cost effective roofing alternatives, the Drexel Metals system is transforming the expanding market for standing seam metal roofing,” said Waite.

With buildings accounting for more than one-third of global energy consumption, improving building energy efficiency is a proven and cost-effective way to reduce energy consumption. A building’s shell, which includes the roof, represents over 60% of a building’s potential energy efficiency savings. Metal roofing has compelling advantages that are driving market demand including increased energy efficiency (20 – 30% more efficient than asphalt shingles), superior durability (40+ year life versus 20 for asphalt), and low maintenance costs. Because it qualifies for LEED, Energy Star and Federal Energy Efficiency Tax Credits, standing seam metal roofing is nationally recognized as a leading energy efficiency product.

“As the proven innovation leader in the standing seam metal roofing market, Drexel Metals will now have the financial strength to expand in both domestic and international markets and to pursue select strategic investments,” said Karl Khoury of Arborview. “Their experience and customer-centric approach has enabled the Company to be a disruptive force in the industry. With standing seam metal roofing emerging as the platform of choice for roof-mounted solar, Arborview looks forward to helping Drexel Metals expand its presence in the solar market, as well.”

“Energy efficiency is a key area of focus for our firm as we continue to build a diversified portfolio of clean energy investments,” said Karl Khoury of Arborview. “Drexel Metals fits squarely into Arborview’s risk-adjusted growth equity investment strategy. We seek to invest in established businesses that have strong leadership and superior organic growth potential. We look forward to working with Rob Waite and Company President Brian Partyka to continue building upon the Company’s track record of success.”

About Drexel Metals

Drexel Metals Inc., based in suburban Philadelphia, PA, is a leading provider of the equipment, materials, engineering and warranties required for the production of standing seam metal roofing systems. Drexel Metal’s integrated roofing system enables contractors and distributors to market a proven and branded standing seam metal roof system.

About Arborview Capital

Arborview Capital is a private investment firm that makes growth equity investments in clean energy companies across the energy efficiency, renewable energy, and pollution mitigation sectors. The firm’s principals have significant experience partnering with entrepreneurs to build industry leading companies. Additional information is available at

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