How to Remodel Using Reclaimed Wood Flooring – The Benefits (Part 1 of 5)

Reclaimed wood adds warmth and character to any environment, but unlike virgin wood, sourcing, installing, finishing, and caring for reclaimed wood comes with its own set of challenges.  This five-part series discusses reclaimed wood benefits and current trends, as well as incorporates many of Viridian Reclaimed Wood’s past blog posts pertaining to sourcing and choosing a finish for reclaimed wood in residential construction and remodeling.

To start, there are several benefits to using reclaimed wood flooring.

First, reclaimed is often stronger than virgin wood. When compared to new flooring, reclaimed wood flooring is up to forty points harder on the Janka hardness scale. That’s because old-growth timber is stronger than wood extracted from first-generation.

Second, it’s good for the environment. When it comes to flooring choices, you often have to select the lesser of evils: petroleum-based synthetics such as linoleum or carpeting, or newly milled resources such as stone or wood floors.  While there are some good choices in each category, reclaimed wood is by far the most sustainable choice.

Third, reclaimed wood has a unique story to tell. People are drawn toward gorgeous products that have an interesting history. Whether it’s an old-growth Doug fir beam from an abandoned warehouse or an exotic Asian hardwood crate shipped from overseas, reclaimed timber adds character and a sense of heritage to every project, and each one-of-a-kind floor has its own unique character and amazing story that will speak to you.

Next week: How to Remodel Using Reclaimed Wood Flooring – Suit Any Style

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On Watering Living Walls in the Home

I’ve mentioned some of the various living walls available for home interiors — Fyto Wall, Woolly Pockets, Minigarden, Ballavaz, Urbio, etc — and most of these require a modicum of wall structure and planning for light and water.  Along these lines, The Wall Street Journal recently took on the topic of living walls and how various pockets, trays, and assemblies are being used inside for home decoration.

WSJ notes, in so many words, that the devil is in the details.

The wall garden pictured above was built with Woolly Pockets and filled with soil, ferns, and tropical plants.  It was installed for about $1,000 by designer Jason Lempieri (working with designer Peter Smith), who tends the garden to make sure it’s adequately watered and maintained, according to WSJ.

Getting the right amount of water for indoor plans can be difficult.  Automatic watering systems, if not monitored, could overwater, malfunction, or create an environment for mold growth, whereas manual watering is only as good as the person tending the overall longevity of the plants.

Nonetheless, given the risks, I think a healthy living wall is a great way to change up the design of an interior space.  Research suggests that the right plant species could also help clean indoor air, too.

[+] Don’t Forget to Water Interior Gardens by the WSJ.

Credits: Jason Lempieri. 

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Philips Has a Neat LED Flood Light Too

I spent some time in the home improvement stores this weekend and noticed a newer bulb from Philips designed to replace the standard flood light.  The BR30 LED bulb is Energy Star compliant, delivers 730 lumens, and only uses 13-watts of energy.  Plus, it’s mercury free, lasts about 25,000 hours, and has a standard warm color of 2700 Kelvin.  While the price is hovering at $40 at Home Depot right now, I expect that to slowly drop.  Plus, the bulb is an easy install, so now’s a good time to test one out.

[+] More about LED light bulbs from Philips.

Credits: Philips Lighting. 

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The Reel Deal for These Three Mowers

If you have a lawn, you have several options to keep it neat this Spring, but the human-powered reel mower is probably one of more environmentally friendly ways to go about it.  These things have anywhere from 4-7 blades, 14-20-inch widths, and varying weights, depending on the build of the chosen model.  But what’s the best reel mower for your yard?  It depends on your situation, though Mowers Direct picked these models based on retail pricing, recent sales history, customer reviews, and company insight.

Good: GreenWorks, Model 25062
⇊ 18″ width, 5-blade reel mower – MSRP $119.99

Better: Husqvarna 64 Novocut, Model 964 95 40-03 64
⇊ 16″ width, 6-blade reel mower – MSRP $159.99

Best: NaturCut Ideal 40, Model 16040
⇊ 16″ width, 5-blade reel mower – MSRP $179.99

Are you using a reel lawn mower?  What do you like/dislike about your model?

[+] View other reel lawn mowers at Mower’s Direct.

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Home Depot Creates Products List for LEED

We’re in a $17 billion market for new green homes, so it makes sense that the USGBC and Home Depot would team up to make green building products more accessible. Today, the USGBC and Home Depot announced a new database – available through – currently listing more than 2,500 products that contribute towards LEED for Homes certification.

All of the products on the database are sold by Home Depot and include insulation, windows, fixtures, appliances, sealants, countertops, doors, flooring, etc. The database will certainly make it easier for purchasers to find better green home products in all categories.

Yet one small thing to keep in mind is the fact that LEED for Homes requires a lot more than simply racking up green products that might contribute toward 45 (Certified), 60 (Silver), 75 (Gold), or 90 (Platinum) points. LEED has various prerequisites and products alone, without good design and proper construction, hardly make a green home.

Lindsay Chason, senior manager of Environmental Innovation at The Home Depot, said: “we want to show our customers that building green can be easy and affordable … we have innovative, environmentally-friendly products that make LEED certification simpler,” according to a statement.

[+] View the Home Depot micro-site relating to LEED for Homes.

Credits: Home Depot.

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Concrete Roof Tile Business Opportunity Provides Excellent Income Potential!

Concrete Roof Tile Business Opportunity Provides Excellent Income Potential!
By Randy Wilson
Concrete Roof Tile Business:During the 2004 summer season, storms plagued the United States. Damages from the Hurricanes in Florida alone sent resources in the southern states scrambling. The shortage of qualified roofing professionals and supplies were felt immediately. Roofers from all over the United States began hunting down supplies and heading south. There were also many people who saw a roofing business opportunity and invested in roof tile businesses. Concrete roof tile has gone through some evolution over the years. Initially, the tiles were large, like sheets of corrugated roofing. The composition for the size did not hold up well, and lasted only about ten years. When the tiles were made smaller, it was found that the roof tiles held up twenty plus years and were tougher than the larger sheets. Another benefit of concrete roof tile is the ability to stain them, giving them the aesthetic flexibility that consumers want. Their durability and ease of installation are both benefits. Concrete roofing tiles provide great protection from heavy rain, hot sun, and strength. You can also be assured there is little risk of your tiles blowing off in high winds. The tiles size and composition are resistant to breakage as well. Concrete roofing tile can be produced with a small shop and small investment. This is an industry that is being used all over the world. Typical start up costs, not including land and buildings, can cost around one thousand dollars. Equipment can be purchased from hardware and concrete shops locally, or online. Supplies and mixes can be obtained the same way. There are typically two types of concrete roofing tile, both of which will require some learned skill to produce effectively. The first type is the fiber reinforced concrete tile. As the name implies, tiles are reinforced with sisal or coir fibers. The second type of tile is made with no fibers at all. These are known as micro-concrete roofing tiles. Quality control will be an important issue when producing roofing tiles. Micro-concrete roofing tiles will require a great deal of care and precision during the entire process of production or sub standard tiles will be produced. The standards for fiber-reinforced tiles can be produced with slightly less rigorous attention to detail, but you still want a good quality tile to make it to the roofer who buys them. Equipment requirements are actually minimal, but should be selected carefully for quality. A tile vibrator machine, moulds, plastic sheets, batching boxes, a water curing tank, and a table to work on are about the essentials. Your supplies should include sand, water, and cement. The sand should be of the best quality, having a regular grain-size grading. Make sure that the grain size is not too silty, as this will provide sub standard tiles. Once you learn the techniques of producing good quality tile, you will be able to market your tile to local roofers and hardware stores. Working on your sales pitch will be important, especially defining the benefits of concrete roofing tile. The benefits of concrete tile are easy to explain and should make for a great sales pitch to perspective clientele. Concrete roof tile production can also lead to concrete roof tile repair. If you have roofing experience, you will be ahead of the game. Installing concrete roofing tile is no more difficult than most other roofing materials. Always have extra tiles on hand to be able to assist with repair jobs. A concrete roof tile business is ideal for someone willing to make the educational investment. Most of the time involved will be in learning to produce good quality tile. Once you have established your techniques, you should have no trouble in selling your tiles on the roofing market! Copyright Randy Wilson, All Rights Reserved.
About the Author: Randy has dozens more home based business articles such as In Home Daycare Businesses, Earthworm Growing Business and Medical Billing Service..

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House Plan Window Schedules

(PRWEB) February 23, 2005

The good of a window schedule comes with the need for specifics about windows to be installed in a new house or a house remodel. Windows are always amazingly important and often amazingly expensive elements in a house design. Windows are an integral part of a house plan. They are identified throughout a house plan in sleeping area emergency egress, design style consistency, adequacy of natural light illumination to interior spaces, visual elevations, floor plans, wall framing plans, electrical plans, and, possibly, even roof plans. Get sloppy with a window schedule and you

So. San Francisco Furnace Repair Company, Peninsula Heating By James Byrne Offers Some Tips on Keeping a Heating and Cooling System in Good Shape

So. San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) December 15, 2011

So. San Francisco furnace repair company, Peninsula Heating By James Byrne offers a few handy tip on why maintenance is very important to keeping a heating and cooling system running correctly and running for a long time.

?When it comes to heating equipment maintenance and repairs to your home or business heating system, it does not pay to procrastinate,? says Patricia Bryne of Peninsula Heating By James Byrne. ?The longer you put off the maintenance, the higher the probability that your heating system will break down or your heating and cooling contractor will be unable to make an emergency repair when you need it.?

A routine maintenance check should be either done by the homeowner or scheduled and be completed by the experienced and professional folks at Peninsula Heating By James Byrne. It is important that if a homeowner attempts the work on their own, they should have some experience working with heating and cooling units.

Peninsula Heating By James Byrne offers service agreements in which they will come to a home or business once or twice per year to inspect a furnace and/or air conditioner. Service agreements are a comfort, especially when faced with the prospect of waking up in the middle of a cold winter night to a freezing home. During the coldest days, service techs of companies without a service agreement in place can often take many days to respond.

Routine fall maintenance will switch on and inspect all equipment. Running a heating system early will help to find any problems before it becomes a major problem for the residents of the home. If one is doing the check on their own, they should check fan belts, the pilot light, humidifier and media pad. It is important to know the age of the furnace because older ones often have a pilot light that is on at all times while newer models light themselves when the furnace kicks on.

For an oil heat system, people are encouraged to change fuel filters and service burners if needed and check the fuel tank for water content and fill it, if needed. Forced air systems should have their grills removed and be cleaned out by vacuum. On older forced air systems, the entire duct work should be cleaned every couple of years. Inspect flue pipe for blockages, leaks, holes and make sure vent cap is in place on roof.

For air conditioners, it is important to clean the outside unit of a central air unit and clear any debris, leaves and other items. For wall-mounted units, if it is possible, the best course of action is to remove it and store safely away for the winter. At the very least, close the vents and cover with an air conditioner cover.

For more information on Peninsula Heating By James Byrne or to inquire about their latest coupons and specials, call 650-763-1016 or visit them online at They are located at 513 Linden Avenue South in San Francisco. They always offer free estimates and can provide off-hours appointments, such as after 6 p.m. and weekends.

About Peninsula Heating By James Byrne

Howard Byrne founded Peninsula Heating and Cooling in 1954 and today they serve South San Francisco and the Bay Area under the name of Peninsula Heating By James Byrne. They offer installation, maintenance and repair of name brand furnaces, air conditioning units, whole house fans, sauna systems, boilers, standard and on-demand water heaters. They offer free estimates and carbon monoxide testing for both residential and commercial buildings. In addition to providing HVAC ductwork and vent design, they also provide inspection certifications for real estate escrow closings. The specialized heating contractors provide quality HVAC systems and furnace repair.


Gaylord Hotels? ?Rooms for Good? Program to Benefit Autism Society During Month of July

Nashville, Tenn. (PRWEB) June 14, 2011

Celebrating patriotism during the month of July is a familiar American pastime, and to many, that spirit is demonstrated by giving to a worthy cause. Gaylord Hotels is offering guests a special opportunity to give back while enjoying a summer getaway, and the funds raised will enhance the lives of those affected by autism. The Autism Society has been selected as the featured charity to benefit from the brand?s Rooms for Good co-operative marketing/fundraising program. During the month of July, all Gaylord Hotels properties will donate 10 percent of the Rooms for Good package rate to the Autism Society.

?Individuals with autism and their families come to the Autism Society, a network of more than 100 chapters nationwide, because we provide support, community and assistance to those navigating an often confusing spectrum of services and supports,? said Scott Badesch, interim president & CEO of the Autism Society. ?The Autism Society is grateful to Gaylord Hotels and its guests for their generosity and support, which will help us expand our services, programs and advocacy efforts to fulfill our mission of improving the lives of all affected by autism.?

Gaylord Hotels will also use its online advertising, public relations and social media platforms to help generate more awareness for the Autism Society.

?The response so far to our Rooms for Good program has been overwhelmingly positive,? said Amy Atkinson, vice president of leisure marketing and public relations, Gaylord Hotels. ?It?s been heartwarming to learn how many of our guests are personally committed to the charities with which we?ve been working, and how they are appreciative for another chance to be philanthropic, even while they are on vacation. The Autism Society is an important organization, and we hope this partnership helps them achieve their goals.?

The Rooms for Good program features a different charity each month. In addition to raising money for non-profit organizations, Gaylord Hotels also will aim to raise awareness of the cause through traditional marketing and social media efforts. Package rates start at $ 179* per couple/per night and include one-night accommodations and breakfast for two. This special rate will be offered to guests that stay at the hotel within a specific time frame.

*The rate varies per resort and excludes tax, parking and resort fee. More information is available at

About Gaylord Hotels

With Good Looks and Bad Intentions, People Like Me Reveals Its New Collection

Middletown, NJ (PRWEB) December 16, 2010

People Like Me is pleased to reveal a new line of designs to close out the year. The designs in this release are a throwback to the comic book styles of the 1960’s. “We wanted the designs to contain the kitschy framing of the old crime solving cartoons that we all grew to love in our youth,” says Creative Director David Ayllon.

People Like Me also looks to expand its borders by annexing the realms of posters, online comic books and theater. The media blitzkrieg will be led with the introduction of the ongoing characters The Villains into the collection of People Like Me products. The Villains, who are out to steal the hearts and minds of the downtrodden consumer, will be featured in our shirts, posters and online comic series. The addition of exclusive posters to our line of products will help step up the d