MOSS Prefabricated Office Allows Employees to Work From Home

Moss Prefabricated Office

As a way to cut down on daily commutes and encourage more people to work from home, Victor Vetterlein has designed Micro Office Systems Space (MOSS), a prefabricated home office powered by clean energy. The offices are a 13-foot octogonal shape, designed to be either leased or purchased and installed in employees driveways, backyards, or even on the roof. The best part? They connect right into the main office.

Moss Prefabricated Office

Vetterlein sees this as a great way to boost productivity and get a few cars off the road without sacrificing environmental impact. The structure is made of laminated tree farm wood and steel connection plates, and the interior is made of Structural Insulated Panels. The cladding is made of Aluminum Composite Panels and is well insulated and weather tight to help maximize energy efficiency.

Moss Prefabricated Office

Radiant underfloor heating and a wood-fired stove keep it toasty warm in the winter, and the solar panels that provide electricity also provide shade in the summer. The skylight allows for natural ventilation and minimizes the need for lighting in the daytime.

Moss Prefabricated Office

If the standard space isn’t big enough, there is also a 3-foot add-on that includes a kitchen, toilet, and wastewater tank.

Do you think your boss would get in on this? Would it make you more likely to want to work from home?

Source and images via Dezeen

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Organic Farm in Shanghai Has New Visitor’s Center Constructed From Freight Containers

With the recent popularity of container architecture, we are seeing some beautiful designs from recycled freight containers, the new hotel and office for Tony’s Farm in Shanghai, by design firm playze, features traditional Chinese typologies combined with a livable aesthetic to bring an stylistic elegance to what could otherwise be a cumbersome form.

Container Architecture in Shanghai at Tony's Farm

Founded and owned by Tony Zhang, Tony’s Farm is Shanghai’s largest organic vegetable farm, providing natural, safe, organic produce to thousands of Shanghai residents each day. The farm is dedicated to soil improvement, water cycle system purification, and grows food without chemical fertilizers, hormones, or additives. No genetically-modified vegetables are permitted.

Container Architecture in Shanghai at Tony's Farm

The new 11,400 square foot visitor center at Tony’s Farm, constructed of 78 shipping containers, will be used to welcome farm guests. Hotel rooms will be built in the second phase. It features a lobby and reception area, VIP area, courtyards, operational offices, and a store, with a connection to a packaging warehouse.

Container Architecture in Shanghai at Tony's Farm

Sustainability was a primary goal in the construction and operation of the design. Heavy insulation has been used in container walls, some of which are perforated to allow for natural lighting, while retaining the exterior’s raw industrial appearance.

Container Architecture in Shanghai at Tony's Farm

To visually and physically connect interior and exterior spaces, the building is designed as a continuous spatial sequence, inviting visitors to explore.

Container Architecture in Shanghai at Tony's Farm

On the second level, two connecting bridges lead to the office wing, which is covered by an existing warehouse. Offices are sheltered beneath an existing room to form an inner facade towards a production hall.

Container Architecture in Shanghai at Tony's Farm

Container Architecture in Shanghai at Tony's Farm

Container Architecture in Shanghai at Tony's Farm

Terraces transition between interior work and leisure spaces. From the cantilevered main entrance, visitors are greeted at the reception desk in a three-story high lobby adjacent to an inner courtyard.

Container Architecture in Shanghai at Tony's Farm

Energy efficiency concerns were addressed with a geothermal heat pump for heating, cooling, and controlled ventilation. Additional green approaches include LED lighting and locally-produced bamboo flooring.

Container Architecture in Shanghai at Tony's Farm

Container Architecture in Shanghai at Tony's Farm

All photos copyright Bartosz Kolonko

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Sustainable and Portable Living in The Tricycle House

Imagine that you live in a country where you can’t own land or property and all of your housing options are temporary, if you have a home at all. You just might think this Tricycle House is your perfect solution to a dwelling conundrum.

Part of the 2012 Get it Louder Exhibition and designed by the People’s Architecture Office (PAO) and the People’s Industrial Design Office (PIDO) in China, the Tricycle House is portable and can be configured with numerous options.

Constructed of translucent polypropylene plastic using a CNC router, it retains its strength during folding such that it can open up and expand for increased space and connection to other units.

Optional interior facilities include a kitchen with sink and stove, bathroom with washing tub, living areas with storage and transformable furniture, a water tank, and an outdoor garden.

Imagine affordable, sustainable living, off the grid in an urban environment or in the country, where your home goes where you go. Do you think that you could adapt to this kind of living environment?

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Reclaimed Barn Siding Studio in Petaluma

Little House on the Trailer is a Petaluma-based company that provides affordable, energy-efficient, and “substantially constructed” houses for today’s mobile home buyers.  For example, the company currently has a “Barn Siding Studio” available for immediate delivery for $24,000.  The 200 square-foot studio was built on wheels and finished with reclaimed redwood planks.  Marin County treats the structure as a shed, according to Little House on the Trailer, but it can be used as an office, backyard retreat, etc.

[+] More about this reclaimed Barn Siding Studio in Petaluma.

Credits: Little House on the Trailer.

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Excerpt from: Reclaimed Barn Siding Studio in Petaluma

Choice Container Home Retreat in Spain

If you’re looking for a unique place to stay in Majorca, Spain, just minutes from the center of Palma, there’s a posh-looking home built with shipping containers which is offered for rent through startup Airbnb.  The one-bedroom, one-bathroom house has a kitchen, Japanese garden, washer/dryer, outdoor deck, and pool included in the rental from roughly $113 per night.  It’s quite the awesome abode, from what I can tell of the pictures, and provides another example of what can be done with old shipping containers.

Credits: AirBnB/Balbina and Miquel Angel; noticed at Gizmag.

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Revised FTC Guides, Tangled Solar Installers, IKEA LED Leader, + Tiny House Shed for All

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Container Home Office Built for Relocation

This is a three-level studio and living space by daiken-met architects in Gifu, Japan.  Called Sugoroku Office, the space is made with seven used shipping containers and a structural steel frame that holds the intermodal units together.  The project sits on a basic parking lot under short-term lease so design for deconstruction and relocation was a critical driver for the end result.  Sugoroku Office has about 1,200 square feet, several work stations, a kitchen, and a loft that’s ready for living.

[+] More about this container-built Sugoroku Office in Gifu, Japan.

Credits: Shinkenchiku-sha; noticed at Design Boom.

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Excerpt from: Container Home Office Built for Relocation

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Studio Shed Installs Home Office for Top Marketing Agency in Cannon Falls, MN

Boulder, CO (PRWEB) July 15, 2010

Studio Shed sent a truck to Cannon Falls, MN yesterday and installed a 10’ x 12’ prefab home office on the property of Michael and Suzanne Mayer.

As the co-owner of a branding agency called Lime Creative Marketing, Michael was looking for a home/work space that was both functional and contemporary in design. He desired a stand-alone structure that complimented the natural woods and water of the scenic Cannon River Valley. In Michael’s online search for a “cool prefab structure as a home work space” he came across Studio Shed and in Michael’s words “I recognized immediately it was exactly what I was looking for, so perfect in fact there weren’t any other shed companies in the running. I selected Studio Shed because of the whole company vibe, environmentally responsible materials and the prefab construction with customization…”

The 10’ x 12’ backyard studio shed, set in the woods and painted Ground Cover to match the flora, was built with FSC certified Collins Siding and corrugated metal, 2 gracious 3’x3’ windows, an oversized roof, and floating floor.

Michael has decided to name his studio “The Shed” and will also use the space as his personal “Man Cave”.

Studio Shed guarantees a 3-4 week delivery and installation. Studio Shed’s prefabricated panels use a variety of green building materials: FSC-certified dimensional lumber, recyclable aluminum-frame windows and FSC certified Collins Siding, Low-VOC paint. Complete structure engineered with absolute minimum waste.


Mallorca Continues Growing in Popularity – Mallorca Luxury Estate Establishes UK Office to Support Increased Demand

London, UK (PRWEB) April 3, 2006

Mallorca Luxury Estate, the leading independent real estate company in Mallorca, today announced the opening of an office in London, the UK. Mallorca Luxury Estate has previously serviced the UK out of their office in Mallorca. With the opening of a London office, access for UK and Irish clients to the rapidly developing property market in Mallorca will be hugely improved.

“We have seen significant growth in demand from the UK and Irish market for both investment properties as well as for second homes in Mallorca. The opening of our new office in London will enable us to provide a faster and better service to our UK clients,” said Petra Lavin, CEO of Mallorca Luxury Estate. The breathtaking range of properties include exquisitely refurbished country houses and magnificent estates as well as villas, penthouses, apartments and golf properties priced from €150,000 up to €25 million. Several properties are bespoke offerings and not listed on any websites. By offering English-speaking in-house mortgage brokers and legal advisers, Mallorca Luxury Estate can assure UK clients peace of mind coupled with a simple and straightforward purchase.

Ann Adenius who will manage the UK operation is an international executive with more than 20 years’ experience in hotel and real estate sales and marketing gained from senior management positions at British Airways, Disneyland Paris, Elegant Hotels, Indigo Real Estate and Caribbean Property Investors.

“Easy-to-reach, high-quality properties, great climate and diverse landscape with stunning beaches and mountains means that Mallorca is fast becoming a very sought after destination. Many of our clients are choosing Mallorca in preference to mainland Spain and the south of France. Bearing in mind what the entire island has to offer, from Palma’s cosmopolitan allure to the wildest rural isolation, it is easy to see why” said Ann Adenius.

Among the interesting developments represented by Mallorca Luxury Estate are

Mobile Workforce Requires Safe and Reliable In-vehicle Office Solutions

Warminster, PA (PRWEB) October 12, 2011

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 20 percent of injury-related crashes reported in 2009 involved distracted driving. As state legislations aim to lower these risks for the average driver, Havis Inc. focuses on protecting the increasing number of public safety officials and other mobile workers who depend on in-vehicle computing and radio equipment.

Havis recognized the need for an educational tool that identifies the dangers of mobile computing and the importance of safety and quality testing on mobile office solutions. This new website debuted yesterday on and explains the Havis design philosophy, markets served, and how Havis products are used to solve many different challenges in the field.

Building a mobile office to fit vehicle specifications can be an intimidating task. Many mobile workers put themselves at greater risk by trying to save money with homemade solutions constructed of materials like wood, Velcro and duct tape. The new website features an educational section that addresses safety and ergonomic concerns, and offers ?How To? tips for topics such as securing a computer and mounting radio equipment.

Properly mounted equipment will help reduce distractions while driving. Havis keeps drivers focused on the road with computing solutions that lock in place and reduce back, wrist and eye strain, as well as mounting solutions that organize radios, switches and sirens within comfortable reach. Other mobile office solutions include prisoner and canine transport and power and fuel management.

Visitors to the site can also learn how Havis? rigorous product testing ensures superior performance, reliability and durability in the field. For further support of this, Havis provides a crash test video and real-life case studies where products survived serious accidents and kept equipment securely mounted.

In one of these case studies, a sheriff in Maricopa County, Ariz., learned firsthand the benefit of having a well-constructed mounting system during an accident. While responding to a call during a rain storm, the deputy?s SUV began to hydroplane. It struck the side of the mountain and flipped, coming to a rest on its roof. The mounted Panasonic CF-29 remained securely locked in place and functional due to the Havis mounting and docking system, and allowed the first responder to see where the unconscious officer was heading. The Havis solution was redeployed in a new vehicle within days.

In addition to learning about Havis? core values of comfort, safety and quality, visitors can browse the interactive catalog or search products using Havis? upgraded search capabilities. The ?Find a Reseller? page makes it easy to locate preferred resellers of Havis products by postal code.

For returning visitors or those who prefer more detailed product information, the previous version of the website is still available as the ?Product Site? and can be accessed by clicking on the bright orange ribbon at the top right of the new website. This site provides MSRP, application photos, specifications, installation instructions and other documentation for the full Havis product portfolio.

With this new educational website, Havis? goal is to arm mobile workers with the tools and information they need to create a safe and comfortable mobile workspace to maximize productivity.

About Havis

Havis Inc. is a privately held company that manufactures in-vehicle mobile office solutions for public safety, public works, government agencies and mobile professionals. For over 80 years, the Havis mission has been to increase mobile worker productivity with industry-leading products that are built to the highest safety and quality standards and are designed with comfort in mind. Headquartered in Warminster, Pa., with an additional location in Plymouth, Mich., Havis currently employs 175 people. For more information on Havis, please call 1-800-524-9900 or visit

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