InterModal Design Ships Prefab Homes Worldwide

Shipping Container Modular Home External outdoors

Shipping Container Modular Home External outdoors

A subsidiary of Hive Modular, InterModal Design, manufactures durable, prefabricated homes from recycled shipping containers that can be shipped almost anywhere in the world. Shipping container shelters from InterModal Design (IMD) can be used for off-the grid living as primary residence, guest house, or office space. Dwellings can be built out with essential comforts such as kitchen space, a living room that can be transformed into a sleeping area, and bathroom facilities.

With a 3-in-1 structure, the IMD home maximizes the space of the container, creating a single structure with multiple functions. Chairs can be stored flat and a bed and table are installed in a drop-down fashion to be stowed away when not in use.

Shipping Container Modular Home double story

Shipping Container Modular Home double story

Several units are available, with pricing and details in spreadsheets on the IMD website, starting at US$35,000. Upgrades can be requested and custom projects are billed at $100 per hour. You cover costs of site preparation, delivery, and setup, with many areas requiring building permits for additional costs.

While you must assume responsibility for compliance with your local jurisdiction code ordinances for container usage, InterModal Design is available to assist with modifications to containers and designs to bring it to code.

Shipping Container Modular Home Design

Shipping Container Modular Home Design

Each standard plan includes basic furnishings, plumbing and electrical, but check the spec sheets for details on specific finishes to determine your need for upgrades. As your container home is being built, you can prepare your site, set the foundation, and hookup any necessary utilities. Delivery may require a crane and set crew. IMD will assist you in determining the best solutions for foundations and installation.

All products from IMD come with a 1-year warranty, honoring any state-required home warranties in the United States beyond that period of time.

Shipping Container Modular Home internal diagram

Shipping Container Modular Home internal diagram

Shipping Container 2 story home

Shipping Container 2 story home

Shipping Container Modular Home External outdoors

Shipping Container Modular Home External outdoors

New Orleans Architect Turns a Dumpster Into a Pool

Dumpster Dive DeLux The Pool Box

Stefan Beese, a New Orleans-based architect, has dove into an innovative form of recycled design with the “Dumpster Dive DeLux”, a pool made out of a defunct dumpster. You won’t be finding any cool old furniture when you jump in, but it will definitely feel much more luxurious.

The 22’ x 7’ steel refuse container is lined with protective foam insulation and pine wood slats on the exterior. The modular design makes it simple to pack it up and move it to a new location, so you don’t have to worry about leaving your dumpster pool behind if you move to a new neighborhood.

Dumpster Dive DeLux The Pool Box End

Dumpster Dive DeLux length

Greenfab Takes Prefab to IBS Las Vegas

If you’re planning on the International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas, expect to see not one but two modular homes built by Greenfab, the builder behind this modular, LEED Platinum home.  The first home is a modified version of Greenfab’s 2100 Series home with 2,100 square feet, up to four bedrooms, and a master suite that opens to a large roof deck.

The second has a 2,300 square-foot plan with an outdoor deck for entertaining.  Both prefab homes will pursue LEED Platinum certification, according to Greenfab.

Some of the green features of a Greenfab home include high R-value insulation, windows that allow natural lighting, durable siding, energy-efficient lighting, Energy Star appliances, water-efficient fixtures, dual-flush toilets, recycled-content materials, etc.

[+] More about the Greenfab modular homes going to IBS 2013.

Credits: Greenfab.

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November Month in Review [Outline]

Happy holidays!  Below is our coverage from November.  From newly published posts in November, I noticed these were the most popular — Six Oaks Container House, Boulder Container House, and Energy-Efficient Windows. Here’s the outline:

Innovative Prefab & Other Projects:

Technology & Products Innovation:

Know-How & Other Green News:

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Paradigm Sustainable Prefab at Greenbuild

This is a prototype prefab — Paradigm — recently on display at Greenbuild 2012 in San Francisco, California.  The modular home was designed by Bogue Trondowski Architects and built by Seattle-based Method Homes.  The stunning little home of just under 700 square feet is eligible for 6 of 7 petals of Living Building Challenge and will also be certified LEED Platinum, according to Method Homes.

Paradigm has Insulfoam R-28 recyclable foam insulation, Thermafiber R-45 ceiling batt and wall insulation, Siga VOC- and formaldehyde-free tapes and membranes, local FSC-certified Western Red Cedar cladding and siding, a window wall by Western Window Systems, and Cascadia triple-glazed windows and doors, according to Method Homes.

The solar PV system is a 4 kW array by LG on Sun Modo’s solar racking rest with no roof penetrations, which is installed by American Solar.

Inside, Paradigm has WarmDim LED lighting by Juno Lighting Group, LG Hausys appliances (dishwasher, washer/dryer, 3-door french refrigerator, induction cooktop, and HVAC system), the Haiku ceiling fan by Big Ass fans, an ERV, a Panasonic WhisperGreen exhaust fan, and FSC non-formaldehyde cabinets by Urbanata.

The home can capture and recycle all of its own water with a Corgal galvanized steel water retention tank (5,000 gallons), Flotender’s greywater system, Infinity Drain, Axor bathroom and kitchen fixtures, and an EcoDry urine diverting toilet for composting systems.  The water supports a vegetable garden with Sunnyside Organic seedlings.

The prototype on display at Greenbuild is currently offered for sale at $249,000.*  But if you don’t get the prototype, Bogue Trondowski and Method are collaborating on a Paradigm Series of homes.

The Paradigm Series currently includes three designs with one-, two-, or three-bedroom layouts of between 656 and 1,868 square feet.  Pricing is yet to be determined but more detail will be forthcoming after Thanksgiving 2012.

*For more information about purchasing the Paradigm prototype contact Eva Otto at Infiniti Real Estate by phone 206-235-6925 or email

Credits: Method Homes / Bogue Trondowski Architects.

[+] More about the Paradigm Series of prefab from Method Homes.

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The Newest MiniHome Prefab: 36 Bunkie

This is short notice, but readers near Toronto may be interested in knowing that the latest miniHome by Sustain Design Studio, the Bunkie 36, will be at the Fall Cottage Life Show this weekend from October 26-28, 2012, at the Toronto International Centre.  The 420 square-foot cabin starts in price from about $87,500 (well-equipped) and can be permitted as an accessory building in Canada.

Bunkie 36 has Energy Star appliances, LED and CFL lighting, cork floor, birch cabinets, baltic birch ply walls and ceiling, an engineered wood-frame construction, cladding of pre-finished pine and Douglas Fir, Marvin Integrity windows, and an upgraded insulation package (R33.5 floor, R25 walls, and R32 roof), etc.

[+] More about the Bunkie 36 miniHome by Sustain Design Studio.

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Connect Homes Innovates in Silicon Valley

Connect:Homes is a Los Angeles-based manufacturer of prefab homes founded by Jared Levy and Gordon Stott (formerly with Marmol Radziner) on a mission to reduce the delivery costs associated with modular construction and make sustainable homes more affordable. To make that happen, Levy and Stott spent the last three years designing, prototyping, and patenting a system to cost-effectively deliver prefab homes, and they put their awesome prototype on display at Dwell on Design 2012.

In summary, a large part of the solution is to size the modules to be transported by the intermodal shipping container network. All Connect:Homes, therefore, can be delivered virtually anywhere in the world by truck, rail, or ship.

But to be clear, these aren’t container homes, these are homes shipped on a framework designed for intermodal shipping containers.

Transportation can cost nearly $100,000 cross-country or $400,000 overseas for the typical prefab home, according to Connect:Homes, so designers and builders have been forced to use regional factories that may or may not offer a high-performance build or a desirable selection of finishes or materials.

Not satisfied with the high costs or other limitations, Levy said, “We asked ourselves if you can ship a shipping container full of 64,000 lbs of goods around the world for $5,000, why should it cost you so much to ship a house?Connect:Homes ships 90% completed modules and cuts delivery costs by up to 90% to deliver a more affordable home.

Shipping innovation isn’t the only advance that Connect:Homes aims to bring to factory-built housing. To avoid the cost of renting a 240-ton crane, which Levy said could be up to $15,000 per day, the company will use giant castors to roll modules into place. This is something that only applies to the ground-level modules, but like a skateboard, the home just rolls onto a finished foundation.

The company will test this installation method when sending the Connect:2.1 prototype to the Hillview Community Center, 97 Hillview Avenue, Los Altos, California, for the Dwell Silicon Valley Home Tour starting on November 3, 2012. Visit this page for more detail.

In terms of pricing, Connect:Homes start at $140 per square foot out of the factory and range to $165 per square foot delivered and installed, according to a company statement.

Connect:Homes come with house-wide LED lighting, floor-to-ceiling windows and doors, 100% recycled content glass countertops, in-wall dual-flush Duravit toilets, an insulation package to match any climate (standard of R21 walls, R30 floors, and R45 roof), and other materials that can contribute toward credits for LEED certification.

[+] More about Connect:Homes modular prefab from California.

Credits: Connect:Homes (#1-2); Bethany Nauert, West Elm (#3-4).

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New Living Wall Planter by Woolly Pocket

Starting in October 2012, Woolly Pocket will have a new Living Wall Planter available for sale from $26.99, according to the LA Times.  The product isn’t soft like the standard Wally made with 100% recycled PET.  It’s made with hard recycled plastic not to include BPA and equipped with a self-watering tank.  The modular planter may be installed inside or outside and will be available in white, green, brown, gray, black, orange, and yellow.

[+] Watch for the new Living Wall Planter at Woolly Pocket.

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Method Announces Prefab Cottage Series

If your design palette is traditional, you’ll probably like the new Cottage Series by Studio 29 and Method Homes. The Cottage Series marries craftsman style with off-site fabrication in six floor plans.  These have tiered pricing based on things like the materials, interior palette, and finish packages.  For a general idea, pricing is between about $215,400 – $498,300 (not including separate, optional garage and ADU structures from $23,000).

The Cottage Series is the seventh line of homes available through Method Homes in the United States and Canada.

Method Homes has experience building top-of-the-line LEED Platinum homes, such as, for example, Beachaus I and Beachaus II, and expects to continue that tradition with the Cottage Series.  In a statement, Brian Abramson, co-founder of Method Homes, said: “Method is committed to utilizing our sustainable practices, quality materials, and energy efficient features to our new classic Cottage Series.

Green prefabs in the Cottage Series range from 2 bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms to 4 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms in 1 and 2 story layouts. The designs includes porches, decks, loft-style sleeping spaces, balconies, wood stoves, and optional master craftsman built-ins and detailing.  Energy-efficient upgrades include an enhanced building envelope and solar panels, etc.

[+] More about the new prefab Cottage Series from Method Homes.

Credits: Method Homes/Studio 29 Architecture.

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Snoozebox is a Portable Container Hotel

Snoozebox is poised to take advantage of an alignment of circumstances with the Olympics in London.  The company provides temporary lodging in the form of portable, stackable, scalable hotel rooms made with shipping containers.  Snoozebox is currently providing about 320 rooms for security personnel at Hainault Forest Country Park from July 14 – August 15, 2012, according to The Financial Times.  The portable hotel can be ready within 48 hours of arriving at almost any event or location in the world, and rooms have internet, TV, a personal safe, attached bathrooms, etc.

[+] More about portable temporary hotels from Snoozebox.

Credits: Snoozebox. 

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