Emigration Canyon Home is First Recipient of LEED Silver Green Home Certification

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Located in Utah’s Emigration Canyon just north of Salt Lake City, this contemporary 2,500 square foot home was designed for a family with small children by Sparano + Mooney Architecture. It provides breathtaking canyon views from every angle, and is the first recipient of the LEED Silver green home certification thanks to sustainable materials and energy-efficient qualities.

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The main living room consists of a 30-foot operable wall that transforms it into an outdoor room, and cor-ten steel cladding mixed with board-formed wood textured concrete create a modern, low maintenance interior that maintains a natural style. The lower level is an open, flexible design, ideal to be used as an art studio, playroom, home office, or entertainment room.

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Solatube skylights maximize the use of natural light, and an in-floor radiant system provides energy-efficient heat during cold Utah winters. The surrounding landscape complements the architecture with native, drought-resistant plants that provide a seamless transition between the cozy home and rustic canyon surroundings.

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Electronically Tintable Dynamic SageGlass Unveiled at BAU by Saint-Gobain

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SAGE Electrochromics, which was recently acquired to become a wholly owned subsidiary of Saint-Gobain of Paris, is demonstrating its newly developed advanced dynamic glass that it calls “SageGlass” at the 2013 BAU, the “World’s Leading Trade Fair for Architecture, Materials, Systems” in Munich.

SageGlass is electronically tintable to allow for modulation of light, glare, and solar heat gain. With the push of a button, or by of building automation systems or the proprietary SageClass control system, the glass can alter the solar heat gain and visible light transmission. Providing for efficient and flexible control of exterior light, SageGlass replaces blinds and motorized window shades that block light coming through windows, curtain walls, and skylights.

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Using a patented technology, the glazing level of SageGlass tint is dynamically controllable from 2% to 62% of light transmittance while maintaining transparency so that outdoor views are unobstructed to maximize energy efficiency while improving the comfort  and productivity of building occupants and increasing the value of the building.

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According to a recent press release, SageGlass tint achieves this by managing “solar heat with a g value varying from 0.42 in its clearest state to 0.05 in the darkest state (values for a DGU with a Ug value of 1.1 W/m2.k).” The SageGlass dedicated automatic control system enables the tint to automatically adapt to outdoor luminance.

“BAU will be a terrific opportunity to showcase SageGlass’s impact on daylight and sun heat for the first time to the German market,” said SAGE SAINT-GOBAIN Europe, Director of Marketing and Sales, Kirk Ratzel.

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Container Perfection, Wood Materials, Solar Steam Efficiency, + Urban Infill Examples

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November Month in Review [Outline]

Happy holidays!  Below is our coverage from November.  From newly published posts in November, I noticed these were the most popular — Six Oaks Container House, Boulder Container House, and Energy-Efficient Windows. Here’s the outline:

Innovative Prefab & Other Projects:

Technology & Products Innovation:

Know-How & Other Green News:

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Recycled Bottle Bubble Light by Souda

New York City-based Souda, a design and manufacturing company co-founded by Isaac Friedman-Heiman and Shaun Kasperbauer, recently shared a new project called Bubble Chandelier with Jetson Green.  Kasperbauer said the light fixture is made with 60 two-liter, used soda bottles collected by homeless individuals and can collectors in the area.  The company collaborates with and returns a portion of sale proceeds to local Sure We Can to make each chandelier.  Souda has a two-week lead time for the 22-inch item, which runs on a CFL or LED bulb, preferably.  It’s available in clear or green from $780.00.

[+] More about the Bubble Chandelier by Souda.

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Switch Liquid-Cooling LEDs at Batteries Plus

This is an update to let you know of the status of the much-anticipated liquid-cooling LEDs from San Jose-based Switch Lighting.  SWITCH60, a 60-watt equivalent bulb that produces 800 lumens at 12 watts (clear) or 13.5 watts (frosted), is currently available at 350 participating Batteries Plus stores nationwide.  The SWITCH40 and SWITCH 75 will also be available later this month from Batteries Plus.

Switch Lighting chose Batteries Plus as a retail partner because store owners and staff are trained to educate customers on all aspects of the advanced light bulbs.

These LED light bulbs are cooled with a liquid-silicone that has no toxic ingredients.  Each bulb is expected to last about 25,000 hours and can be used in “any orientation, any fixture, and any location,” according to a company statement.

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LIFX is a WiFi-Enabled Smart LED Bulb

I’ve seen innovation in the smart LED space from the likes of Google and Insteon, but San Francisco-based LIFX Labs aims to reinvent the light bulb with a new, successfully-funded Kickstarter project called LIFX. The LED bulb is WiFi-enabled, energy-efficient, multi-colored, and controllable from an iPhone or Android. It will be available as Edison-type, bayonet cap, or downlight with everything necessary to work at home or in a business with a pledge from $69 on Kickstarter.

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LEED Platinum Home Addition in Venice

This is the Brooks Residence, and it’s one of the 10 highest LEED-rated homes in California.  Located in Venice, California, the craftsman-style home received 109 points and is one of about 40 local homes certified under the LEED for Homes program.  It was built by Rick Arreola and designed by Duvivier Architects for principle Isabelle Duvivier, who wanted to modernize the existing home with more space, light, and sustainability.

The first floor was opened and expanded to create a larger living and kitchen, as shown in the pictures.  At the same time, Duvivier sought to increase natural light and ventilation through carefully placed windows, solar tubes, and skylights.

To conserve energy, there’s 2

Dimmable Smart LED Bulb from Insteon

California-based Insteon just announced the new Insteon LED Bulb 8 Watt, which is the first networked, remotely controlled, dimmable LED light bulb in the world, according to the company. The bulb sells online for $29.99 and is designed to conserve a significant amount of energy over the standard 60-watt incandescent.  Nonetheless, intelligence, not efficiency, is the name of the game with this controllable screw-type light bulb.

For years, home automation has controlled light fixtures with plug-in lamp modules, wire-in switches, and keypads. But, until now, no one has controlled the bulb itself. It’s exciting to be the first to introduce a new product to the world,” said Joe Dada, CEO of Insteon.

The new bulb can be linked and controlled by any Insteon controller, such as a handheld remote, wall keypad, or Android or iOS smartphone or tablet (provided you install the $99 Insteon SmartLinc Controller).

Further, Insteon also has an entire suite of products available for those wanting more than just light bulb automation. Plug-in modules and in-wall switches allow for the wireless control of appliances, etc, without a bunch of custom wiring.

On a related note, keep in mind Google and Lighting Science Group announced a smart LED bulb more than a year ago, but that was supposed to be available by the end of 2011.  TechCrunch asked Google for comment on the status of the bulb in December 2011 and received no comment.  So for now, it seems Insteon will remain alone with the “world’s first networked dimmable light bulb.

[+] More about the Insteon LED Bulb 8 Watt.

Credits: Insteon.

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Philips Has a Neat LED Flood Light Too

I spent some time in the home improvement stores this weekend and noticed a newer bulb from Philips designed to replace the standard flood light.  The BR30 LED bulb is Energy Star compliant, delivers 730 lumens, and only uses 13-watts of energy.  Plus, it’s mercury free, lasts about 25,000 hours, and has a standard warm color of 2700 Kelvin.  While the price is hovering at $40 at Home Depot right now, I expect that to slowly drop.  Plus, the bulb is an easy install, so now’s a good time to test one out.

[+] More about LED light bulbs from Philips.

Credits: Philips Lighting. 

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