Boots receives a great new CreoTecc racking system

We like it because once the fames are up, the panels drop into place with no tools needed!

 We’re excited to have Creotecc in our new Commercial Construction Lab!

What’s Creotecc?  It’s a very innovative solar racking system, where standard solar panels just “drop in” to the frame with no tools needed.  You need to hold the panel in your hand and place it in the frame yourself to really get how cool this system is.  We need to thank our friends at Session Solar for hooking us up with Creotecc.  Session Solar works with their parent company in Germany to bring these innovative products to the US solar market, and we are delighted to add this racking system to our lab environment.

This is exactly the kind of innovative, UL listed solutions that Boots seeks out for our Commercial Solar classes.

Want a chance to get “hands on” with Creotecc, and other innovative solar racking systems? 

We’ve created Commercial Solar PV Construction – MegaLab to give PV Construction Professionals an opportunity to work with Creotecc, and other innovative commercial racking systems.

If you are planning to expand into Commercial Rooftop Solar in 2012, we’d like to talk with you about how our new courses may support your plans.

 BTW – need to put a smile in your day? – check out the video for Session Solar’s cool new song!

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Boots on the Roof Partners with Legrand

We just received a new Legrand Delta Strut racking system for our Mega Lab! This one of a kind system is brilliantly designed to integrate both support framing needs and cable management in one system. Legrand has been providing their wire mesh cable tray system for cable management on bigger projects, so it’s an evolutionary step to blend the cable management and racking into a single structural element.

We are thrilled to add hands-on construction labs with this unique racking system to our Commercial Solar PV Construction class because it’s is a great option for large scale commercial projects. This racking system is innovative because of it’s open structure design, which incorporates the cable pathway close to the panels for protection against wind, direct sunlight and extreme weather conditions. We are excited to share Legrand’s Delta Strut racking system with our students. Viva Legrand!

Boots on the Roof Partners with Legrand is a post from: Boots On The Roof

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Ice Air Introduces Innovative New Solar System Products

ew York, NY (PRWEB) November 16, 2009

Ice Air, a leading manufacturer of energy-efficient air conditioning and heating equipment, today introduced its new Solar System products to help residential and commercial buildings offset skyrocketing energy costs.

The introduction of this new solar hot water system, which includes flat plate solar collectors and solar hot water storage tanks, expands Ice Air’s ongoing commitment to green technology solutions. Ice Air’s flat plate solar collectors consist of a rugged, weather-resistant aluminum frame, holding high-efficiency copper collector tubing. They are easy to install, and have an advanced and efficient water flow procedure to capture the maximum amount of the sun’s heat. The collectors are attractive–on a roof, they look just like modern skylights. Ice Air’s Solar System is safe and reliable in all climates and requires minimal maintenance over its long operational life.

Homeowners with a high demand for hot water, such as a family that does frequent loads of laundry, or businesses like car washes, hotels, and hospitals, will benefit from this technology. According to Popular Mechanics, the technology can cut the average family’s energy costs to heat water by 20 to 40 percent.

And, the Solar System heating capabilities can be matched up with Ice Air’s extensive array of cooling and heating equipment – including geothermal water source heat pumps and versatile mini-chillers – to ensure complete year round, high efficiency comfort conditioning as well as efficient domestic hot water production.

“These solar water heating systems are a natural progression of our commitment to advanced green technologies,” said Mo Siegel, Co-CEO of Ice Air. “We have a proven ability to manufacture such innovative products and meet the demands of the marketplace. We look forward to continuing to introduce new products and setting the standard for eco-friendly heating and cooling solutions.”

About Ice Air

Based in metro New York, Ice Air brings 35-plus years of industry expertise to meet the most complex HVAC requirements. Its products can be found in high-rise residences, government offices, hospitals, hotels, office buildings, and schools. Ice Air has developed a wide variety of HVAC units to provide superior new construction heating and cooling systems or to replace old installations. Plus, Ice Air’s advanced Green technologies are designed to provide superior comfort at high efficiency levels, to meet environmental standards, and to provide a healthy environment for both your projects and our planet. Ice Air recently expanded to Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore, St. Louis, and Washington, D.C. For more information, visit


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Innovative Concrete Block Construction System Saves Builders Money, Speeds Completions, and Drives Higher Profits

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) December 3, 2009

Eco Global Corporation (ECOG) is a story of the past coming forth to meet its future. With a core product that has roots dating back to ancient Roman times, the company is on the verge of re-inventing the proverbial wheel with a new and improved concrete building block system that mixes time tested usability for this construction staple with state of the art design. Insiders say the innovation of Eco Global’s modular INCABLOCK system is on pace to forever change the way concrete blocks are used in commercial and residential construction world- wide.

This maker of the patented INCABLOCK modular concrete building block system points out one of the most compelling benefits their products offer may be the enormous savings realized from reduced labor costs in the construction process. Eco Global’s proprietary technology simplifies building projects small and large by creating front end solutions with modular components that less skilled and lower priced labor can effectively install to specification with precise results.

What sets INCABLOCK apart from traditional flat surface blocks is the unique tongue and groove feature with interlocking capabilities on all contact faces. The connection forms a dilatation joint in each contact face (top-bottom-left side-right side), providing strength while increasing the flexibility to levels far exceeding all recognized safety compliance requirements for earthquakes and high winds. Because INCABLOCK units are interlocking, they are self aligning and fool proof in assembly. Even though some plans require the use of rebar and grouting, the INCABLOCK tongue and groove feature generally does away with the need for mortar between adjoining blocks without sacrificing strength or durability. The use of less grout saves money in labor time and reduces material costs significantly. The construction advantages concrete blocks provide over stick made structures are many, including termite proofing, fire resistance, sound deadening, and as much as 40% more energy efficient. The downside was an increase of material cost in the area of 5%- until now. The INCABLOCK system makes up for that increase by saving builders substantially more.

In addition to the structural benefits and obvious cost savings of the INCABLOCK’s interlocking product line, the designation as a completely modular building block system provides builders with distinct advantages in terms of time saved. Available computer software provided by Eco Global (ECOG) will help builders and architects reformat construction plans into INCABLOCK specifications, including custom modular blocks that house key elements in the structure like electrical outlet boxes, wall switches, phone and computer system housings, security system control panels, inner frames for windows and doors, and complete plumbing wall units. Customized block units to meet any function can be produced to specification.

Eco Global’s INCABLOCK product line includes a wall system series of four interlocking block sizes in a variety of models. In addition to the standard block units are special function blocks that define the system as modular in form and function. The company also produces a light weight concrete insulated roof system called LIWECOIRS. The raw materials used in producing INCABLOCK materials are naturally occurring and environmentally friendly, qualifying the product line as “Green”. In addition to Portland cement and aggregates, Eco Global also plans to use Pozzolan, a naturally volcanic silica material used as cement by ancient Roman builders.

With the worldwide demand for pre-cast concrete masonry building materials growing at unprecedented levels, Eco Global’s INCABLOCK product line projects to command a generous domestic and international market share due to the unique features and cost saving benefits the system offers. Of particular significance is Eco Global’s recent announcement of a new product line of pre-manufactured KIT structures including residential housing, small to large storage units, and commercial buildings.

The concrete block industry has traditionally relied on commercial construction for the bulk of its business. However, the need for low cost housing is of global proportions and builders are recognizing the distinct advantages of this low cost resource for large scaled consumer use. Eco Global (ECOG) is at the forefront of this movement with the INCABLOCK modular system that does not require a skilled workforce to produce finished structures. This fact is a critical advantage when dealing with emerging markets that have high needs but limited resources, both domestically and internationally.

To exemplify the practicality of INCABLOCK based housing, Eco Global has built several model homes in varying configurations for the Mexican government. This effort has positioned the company to finalize an agreement calling for the building of a large number of affordable INCABLOCK homes in Mexico. To facilitate large low cost developments, Eco Global has created a turnkey program that includes all the elements needed for a successful operation anywhere in the world: the licensing for manufacturing INCLABLOCKS on site, all the necessary equipment, and complete set up procedures, specification software, factory training, and on-call field support. Under the right circumstances, Eco Global will also consider joint venture partnerships with developers.

Olympia Steel Buildings Offers Innovative Ways to Cut Energy Costs

Mc Kees Rocks, PA (Vocus) August 19, 2010

Olympia Steel Buildings has announced a new energy efficient choice for its pre-engineered commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential steel buildings. Now when you choose a color option for your pre-engineered steel building, a new energy-efficient silicone-polyester color coating, Ceram-A-Star

New Innovative Liquid Desiccant Air Conditioning Technology Eliminates Odor and Humidity

Miami, FL (PRWEB) June 30, 2011

Advantix Systems, a pioneer in harnessing liquid desiccant technology, offers fitness facilities a proven air conditioning and dehumidification solution that scrubs the air of bacteria and mold, efficiently removes humidity and requires less maintenance. Today the Miami-based company announced that CrossFit ATP of Dania Beach has eliminated the humidity and odor and dramatically improved the indoor air quality in its workout facility using Advantix?s innovative technology.

Liquid desiccant is a natural salt water solution that removes humidity directly from the air without the need of adding excess cooling or heating, conventional dehumidification processes that waste an enormous amount of energy. Liquid desiccant is also unique because, in addition to being energy efficient, it is a natural disinfectant. The salt solution removes almost all airborne bacteria and microorganisms in a single pass, and eliminates the need for drip pans or coils that often produce algae and bacteria build-up. As a result, the technology has the additional benefits of improving air quality and removing odors.

CrossFit ATP is two-level, 6,000 square-foot fitness center that includes two workout rooms, a padded Dojo, and locker rooms with showers. The owner of CrossFit ATP was concerned about maintaining a clean, dry, germ-free environment, and eliminating troublesome odors. The existing conventional HVAC systems did not effectively reduce humidity, nor did it remove the strong odors, especially during workout sessions. Additionally, the high humidity level prolonged drying time of wet floors and other surfaces, presenting liability issues due to slip and falls as well as threats of equipment rust.

To provide optimal air quality for gym members and staff, CrossFit ATP installed Advantix Systems? small DuCool unit inside the facility in an unused corner of the gym and connected it to the existing duct work to treat the air on both levels of the center. Within just a few days, the indoor environment throughout the entire facility felt both dry and comfortable and the workout odors had been eliminated. As an added bonus, the owner was able to raise the thermostat to 77 degrees from 72?F. See our case study on Fitness Centers)

?I used to hear complaints about the humid and unpleasant conditions in the gym,? said Juan Bacca, owner of CrossFit ATP. ?After installing Advantix Systems? unit, I?ve had many members tell me that the air does not smell anymore and that it feels clean and dry. And the system was so affordable that I did not have to raise my rates at all. My members are happy and I am happy too.?

Jennifer Stewart, a long-time member of the CrossFit ATP, commented on the changes since the Advantix unit was installed, ?Optimal indoor air quality is important to me as an athlete and a mom. My children also use the gym and I feel good knowing that the air is healthy for all of us.?

Advantix Systems is a platinum sponsor of the Zumba Fitness Exposition to be held later this month in Orlando, FL from July 7th to July 10th. Advantix will be demonstrating its air conditioning and dehumidification unit at the conference. Attendees will be able to work out in a contained space with air treated by Advantix and in another that uses a conventional HVAC unit, allowing them to experience the dramatic difference in the air quality that the Advantix system offers. One lucky attendee who participates in the demonstration will win $ 250.00 in Zumba Cash. For more information on the conference, please visit

About Advantix Systems

Advantix Systems is a leading manufacturer of energy efficient technology that offers optimal air quality and energy savings in commercial and industrial applications. A pioneer in harnessing liquid desiccant, Advantix?s clean tech air conditioning and dehumidification systems deliver cooling with powerful, precise humidity control, substantial energy savings and cleaner air free of bacteria and mold. With competitive first costs in both new and retrofit applications, Advantix offers compelling economics, better performance, and an improved environmental footprint. For more information, please visit


River Club Vero Beach’s Innovative St. Vincent Model Sets New Standard of Value: Home and Homesite from $635,000 Including Upscale Design Features in Waterfront Community

Vero Beach, Florida (PRWEB) November 01, 2011

River Club Vero Beach expands the community?s Cottage Series of model home selections with its latest floorplan, the St.Vincent model, which introduces a new price point of $ 635,000. Vero Beach-based Palm Coast Development, the exclusive builder at River Club, created the 3-bedroom, 2-bath luxury floorplan for buyers who desire a private, luxury home in a 2,200-square-foot footprint with all the details and quality expected from a waterfront lifestyle.

The St. Vincent, part of the Cottage Series, exclusively developed for River Club Vero Beach, features a Bahamian cottage-style exterior with a 2-car garage and fully covered lanai. The interior boasts an array of design touches such as high ceilings, millwork and crown moldings to complement the St. Vincent?s well-thought-out greatroom plan as well as its separate dining room and morning-room kitchen.

Timeless architecture with modern hurricane protection features, including a concrete roof and impact glass, are hallmarks of Palm Coast Development and the Cottage Series. For more information visit the website

River Club Vero Beach is a private 120-acre residential community on A1A and the last new home community on the barrier island. Amenities include tennis, swimming, relaxing on the beautifully landscaped pool terrace or exercising in the well-equipped fitness room at the Swim and Fitness Center. Located in the heart of the community, The River Club is a gathering place where residents can entertain and socialize while overlooking the unspoiled natural riverfront. Four private guest suites are available for overnight guests of residents.

About Ironshore Capital LLC

Ironshore Capital LLC invests in and manages residential real estate investments across the Southeast United States. The company?s principals average more than 25 years experience in residential and commercial real estate investment and development. The firm?s investment capital is provided primarily by institutional investors.

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hfa Develops New Innovative Web Site for Leader in Interior Design Industry

Akron, OH (PRWEB) November 22, 2006

Hitchcock Fleming & Associates Inc. (hfa) has developed and launched a new Web site for Veritas, the newest and most advanced ResinArt™ Panel line from Schneller Inc.

The innovative, streamlined site — — created by Akron, Ohio-based hfa’s interactive marketing division, the Buzzwerks™, is the only Web site in the interior design and architectural industries to offer an in-depth, Create-A-Sample tool and an installation view of a full panel for business and consumer applications.

A unique feature to the Web site is that the Create-A-Sample tool allows users to select the textures, interlayers, colors and front and back finishes of their sample. Once a sample is created, the site allows users to obtain the actual sample.

“What separates the Veritas Web site apart from others is its capability to show a full panel in an installation view,” said Phil Novac, director product and market development of Veritas. “This gives the users the ability to see the full scale of the sample.”

One of the goals of the site is to inspire and attract users. One way this was accomplished was by incorporating a lot of flash imagery with product movement.

“The result is a very user-friendly Web site that provides designers with all of the necessary tools and product information they need to design their custom-layered resin as well as a huge marketing advantage in creativity and expediency,” added Novac.

“Veritas is a new product line to the interior design market and we wanted to create a very beautiful, yet functional Web site. The feedback from designers has been very positive and orders via the site have far exceeded our expectations,” added David Kinkelaar, hfa senior account manager.

Another detail of the Web site includes an animation which allows designers to see the possible customization of Veritas ResinArt™ Panels. The animation gradually combines various gauges, colors, interlayers and textures to give a truly unique product.

To view the Veritas Web site, please visit

About Veritas™

Veritas is the newest and most design-forward system of translucent ResinArt™ Panels. Veritas ResinArt Panels are available in limitless colors, encapsulated interlayers and textures that can be combined to give designers full control of design possibilities. They can be formed and fabricated to most specifications. Veritas is design-directed by Marybeth Shaw of Shaw-Jelveh Design, a Baltimore, Maryland-based design firm.

Veritas is a unit of Schneller Inc. With design offices in Paris, France; Singapore, Asia; Tampa, Florida, and Kent, Ohio, Schneller has manufactured decorative panels with unique encapsulated materials for more than 40 years. For additional information on Veritas, please visit, or for information on Schneller, please visit

About hfa

Established in 1940, Hitchcock Fleming & Associates Inc. has served a broad range of retail, consumer, industrial and business-to-business clients on a local, regional, national and international basis. A few of its clients are The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, the world’s largest tire company; Carter Lumber and its more than 200 stores; Tremco, North America’s premier provider of roofing restoration and repair services and materials; and Nexa Autocolor (of North America), a world-leading automotive refinishes company serving more than 150 countries.

hfa’s capabilities include marketing; research; strategic planning; print, broadcast, outdoor and specialty advertising; media planning/buying; public relations; interactive strategy development; Internet design and implementation through Buzzwerks™, hfa’s interactive division; sales promotion; direct response; broadcast and video production; and point-of-sale and collateral materials, such as brochures and catalogs. Web sites for hfa and Buzzwerks™, are and


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Aquatic Plans Big Splash at 2011 International Builders’ Show (IBS) With Innovative Tubs and Showers in Show Village Exhibit

Anaheim, CALIF. (Vocus) December 1, 2010

Show-stopping tubs and showers from Aquatic – the world leader in innovative and inspirational bathware – will be featured in four bathrooms in real homes exhibited at the 2011 International Builders’ Show, January 12-15, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

The homes are part of Professional Builder’s Show Village, which is always a major attraction for IBS attendees. The exhibit consists of three houses built to the highest standards of construction and design excellence, allowing builders and designers to see the best products available today in a hands-on, installed environment. Palm Harbor Homes, one of the nation’s largest marketers of high-end, factory-built homes, and its subsidiary, Nationwide Homes, will provide the houses.

“No one is better than Aquatic at designing gorgeous and feature-rich tubs and showers that relax and rejuvenate bathers, which is why we include the company’s products in our Show Village homes every year,” said Margie Lewis-Wright, Vice President of Design, Palm Harbor Homes. “The freestanding Serenity tubs that will be in two of our master bathrooms truly are works of art and inspired everything else we did with the space. The Cooper tub and A

MBMI Metal Buildings Introduces Innovative New Snow Gutters

Delray Beach, FL (Vocus/PRWEB) March 03, 2011

MBMI Metal Buildings, supplier of pre-engineered metal buildings and accessories, is proud to announce its new snow gutter system. MBMI snow gutters are manufactured in 26-gauge steel and attached to a galvalume metal base. The snow gutter systems are available in over 20 colors and come with a standard 40-year paint warranty. The galvalume, a zinc-aluminum coating, is used for the base because of its premier resistance to corrosion, which enhances the durability of the snow gutters. The improved attachment system, designed by in-house engineers, provides additional strength to withstand the heavy dead and live loads of snowfall. In warmer months, snow gutters perform the functions of standard gutters, retaining and redirecting rain away from the perimeter of the structure.

Brian Fabricant, MBMI General Manager, commented, “Recent reports of collapsing roofs show the immense need for improved roofing systems that include reinforced components, such as our snow gutters.” He continued by saying that, “Our (MBMI’s) engineers designed the snow gutter system to be implemented in conjunction with our engineered roofing systems to improve the safety of steel buildings that receive heavy snow loads, either from the accumulation of snow and ice or a single sizeable snow storms. It’s apparent that our weather patters are erratic. For this reason, it’s important to implement industrial strength steel roofing systems with snow gutters along with additional purlins and girts (structural supports for the roof and walls, respectively) to safeguard against the heavy loads of snow and melted snow that turns into heavier ice.”

Features of MBMI snow gutter system