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Cobb County Roofing Scam Alert Issued by KTM Roofing Company of Atlanta

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) November 21, 2009

Cobb County and metro Atlanta homeowners need to be cautious of potential roofing scams, according to KTM Roofing in Atlanta. In recent weeks multiple reports have been received that ‘storm chasers’ have infiltrated Cobb County neighborhoods. KTM reminds residents that reputable Cobb County roofing companies will not solicit for payment prior to the project being 100 percent complete.

Tim McLoughlin, President of KTM Roofing explains, “What’s happening in Cobb County is unacceptable and gives the industry as a whole a bad name.” He adds, “Too often after heavy storm activity, such as the recent flooding in September, ‘storm chasers’ come into town looking to make a quick buck. In those instances they are notorious for performing inferior work, incomplete work, or taking the money and not returning.”

Raising Roofing Standards Since 1984™

This year marks KTM’s 25th year in business. A consumer’s top choice among roofing companies in the city, KTM is seen as a leader in residential roofing–offering new installations, along with Atlanta roof repair, including hail damage roof repair.

Keith Hanks of TwentySix2 Marketing commented, “The consumer of today has much more information available than in years past to research a company and to choose a roofer. The ability for search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and MSN/Bing to find and aggregate information about companies has vastly improved in recent years. For Atlanta residents, they might also find help in researching an Atlanta roofing contractor by doing a Better Business Bureau search at, or a rating check.”

Importance of Free Estimates & Contracts:

KTM Roofing is unique because they provide not only a free estimate, but a free estimate that is a written contract that the consumer can elect to opt into. Stronger than a quote, KTM does a more thorough review of the homeowner’s roof than most roofers, and therefore can provide estimates that they fully stand behind without the fear of hidden fees. For details about an Atlanta roof estimate from KTM visit their website

Promotion of $ 100 Off:

Throughout 2009 KTM has offered a $ 100 off coupon for new roof projects over the price of $ 2000. To ensure you get the best pricing, present the coupon after you have received your bill. To download a copy of the coupon, visit

Tips to Avoid a Roofing Scam:

The storms that pass through Atlanta damage local roofs and attract storm chasers. Some storm chasers have good intentions, and help meet the demand for roofing services, while others are nomadic companies that fully intend to fraud a homeowner. Before you pick a roofing company, consider the following:

Did the company provide a paper record with pricing for the roof project?
Did the company ask for advanced payment?
Did the company offer references? Where they local references? Where they recent references?
Did the company provide you with identification and roofing credentials?
Did the company provide you with evidence of workers compensation insurance and general liability insurance?

It’s important to remember that the best roofers are typically too busy performing roofing projects to go door to door in a neighborhood soliciting for business. McLoughlin adds, “KTM is conscious there are a lot of companies with bad intentions out there posing as roofers. We (KTM Roofing) are dedicated to being leaders in the roofing industry. From the initial conversation to schedule a consultation until the last piece of the roof is installed by one of our master roofers, we are dedicated quality and professionalism.”

For more information, or to receive a free roofing estimate visit

About KTM Roofing

KTM Roofing has been raising roofing standards in Georgia since 1984™. This Atlanta roofing company is dedicated to excellence in professional roofing. Specializing in roof replacements, KTM can work with a variety of roof materials including natural slate, synthetic slate, clay tile, concrete tile, cedar, pine, cypress, modified bitumen and asphalt. You can receive a roof proposal from KTM Roofing by visiting, or by calling 678-565-7663.