, the Fall Protection Experts, Offer Tips For DIY Roofers: Smart Steps To Take Before Starting – From Personal Health to Fall Protection Equipment

Mc Farland, WI (Vocus) July 6, 2009

Recently, a fall protection company who serves companies and individuals needing fall protection equipment, has developed a tip sheet to provide help and knowledgeable support for DIY Roofers. There are many different types of DIYers out there and before undertaking DIY projects they must analyze their project to see if it’s something they want to attempt after considering their ability, safety, cost and scope of project. Taking a comprehensive look at everything – from personal health to fall protection equipment means less unpleasant surprises later which cost time and money.

There is quite a bit of conflicting advice for DIYers who are considering roofing their own home. Some naysayers try to frighten with their advice while others go the other extreme, saying it’s easy. One Midwestern Roofing business said that 99% of DIY roofs have incorrect application and should leave it to the professionals. While incorrect application can cause roofing problems, this extreme advice doesn’t take into account the different levels of DIYers. Rick Hudson, a DIY who successfully roofed his own home, found that a team of friends, proper research, and hard work saved him at least two thousand dollars. “Like with any DIY project, the key is not being afraid of asking questions, even multiple times. Asking experts from where I bought my supplies and asking experienced friends was very helpful.”

One of the first questions a potential DIY roofer should ask themselves is have they considered ALL the costs?

Consider these three questions:

Safety: Can the project be done safely? Roofing a ranch style house verse a three story Victorian house is very different in safety requirements. This is not to say more complicated homes can’t be done, but different safety investments must be considered.

Health: Roofing is not rocket science but it is back breaking work. Up and down ladders, tearing off previous layers, scrambling across a hot roof and carrying heavy equipment. One must decide if their body is up for the challenge before proceeding any further.

Cost: Break down ALL the costs of the job. After proper research, DIYers can find all the hidden costs. Team of friends helping out? Great! But also consider how much it will cost to feed (and hydrate!) the team.

Equipment: Rent, Buy or Borrow?

Obviously, one can buy equipment, but if it’s only going to be used once it makes sense to borrow or rent. Many home improvement stores will rent tools by the hour, day, week or even month. Some equipment it makes sense to buy since it can be used in other capacities. If one plans on being on the roof again for cleaning eaves, chimney or the like, it may make sense to install a permanent roof anchor that can connect with fall protection equipment. Personal protection equipment, like safety glasses, are a mainstay for DIYers safety protection in most projects. Other items, like air compressors, may be better to rent or borrow unless there is a long term plan for other DIY projects.

A list (some optional) to be considered depending on the situation:

Safety Equipment: safety glasses, fall protection equipment (bucket of safety- lifeline, anchor point & harness), gloves, knee pads.

Tools: sturdy ladder, nail gun, compressor, roofers hatchet, nail pouch, flat shovel (if scraping off old shingles) chalk line, tape measure, utility knife.

Consider a powered staple gun that enables one to double their speed.

Materials: shingles, asphalt paper, nails, tubes of chalking (Blackjack)

There are a wide variety of shingles available so research this topic well. Asphalt shingles range from basically 20 year life to 40 year life. Consider how labor intensive replacing a roof is and consider higher quality shingles, unless planning on selling soon. Higher life shingles are thicker and not only wear better, but have more protection against punctures.

Other expenses to consider: permit, dumpster rental (if one doesn’t want to haul on own), plywood for rotten areas, food supplies for team, How-To book or DVD, tarps.

The Basic Process:

1. Remove all shingles. Some experts allow for two layers of shingles before ripping off. Don’t do this if shingles are curling up. Realize that this might shorten the life of the roof. However, for some home owners, this is a temporary solution that they are willing to do, knowing that the life of the roof may be shorter.

2. Make repairs on roof if necessary (e.g. replace bad wood with plywood)

3. Install ice dam protector

4. Put down asphalt paper

5. Apply chalk line at regular intervals to ensure a straight application of shingles

6. Apply Shingles – start at eaves and work up

7.Apply flashing

8. Seal flashing with caulking

9. Install ridge vent

Consider all resources. Friends who have equipment or experience with roofing. The public library is another free resource to try. Amazon has reviewed books and DVDs that deal with DIY Roofing.

As long as help and equipment are already present for roofing, some DIYers also decide to replace older, heavier, and smaller eaves and downspouts with newer, lighter, and larger eaves.

There is a wide spectrum of skills, abilities, resources and experiences for DIYers. DIYers should not attempt a roofing job until all costs are properly factored in and one knows if they can successfully accomplish the job.


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Arvani Group Founder Selected to Chair Mobile Health Panel of Industry Leaders at CTIA Enterprise & Applications™ 2010

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) September 28, 2010

Arvani Group, today announced that Azita Arvani, mobile industry expert and founder, has been selected to chair the CTIA Enterprise & Applications mHealth Device Review session. The panel’s discussion will focus on the opportunities, drivers and the latest developments in the adoption and utilization of mHealth devices and examine the key challenges moving forward. The panel is comprised of high-level mobile health industry executives and influencers: Eleanor Chye, Executive Director, mHealth for AT&T; Jim Pursley, GM Sales & Marketing, GE Healthcare-Aging Services; Clint McClellan, Senior Director of Business Development, Health & Life Sciences for Qualcomm Incorporated; Vivian Funkhouser, Principal, Global Healthcare Solutions for Motorola Solutions; and, Alex Brisbourne, President and COO of KORE Telematics.

As panel chair, Arvani will be tapping the session’s distinguished panel of industry leaders for their viewpoints on business models, liability issues, regulatory requirements, privacy concerns, and provider reimbursement limitations. The speakers’ discussion will also examine the need for integrated platforms that enable healthcare enterprises to more easily develop, deploy and manage their mobile applications and devices. The educational session will be held on October 7, 2010 from 1 – 2:15 PM in the Moscone Center West, Room 2008.

“I am honored to chair the meeting of the minds of this stellar panel of mHealth leaders,” said Arvani. “Important recent developments, like the FDA approval of several mHealth devices, are moving the mHealth market forward. Attendees will be treated to a timely discussion of these developments by speakers with knowledge, experience and insight into the marketplace.”

“Azita Arvani will certainly contribute insight and expertise to our discussions on the critical technical, business and policy issues facing the wireless industry,” said Robert Mesirow, CTIA vice president and show director. “CTIA Educational Sessions are designed to present attendees with best practices and actionable intelligence from market segments that have successfully implemented mobile strategies to improve business performance.”

This is Arvani’s third consecutive CTIA panel on the mHealth industry. She is also one of CTIA’s Hot for the Holidays official judges.

About Arvani Group

Arvani Group is a boutique management consulting firm serving international clients in mobile and wireless markets. The firm helps clients looking for expansion opportunities in emerging technology markets; those trying to establish profitable new partnerships and business alliances; aligning research and development efforts with future market needs. Clients range from major multinationals to young start-up ventures including DOCOMO, Microsoft, Otto Group, PalmSource/Access, GoTV, Casio, Shamrock Holdings, FBR Capital and Swedish Trade Council. For more information, visit

About Azita Arvani

Azita Arvani, principal and founder of the Arvani Group, brings more than two decades of experience to the field. Her previously held senior positions include those with the Xerox Corporation, working with the renowned Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), as well as pioneering start-ups in wireless and software industries. Azita holds an MS in Management from Stanford University (Sloan Fellow), an MS in Computer Science (Honors) from the University of Southern California and a BS in Math/Computer Science (Magna cum Laude) from UCLA. Azita Arvani is a frequent speaker at mobile and wireless industry events covering emerging mobile media, devices, applications and services. Arvani is also author of the triennial Arvani Report

About CTIA Shows

CTIA shows bring together all industries advanced by wireless technology for intense business, learning and networking. CTIA ENTERPRISE & APPLICATIONS™ 2010 takes place in San Francisco, October 6-8. International CTIA WIRELESS

Zona Design Brands Discovery Health Channel Medical Honors Gala and TV Show; Creates Medals for Evenings Honorees As Well

NEW YORK, NY (PRWEB) August 9, 2004

The image makers at ZONA Design, Inc. put their creative stamp on the inaugural Discovery Health Channel Medical Honors red carpet gala, held June 23rd, at DAR Constitution Hall (Washington, DC), which honored the nation

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Demand for Automated Health Stations Grows in Health Care Sector

Burtonsville, MD (PRWEB) January 28, 2011

As the national health care debate continues, the private sector is creating innovative ways of utilizing health information technology to drive down costs, streamline processes and allow individuals to become more proactive in managing their own health. Because they accomplish all of these goals, Lifeclinic International’s new product line of automated self-testing health stations is rapidly increasing in popularity among retail pharmacies, corporate worksites and medical clinics.

“As pharmacies and corporate wellness centers are evolving into a more expansive health care role, the need for interactive systems is rapidly growing,” says Whitsun Lyttle, Lifeclinic Director of Sales and Marketing. Lyttle adds, “Our latest health stations are a time and resource asset; not only do our units measure blood pressure, but they offer a wide variety of other non-invasive tests, such as weight, body-fat, blood oxygen and BMI along with providing important health and OTC/Rx information based on testing outcomes; such as medication or food interactions, diabetes information, or healthy how-to interactive guides. These units can be configured to enable instant consultation with corporate wellness or pharmacy call centers. Users can also track and manage their biometric data securely via mobile devices or a Web browser and then forward it to the health care provider of their choice. All of this cutting-edge technology of interoperability is creating high demand for our Lifeclinic health stations.”

Lifeclinic will be exhibiting this technology at booth 1081 at The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) 2011 Annual Conference and Exhibition. The Conference will take place at the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida, February 20- 24, 2011.


Some 29,000 healthcare industry professionals and 900 exhibitors are expected to attend and discuss cutting-edge technology and innovative healthcare solutions designed to improve patient care. Key issues to be addressed at HIMSS11 include ARRA/meaningful use, emerging and enabling technologies, EMR implementation, privacy & security, quality and patient safety. Industry leading keynote speakers, more than 300 education sessions and innovative exhibits offering healthcare delivery solutions round out the conference. Visit the HIMSS11 Web site at for more information on the conference.

About Lifeclinic International, Inc.

Lifeclinic is the world’s largest supplier of commercial, automated, blood pressure monitors and health stations. Lifeclinic monitors can be found in over 30,000 pharmacies and 5,000 worksites, wellness centers, medical clinics and health clubs worldwide, performing 500 million blood pressure measurements annually. Lifeclinic monitors, health stations and management systems encourage individuals to take an active role in their healthcare and provide corporate management with tools to help reduce costs while improving the health of individual employees.


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RFID Journal LIVE! 2011 to Offer New RFID in Health Care Report and RTLS ROI Calculator for Health-Care Professionals

New York, NY (PRWEB) March 11, 2011

RFID Journal announced today that it will publish a new report, titled “How to Choose the Right RFID System: A Guide for Health-Care Professionals,” as well as a new real-time location system (RTLS) return-on-investment (ROI) calculator. The report and calculator will be released at RFID Journal LIVE! 2011, and will be provided free to those attending the event’s RFID in Health Care preconference seminar, being held on Apr. 12.

The report covers 24 types of radio frequency identification technologies, including active, passive, RTLS and hypbrid systems, with details about the strengths and weaknesses of each, and the applications for which they are most often used.

The RTLS ROI calculator includes sample data for a fictional hospital, and enables health-care professional to input information regarding the number of assets they have, how many they replace each year and the amount they spend to rent equipment. The calculator then projects the potential annual savings from using an RTLS solution, as well as the cost over a five-year period.

“This new report and the new ROI calculator will be of great benefit to any hospitals considering investing in an RFID system,” said Mark Roberti, RFID Journal’s founder and editor. “They can use the report to figure out which solution would work best for their application, and then utilize the calculator to estimate the costs and benefits, based on data from hospitals that have already deployed an RTLS.”

The RFID in Health Care preconference will feature leading health-care providers and early adopters sharing real-world case studies revealing the business benefits of radio frequency identification. Attendees will learn how hospitals and health-care organizations are employing the technology to improve patient monitoring and safety, increase asset utilization with real-time tracking, boost revenue with automated billing, reduce medical errors by tracking medical devices and enhance supply chain efficiencies.

Among the case studies that will be presented are:

Mission Hospital Improves Equipment Utility Rate and Saves $ 150,000

Speaker: Michael Kohler, Director of Material Management, Mission Hospital–Mission Viejo and Laguna Beach

Nyack Hospital Improves Medication Compliance With RFID

Speaker: Joseph Pinto, Director of Pharmacy, Nyack Hospital

Ohio State University Medical Center Uses RTLS to Track Assets Across 40 Building Campus

Speaker: Chad Neal, Director of Technology, Ohio State University Medical Center (OSUMC)

RFID-Enabled Journal Helps Patients Track Pain at Meridian Health

Speaker: Sandra Elliot, Director of Consumer Technology and Service Development, Meridian Health

In addition, the main conference agenda includes a Health Care/Pharmaceuticals Track that will feature the following speakers:

Ray Lowe, Director of Ministry Support/IS Operations, Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center
Gregg Stepp, CMRP, Director of Supply Chain Operations, Texoma Medical Center
Federico van Gelderen, Executive Director, Axxa Pharma
Al Arzola, Facility Manager, TLC Care Center
Ed Bortone, CHPA, Director of Materials Services and Security, Lahey Clinic Medical Center
Jean-Pierre Emond, Dean and Research Professor, College of Technology & Innovation, University of South Florida Polytechnic

“RFID and RTLS technologies have progressed rapidly over the past few years, making it easier to deploy and more reliable,” Roberti stated. “This event offers an opportunity to hear the objective experiences of other medical facilities, and to get the background information and ROI tool necessary to make decisions about how and where to use these technologies to the greatest benefit of your hospital.”

RFID Journal LIVE! 2011, the ninth annual event produced by RFID Journal, will be held on Apr. 12-14, at the Orange Country Convention Center, in Orlando, Fla. The event will feature eight industry-specific and level-of-expertise conference tracks, eight in-depth preconference seminars, fast-track CompTIA RFID+ training and certification, the RFID Journal Awards and the RFID in Apparel Workshop, as well as numerous technology exhibits and demonstrations conducted by the leading technology firms.

For additional information regarding LIVE! 2011, please visit

About RFID Journal

RFID Journal is the leading source of news and information regarding radio frequency identification (RFID) and its many business applications. Business executives and implementers depend on RFID Journal for up-to-the-minute RFID news, in-depth case studies, best practices, strategic insights and information about vendor solutions. This has made RFID Journal the most relied-upon and respected RFID information resource, serving the largest audience of RFID decision makers worldwide–in print, online and at face-to-face events. For more information, visit

# # #

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Secrets of Successful Contract Management Optimization – Pangea3 and Cardinal Health Share Real Examples, Processes and Solutions at Emptoris Empower 2011

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 18, 2011

In an increasingly global and competitive market, it is more crucial than ever for companies to ensure their contract management strategies deliver to the bottom-line. David Perla, co-founder and co-CEO, Pangea3, a Thomson Reuters business will be a featured speaker at Emptoris Empower 2011, the premier supply and enterprise contract management conference on October 18-20, 2011 at the Westin Copley Place, Boston.

Perla and Patrick Eckhert, director, Indirect Procurement, Cardinal Health, will candidly discuss leveraging technology and legal process outsourcing (LPO) for optimal contract management in the joint session, ?Tackling the Bottlenecks in Your Enterprise: How Technology and Consulting Services Can Help Optimize Your Processes,? on Wednesday, October 19 at 2:35 pm.

?I?m thrilled to be working with Cardinal Health and Emptoris, and for the opportunity to share our findings with conference attendees,? said Perla. ?Cardinal Health is revolutionizing its contract management functions, taking progressive steps to meet its organizational objectives ? and is seeing results as measurable ROI. Phasing in LPO, for example, originally helped lift the burden of legacy contract review and abstraction. Today, Pangea3 and Cardinal Health have a true contract management partnership that is constantly evolving and we look forward to talking about this in our session.?

Bringing together executives from the world?s leading companies, Emptoris Empower 2011 features two full days of educational sessions, networking and sharing of best practices designed to drive intelligence, decision and value.

For a complete conference agenda and to register, visit the Emptoris Empower 2011 website,

About Pangea3

Pangea3, a Thomson Reuters business, is the most experienced provider of high-quality outsourced legal solutions to the world’s most respected companies and law firms. Since 2004, Pangea3 has offered under one roof the most comprehensive suite of legal solutions, including corporate, litigation, compliance and IP-related services, to hundreds of clients around the globe.

Combining legal DNA, award-winning services and process expertise with Thomson Reuters intelligent information, tools and platforms, Pangea3 delivers intelligent legal outsourcing solutions that improve clients’ efficiency, extend their capacity and provide cost and timeline certainty. Pangea3, recently voted “Best Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) Provider” in the 2011 New York Law Journal Reader Rankings, is seen as the world standard in the LPO marketplace. For more information, visit