Extreme Home Built with Old Containers

The Zdroj family lost their home in the Bastrop fire, but a new one seemingly from the ashes took its place. You may have noticed it on a special episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition recently. It was built by EFC Custom Homes and designed by Danze & Davis Architects, and in fact showcased some shipping container construction with help from Numen Development, the firm behind the Cordell Residence. There’s also recycled-content Cuerda Seca by Fireclay Tile on the entry exterior and other products from green home-improvement store TreeHouse.

[+] Watch The Zdroj House episode on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

Credits: ABC.com.

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Old Seattle Home Gets an Energy Upgrade

This is a green home in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle and another energy-efficient renovation by Green Canopy Homes.  The company — which also renovated The Sentinel — is targeting Built Green 3 Star certification with help of comprehensive air sealing, extra foam and rigid insulation, Energy Star windows, a home electricity monitor, heat-pump water heater, Energy Star ductless heat pump, and CFL lighting.

The preliminary Energy Performance Score had the 1924-built Keaton (GCH’s name for the home) using ~43,000 kWh per year in energy.  Final EPS came in at ~11,000 kWh per year in energy, indicating a marked improvement in the energy performance of the home.

Green Canopy Homes estimates that improvements could result in a savings of about $2,240 per year, according to a Buyer Benefit Package prepared for Keaton.

Beyond efficiency, one interesting thing about Green Canopy Homes is they try to take as much input from the community as possible.  For example, the exterior color — Segovia Red — was selected ahead of Gold Leaf (yellow), Greystone (gray), and Castle Walls (green) through a community campaign.

Keaton is located at 4034 Latona Avenue NE, Seattle, Washington, and is currently listed for sale with John L. Stott, Inc., for the price of $749,950.  It has 3,126 square feet, three bedrooms, and 2.25 bathrooms.

[+] More about the Keaton by Green Canopy Homes.

Credits: Green Canopy Homes.

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SolarCity Expands with Home Energy Loans

California-based SolarCity started out with solar and gradually expanded to energy efficiency services.  Now, with more than 5,000 efficiency projects completed or underway, the company wants to help the typical U.S. family save some of about $1,900 that’s spent every year on home utility bills.  The company just announced a plan to make energy-efficiency improvements more accessible with a new Home Energy Loan.

The Home Energy Loan is provided by Boston-based Admirals Bank and, of course, subject to credit approval.  Right now, there are three main loan products available, the one-year “Save Now, Pay Later” option and a three- or 10-year “Pay As You Go” option.

SolarCity starts off with a customized evaluation of a home and uses its own software to evaluate opportunities for improvement in nine area, including air infiltration, insulation, heating, cooling, and duct leakage.  The company then establishes a priority list with home improvement options based on energy and cost savings.

Homeowners can finance the efficiency upgrades, and SolarCity can implement most of the improvements (or make recommendations).  The point is not just to lower energy bills but it’s to help homeowners obtain the benefits of cleaner indoor air and greater interior comfort.

SolarCity currently has energy efficiency services available in Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Texas, and Washington, D.C.

Credit: SolarCity.

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Sutherland Wins “Best Service & Transaction Process Improvement Project” at the Lean Six Sigma & Process Improvement Summit

Rochester, NY (PRWEB) April 24, 2008

Sutherland Global Services, a leading multi-national Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) provider, received top honors at the 2008 Process Excellence Awards held by the International Quality & Productivity Center (IQPC). Sutherland secured the top spot overcoming stiff competition from some of the world’s largest corporations in the financial services, technology and energy industries. Sutherland won first place in the “Best Service & Transaction Process Improvement Project” category.

“Each year, we are delighted not only to receive such a large number of high-quality entries into the Process Excellence Awards, but also to salute the winners in the field and recognize those that excel. We congratulate Sutherland Global Services,” said Vanessa Lovatt, Divisional Director, Lean Six Sigma & Process Improvement, IQPC. Lovatt cited process innovation and the effective deployment of technology in the Sutherland solution as the key elements of its award winning project.

Sutherland’s project showcased the process development and productivity enhancements that it achieved through the implementation of an extremely successful Six Sigma project on behalf of one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies. Sutherland leveraged the Six Sigma quality framework to develop a decision tree-based support methodology and to implement an automated knowledge management process that ensured faster resolution of customer transactions and improved its client’s overall end-user customer experience.

The Process Excellence Awards were established to honor, recognize and promote Six Sigma and Process Excellence projects that demonstrate true best practices and to expand and increase the uptake of Six Sigma and Process Excellence methodology globally. This year, the Lean Six Sigma and Process Improvement summit was held at Disney’s Contemporary Resort and Convention Center, Orlando, FL with the theme “Unite Process Improvement With Your Business Strategy: Using Innovation & Advanced Lean Six Sigma To Achieve Crucial Business Goals” with Jack Welch as the keynote speaker.

About Sutherland Global Services

Sutherland Global Services is a multinational IT Enabled and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company, specializing in Integrated BPO solutions across Customer Lifecycle and Back-Office Lifecycle Management services. Having started operations in 1986 in Rochester, New York, Sutherland now employs over 21,000 professionals offering RightSourced™ seamlessly blended services from its 22 delivery centers in India, the United States, Philippines, Canada, Eastern Europe and Mexico. By integrating highly trained people with state-of-the-art technology and proven business methodologies, Sutherland collaborates with clients to help them excel in their industry and maximize their customer lifetime value. For more information, visit http://www.suth.com.

For more information contact

Sutherland Global Services,

Michele Sadwick, Vice President

585-586-5757 x6093

Email: michele_sadwick(at)suth.com


Majic Windows – Home Improvement Forecast

Wixom, MI (PRWEB) September 21, 2010

Property values continue to decline and as a result more and more homeowners are staying put (Kelly, “Home Values Continue to Decline Across US says Zillow”). As Majic Windows CEO Rod Rue sees it, this trend bodes well for the home improvement industry. “Homeowners are realizing that their best bet is to fix up their current home. They can’t move, so they might as well make their home has comfortable as possible.”

“New fiberglass replacement windows do just that. Homeowners will save money on energy bills by replacing their old, drafty vinyl windows. Not to mention the look of their house will improve considerably. Majic Fiberglass Windows come in thousands of colors, so we can match the d

A Dutchess County Home Improvement Company Strives To Be The Best, J.C. Custom Home Improvement, Sets An Example To Stand Far Above And Beyond Any Other Home Repair And Improvement Contractor

(PRWEB) August 26, 2011

All too often we hear complaints from property owners who fall victim to an overabundance of contractors and builders who blatantly prove their primary goal is to take the highest profit for minimal effort. Drive around most neighborhoods today and you?ll find countless properties which can be nest described as a Home depot cardboard Box. With just a glance it is evident

that there were built using materials which meet barest minimum standards using the cheapest materials possible and workmanship that demonstrates how the job was slapped together as Cheaply and Quickly as possible to make a buck.

An important rule which many property owners learn the hard way is; The Bitter taste of Poor Quality remains long after the Sweet taste of a Low Price has been forgotten.? As there are always exceptions to every rule, J.C. Custom Home Improvement founder, Joe Cinquegrana, is certainly a leading exception to this one. Serving New York communities since 1997 and earning an Award Winning reputation for holding the highest standards for Honesty, Integrity and Professionalism. Devoted to building a business with a long list of Clients, not Customers, Joe strives to have J.C. Custom Home Improvement strives become the final choice for those who are seeking to choose a company that they can refer to as ?My Contractor? who gets the job done.

Offering services which include Complete Home Remolding and Improvement from the foundation to the Roof, J.C. Custom Home Improvement can provide you with everything you need from start to finish. From project planning to completion you

can be confident in knowing you?ve made the right choice when choosing J.C. Custom Home Improvement to handle you home improvement tasks.

J.C. Custom Home Improvement will be you final choice when choosing a Qualified Home Improvement Contractor in New York. J.C. Custom Home Improvement employs a crew of carefully selected knowledgeable and dedicated professional who

have years experience to excel in the construction industry. A team of experts who are fully equipped and capable of handling any home improvement project quickly and with pride and craftsmanship.

J.C. Custom Home Improvement doesn?t want you MONEY ? They want your BUSINESS. Creating a long list of excellent references which leads to great referrals is top priority. If you are searching for the best people to get the job done Right and

at the most affordable prices you need to look no further than J.C. Custom Home Improvement, your affordable Home Improvement Company.

Call or click for you free quote today and consider your job done tomorrow.


(914) 760-7605


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Bargain Network Presents Top 5 Ways to Save Money on Home Improvement Projects

Goleta, CA (PRWEB) April 24, 2008

Any home improvement project presents some challenges; a common one is the budget — specifically, balancing the remodeling budget without compromising the results. Information and good planning are key elements to make the most of your money, says Bargain Network Home, a home buying and listing service that helps members find the houses and condominiums they want at bargain prices.

Bargain Network advises consumers to measure the feasibility of home improvement projects before undertaking them. Being realistic about what can be done and how much money it will require are the first steps to take before buying any paint or making phone calls to contractors. Along with these two steps, Bargain Network offers some helpful tips on how to renovate the home without breaking the bank:

1. Plan everything. Set priorities, and decide what you need to do and how you plan on doing it. Ask yourself what’s critical and what can be added to your wish list. The budget and the structure of the house should be the main variables to consider when deciding the changes. If you need to hire a contractor, ask for at least three detailed estimates; study them to see what the differences are and how you can work out a better deal by combining some ideas from all three. Once you have decided what to do, stick to your plan. Alterations often entail additional charges.

2. Shop around. To save money, you have to know what things costs. Doing research is the only way to know it firsthand, so make trips to different home improvement stores, and don’t forget to explore online. Be on the lookout for materials that are on sale, such as tile or wood flooring, due to overstocking or other reasons.

3. Measure the scale of the improvements. Altering a roofline or moving load-bearing walls are big projects that require an even bigger budget. Determine whether major structural changes are absolutely necessary or if you can work within the existing exterior walls and roof. Reduce the cost of plumbing labor and materials on bathrooms and kitchens with layouts that allow them to share major vents, drains and supply pipes. Figure out the best way to cut costs on the little things, and consult interior design sites to find out about easy and inexpensive ways to change the look of the house (new paint, different lighting, etc.).

4. Get the right financing. Do the math to figure out the best option, so you don’t end up paying more money in interest down the road. Mortgage refinancing or home equity loans are valid –and usually inexpensive– ways to get the money for improvements, but both present different interest and tax implications that have to be considered. When doing the math, factor in your plan after remodeling. If your goal is to sell, stretch the value of your future dollars by choosing improvements that offer a strong return on your investment.

5. Do it yourself? Be realistic about what you can really do well and what you think you can do. Labor can account for half or more of a major project’s cost, so you can save money if you can actually do it yourself, but if it’s not going to be a job well done, the cost could be even larger. Remember that your time has a value too, so weigh all of these factors before making a final decision.

In addition to finding helpful ways to save money on home improvements, members visit Bargain.com to access great deals on homes. For the best price information, real estate property listings and reports, and help with applying for loans, think Bargain Network.

About Bargain Network

Bargain Network is a unique membership service that provides consumers with best price information on significant purchases such as homes, vehicles and consumer products. Because Bargain is a membership service, it does not accept any advertising, or compensation from merchants, so consumers are guaranteed unbiased, impartial and complete pricing information. After a free trial membership members pay a low monthly fee to enjoy the benefits of Bargain Network. To learn more about Bargain Network, go to BargainNetwork.com.


Virginia Home Improvement Company Saves Customers Money Through New Website

Fredericksburg, VA (PRWEB) September 29, 2011

CBS Home Improvements, a Virginia home repair company, launched a completely-redesigned website that it says will help save its customers money and time on their home repair projects. The new website features more in-depth information on the company?s services, money-saving tips and articles, and an offer that can save new customers up to $ 950 on their first project with the home improvement company. CBS Home Improvements specializes in all kinds of projects, including home repair and commercial add-on construction. The new website provides customers one easy-access location to help them make informed choices that can help them avoid extra costs on their home repair projects.

Cameron Sutton, a managing member of the Virginia home improvement company, and 22-year veteran in the construction business, explains that the new website is an important aspect of their overall plan to help customers save money during these difficult economic times: ?People still want to repair and improve their homes, whether they are looking to sell or stay put. Through this new website, we provide our customers with quick, easy access to insightful information about the best ways to complete a job, make recommendations about the best materials to use for a particular project, and stay in contact with our customers from start to finish on a home repair. Virginia customers demand quality, and that?s what we deliver. We are constantly looking for ways to help our customers save money without sacrificing quality, and the new website is one of our tools to accomplish that.?

According to the new website for the home improvement company, they have been in the Virginia home repair business for 18 years. What is even more telling is that 85 percent of their clients are referrals from customers who were happy with their home repair. Virginia customers have hired them for everything from roofing replacement and bathroom renovations to basement finishing and kitchen remodeling. In addition to residential construction projects, they have completed many commercial construction projects as well. Their high rating with the Better Business Bureau reflects how happy their Virginia home repair customers have been, and one customer said, ?They took our vision and put it into place with attention to detail and quality. They never tired of answering our questions or making necessary changes. They stayed on schedule and kept the area tidy throughout the whole process, which really impressed us.?

Mr. Sutton explains, ?Our home improvement company motto is, ?Where Vision Gets Built? and that?s what we strive for with every Virginia home repair project. Our new website can help current customers and potential customers see how it all comes together. It shows them how to save money and time on their projects. The reason our customers keep coming back is that their ideas, their visions, their homes matter to us, and they see that. There?s no better feeling for us than knowing that we did a great job that made our customers happy.?

For more information:

Cameron Sutton

C.B.S. Enterprises, LLC

DBA: CBS Home Improvements

904 Princess Anne Street, Ste C-6

Fredericksburg, VA 22401

(703) 670-3200


MyReviewsNow Shop At Home Introduces A Multi-Purpose Home Improvement Product

(PRWEB) August 25, 2011

MyReviewsNow Shop At Home showcases the Flex Seal versatile home improvemen t product designed to fill cracks in materials, prevent the loss of hot or cold air from the house, and stop leaks. Flex Seal is easy to use for homeowners of any age, and the durable rubber spray can replace an expensive professional’s repairs.

Flex Seal is a rubber sealant kept in a liquid state within its can. A user simply shakes the can prior to use, sprays a layer across the problem area, and allows Flex Seal to dry. The sealant’s liquid state allows it to flow deep into cracks and seams. Several coats may be applied to fill larger holes or for extra security against water.

This home improvement product will typically become dry to the touch within two to three hours after application, and Flex Seal should completely cure within 24 hours. Exact drying times will be affected by the ambient temperature, the humidity, and the thickness of the Flex Seal application. However, Flex Seal will become stronger as it dries.

After Flex Seal has completely dried, the surface can be painted. Another layer of sealant may also be applied on top of the first coat. Flex Seal will not crack, peel away from the existing material, or lose any of its water resistance for years. Although customers may have seen Flex Seal’s water resistance demonstrated on commercials, the sealant is also relatively resistant to normal heat and temperature variations.

Flex Seal will adhere to interior surfaces such as dry wall, fabric, and tile. The home improvement product will also bond with exterior materials like cement, concrete, masonry, and vinyl. Flex Seal may also be applied to numerous other surfaces around the home.

Homeowners may apply Flex Seal to cold or wet surfaces, but it may take longer to fully dry. A thicker layer of Flex Seal is recommended for non-dry surfaces as some of the sealant may be washed away. Although Flex Seal will bond with a variety of surfaces, a material will typically have the strongest bond if it was clean and dry before the sealant was applied.

Some possible uses for Flex Seal could be plugging holes in the roof, coating leaky pipes, or sealing the perimeter of doors and windows. Gardeners can spray Flex Seal on cracked pots, and campers can repair tent rips. Do-it-yourself homeowners will find Flex Seal to be a versatile tool in their arsenal that can cover up some of duct tape’s shortcomings.

Although Flex Seal will stand up to normal water pressure and rainfall, it is not designed for deep submersion. Homeowners should not spray Flex Seal on a surface that may come in contact with drinking water such as a thermos or water tank. The Flex Seal home improvement product may be used on automobiles and other vehicles, but Flex Seal should not be sprayed near gasoline tanks or other potentially combustible locations.

Flex Seal is not found in any retail stores, and customers can only purchase it online or by phone. Customer service representatives are standing by from Monday to Friday.

Flex Seal is currently offering a buy one and get one free deal on large cans of the home improvement product. Customers may purchase a single large can of Flex Seal for $ 19.99 with $ 9.95 postage and handling, and the company will send one additional large can for free if the customer pays separate postage and handling.

Customers have up to 30 days to return any unused cans of the sealant for a full refund. Flex Seal only asks that customers request a return authorization number, include all original packaging, and mail the unused cans to the company’s designated shipping point.

Ohio Home Improvement Firm Launches New Website and Consumer Initiative

Cleveland, OH (PRWEB) September 24, 2011

Ohio Window and Door, the state?s premier home improvement company, has launched a new website and an initiative designed to help consumers make more informed choices about energy efficient windows, patio doors and the company?s other services.

?Our dedication to providing Ohioans with the best possible customer service is being extended to our Internet presence,? said Jim Fisher, owner of Ohio Window and Door. ?Someone looking for new windows, doors, roofing and attic insulation can now find resources close to home more quickly.?

Fisher chose to have his new website search engine optimized, which removes much of the guesswork from seeking a particular service or business. SEO is growing technology that enables Fisher?s website to appear on the first page of Google searches and be a more information-rich resource. Links to particular energy-saving services such as attic insulation, window replacement and triple pane windows are now easier to find.

?The Internet is a crowded place and it can be difficult to locate what you are looking for,? said Fisher. ?Our redesigned website will help people who want to find quality home improvement close to town. People can search by city, by the type of work they want done, or both.

?It is very targeted,? he continued. ?Ultimately, this will make it easier for consumers to find what they need with fewer mouse clicks.?

Search Engine Optimization is fast becoming this shortcut to consumer awareness. It is a discipline that, in expert hands, can help businesses stand out in a crowd.

The company installs replacement and patio doors, many types of windows, attic insulation and roof systems in Cleveland as well as Akron, Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, Toledo, Tallmadge, Mogadore, Wadsworth, Canton, Cuyahoga Falls, Brecksville, Medina and Fairlawn.

Among the most highly searched services, Fisher said, is window replacement. ?Many Ohioans want a window that is well insulated against the temperatures outside. They want windows that keep damaging UV rays out of the home to protect loved ones from sunburn and stop furniture from fading, and they want the best protection against extreme weather conditions and moisture. With an optimized website, they can find us quickly and more easily, and then make the best choice possible on their home improvement project.?

For media information call Jim Fisher at 330-907-1627, http://www.ohiowindowanddoor.com.