Organic Farm in Shanghai Has New Visitor’s Center Constructed From Freight Containers

With the recent popularity of container architecture, we are seeing some beautiful designs from recycled freight containers, the new hotel and office for Tony’s Farm in Shanghai, by design firm playze, features traditional Chinese typologies combined with a livable aesthetic to bring an stylistic elegance to what could otherwise be a cumbersome form.

Container Architecture in Shanghai at Tony's Farm

Founded and owned by Tony Zhang, Tony’s Farm is Shanghai’s largest organic vegetable farm, providing natural, safe, organic produce to thousands of Shanghai residents each day. The farm is dedicated to soil improvement, water cycle system purification, and grows food without chemical fertilizers, hormones, or additives. No genetically-modified vegetables are permitted.

Container Architecture in Shanghai at Tony's Farm

The new 11,400 square foot visitor center at Tony’s Farm, constructed of 78 shipping containers, will be used to welcome farm guests. Hotel rooms will be built in the second phase. It features a lobby and reception area, VIP area, courtyards, operational offices, and a store, with a connection to a packaging warehouse.

Container Architecture in Shanghai at Tony's Farm

Sustainability was a primary goal in the construction and operation of the design. Heavy insulation has been used in container walls, some of which are perforated to allow for natural lighting, while retaining the exterior’s raw industrial appearance.

Container Architecture in Shanghai at Tony's Farm

To visually and physically connect interior and exterior spaces, the building is designed as a continuous spatial sequence, inviting visitors to explore.

Container Architecture in Shanghai at Tony's Farm

On the second level, two connecting bridges lead to the office wing, which is covered by an existing warehouse. Offices are sheltered beneath an existing room to form an inner facade towards a production hall.

Container Architecture in Shanghai at Tony's Farm

Container Architecture in Shanghai at Tony's Farm

Container Architecture in Shanghai at Tony's Farm

Terraces transition between interior work and leisure spaces. From the cantilevered main entrance, visitors are greeted at the reception desk in a three-story high lobby adjacent to an inner courtyard.

Container Architecture in Shanghai at Tony's Farm

Energy efficiency concerns were addressed with a geothermal heat pump for heating, cooling, and controlled ventilation. Additional green approaches include LED lighting and locally-produced bamboo flooring.

Container Architecture in Shanghai at Tony's Farm

Container Architecture in Shanghai at Tony's Farm

All photos copyright Bartosz Kolonko

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July Month in Review [+Thoughts]

It’s been another month, and I’m happy to have you as a reader.  I want to be honest for a second … I hope you don’t mind.  Sometime in the last month, Jetson Green celebrated about five years in publication.  Can you believe that?!  I’m just in awe of what I’ve learned and seen and covered.  There’s so much going on in just our tiny niche of “green homes.”

I should let you know that I personally never saw myself becoming a publisher when I started this site.  I started Jetson Green as an outlet for something that I’m passionate about — green homes, modern prefab, alternative energy, etc.  Increasingly, to give these topics the kind of attention worth reading, I find myself spending more time with research and less time with publishing.  I find myself reading more and writing less.  And I’m thinking more and saying less.

Some of this comes from a deep desire to avoid wasting your time.  That’s the last thing I want to do.

But some of this introspection, if you will, may come from being somewhat of a new dad with young boys.  Maybe it comes from an evolving attitude towards life in general.  Or maybe it comes from a nagging thought inside my head: “Who on earth practices law during the day, blogs at night and on the weekend, stays active in the local community, and sleeps give or take five hours a night every night for five years?“  Talk about the most unsustainable work-life balance ever.

That said, I have to say, I’m having a blast and wouldn’t change a thing so far.

What’s happening, however, is I’m seriously evaluating my trajectory for the next year.  For full disclosure, I’ve been approached a few times about selling this site, and those talks haven’t materialized because I am the site.  I get the feeling potential buyers want some sort of passive income stream or something — robots pumping out widgets for a steady line of income.  So, to make this a serious business, I need to focus on building a team, creating processes, and becoming the most dominant publisher ever.  And maybe that’s where things go.  Or maybe not.  I’m thinking about these things and will probably make some changes that you’ll notice over time.  I’ll keep you posted, that’s for sure.  But I just want to let you know that the next year should be different.  If things aren’t different, I think I’ll have failed you as a reader and myself in my own personal goals.

If you have any thoughts, please feel free to email me at preston at jetsongreen dot com. Again, I’m thankful to have you as a reader.  Keeping sending us your news and tips.

Meanwhile, here’s an outline of coverage from July.  The most shared new coverage from the month centered around shipping container projects: the bright Liray House and a faux container hotel in China.

Innovative Prefab & Other Projects:

Technology & Products Innovation:

Know-How & Other Green News:

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Five-Star Luxe Container Hotel in China

Halfway across the globe in a rural village outside of Changzhi in China, a developer was inspired by emergency housing made with shipping containers in Japan and decided to build a five-star hotel out of them, according to CNN Go.  The hotel — 香箱乡祈福所, which apparently translates as Xiang Xiang Xiang Pray House — was built with 35 containers and includes 21 tiny, luxe guest rooms of either 161 or 321 square feet each.

The shipping container hotel was designed by Tonghe Shanzhi Landscape Design, a Beijing firm, who had the modules built off-site and then shipped them to the hotel location for button-up work.

According to CNN Go, the fabrication methodology resulted in a quick turnaround time — three months to design, build, transport, and finish the containers — resulting in 40% savings in the construction schedule.  The hotel will open in August 2012.

[+] More about Xiang Xiang Xiang Pray House near Changzhi.

Credits: Tonghe Shanzhi Landscape Design. 

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The Beacon Hotel South Beach Launches Great Deals for the NFL Pro Bowl and Super Bowl Events in Miami Florida

Miami Beach, FL (Vocus) January 21, 2010

The Beacon Hotel proudly announces the launch of the CEO Super Bowl Package bookable for the week of February 4th – 8th, 2010. The Beacon Hotel continues to lead South Beach Hotels in offering combined packages that include limo transfers, hotel rooms and a VIP welcome reception at a great price. The package includes deluxe room accommodations, limo transportation to and from Miami International Airport (MIA), transfers to and from Land Shark Stadium on Sunday February 7th, 2010, and access to the VIP welcome reception that will be hosted on the hotel’s top. “We are going the extra mile because we want to provide the best value for our customers” – explains Elvis Taylor the General Manager.

There are other unbeatable special offers available for both the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl events including the NFL Pro Bowl Transportation Package which offers two-way transfers to Land Shark stadium and ‘a bucket of your favorite beer’ for only $ 279 per night. “At times when hotels are focusing only on discounting rooms, the Beacon continues to lead South Beach Hotels in offering more value and great rates proving that our guests can have their cake and eat it too.” – says Fritz Fandino the Director of Marketing.

All Pro Bowl and Super Bowl special offers are bookable through the Beacon Hotel web site or by calling the reservations line at 1-877-674-8200 from 9am to 6pm EST.

About the Beacon Hotel:

Ideally located at 720 Ocean Drive in the heart of the Art Deco district the Beacon is just steps away from all the best entertainment that South Beach has to offer. Built in 1936 the hotel was designed with the flare and magnificence of the Art Deco era and from 2006 – 2008 it underwent a complete renovation.

Today the Beacon Features 75 rooms including two VIP Suites, and eleven Ocean View rooms. Each room has been beautifully decorated with modern chic d

Great Hotel Info & Deals

(PRWEB) January 26, 2000

For Immediate Press Release

Hotel Reservation Service opens its doors – Miami, Florida

Hotel Reservation Service has just debuted its Site to the world wide web. Visitors to the site will be able to obtain special reduced rates at an array of hotels in New York City, Orlando, Hawaii and Miami, with more cities in the immediate future. Unlike other services on the net, this service is completely free of charge and reservations do not need to be paid for in advance. There is not even a fee for canceling a reservation. One can view a variety of hotels from economy to first class, in several different areas, and compare their amenities and special rates. Great pictures of hotels with a complete listing of each hotels facilities, its services and complete address. There is even an easy “What

Holiday Comparison – Private Owner Villa Vs Package Holiday Hotel

(PRWEB) May 6, 2005

So what are the advantages of booking a holiday home direct with the owner over hotel? Firstly, you are renting a holiday home from the owner, who wants to ensure your stay at the apartment, cottage or villa is as enjoyable as possible – so you will stay with them again, and recommend them to your friends.

The owner has “in depth” knowledge of the holiday home and local area, which gives you access to accurate advice – not just the “travel agent” script from someone who has never visited the area. Since you are booking direct, there is no travel agent commission on top of your holiday price, which means lower holiday costs.

Airport transfers can be arranged with either the Management Company, who look after the property, or the owner – who can usually recommend reliable, low cost, local companies There are hundreds of holiday rental websites for you to discover the full range of holiday accommodation available, and with the growth of low cost airlines, getting to your favourite resort has never been more affordable.

One of the main benefits of renting a private holiday home is having the space to do whatever you please…..or do nothing. So every family member can have the holiday “they” want. Privacy in another huge consideration – no sharing the pool with strangers, booking sun beds – as there are enough for everyone, and no “other guests” throwing their towels onto the sunbeds from the 10th Floor at 5am or barging to the front of the queue for breakfast while the rest of us wait patiently in line.

Extras, available at some holiday homes,include a jacuzzi, games room, computers, games console etc so no more “I’m bored” from teenagers. So a holiday home is ideal for families.

“What makes a holiday home better than a hotel?”

The advantages, especially for a family, are endless. The amount of space you have in a holiday home to chill out or be alone is just like home. Everybody can do their own thing be it watching TV or a DVD, playing a game or reading a book or magazines. Some holiday homes have their own pools and games rooms or they have a number of large community pools with activities like Basketball, Volleyball, pool or gyms. That should keep the kids amused which is almost impossible when you are all cramped up in hotel rooms.

You can eat and drink whatever and whenever you please (as long as you have bought it that is) – no queues or having to eat at certain times. If you feel like having a “lazy day” you can “eat in” or have a BBQ.

The one thing that frequently annoys families is the lack of space for clothes in hotels. With holiday homes they have walk-in wardrobes with plenty of drawers to accommodate even the most ambitious packer. They also have washing machines and driers to enable you to freshen up your clothes – so no more dirty washing on your return.

One recommendation we would make if you book a holiday home, is to book it directly with the owner. You know who you are dealing with,and can ask them any questions you may have about the location, facilities, local shops and amenities. You hear so many tales of people booking a holiday home as part of a package, not knowing where they will be staying until they arrive at the distant airport and then being disappointed with their accommodation. Best of all, by booking directly with an owner, you will get a great property at a reasonable price.

Thanks go out to Paul ( Carol ( and Chris ( who contributed to this article and are all holiday home owners in Florida and Tenerife. You can join them, along with Darren on the Holiday rental owners partnership forum (, where subjects relating to buying, renting and selling homes are discussed.

# # #

Find More Orlando Florida Hotel Deals Press Releases

Pet Travel Website Sees Huge Increase in Pet-Friendly Hotel Seekers During Spring Break

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA (Vocus/PRWEB) March 17, 2011

As spring break recess ripples through the country, Pet Hotels of America has quadrupled its customer base, indicating the rise in number of people traveling with pets. For the past week, travelers have been flocking to the website to search for pet-friendly hotels, pet hotels and resorts, and kennels. This one-stop travel website is designed to make travel arrangements easy for those traveling with pets or searching for pet lodging while traveling.

Travelers that typically travel to Europe or other destinations abroad are now finding that traveling with their pet domestically has become an acceptable vacation option and within their financial means. With all the dog-friendly beaches, events and things to do, many pet-friendly vacation rentals are seeing in increase in reservations.

“We’re finding that destinations like Orlando, Florida where there are a significant number of hotels that are pet friendly, are experiencing a significant surge in the number of guests requesting rooms reserved for pet owners,” said Pet Hotels of America Chief Marketing Officer, Steve Wiideman.

The website, while newly launched, found that there are many pet owners seeking the kind of services it offers, from obtaining pet-travel information to making reservations. To do this, they had to search through many websites to get what they needed. But with the launch of Pet Hotels of America, all their travel needs are met from one place. Its capabilities include researching and booking rooms at pet-friendly hotels throughout America, managing pet air travel, finding kennels that are searchable by state and reserving a rental cars in any designated city.

Pet Hotels of America is drawing visitors of all ages because it offers something for everyone. It provides extensive travel information, funny pet-related videos and stories, veterinarian advice and much more. People can showcase their pets and win e-gift certificates to major brand pet stores. There’s even a list of rescue dogs waiting for dog lovers to take home. It’s the resource people with pets can count on to get what they need.

“Traveling with pets has hit an all-time high, largely due to babyboomers who are filling their empty nests with pets,” said Lisa Porter, CEO, Pet Hotels of America. “As traveling with pets becomes increasingly popular for everyone from college students to seniors, the need for a website like Pet Hotels of America has become apparent and its increase in people making reservations from the site is a good market indicator.”

For more information on Pet Hotels of America, please visit or call (877) 375-1946.


Don’t Buy a Condo Hotel Until You’ve Read This

St.Croix (PRWEB) September 7, 2006

Before investing in a Condo Hotel project potential investors need to read a case study prepared by Frank Arena Editor of

Case study 101

There are many different types of condo hotels. Condo hotels sell for $ 300,000 to millions of dollars. Let’s review two examples of condo hotels being offered in the Orlando/Kisssimmee Florida area.

One option is new construction ranging from $ 400 per square foot to $ 700 per square foot.

A second option is conversion of an exiting franchise hotel. These units are 331 sq.ft. and sells for $ 272 psf. Let’s compare the two investments and see which one makes good dollar and cents.

If you purchase a 400 sq. ft. unit for $ 600 per sq. ft., your purchase price would be $ 240,000. With 10% down and 30 year amortization at 6.5% interest rate, payments would be $ 1,390 per month.

The monthly income for this condo hotel based on the national occupancy rate average of 57.1% (percentage of hotel rooms used) and national average daily rate of $ 94.94 (the amount charged per room), according to Smith Travel Research would be $ 1700. per month.

The Courtyard San Antonio Riverwalk to Open Their Brand New San Antonio, TX Riverwalk Hotel

Orlando, FL (Vocus) March 25, 2009

San Antonio, TX– The Courtyard San Antonio Riverwalk announces an opening date of late June 2009 for their brand new hotel. With a prime location just steps away from the Alamo, this new San Antonio, TX Riverwalk hotel features all the modern comforts and amenities that make a perfect vacation.

Guests who stay at this San Antonio, TX Riverwalk hotel will experience spacious guest rooms, featuring balconies with sweeping views of the city and Riverwalk. All guest rooms are complete with complimentary Internet access, luxurious bedding, a pull out sofa, and a well-lit large desk with an ergonomically designed chair.

Additional amenities at the new Courtyard San Antonio Riverwalk include a beautiful outdoor pool, heated whirlpool and a fully equipped exercise room. This San Antonio, TX Riverwalk hotel also offers room service, Starbucks coffee, a 24/7 on-site Market, and an on-site restaurant called The Bistro located on a terrace overlooking the Riverwalk.

Enjoy A Prime Location At The Courtyard San Antonio Riverwalk

Set to open in late June 2009, this San Antonio, TX Riverwalk hotel offers a premier location within walking distance to downtown San Antonio attractions like Hemisfair Park, the River Center Mall, El Mercardo and the Majestic Theatre. The Gonzalez Convention Center is just a few blocks away, and attractions like Sea World, Six Flags and the San Antonio Zoo are just a short drive.

This San Antonio, TX Riverwalk hotel also features 5 meeting rooms with over 4,300 total sq ft of space, which is perfect for social events, meetings, or weddings. When looking for a San Antonio, TX Riverwalk hotel for Fiesta, the Courtyard San Antonio Riverwalk is a perfect place to stay due to its great location right in the middle of town.

For more information or reservations about this brand new San Antonio, TX Riverwalk hotel, visit

Media Contact:

Sarah Stoesser



hotel ServicePro Simplifies New-Build Opening Process at Hilton Garden Inn and Homewood Suites in Lake Buena Vista/Orlando

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) November 9, 2009

hotel SystemsPro, a pioneer of Web-based enterprise solutions that enable hotel companies to increase market share and revenue through improved property and staff performance, today announced the Hilton Garden Inn Lake Buena Vista and the Homewood Suites Lake Buena Vista in Orlando have installed the hotel ServicePro and hotel SalesPro systems. The properties are new-builds operated by Kalsons Hospitality with a combined total of over 260 rooms.

hotel SalesPro is a multi-property ASP sales and catering system with scalable functionality that increases sales effectiveness for hotel chains and independent properties. hotel ServicePro is an economical hotel maintenance solution that preserves property asset value and improves guest service. The system automates the communication, scheduling, tracking and reporting of tasks surrounding best practices, guest requests, safety requirements, preventive maintenance and equipment management.

hotel ServicePro Streamlines New-Build Opening Process

Tony Keathley, general manager of the Hilton Garden Inn and Homewood Suites properties said, “The current two-property Orlando project is my third new-build opening and after working with hotel ServicePro I can say it is the best tool I have ever used for completing the lengthy checklists required by an opening property. It has the ability to save hundreds of hours and is invaluable in streamlining the new-build opening process.”

Keathley noted that the hotel management software, hotel ServicePro, automates the complex routine of using multiple three-ring binders of punch reports that track contractor and sub contractor deliverables and check lists necessary for earning a certificate of occupancy. “Now that we are open I am using hotel ServicePro for safety inspections and our fire system tests and tracking post-opening warranty work. We will fully utilize the system at both properties.”

hotel SalesPro Controls Sales Leads for Multiple Flags

“The two new Kalsons Hospitality Lake Buena Vista properties are perfectly positioned to leverage hotel SalesPro’s Web-based sales lead database to cross-sell rooms between its properties,” said Chip Carroll, president of hotel SystemsPro. “hotel SalesPro enables operators with multiple properties carrying different flags to develop and pursue company leads that generate revenue for all their properties. This is a valuable advantage over sales systems that are limited to a single chain and where the chain owns the leads for all its properties.”

The Hilton Garden Inn Lake Buena Vista and Homewood Suites Lake Buena Vista will also use the Web-based hotel SalesPro system to automate group convention sales for the hotels’ group convention sales activities. The properties offer video phones and video messaging, business centers, multi-lingual staffs, concierge desk, fitness centers and other amenities and services.

About hotel SystemsPro

Founded in 1996, hotel SystemsPro is a technology company operated by hospitality professionals who provide high performance, ASP-based enterprise and property solutions that enable hotel companies grow market share through better management of assets, increased sales, reduced operating expenses, and a higher quality guest experience. hotel SystemsPro partners with clients to provide solutions that scale across a broad range of properties in North America and around the world. Whatever the size of the property operator or its challenges, hotel SystemsPro solutions do the heavy lifting for operators to streamline operations and boost staff productivity and profitability. Solutions include hotel SalesPro, hotel CateringPro, hotel ServicePro and hotel WebSpace. For more information, visit


hotel SystemsPro

Danielle Rieppi

Marketing Manager

280 Interstate North Circle, Suite 600

Atlanta, GA 30339

Phone: 770-303-9911 or Toll free: 877-263-3645

Email: sales(at)hotelsystemspro(dot)com

Media Contact:

Julie Keyser-Squires, APR

Softscribe Inc.

180 River Springs Drive NW

Atlanta, GA 30328

Phone: (404)256-5512

Email: Julie(at)softscribeinc(dot)com



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