Philips Has a New A-19 LED Bulb Design

Philips recently announced its next-generation A-19 bulb with a new design that contrasts sharply with the old yellow EnduraLED or the fluorescent L-Prize bulb.  The 60-watt replacement has a white appearance and uses 11 watts while putting out 830 lumens.  It will be available in both Soft White or Daylight color temperatures when released.

The bulb, which was designed to exceed Energy Star specifications, is being released in select New York locations of Home Depot this month.  It will also be available at with a roll-out expected in the beginning of 2013.

Philips continues to aggressively innovate in the LED lighting space.  Most recently, in October 2012, the company released hue, which is a smart, web-enabled LED lighting system that can be purchased for under $200.

[+] More about the new Philips A-19 LED light bulb.

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Excerpt from: Philips Has a New A-19 LED Bulb Design

Efficient Greenway Townhouses in Oregon

These are Greenway Townhouses designed by Arbor South Architecture and built by Arbor South Construction (the same group behind The Sage, a high-scoring LEED Platinum project in Eugene). Construction just barely finished, and Arbor South will now focus on renting the 11 units of about 950 square feet each. Greenway Townhouses have been certified Earth Advantage Platinum, according to Bill Randall, principal at Arbor South, and will target LEED Gold certification.

Here’s a list of some of the “green” features in these eco-friendly townhomes:

  • Previously-developed site;
  • Existing bike path through the site to the river path system;
  • Transit bus stop right in front and a Walk Score of 77;
  • High fly ash content concrete and locally-sourced lumber;
  • LED parking lot lighting;
  • EcoBatt used for all of the batt insulation;
  • Exterior walls closed cell “flash” for air sealing and insulation with blown-in-blanket system in the rest of the wall cavity;
  • Blown-in-blanket in common fire walls and extra insulation throughout;
  • Rain garden captures and keeps all of the rainwater from the roofs and parking lot for percolation back into the soil;
  • Landscaping needs no irrigation once established;
  • Energy Star appliances (refrigerator, dishwasher, washer);
  • High efficiency package terminal heat pump for heating and air conditioning;
  • Durable finishes with laminate cabinets, plaster walls, and commercial grade carpet;
  • Energy Star/CFL/LED lighting (total lighting wattage in each home is under 300 watts);
  • WaterSense faucets/low flow and dual flush toilets;
  • Zero VOC paint; and
  • A small Panasonic Whisper-Quiet bath fan running a continuous 30 cfm with an occupancy sensor to kick it up to 80 cfm for 20 minutes when bath is occupied (for fresh air ventilation without the expense of a ducted HRV).

Randall told Jetson Green in an email that blower door tests came in between 2.1 and 2.6 air changes (Energy Star has to be 4.0 or less). These figures aren’t quite as strong as, for example, Passive House, but dwellers will certainly benefit with energy savings from a higher performing enclosure.

Greenway Townhouses are located at 785 River Road in Eugene, Oregon. The homes have a two-bedroom, townhouse style and each bedroom has its own vanity and alcove with a shared toilet and shower. There’s also a half-bath downstairs with a full-size washer and dryer in each home. Rent starts at $975 per month.

[+] More about Greenway Townhouses located in Eugene, Oregon.

Credits: Michael Dean Photography.

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Recycled Bottle Bubble Light by Souda

New York City-based Souda, a design and manufacturing company co-founded by Isaac Friedman-Heiman and Shaun Kasperbauer, recently shared a new project called Bubble Chandelier with Jetson Green.  Kasperbauer said the light fixture is made with 60 two-liter, used soda bottles collected by homeless individuals and can collectors in the area.  The company collaborates with and returns a portion of sale proceeds to local Sure We Can to make each chandelier.  Souda has a two-week lead time for the 22-inch item, which runs on a CFL or LED bulb, preferably.  It’s available in clear or green from $780.00.

[+] More about the Bubble Chandelier by Souda.

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Switch Liquid-Cooling LEDs at Batteries Plus

This is an update to let you know of the status of the much-anticipated liquid-cooling LEDs from San Jose-based Switch Lighting.  SWITCH60, a 60-watt equivalent bulb that produces 800 lumens at 12 watts (clear) or 13.5 watts (frosted), is currently available at 350 participating Batteries Plus stores nationwide.  The SWITCH40 and SWITCH 75 will also be available later this month from Batteries Plus.

Switch Lighting chose Batteries Plus as a retail partner because store owners and staff are trained to educate customers on all aspects of the advanced light bulbs.

These LED light bulbs are cooled with a liquid-silicone that has no toxic ingredients.  Each bulb is expected to last about 25,000 hours and can be used in “any orientation, any fixture, and any location,” according to a company statement.

[+] More about liquid-cooling LED light bulbs by Switch Lighting.

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More: Switch Liquid-Cooling LEDs at Batteries Plus

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Best Buy to Sell Cree Insignia LED Bulbs

Today Best Buy entered the consumer LED lighting game in a major way with two Insignia light bulb offerings from Cree.  Available exclusively at Best Buy, the 40-watt and 60-watt equivalent bulbs have the shape of a traditional incandescent bulb with omnidirectional lighting and they’re sold for $14 and $17, respectively.

These LED bulbs last more than 22 years (calculated on an average of 3 hours per day) and measure 3000 K, which is warm but cooler than an incandescent light bulb (which is about 2700 K).

The 40-watt bulb is dimmable, outputs 450 lumens, and uses 9 watts of energy, while the 60-watt bulb is also dimmable, outputs 800 lumens, and uses 13 watts of energy.  A couple of online reviews respond that the new bulb “buzzes” even if not on dimmer, so you’ll want to see if that’s a problem.

Nonetheless, the Insignia bulb by Cree has a 10-year warranty and is undergoing testing to obtain Energy Star certification.

[+] More about the Insignia LED light bulb at Best Buy.

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Hive Makes a B-Line Prefab for Calgary

While prefab home companies on the West Coast gather accolades and media for their efforts, there’s Hive Modular in Minneapolis doing some things that I think merit attention, too.  The company has placed 21 completed prefab homes and is really popular with the fine citizens of Calgary, Alberta.  Turns out this — the B-Line Medium 010 — is the sixth Calgary project for Hive Modular since entering the Canadian market in 2008.  The two modules for this ultra-efficient home are scheduled to be set next Wednesday, September 26, at about 9:00 am, if you want to see one of these homes come together.

When finished, B-Line Medium 010 will have an open layout on the ground level with the kitchen, living room, dining room, and a half bathroom, while the upper level will have three bedrooms and two bathrooms. That’s a total of about 2,075 square feet.

Some of the products used for this modular home include custom Plyboo cabinets, Hardie fiber cement exterior, Cambria countertops, Ames tile, Insteon lighting controls, and various fixtures from Grohe, Toto, and Kohler.  There will also be no-VOC paints, skylights for natural lighting, and energy-efficient windows.

Hive Modular told me in an email that the modules ship for a price of about $160 per square foot.  This isn’t the “turn-key” price, which would include excavation, foundation, utility hookups, etc, but it’s a ballpark worth noting.  Plus, you’ll note below how complete these are when they leave the factory.

Again, if you’re in the area, the modules will be set at 1928 Broadview Road NW in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, on Wednesday, September 26, 2012, starting at 9:00 am.  After the home is buttoned up, I’ll try to source some completed photos to show you the final result.

[+] More about B-Line Medium 010 from Hive Modular.

Credits: Hive Modular. 

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LIFX is a WiFi-Enabled Smart LED Bulb

I’ve seen innovation in the smart LED space from the likes of Google and Insteon, but San Francisco-based LIFX Labs aims to reinvent the light bulb with a new, successfully-funded Kickstarter project called LIFX. The LED bulb is WiFi-enabled, energy-efficient, multi-colored, and controllable from an iPhone or Android. It will be available as Edison-type, bayonet cap, or downlight with everything necessary to work at home or in a business with a pledge from $69 on Kickstarter.

[+] More about the smart, WiFi-enabled LED light bulb.

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Here is the original post: LIFX is a WiFi-Enabled Smart LED Bulb

LED Downlights: CR6-575L vs. CR6-800L

Although the new, four-inch CR4-575L is available at Home Depot, the updated, six-inch CR6 is not at this time.  So, as Doug pointed out in our comments, it may be worthwhile to post a comparison of the existing CR6-575L with the updated CR6-800L.  Before doing that, note the new CR4-575L has similar specs to the existing CR6-575L with the main difference being one is made for a 4″ housing and the other is for a 6″ housing.  Here’s a head-to-head of the popular six-inch CR6 downlights.

The Existing CR6-575L -

  • 575 lumens
  • 9.5 watts
  • 61 lumens/watt
  • 90 CRI
  • 2700 Kelvin
  • 35,000 hours
  • Availability: Home Depot
  • Price = $34.97 (at Home Depot)

The New CR6-800L -

  • 800 lumens
  • 12 watts
  • 67 lumens/watt
  • 90 CRI
  • 2700 Kelvin
  • 50,000 hours
  • Availability: Cree distributors
  • Price = $54.25 (at EarthLED Store)

So, now you know the main difference is more lumens, less energy, longer life, and about $20, would you spring for the newer, more expensive CR6-800L version, assuming you can locate a distributor?

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Link: LED Downlights: CR6-575L vs. CR6-800L

New Cree LED Downlights Are a No Brainer

In July 2012, Cree announced brighter LED downlights in the CR Series.  The CR4-575L fits a 4″ housing and delivers 575 lumens, 90 CRI, 2700 Kelvin, dimming up to 5%, and 50,000 hours while only using 9.5 watts of energy.  The CR6-800L fits a 6″ housing and delivers 800 lumens, 90 CRI, 2700 Kelvin, dimming up to 5%, and 50,000 hours while only using 12 watts of energy.  Both are Energy Star qualified and they’re available in either the Edison or GU24-type bases.  The CR4 sells for about $53, and the CR6 sells for about $55 (both at EarthLED).

A note of caution — you may have seen the CR4 or CR6 at The Home Depot.  LEDs Magazine reports that the updated CR Series won’t be offered through The Home Depot’s private label program.  Both the new CR4 and CR6 will be available through Cree’s lighting distributors.  When you’re buying, make sure you’re verifying specs.

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Original post: New Cree LED Downlights Are a No Brainer

Hulger Intros Baby Plumen CFL Lightbulb

Today Hulger announced the new Baby Plumen 001, a designer CFL light bulb that tracks the original Plumen 001.  It’s a smaller 9-watt bulb that’s meant to replace a 40-watt incandescent.  The 220-volt version is available today through, while the 120-volt version, which is compatible in North America, will be available later this year.  The Baby Plumen lasts about 8,000 hours and has a color temperature of 2700 Kelvin.

[+] More about Hulger’s new Baby Plumen 001.

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