Orlando Web Design Firm Two Think LLC Creates Lead-Tracking Website for The Point Orlando

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) August 26, 2009

Orlando website design firm Two Think, LLC announces the launch of the new website for The Point Orlando, a luxury boutique style resort that sells vacation homes. The site uses multiple lead-tracking systems to help quantify and improve the resort’s Internet marketing activities. With the additional tracking features, Two Think gave The Point Orlando the ability better analyze the return on their pay per click (PPC) advertising investment.

“With the current economy, Internet marketing is one of the best investments a business can make,” says Christian Franqui, vice president and creative director of Two Think. “However, systems need to be set up so businesses can analyze the results of their Internet marketing activities. That way they have a clear picture of exactly how much greater their sales are when they have a well-designed digital plan.”

In order to create a website that achieves their client’s marketing goals, Two Think used all of its considerable talent to upgrade The Point Orlando’s Internet marketing strategy. Unlike other web design firms that merely use programmers to work on projects, Two Think’s team includes marketing experts and business strategists.

“Our client has a somewhat unique need. They use their website to sell their product, but a vacation home isn’t something you can put in a traditional Internet shopping cart,” says Franqui. “There was always a Contact Us page on their site, but they had no means of identifying buyers who phoned because of the website or because of another advertising vehicle.”

To solve the tracking problem, Two Think added a dedicated prospect-tracking telephone number to the site. With this system, the organization can measure the number of prospects who call the resort based on the website. The system provides information analysts use to determine what percent of callers turn into sold customers. This gives the resort the ability to truly measure the return on their Internet marketing investment.

While detailed prospect tracking was a considerable need in the new site, so was world-class design. In addition to being a premier web design firm, Two Think is also a well-known Orlando graphic design firm. Their graphic designers worked closely with their site developers to create a website that has stunning visuals and global appeal. “The Point Orlando attracts an international clientele,” says Franqui. “The new site needed to address the needs and desires of a global community. We did this by using stunning photographs, clean design and easy navigation.”

To preview the new The Point Orlando website, visit: http://twothink.com/portfolio or http://thepointorlando.com.

About Two Think, LLC

Orlando web design company Two Think, LLC specializes in developing income-generating websites for clients in a variety of industries. They focus their efforts on creating digital strategies designed to attract, capture and maintain communication with their client’s buyers. Two Think accomplishes this by using trailblazing technology and innovative systems. In addition to having a team of talented web designers, the company is staffed with degreed graphic designers, Internet marketing specialists and business strategists.

The company recently completed projects for Freestyle Music Park, The Point Orlando and Show System Integrators.


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