Cozine Creek Has a Cost-Efficient Cottage

This home in McMinnville is a 2011 Northwest Energy Star Home of the Year.  Showcasing an environmentally-considerate approach to the construction of a custom home, Cellar Ridge built the Cozine Creek Cottage for owner Pat Britton with the design by Matthew O. Daby of m.o.daby design. The cozy cottage has 1,287 square feet and was completed for $139 per square foot with a focus on energy efficiency.

To keep construction costs down, the owner and project team front-loaded the design process to avoid unnecessary change orders and work stoppages.  They decided early on to take a design, rather than a product, approach to efficiency.

So Cozine Creek Cottage was designed and built with a double-wall frame and offset 2

A Cautionary Tale re: Prefab Home Kit

A future homeowner inherits a chunk of land in Ulster County, New York and decides to put a dreamy modern prefab on it.  I can understand that.  The owner picks an LVL model home from Rocio Romero, and the kit costs $47,000, including such things as the plans, a construction binder, open wall panels, certain structural materials, and the exterior siding.  The owner budgets just over $120,000 to finish the 1,669 square-foot home and hires a contractor to do the work, but that’s where things go wrong.

Turns out, the contractor didn’t complete at the low-bid price, according to an article in the New York Times.  The prefab kit home was ultimately finished for ~$260,000 (~$90,000 over budget), but the owner had to tap retirement savings, credit cards, and friends/family cash to get a certificate of occupancy.  Ouch!

So, what went wrong?

It’s unfair to speculate, but let’s just keep a few thing in mind, especially for those of you thinking about purchasing prefab in the future.

The Kit of Parts:
First, the prefab kit from Rocio Romero is just that: it’s a kit of parts that still requires labor, transport, the land, windows, insulation, and various other finish items.  Other than perhaps the transport, everything is subject to local pricing.  So it’ll cost a lot more on the coasts than everywhere else.

The Ballpark Cost:
Second, Rocio Romero informs purchasers that a LV home will cost anywhere from about 195 per square foot to finish.  Thus, the LVL model home — which has an open living room and kitchen, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms –  should cost anywhere from $200,000 – $325,000 to finish, including the kit.  The owners mentioned in the NY Times finished their home within this range at $260,000, but not for the quoted low-ball from the first contractor.

The Prefab Builder:
Third, all prefab is not in the form of a kit of parts.  Certain companies like Blu Homes and Stillwater Dwellings work the entire process from start to finish.  So their pricing — and this is big a marketing point for these companies — comes with more certainty.  I think prefab from companies with a building division/program will have more pricing certainty.

The Late-Night Homework:
Fourth, don’t be discouraged but also do your homework.  Browse our archives of green prefab and ask lots of questions before you move forward.  Soon we’ll have more resources available for those interested in prefab.

Credits: Trevor Tondro for The New York Times

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Alpine Meadows is a Solar-Powered Retreat

This is a rustic-modern retreat in the Alpine Meadows (Olympic Valley) area near Lake Tahoe, California.  The owner, Todd Greenhalgh, wanted solar power and alpine views and CCS Architecture delivered just that.  The south-facing roof has 600 square feet of solar and all the main rooms hug the south wall to hold a view of the surrounding Sierra Nevada mountains.

Greenhalgh House – or Alpine Meadows — was designed by Cass Calder Smith and Bryan Southwick of CCS Architecture, built by Dean and David Construction, and had the solar installed by JPVT Solar.

The rooftop solar arrangement includes photovoltaics and thermal hot water.  When the owner splits time in San Francisco, electricity is created and stored for later – in fact, the home is grid connected and also grid independent.  PV panels power an electronic hot water heater and, in turn, radiant floor heating, while hot air that’s trapped between the panels and roof is used for additional heating.

To facilitate cross ventilation, Alpine Meadows has operable windows and sliding glass doors on both sides of the home.

One feature you may notice in the photos is a wall that’s framed with blackened plate steel for a custom fireplace, television, and bookshelf.  The owner wanted a place to entertain, so there’s room enough for a pool table, a recreation area, and a guest bedroom.  The home has about 2,250 square feet and was built with a budget of $650,000.

[+] Visit CCS Architecture for more about Alpine Meadows.

Credits: Bryan Southwick.

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Local Executive Suite Owner Announces Worldwide Access and Launch of Online Conference Room Reservation Portal Designed to Meet Growing Global On-Demand Needs of Small Space Users

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) March 31, 2008

Orlando entrepreneur Catherine Price has announced a new focus on providing services that allow Execu-Suites Office Business Center clients to work from any location, whether that be in the office, at home or in another city location anywhere in the world.

Execu-Suites Office Business Centers feature the traditional business services most commonly provided by executive suite companies, such as live phone answering, receptionist services, and mail services. However Orlando-based Execu-Suites Office Business Centers goes a step further when it comes to making it easy for clients to work out of another city location temporarily for free, book conference room time in its Orlando locations online, and search worldwide for other Executive Suite offices.

Through a strategic affiliation with Alliance Business Centers Network, Execu-Suites offers choice beyond their two local Orlando locations. Execu-Suites clients have the ability to access day office or conference room space at over 600 other locations worldwide with the first 8 hours per month free. This service works well for client Kevin Burleson-Web of UDP Co., Ltd. who states: “On a recent trip to Atlanta I had some down-time between appointments. I was able to go to an office to work, pick up emails and make telephone calls in a professional and comfortable environment. The staff in Atlanta was terrific and treated me in just the same way as if I were one of their tenants. This is a good and useful addition to the excellent service I already get at Execu-Suites.”

Execu-Suites has also made it easy for clients who need to secure a permanent office presence in another city. Through its affiliation with Search Office Space of America, Execu-suites now offers worldwide search capabilities online for those needing to secure full time or virtual office space in almost any major city location around the world. Visitors to can choose from over 1000 worldwide locations and contact a representative directly.

In addition to the expanded locations offering and worldwide search capabilities, Price has created an online portal which allows clients to check meeting room availability and book meeting room time online at her two Orlando locations. Allen Baum, Vice President of RealManage, speaks highly of the online booking program as follows: “While speaking with a prospect in Dallas, we can book the conference room by coordinating the manager’s schedule and Execu-Suites conference room availability all at the same time. Phenomenal!” The only one of its kind, plans are in the works to market the online conference room program to other independent owners around the US.

“Execu-Suites is dedicated to providing, image, flexibility and a total array of cutting edge business services designed to fit the growing on-demand officing needs in this fast paced global economy,” said Price. Execu-Suites Office Business Centers can be found online at

About Catherine Price

Catherine Price has founded four companies and has advised small businesses for more than 25 years. During her 17-year tenure with NationsBank of Florida, Ms Price created the Florida Banks Small Business Lending Division through which she helped small and medium size businesses obtain conventional and SBA financing. Her executive suite companies have helped thousands of large, midsize, and home based businesses work more professionally, and more profitably.

About Execu-Suites Office Business Centers:

Execu-Suites has been providing cost-effective workplace solutions since 1998, offering companies and individuals the products and services required to work and thrive in today’s global on-demand economy

Services range from full time Officing to Virtual Office alternatives designed exclusively to support the growing trend of mobile professionals and those working from home. In addition to our two Orlando locations, Execu-Suites offers conference room/day office access to over 600 worldwide locations through their affiliation with the Alliance Business Centers Network. Execu-Suites also provides the ability to search for Executive Suite locations in most metropolitan cities worldwide through its affiliation with Search Office Space Of America. Execu-Suites operates locally in the Downtown and Southwest Orlando areas.

For more information please contact:

Catherine Price

Execu-Suites Office Business Centers

Phone 407.236.0400

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Spalutions! Owner and Founder is Key Presenter at Spa and Wellness Quality Forum in Poland

Greensboro, NC (PRWEB) August 16, 2008

Felicia Brown, owner and founder of Greensboro, North Carolina.-based Spalutions! was selected as an international guest speaker and key VIP presenter at the Spa and Wellness Quality Forum ( in Bronisław

Holiday Comparison – Private Owner Villa Vs Package Holiday Hotel

(PRWEB) May 6, 2005

So what are the advantages of booking a holiday home direct with the owner over hotel? Firstly, you are renting a holiday home from the owner, who wants to ensure your stay at the apartment, cottage or villa is as enjoyable as possible – so you will stay with them again, and recommend them to your friends.

The owner has “in depth” knowledge of the holiday home and local area, which gives you access to accurate advice – not just the “travel agent” script from someone who has never visited the area. Since you are booking direct, there is no travel agent commission on top of your holiday price, which means lower holiday costs.

Airport transfers can be arranged with either the Management Company, who look after the property, or the owner – who can usually recommend reliable, low cost, local companies There are hundreds of holiday rental websites for you to discover the full range of holiday accommodation available, and with the growth of low cost airlines, getting to your favourite resort has never been more affordable.

One of the main benefits of renting a private holiday home is having the space to do whatever you please…..or do nothing. So every family member can have the holiday “they” want. Privacy in another huge consideration – no sharing the pool with strangers, booking sun beds – as there are enough for everyone, and no “other guests” throwing their towels onto the sunbeds from the 10th Floor at 5am or barging to the front of the queue for breakfast while the rest of us wait patiently in line.

Extras, available at some holiday homes,include a jacuzzi, games room, computers, games console etc so no more “I’m bored” from teenagers. So a holiday home is ideal for families.

“What makes a holiday home better than a hotel?”

The advantages, especially for a family, are endless. The amount of space you have in a holiday home to chill out or be alone is just like home. Everybody can do their own thing be it watching TV or a DVD, playing a game or reading a book or magazines. Some holiday homes have their own pools and games rooms or they have a number of large community pools with activities like Basketball, Volleyball, pool or gyms. That should keep the kids amused which is almost impossible when you are all cramped up in hotel rooms.

You can eat and drink whatever and whenever you please (as long as you have bought it that is) – no queues or having to eat at certain times. If you feel like having a “lazy day” you can “eat in” or have a BBQ.

The one thing that frequently annoys families is the lack of space for clothes in hotels. With holiday homes they have walk-in wardrobes with plenty of drawers to accommodate even the most ambitious packer. They also have washing machines and driers to enable you to freshen up your clothes – so no more dirty washing on your return.

One recommendation we would make if you book a holiday home, is to book it directly with the owner. You know who you are dealing with,and can ask them any questions you may have about the location, facilities, local shops and amenities. You hear so many tales of people booking a holiday home as part of a package, not knowing where they will be staying until they arrive at the distant airport and then being disappointed with their accommodation. Best of all, by booking directly with an owner, you will get a great property at a reasonable price.

Thanks go out to Paul ( Carol ( and Chris ( who contributed to this article and are all holiday home owners in Florida and Tenerife. You can join them, along with Darren on the Holiday rental owners partnership forum (, where subjects relating to buying, renting and selling homes are discussed.

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Bringing Home the Business:The 30 Truths Every Home Business Owner Must Know. By Kim T. Gordon. The Indispensable Home Business Guide from the Nationally Known Columnist

(PRWEB) April 5, 2000

Kim T. Gordon, author of Growing Your Home-Based Business, is one of the nation’s foremost experts on the small office/home office market. Now, with BRINGING HOME THE BUSINESS (Perigee Trade Paperback; March 1, 2000; $ 13.95), Gordon reveals the 30 essential truths every home business owner must know, not only to survive, but also to flourish in today’s competitive market.

Thanks to today’s low-cost technology, it’s easier than ever to stay at home and work. Twenty-four million Americans own their own home-based businesses and millions more will start one this year. However, the greatest obstacles most home business owners face are making sales and finding new customers while also mastering the challenges of living and working under one roof. With BRINGING HOME THE BUSINESS, Gordon has identified the 30 truths that can make the difference between success and failure in a home-based business and has translated them into action steps business owners can take to increase their success. It’s ideal for busy entrepreneurs and presents clear advice, guaranteed to help home business owners win more business, and live and work successfully under the same roof. By reading just one truth per day, in one month, readers will master a complete course on home business success.

From formulas for positioning a business and creating an image, to new technologies, Internet marketing strategies and tips for work-at-home parents, straightforward truths are illustrated with real-life stories of successful home business owners in a wide range of fields nationwide. Following each truth is a checklist for readers to keep them focused on their goals

Timeshares By Owner Announces The 12th Anniversary Of ‘Vacation Time, Live!’ Radio Show

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) April 26, 2011

Timeshares By Owner, the leading timeshare advertising company for sale and for rent by owner, is proud to announce that on Saturday April 16, 2011, its syndicated radio show, “Vacation Time, Live!” celebrated its 12th year of broadcast with expansion to the East Coast of the United States.

“Vacation Time, Live!” is a one hour live talk show featuring the top cruise, resort, airfare and leisure vacation deals available. Each week the show hosts Mary Biddle and Michael Klimek bring deep discount, luxury travel to their audience. The show travels the country on live remote broadcasts throughout the year. Past live remote locations included Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Tampa, Club Med, Sea World, Universal Studios Orlando & Carnival Cruise Lines.

Timeshares By Owner is the presenting sponsor of this show and is the only timeshare resale company that has its own radio show to promote vacations using its owners’ timeshares. A commission is never paid by timeshare owners that advertise using Timeshares By Owner’s proven system.

The “Vacation Time, Live!” radio show is broadcast in Orlando, Daytona Beach, St. Petersburg, Jacksonville, and Southwest Florida. The radio show will expanded in the 3rd quarter of 2011 to Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Boston and upstate New York.

Show Host, Mary Biddle stated, “’Vacation Time’ has such broad based appeal, everyone wants to take great vacations and we show our listeners how to do it at budget prices. The timeshares offered by Timeshares By Owner’s clients are very popular with our listeners”. Co-host Michael Klimek said “Everyone wants the best for less and that is what ‘Vacation Time, Live!’ is all about”.

“Vacation Time” is broadcast on Clear Channel Communications affiliates each Saturday at 4pm EST and its flagship station is 540 WFLA, Orlando, Fl. For inquiries and sponsorship opportunities contact Carol Bailey direct at 407-293-6910.


Timeshares By Owner

Book And Audio How To Buy Owner Financed Homes

Book And Audio How To Buy Owner Financed Homes
Book And Over 5 Hours Of Tips And Advice On Buying An Owner Financed Homes. Great For Real Estate Niche, Credit Challenged, Credit Repair, Credit Issues, Or Even Investors. The Over Hour Long Negotiating Section Is Worth It’s Weight In Gold. You Rock!
Book And Audio How To Buy Owner Financed Homes

Personal Financial Budget And Money Management Course
Video Workshop For An Excel Download Balance Sheet To Keep You On Budget With Your Financial Goals. You Will Learn To Enjoy Saving Money, And Learn Tricks That Can Save You Hundreds A Year With Budgeting Techniques, And Repair Debt And Credit Problems!
Personal Financial Budget And Money Management Course

IBHS Stresses the Importance of Home and Business Owner Readiness During National Preparedness Month (NPM)

Tampa, FL (Vocus) September 8, 2010

Because September is National Preparedness Month (NPM), the Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) is offering simple, inexpensive ways home and business owners can prepare their property to better withstand many different kinds of natural disasters.

The IBHS website offers a ZIP code –based tool that will generate a list of natural and man-made risks common to various geographic areas. Each type of risk is linked to a list of practical, specific measures that can be used to help minimize the impact of natural disasters such as windstorms, hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes, wildfires, severe winter weather and hailstorms.

“Every region of the United States faces at least one type of natural disaster, and most regions face multiple hazards,” said Julie Rochman, IBHS president & CEO.“There are many ways to improve the ability of your home or business to withstand natural disasters, including a number of effective and inexpensive projects that won’t bust your budget.”

Specifically, IBHS recommends the following:

Flooding – Water Intrusion in Basements