Rieteiland House Offers Energy Efficiency and Beautiful Panoramic Sunset Views

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The Rieteiland House in Amsterdam, The Netherlands is a breathtaking piece of architecture created by Hans van Heeswijk Architects.

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Designed on a newly established island’s plot of land, the box-like design features three floors and a basement with panoramic views of the beautiful surrounding landscape. The street-facing facade is clad in aluminum siding with sections that open up to display windows, and the water-facing side is made completely of glass and sliding doors. Each level has a panoramic view toward the west, the water, and the park, offering sunset views from every level.

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Special attention has been given to the sustainability features of this home, including some of the furniture, which was custom-made to accommodate the design. Thermal energy storage, a cold and heat pump, and solar collectors are all used to maximize energy efficiency and cut down on the home’s footprint.

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Source and images via Contemporist.com

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Electronic Skylight with LEDs by Solectric

Letting the sun’s rays reach your home’s interior rooms, or down to lower level, is a challenge on any project, and virtually impossible without cutting a large hole in your roof.  But now, Solectric offers an electronic skylight that promises the next best thing — interior lighting that is powered by the sun and can be rendered at the same color temperature.

The Day-Light System connects a solar PV panel to one or two LED light fixtures.  Because there is no sizable roof penetration or chase required to accommodate a light tunnel, the application can work well in many retrofit projects.

Lighting fixtures are available as recessed or surface mount and with some choice in diffuser style.  And the lighting control is variable so in the early morning hours, the light level increases gradually.  While at midday, the light is at its brightest.

Solectric also offers a couple add-on features to preserve homeowner control of their indoor environment.  For example, SmartShine allows a homeowner to boost their electronic skylight’s output on cloudy days by supplementing it with power from the home.

For those times when you want to darken the rooms, a switch can turn off the connection between the panel and the fixtures.  And different fixtures can produce daylight white (6000 K) or warm white (3300 K) to approximate incandescent light (~2700 K), according to the owner’s preference.

The Day-Light System costs about $300 for each panel-fixture combination.  Solectric also offers a solar-powered fan, strip lighting, and LED lighting packages for storage sheds or off-grid homes.

[+] More about Solectric eco-friendly LED Lighting Systems.

Credits: Solectric.

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Social Media Integration Helps BestEssayHelp.com in Enhancing Educational Standards on a Global Level

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) May 18, 2011

BestEssayHelp, a professional custom essay writing agency has decided to take essay writing service to the next level by utilizing the power of web 2.0. The agency offers custom essays help along with numerous unique features which set them apart from other writing agencies. The most distinctive feature that helps in delivering value and quality is the agency’s social media presence.

Social media allows this writing agency to connect to their clients on a whole new level, understand their requirements and utilize that information more efficiently. Explaining their mission and objective to us, Amber Christy, marketing manager of BestEssayHelp said, “When it comes to academic writing, majority of students experience some kind of ‘writer’s block’. With every single stare on the blank screen and with every single word written and deleted, the deadline arrives closer and the chances of scoring a good grade becomes an illusion. In situations like these, we aim to be a friend you can count on. And we trust social media to build that connection.”

The company proudly boasts about the number of clients they have helped so far. The agency has a tremendous track record which is evident through their client’s success and satisfaction rate. In his testimonial, one of the their clients from Canada wrote, “I have asked for their essay writing help twice and scored more than 90% both times. And for such a tremendous essay writing service, I didn’t even have to spend all my savings on it.”

According to Amber Christy, the lower price tag defines their commitment to the worldwide educational enhancement and social media integration is a major milestone. “Social media has helped us in taking our mission to a global level. Now more and more people can benefit from our college essay writing services”, Amber added. Living up to their commitment, the agency makes monthly donations helping students who cannot afford to pay for their education.

BestEssayHelp’s essay writing service and support is available 24/7 in order to deliver every single project on time. The agency is currently offering a 7% discount on the first order. To know more about Best Essay Help’s services and offers, connect with them on their Facebook page or visit their website.

About BestEssayHelp

BestEssayHelp is a professional essay writing agency offering top quality essay writing services. It is a division of GlobalWriters LLC. The agency offers essay writing help at both academic and professional levels. The agency comprises of a team of around 100 experienced writers who prepare college application essays with unique and original content. Each of them holds expertise over different disciplines and writing styles. This allows the customers to choose a writer they deem suitable for writing their custom essays and papers. With their social media presence, the team of dedicated professionals and unique value added features, the agency promises the best essay writing help online. For more information, feel free to contact using the following information.

Contact Details:

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AssureSign Becomes Oracle PartnerNetwork Gold Level Partner

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) May 23, 2011

AssureSign LLC, a leading provider of electronic signature software, today announced that it has achieved Gold Partner Status in the Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN). By attaining Gold Level membership, Oracle has recognized AssureSign for its commitment to establish Oracle related in-depth knowledge and excellence in delivering electronic signature technology and for uniquely addressing the challenges of joint customers.

AssureSign’s electronic signature software reduces the barrier to document signature execution through Oracle’s enterprise document automation solution, Documaker Enterprise Edition. AssureSign’s electronic signature software can be installed on premise for larger clients or as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering, and provides Documaker users with easy customization and branding options. Additionally, as one of the only e-signature vendor with enterprise-wide SAS-70 Type II certification, AssureSign is a reliable and compliant electronic signature software provider, supporting multiple channels, including consumer self-service portals, agent portals and mobile applications.

“Attaining the Gold level membership is such a rewarding milestone for us,” said David W. Brinkman, president and chief executive officer of AssureSign LLC. “We have been successfully delivering electronic signature software for the Insurance industry for many years now and we look forward to working with Oracle on improving and broadening our offerings to our customers.”

With its Gold status, AssureSign receives the benefit of being able to start developing specializations that will allow them to grow their business, increase their expertise, reach higher levels of customer retention, and create differentiation in the marketplace. Gold members also become eligible to resell all Oracle Technology products and can apply to resell Oracle Applications and Industry Solutions. In addition, they receive access to Oracle account representatives and My Oracle Support updates for all products, discounts on training, limited free assessment/exam vouchers, reduced rates on the purchase of Oracle licenses for internal use, discounts on advanced customer services and more. For more information about the benefits of becoming an Oracle Gold level partner, please visit http://www.oracle.com/us/partnerships/index.htm.

AssureSign will be attending the ACORD LOMA Insurance Systems Forum which will be held May 22-24, 2011 at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, CA .

About Oracle PartnerNetwork

Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) Specialized is the latest version of Oracle’s partner program that provides partners with tools to better develop, sell and implement Oracle solutions. OPN Specialized offers resources to train and support specialized knowledge of Oracle products and solutions and has evolved to recognize Oracle’s growing product portfolio, partner base and business opportunity. Key to the latest enhancements to OPN is the ability for partners to differentiate through Specializations. Specializations are achieved through competency development, business results, expertise and proven success. To find out more visit http://www.oracle.com/partners.

About AssureSign LLC

AssureSign LLC is a leading provider of web-based and on-premise electronic signature software, enabling users to obtain both written and verbal authorizations. AssureSign provides the most integrated and feature-rich APIs available and features a unique, patent-pending technology allowing for the execution of any document with forensically identifiable, biometric signatures or typed ‘certified’ signatures. AssureSign is a highly secure and flexible “cloud computing” application, and the only e-signature provider with a four year track record of providing customers with 99.99% uptime in a multi-site data center with SAS 70 Type II certification extending to all aspects of the enterprise. Using the standards-based DocumentNOW

Nanotek Consulting Corp. Announces Top Level Disaster Recovery Solutions

Toronto, ON (PRWEB) December 05, 2011

Nanotek Consulting Corp. is now providing first rate contingency planning that will enable businesses to consolidate resources, save man hours, reduce energy costs by eliminating extraneous hardware, and empower companies to have greater oversight in their technical issues.

Recently, one of their clients had servers that were approaching a critical state. Before they came to Nanotek, other IT firms had told them that they should virtualize and consolidate their data into a new server. The client, a highly trafficked web property, could not afford the eight hours or more of downtime that they were initially quoted to move to a new server. Nanotek, on the other hand, implemented a unique solution: a physical to virtual conversion on the live server. The task was completed and running before the meeting was even over – without any downtime.

?At Nanotek we deploy a multi layered approach to your backup and Disaster Recovery Plan designed to meet all budgets and all contingencies,? says Harsh Pabla, CTO of Nanotek. ?First and foremost, critical servers, files, and databases are backed up locally every hour throughout the day so that in the event of data loss, restore points are usually no more than an hour old.?

Since being established 18 years ago in Toronto, Nanotek Consulting Corp. has positioned itself as a distinctive choice amongst IT consulting firms that focus on disaster recovery services. The IT consulting firm continues to garner a reputation for superior customer service by consistently making their customers feel at ease, regardless of their technical knowledge.

As an IT consulting firm, Nanotek provides value to its customers by offering a range of services that include: cloud computing, off-site data protection, network security analysis, and disaster recovery management, amongst other things. The company has leveraged its expertise and team of professionals to provide solutions to problems that competing firms qualified as intractable.

Nanotek?s ability to control and implement solutions to critical IT problems was put to the test at another time when approached by a local real estate association. The client was having their roof repaired, but an unfinished job left open areas where rain leaked in and onto their servers, cables and routers. Nanotek quickly assessed the situation, isolated damaged areas, and replaced equipment within a just few hours.

?Knowledge is important in this industry but combined with a dynamic, mobile team, strong vendor partnerships, and the commitment to deliver top level solutions, you become an unequalled end-to-end solution provider,? says Pabla. This holistic approach to servicing their customers is what has made Nanotek an unparalleled leader and a trusted source of technical knowledge.

For any business the margins can be thin, so the need to operate in a financially efficient manner is imperative to their survival. One of the major competitive advantages that Nanotek brings to their clients is the ability to cut ineffective spending. Reducing energy consumption by consolidating servers and using cloud computing as a replacement to expensive hardware are just two of the ways they save their clients money. Regardless of the cost associated with updating aging infrastructure, it is unquestionably less than losing business and valuable corporate information as a result of a crashed server.

Please visit Nanotek.ca for more details about our disaster recovers solutions and a compehensive list of other IT products and services we offer.

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High Demand Takes HiddenRadio Wireless Bluetooth Sound Experience to the Next Level with Multiple Speaker Connection

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) December 13, 2011

Two designers, 3 weeks and almost $ 300,000 of crowd support is making the HiddenRadio a ?not so hidden? success. The product is only available on Kickstarter until January 18th, and the fans are not only backing it with dollars but with suggestions and ideas as well.

The product was designed on the basis of consumer intuition. No knobs, buttons, or displays: The user simply twists the sleek metallic or graphite black housing to elegantly adjust the volume. While its minimalism remains intact, the device has been upgraded and now multiple speakers can be connected with a simple twist of the cap to literally lift the roof with booming sound.

?Our supporters have asked and we have listened. The extra money has allowed us to add new features and deliver an even higher quality product?, says Australian designer John Van Den Nieuwenhuizen now based out of San Francisco. John and his business partner Vitor Santa Maria founded Hidden Design over 4 years ago. Vitor is from Rio de Janeiro but has been a designer in Milan for over 18 years.

?Our approach is to create simple designs which make a positive impact in people?s lives,? says Vitor. The device is both elegant and extremely useful. Several speakers can be placed around the house, creating abundant sound inside as well as outdoors.

It provides several functions: it’s a wireless Bluetooth speaker with FM radio that works with leading electronic devices like iPhones, iPods, iPads, or any other smartphones, tablets and computers. It runs on rechargeable batteries, which last over 30 hours on a single charge. There is also a standard 3.5 mm audio jack for connecting with non-Bluetooth devices.

A single HiddenRadio and Bluetooth Speaker delivers pure, powerful sound to over 80 dB. ?We’ve tested it side by side with leading products on the market, and it has excelled in both sound quality and battery life,? says John.

The HiddenRadio is available now at Kickstarter.com. The clock is ticking down to pre-order and be the first to own the Bluetooth wireless speaker with FM radio. People can support the development of this product through Kickstarter.com by pre-ordering their unit for $ 119, which will normally retail for $ 175. This will secure delivery of a limited-edition product directly to their homes with global shipping included.

The designers have already invested over $ 50,000 to develop the product and the capital raised through Kickstarter.com will be spent on injection molding tools, Bluetooth certification, initial inventory, and other equipment necessary for mass production. Just in time for the holiday gift season, this is a chance to promote and support the production of this simple, useful and elegant product before it hits the main market.

Orders can be placed for a limited time at:


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Roof Solutions Commercial Roofing Company Pleased to Earn the Peak Level 2010 for the Johns Manville Peak Advantage Program.

Smyrna, GA (Vocus) April 23, 2010

Roof Solutions LLC is committed to providing its clients with superior commercial roofing systems that meet their financial and construction needs. The company takes excellence seriously and always strives to provide quality materials and service that are guaranteed to achieve any commercial roofing goal. This commitment to excellence has allowed Roof Solutions to earn the distinction of being included in the Peak Level 2010, which is given to top annual performers in Johns Manville Peak Advantage Program.

Qualified commercial roofing contractors in the Johns Manville Peak Advantage Program provide much more than quality roofing materials and expert installation. Companies partnered with the JM Program are able to bring additional value to their clients’ roofing investment by offering great financing solutions and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. By choosing a contractor in the program, a business can rest assured that their roof is backed by the Johns Manville guarantee.

The Roof Solutions team stands ready to offer prompt technical assistance and emergency response to address any maintenance issue that may arise. With Roof Solutions, your business is assured to receive professional installation, expert technical assistance, and fast service from our experienced commercial roof repair team. As leaders in commercial roofing, the company uses only the latest environmentally-friendly technology that reduces heating and cooling costs and provides expert roof repair service.

In addition, Roof Solutions is committed to being an industry leader in Green Roof technology and LEED certified roof systems. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and Energy Star construction programs offer tax credits and other rewards to businesses that use efficient energy-efficient commercial metal roofing and other cost-reducing construction methods.

About Roof Solutions

Roof Solutions commercial roofing company was founded on a simple principle – Do the right thing. That means working with our customers to determine what the right solution is for them; performing our duties in a timely, professional and courteous manner; and not calling a project complete until our customers are fully satisfied with our performance. We take pride in developing long-term relationships with our customers, listening to their needs and determining the best course of action for each individual roof. Our goal is to exceed our customer’s expectations before, during and after our project. Our services include commercial roof repair & maintenance, 24/7 emergency response, roof inspections, thermal imaging, project forecasting & budgeting, roof design, and roof replacement.


HDFEST 2004 World Tour Announcement: discreet Presenting Level Sponsor

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) March 14, 2004

On the heels of its HDFEST 2002-2003 World Tour, today HDFEST officially announced its HDFEST 2004 World Tour which will take place in Australia, Los Angeles, Finland, Miami, London and New York, beginning May 21st in Sydney and concluding December 19th in New York. HDFEST is known as “the world’s only high-definition film festival” as the event screens content created exclusively with high-definition technology. HDFEST material includes features, shorts, television programs, music videos, animations, documentaries and commercials; festival events also include a competition as well as a variety of panels and seminars on High-Definition filmmaking and subjects covering all aspects of utilizing this new technology. discreet, based in Montreal, is this year’s “HDFEST Presenting Level Sponsor” for the HDFEST 2004 World Tour. The company offers “industry-leading solutions designed for digital media creation, management and delivery across all disciplines from visual effects, editing/finishing and color grading to animation, game development, web/interactive, and design visualization.”

HDFEST was founded in 1999, and began screening exclusively high-definition content in 2000 at it’s first festival event. At last year’s 2003 Los Angeles event, HDFEST succeeded in screening what experts called the largest ever assembled collection of high-definition screenings to take place under one roof. For this year’s HDFEST 2004 World Tour, the festival plans to include even more screenings of the newest and best high-def projects, more HD panels, and more HD seminars. HDFEST 2004 plans also include the first high-def festivals to take place in both Finland and Australia. The festival tour will include multi-national judging to determine the HDFEST 2004 Award Winners in over 15 categories exclusively considering high-definition films. In Sydney, Los Angeles, and New York, HDFEST will also offer “meet and greet…with discreet” in which industry professionals and independent filmmakers can ask their HD editing and software related questions to discreet professionals firsthand. The year 2004 also will be the long-awaited addition of an HDFEST e-newsletter which will offer industry news exclusively focused on high-def filmmaking, interviews, success stories and product development.

The festival also continues to attract new sponsors, alongside discreet. Additional HDFEST 2004 World Tour sponsors include Film and Video Magazine, ProductionHub, Production Update, Tape Online, and Mindshare Ventures. The HDFEST line-up of new high-definition projects will be announced April 30th. Information about HDFEST’s Presenting Level sponsor, discreet, can be found at http://www.discreet.com. For more information about HDFEST sponsorship, submission policy, and e-newsletter sign-up visit http://www.hdfest.com, call 1-877-277-2209 or email admin@hdfest.com.