Six Oaks Container House in California

This 1,200 square-foot home was built with six used shipping containers in Felton, California.  Designed by Modulus, the home was the subject of a 2012 Citation Award from the Santa Clara Valley chapter of the AIA.  The architect camped on the site to study light and other characteristics, according to Dwell, and designed the layout to reduce construction grading.  The containers were left exposed but painted, and the walls were covered with drywall for a clean interior look.  Inside, an atrium was used for light and to radiate heat throughout the home.

[+] More about the Six Oaks container house by Modulus.

Credits: Modulus; noticed at Dwell.

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How to Remodel Using Reclaimed Wood Flooring – Wood Trends 2013 (Part 3 of 5)

Last week I shared how reclaimed wood flooring can suit almost any style, and this week I want to continue with the style topic to discuss the newest wood trends in flooring.  Here are some “trends” to keep in mind while remodeling with reclaimed wood flooring.

Custom Stains:
Using wood stains to create a unique look is extremely popular at the moment.  Light woods such as European Beech can be stained to virtually any color while retaining the warmth of the wood grain.  And using a stain or toner on a multi-species product like Viridian’s Jakarta Market Blend can bring the beauty of a reclaimed look into a more focused color spectrum to build the rest of an interior around.

Whitewashing and pickling are both glazing processes that do not penetrate wood like stain does. Professional interior designers use this process to create custom translucent finishes for a variety of casual looks.

Old wood floors have a wonderful texture about them; over years of use they earn random defects that convey personality rather than wear.  New wood floors with a distressed look have been and will continue to be popular.  Of course, when using reclaimed wood there is no faux finish; the distressing is more natural in appearance and every mark on the floor has a real story behind it.

In the past only the wealthiest homes could afford to add borders and inlays to their wood flooring. Today, however, it is far less labor intensive to add these visual ornaments to reclaimed wood flooring. From a simple border of a lighter wood to a complex pattern, there are countless ways to customize a wood floor using inlays.

Herringbone Pattern:
Perhaps the newest trend is the use of large scale herringbone patterns in wood floors.  From whitewashed patina to dark chocolaty browns, the herringbone pattern tends to dovetail with the use of wider face rustic material.

Next week: How to Remodel Using Reclaimed Wood Flooring – Sourcing the Wood

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Delta Taps the Maker Movement: Part II

All that sophisticated faucet technology I shared in yesterday’s post (Part I) about my visit to Delta Faucet Company needs an equally sophisticated aesthetic design. That’s where Director of Industrial Design Judd Lord comes in! During a tour of Delta’s on-site design studio, Lord and his team shared the inspirations behind their luxury Brizo collections.

While some of their design direction comes from professional trend forecasters (who chart even the slightest trend changes on a quarterly basis), some of the most inventive insights happen when Lord is out and about on cool-hunting expeditions.

For example, wrought iron scrollwork with a unique 1/4” twist discovered while walking the streets of Paris became the impetus for the groundbreaking Virage lav faucet. The Beliza kitchen and bath suite was inspired by a stunning beacon of light he witnessed emanating from a lighthouse, while the Venuto‘s handle is an exact replica of the delicate hair sticks worn by waitresses in a sake bar in Italy.

With that out-of-the-box maker mindset, Lord and his crew prefer to attend conferences and events completely unrelated to the plumbing fixture world to keep ahead of design trends. In addition to auto shows, gift fairs, and interior design expos like ICFF, Fashion Week is an important early indicator of what might be trending in the faucet design world over the next couple of years.

Says Lord, “When a model walks down the runway, I’m observing the form, material, and movement of the clothing — then thinking of how I can translate what I see into a faucet design.

With Lord’s keen eye for trend-spotting and a talent for reinterpreting that into what he calls “functional sculpture,” Brizo has been rapidly gaining the loyalty of interior designers and architects with fashion-forward clientele. But I would be remiss if I didn’t also credit the talented young designers he collaborates with, which Lord was sure to do often. As a guest industrial design professor at Purdue and other local universities, Lord has his pick of promising designers. One such young protege is Lead Designer Seth Fritz, who co-created the stunning bath collection with fashion designer Jason Wu due out this fall.

So what’s going to be hot in the faucet world? Mixed materials, including the innovative use of unexpected materials as seen in the interchangeable handles of their Siderna suite. Color blocks are very with it, as well.

The Delta kitchen faucet Fuse has been selling like hotcakes, especially the Chili Pepper red! In a completely different direction, Lord predicts Asian Fusion to be coming back around, as it always does every 3-5 years. As he told us, there are usually 4-6 trends that emerge each season as important — which means there will always be a look for everyone’s taste!

Has all this talk about cool technology and stellar design got you hunkering for a new faucet? Well, this just might be your lucky day — Delta has surprised us with an awesome giveaway! Stay tuned for my last installment of “Delta Taps the Maker Movement” for all the juicy details!

Disclosure: Delta Faucets invited Jetson Green to Indianapolis and covered expenses during the conference.  All opinions are our own.  Photo credits: Lisa Vail.

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Ohio Modern Tiny House for the Lofty

Adam Leu has the height of an NBA small forward, 6′ 7″, and wasn’t satisfied with just a standard tiny house.  So he modified a couple plans by tiny-house enthusiast Michael Janzen and created the Tall Man’s Tiny House.  It’s 21-feet long, 13′ 3″ tall (total, not the interior), and includes three roomy segments of seven feet.  This place includes one bedroom, one bathroom, a loft, and an open living and kitchen room, as pictured.

The tiny house was built on an old camper’s trailer with 2

Container House Fit for Valentine’s Day

Okay, really the only connection to Valentine’s Day is the color of the home, but check out this bold, industrial container home in Lille, France.  Designed by Patrick Partouche with eight intermodal shipping container units, the home has about 2,200 square feet with great views through large windows and light through polycarbonate panels.  Maison Container Lille installed by crane in three days of site work.

Inside the modular home, the owners re-purposed corrugated sheets as artwork, tables, and other decorative elements.

The grate walk is one crazy feature — imagine what it feels like walking on that barefooted — while the rest of the interior has a “palette of galvanized steel, poppy red columns, and wood” that’s preferred by the owners, according to Design Boom.

[+] More about the maison container lille on Design Boom.

Credits: Manuel Djamdjian. 

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Link: Container House Fit for Valentine’s Day

Interior Demolition Project Completed by Dallas Contracting Co., Inc.

South Plainfield, NJ (PRWEB) August 21, 2005

Dallas Contracting Co., Inc. (Dallas Contracting) was contracted to perform the gutting out of three retail spaces in a strip mall for two new tenants. The interior demolition project consisted of the following tasks:

Removal of all drop ceilings

Removal of interior non-load bearing walls

Stripping of wall coverings

Removal of ceramic and vinyl floor tiles

Demolition of HVAC

Demolition of miscellaneous equipment, interior partitions, and wall coverings

To accomplish this task, Dallas Contracting utilized several pieces of equipment and an average labor force of 6 workers. Several skid steers were utilized; one skid steer was equipped with a demolition bucket to assist with removal of debris and the other was equipped with a hydraulic hammer attachment to facilitate flooring removal. Several scissor lifts were also utilized to assist the workers remove the HVAC, ceiling and pipe hangers. The laborers utilized various hand tools to complete the demolition work including saw-salls, sledge hammers, pry bars and pneumatic chisel guns.

The project had an accelerated schedule and needed to be completed in eight (8) working days. The project was completed on schedule and without incident or injury.

Dallas Contracting Co., Inc. is an expert in interior demolition, strip-outs and gut outs. Additional information on our interior demolition services can be obtained at our website

About Dallas Contracting Co., Inc.

Dallas Contracting Co., Inc. has been in business for 26 years, is financially sound (D&B Rating of 3A2), is bondable, and works on a nationwide basis. Dallas Contracting Co., Inc. offers a turnkey approach to demolition, concrete recycling and remediation projects by offering the following services under one roof:

Demolition, Onsite Concrete Aggregate Crushing and Recycling, Environmental Remediation, Rigging, Brownfield Redevelopment, Surplus and Used Equipment Sales, Interior Demolition, Equipment Removals, Dismantlement, Equipment Salvage and Scrap Metal Recycling.

Dallas Contracting Co. Inc. sells used and surplus equipment and inventory at their storefront on EBAY (


Dallas Contracting Co., Inc.

1260 New Market Avenue

South Plainfield, New Jersey 07080

P: (908) 668-0600

F: (908) 668-0601

Contact: Damon Kozul, PE, CHMM




San Francisco based Winder Gibson Architects’ Penthouse Collaboration for YouTube Co-Founder Featured in Interior Design Magazine

San Francisco (Vocus) November 10, 2010

Winder Gibson and Joel Sander’s Market Street Penthouse collaboration is featured in the November, 2010 issue of Interior Design Magazine. The high-end residential build out of a prestigious San Francisco high rise project was developed for Steve Chen, co-founder of YouTube.

Winder Gibson Architects of San Francisco and New York firm Joel Sanders Architects collaborated with the client, and a team of building professionals to create an architectural masterpiece. The 3,000 square foot penthouse with a double height living room on the 24th and 25th floors of a prestigious San Francisco high rise commands spectacular views of downtown San Francisco, the Bay Bridge, and Market Street. The minimalist design with its clean detailing, crisp corners, and smooth surfaces are made warm by incorporating walnut and blue accents.

The penthouse features cutting edge integrated smart home technology so that the heating system, shades over the windows, drop down flat screen televisions, and multiple audio zones can be controlled from an iPhone. Glass between the master bedroom and master bathroom becomes frosted at the push of a button for instant privacy.

“Ever since Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead, people have been lead to think of the architect as a headstrong, independent character, full of ego, opinions and ultimatums,” said Geoff Gibson. “While the term architect literally means ‘master builder’, we believe that a master builder does not need to be a dictator, but instead a strong and attentive leader of a strong and capable team.”

The team approach leads Winder Gibson Architects to work with other architects or designers in a collaborative relationship. In this sense, Winder Gibson has become an architect’s architect, respected and trusted by members of the global architectural community. While The Fountainhead tact would suggest this type of collaboration could only end in a battle of egos, the opposite is true. There is an opportunity to share knowledge and experience and check each other’s opinions and design hypotheses for the betterment of the project. That is the key: everyone on the team needs to have their eye on the prize, working together to ensure the best of possibilities.

“Our working relationship with Winder Gibson transcended typical Design/Executive Architect roles: rather than passive background players, both John and Geoff became actively engaged in the process,” said Joel Sanders. “By taking the time to understand and internalize the underlying design concept, they were able to make significant contributions to the executed design.”

The Market Street Penthouse is a shining example of how collaboration can lead to optimal results. New York architect Joel Sanders initiated the design process, but quickly realized he was going to need a San Francisco firm to work with him on construction documents, permits and construction administration. He needed eyes and ears on the ground during construction. This fruitful collaboration pulled together the strengths of the two offices and a healthy relationship with the client to achieve a gorgeous finished product. The partnership continues. They are now working together on another project in New York.

“It was a pleasure to collaborate on this project with New York firm Joel Sanders Architects through design, construction documents, contractor selection and construction administration,” said John Winder. “The client, Steve Chen, was also a pleasure to work with.”

To see the full article, visit: For more information about the design, materials, or the collaboration process, contact Geoff Gibson or John Winder at Winder Gibson Architects by phone at (415) 318-8634 or visit their website:


Winder Gibson specializes in commercial and residential remodeling and architecture in San Francisco and beyond. Both John Winder and Geoff Gibson have worked on a variety of projects, including exterior and interior design for new construction, additions, roof decks, bathroom and kitchen remodeling, and the renovation of historical buildings. Due to their experience and reputation, Winder Gibson’s clients frequently include other design professionals.


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San Francisco Interior Designer Ian Stallings Says Green Design Choices Can Save Money and the Environment

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) December 17, 2011

Building on his work with the Conrad Foundation and the Gay Straight Alliance Network (GSA Network) to make public schools better and safer, San Francisco interior designer Ian Stallings found new sources of inspiration at Global Green’s 7th Annual Gorgeous and Green Gala last week, and is sharing some of tips he learned at the event.

?Like everyone else, I tend to get caught up in the minutiae of my daily life and sometimes forget the importance of our environment,? said Stallings. ?I do the basic things, like composting, recycling and using public transportation as much as possible?but there are so many things I can do within my business to help the planet. Attending the Global Green event inspired me to recommit to those values.?

The event facilitated connections between Stallings and various builders and manufacturers who supply the materials that he and his contractors can use for projects. Stallings believes there are many ways to incorporate green products into his designs and still keep them glamorous, fun, comfortable?or any other ambiance desired.

Some of the tips the San Francisco interior decorator and designer learned from Global Green that he is applying to new designs include:


hfa Develops New Innovative Web Site for Leader in Interior Design Industry

Akron, OH (PRWEB) November 22, 2006

Hitchcock Fleming & Associates Inc. (hfa) has developed and launched a new Web site for Veritas, the newest and most advanced ResinArt™ Panel line from Schneller Inc.

The innovative, streamlined site — — created by Akron, Ohio-based hfa’s interactive marketing division, the Buzzwerks™, is the only Web site in the interior design and architectural industries to offer an in-depth, Create-A-Sample tool and an installation view of a full panel for business and consumer applications.

A unique feature to the Web site is that the Create-A-Sample tool allows users to select the textures, interlayers, colors and front and back finishes of their sample. Once a sample is created, the site allows users to obtain the actual sample.

“What separates the Veritas Web site apart from others is its capability to show a full panel in an installation view,” said Phil Novac, director product and market development of Veritas. “This gives the users the ability to see the full scale of the sample.”

One of the goals of the site is to inspire and attract users. One way this was accomplished was by incorporating a lot of flash imagery with product movement.

“The result is a very user-friendly Web site that provides designers with all of the necessary tools and product information they need to design their custom-layered resin as well as a huge marketing advantage in creativity and expediency,” added Novac.

“Veritas is a new product line to the interior design market and we wanted to create a very beautiful, yet functional Web site. The feedback from designers has been very positive and orders via the site have far exceeded our expectations,” added David Kinkelaar, hfa senior account manager.

Another detail of the Web site includes an animation which allows designers to see the possible customization of Veritas ResinArt™ Panels. The animation gradually combines various gauges, colors, interlayers and textures to give a truly unique product.

To view the Veritas Web site, please visit

About Veritas™

Veritas is the newest and most design-forward system of translucent ResinArt™ Panels. Veritas ResinArt Panels are available in limitless colors, encapsulated interlayers and textures that can be combined to give designers full control of design possibilities. They can be formed and fabricated to most specifications. Veritas is design-directed by Marybeth Shaw of Shaw-Jelveh Design, a Baltimore, Maryland-based design firm.

Veritas is a unit of Schneller Inc. With design offices in Paris, France; Singapore, Asia; Tampa, Florida, and Kent, Ohio, Schneller has manufactured decorative panels with unique encapsulated materials for more than 40 years. For additional information on Veritas, please visit, or for information on Schneller, please visit

About hfa

Established in 1940, Hitchcock Fleming & Associates Inc. has served a broad range of retail, consumer, industrial and business-to-business clients on a local, regional, national and international basis. A few of its clients are The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, the world’s largest tire company; Carter Lumber and its more than 200 stores; Tremco, North America’s premier provider of roofing restoration and repair services and materials; and Nexa Autocolor (of North America), a world-leading automotive refinishes company serving more than 150 countries.

hfa’s capabilities include marketing; research; strategic planning; print, broadcast, outdoor and specialty advertising; media planning/buying; public relations; interactive strategy development; Internet design and implementation through Buzzwerks™, hfa’s interactive division; sales promotion; direct response; broadcast and video production; and point-of-sale and collateral materials, such as brochures and catalogs. Web sites for hfa and Buzzwerks™, are and


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