Electronically Tintable Dynamic SageGlass Unveiled at BAU by Saint-Gobain

Sage Glass transition stage 1

SAGE Electrochromics, which was recently acquired to become a wholly owned subsidiary of Saint-Gobain of Paris, is demonstrating its newly developed advanced dynamic glass that it calls “SageGlass” at the 2013 BAU, the “World’s Leading Trade Fair for Architecture, Materials, Systems” in Munich.

SageGlass is electronically tintable to allow for modulation of light, glare, and solar heat gain. With the push of a button, or by of building automation systems or the proprietary SageClass control system, the glass can alter the solar heat gain and visible light transmission. Providing for efficient and flexible control of exterior light, SageGlass replaces blinds and motorized window shades that block light coming through windows, curtain walls, and skylights.

Sage Glass stage 2

Using a patented technology, the glazing level of SageGlass tint is dynamically controllable from 2% to 62% of light transmittance while maintaining transparency so that outdoor views are unobstructed to maximize energy efficiency while improving the comfort  and productivity of building occupants and increasing the value of the building.

Sage Glass Stage 3

According to a recent press release, SageGlass tint achieves this by managing “solar heat with a g value varying from 0.42 in its clearest state to 0.05 in the darkest state (values for a DGU with a Ug value of 1.1 W/m2.k).” The SageGlass dedicated automatic control system enables the tint to automatically adapt to outdoor luminance.

“BAU will be a terrific opportunity to showcase SageGlass’s impact on daylight and sun heat for the first time to the German market,” said SAGE SAINT-GOBAIN Europe, Director of Marketing and Sales, Kirk Ratzel.

Sage glass tint triple pane glass

Windows with Energy Efficiency in Mind

This is another installment in our series called Energy-Efficient Windows 101 made possible by Marvin Windows and Doors. In our first article of the series, I discussed some window basics and how to read a home window label.  Now I want to discuss more product options available for your energy-efficient windows.  When you buy Marvin windows, you’ll have the opportunity to decide how many panes you need and which glazing and gas options can contribute towards your home performance goals and well as maximize your comfort.

Dual- or Triple-Pane Windows

Marvin has window products with two or three panes of glass.  Triple-pane, or tripane, windows are usually thicker, heavier, and have a lower U-factor and are attractive for northern climates. That said, dual-pane windows are the most common and perform well. Your local dealer can help you select the right coatings for your climate; for example, some coatings are more ideal for the north while others for southern climate zones.

Insulating Glass Glazing Options

Marvin can cover glass panes with a thin layer of metallic material to improve the energy performance of the window.  Specifically, low-emissivity, also LoE or Low-E, coatings on the glass surface and gaps between each pane can be used to block heat transfer through a window.  The following coatings are available, depending on window and door needs:

LoĒ-180® – a single metallic coating blocks heat loss to the outside and reflects heat back inside a home.  This coating is used when a high SGHC is needed, such as in northern climates.

LoĒ2-272® – a double metallic coating on the inside glass surface reflects heat into a room and rejects the warmth in the summer.  This coating is better at reducing heat loss than the LoĒ-180 and may be suitable in all climates except the Southern zone of Energy Star.

LoĒ3-366® – a triple metallic coating of silver which provides a lower U-factor and lower SHGC than the other two coatings.  This option is recommended in areas with intense sun and high cooling costs.

Insulating Gases Between Panes

In addition, Marvin can inject gases between panes to improve window performance.  Standard windows have argon to increase energy efficiency, while a blend of krypton, argon, and air is available in tripane products for enhanced performance in northern climates.

Wood/Aluminum Frame Options

Marvin offers wood interior or exterior, as well as durable extruded aluminum exterior option.

Additional Window Options

A couple of other options merit a quick mention as well. Marvin offers glass from Cardinal, whose designs prevent heat loss around the window perimeter. Marvin also offers an Energy Panel, which is a removable exterior glass panel with glazing that can be used to improve the performance of single-glazing wood windows.

Marvin has a fall energy efficiency program with the Smart Performance Promotion giving one lucky homeowner $5,000 toward the purchase of new Marvin windows and doors. In connection with the promotion, Marvin has a collection of energy efficiency and other home improvement tips from Lou Manfredini, a homebuilder, contributor to the Today Show, and host of HouseSmarts TV.

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Alpen HPP Buys Serious Windows Assets

If you’re a designer, builder, or future owner of a high performance home, you’ll probably be interested in knowing that fiberglass window products previously sold under the SeriousWindows brand will now be sold under the Alpen brand.  Boulder-based Alpen High Performance Products announced the purchase of assets including the fiberglass window and architectural glass operation from California-based Serious Energy, Inc.

Originally, the same window and glass business was founded by Robert Clarke and sold under the Alpen brand from 1981 through 2008, when Serious Materials (a former sponsor of this site) bought the business, according to a statement by Alpen.

There will be a period of transition, but readers can now get the 525 Series, 725 Series, and 925 Series through Alpen.  In the future, expect more green building products, too.  Alpen CEO Brad Begin said: “As we grow our business to include other highly energy efficient products, we feel that Colorado offers a rich pool of talent for innovative green product development.

[+] More detail about Alpen’s purchase of SeriousWindows assets.

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New Elements Surface Launches in Texas

Elements by Durcon is officially launching in the DFW market in Texas, where it is also manufactured (about 200 miles from Dallas in Taylor).  The eco-friendly surface is made with a proprietary blend of at least 10% post-consumer recycled glass, natural quartz minerals, and resin to create a low-VOC material that’s solid, non-porous,  and “never requires sealing,” according to Durcon.

The material carries GREENGUARD certification for indoor air quality, SCS certification for the claim of 10% post-consumer recycled glass, and NSF 51 certification for food contact. It may also contribute toward LEED credits in various areas.

Elements is made in the USA, 100% recyclable, and can be recycled through Durcon’s Dust-to-Dust program.  Basically, when the material is at the end of its useful life, fill out the form, ship the surface to Durcon, and Durcon will recycle it at no extra charge.

After the launch in Dallas and Fort Worth, Elements will be available in San Francisco and Toronto later this year, in 2012.  It’s perfect for use in kitchens, baths and other high-traffic surface design applications.

[+] More about Elements by Durcon.

Credits: Durcon.

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Curved Sliding Glass Patio Door Complements Listed Building

Newark, Nottinghamshire (PRWEB UK) 12 December 2011

Providing a contemporary contrast between the old and new elements of a Grade 2 listed dwelling is this stunning curved patio door supplied by Balcony Systems.

Measuring more than five metres in width, the door allows panoramic views of the garden from a new extension added to a traditional farmhouse near Newark in Nottinghamshire.

It was installed by main contractors Gusto Construction for their clients David and Joy Cosslett as part of refurbishment work to their 300-year-old property. This included the construction of a new kitchen/dining room linking the main property with existing outbuildings.

Featuring two fixed and two sliding panels, the door when fully open provides a wide direct access to the garden. A grey/blue powder-coated finish was specified by conservation officers to match the lead roof above.

For the couple?s architect, Balcony?s curved patio door was the ideal solution to meet the design brief. He said: ?We wanted to create a curve in the building between the old and the new. It just fitted the bill and I?m impressed with how well it blends in. It looks great!?

Creating a seamless curved appearance was a core requirement of the specification, as Gusto Construction Managing Director, Jerome Wright explained: ?The plans showed a curved radius for the door; however conservation and planning officers did not want a faceted structure as this sectional approach would obstruct the views.

?Balcony Systems? curved patio door provides a modern, yet sympathetic, contrast linking the historic parts of the property with the new. Installation of the door went very well and we were pleased with how easy it was to fit; a testament to its accuracy and tolerances.?

For homeowner David Cosslett the door creates a striking focal point in the building, while opening up direct access to the outside. ?It brings in extra light and makes the garden feel part of the kitchen. The door looks fabulous and is a wonderful feature in our home.?

David added: ?The conservation officer was very supportive. She wanted something that would enhance the property, but would also allow the new to stand out from the old.?

Balcony Systems is one of the UK?s leading glass balustrading, Juliet balcony and sliding curved patio door specialists. The company?s innovative self-clean glass coating that protects the glass and keeps it cleaner for longer is now available across its entire product range.


More Roofing Company Press Releases

NanoMarkets Announces Release of Report Titled, “Markets for Flexible Glass ? 2011″

Glen Allen, VA (PRWEB) October 26, 2011

Industry analyst firm NanoMarkets announces the release of its latest market report on substrate and encapsulation materials titled, Markets for Flexible Glass ? 2011. In this report NanoMarkets quantifies the opportunities for ultra-thin glass that is sufficiently flexible for use in roll-to-roll (R2R) manufacturing and in lightweight displays, as well as intrinsically flexible products such as rollable displays and conformable solar panels.

While the majority of revenues generated by flexible glass will come from sales into the display and solar industries, this report also looks at other applications including lighting and sensors. It also, examines how flexible glass will compete against plastics, sheet metal, metal foils and other flexible substrates. In addition, the report discusses the manufacturing challenges that still remain for flexible glass and the likely roadmap for this material as it enters the marketplace.

Among the firms and major research facilities that are discussed in this report are AGC (Asahi Glass), Corning, DuPont, DuPont Teijin Films, ITRI, Lawrence Berkley National Lab, LiSEC Nippon Glass, and Tokyo Electron Glass.

Additional details about the report are available at the NanoMarkets website at http://www.nanomarkets.net

From the Report:

Flexible glass will be a great leap forward as enabling technology for roll-to-roll (R2R) fabrication of high-performance e-paper and OLED displays. It offers the high transparency, robustness and good barrier properties associated with glass, while at the same time providing lower manufacturing costs. The advantages of flexible glass as a substrate in R2R processes have recently been demonstrated in joint development work done by Corning and ITRI (Taiwan). R2R processing using flexible glass is also expected to drive flexible glass into the solar panel sector within the next couple of years.

Thin glass is an established way to reduce weight in glass products such as windows. Ultra-thin flexible glass will continue this tradition for mobile displays; where low weight for laptops, tablets and smartphones is a key marketing factor. Flexible glass will also have an important role in weight reduction for the solar panels, since here weight reduction avoids the need for special roofing support. While intrinsically flexible products such as rollable displays and comformable building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) panels offer good prospects for flexible glass, large sales of flexible glass for these products lie three to five years away.

Although the first flexible glass products are likely to be premium priced, but the price of this novel kind of glass will come down quickly, since the volume of glass used for a given area is less with flexible glass than with conventional glass. However, considerable manufacturing challenges remain for flexible glass itself. Firms marketing flexible glass will have to demonstrate sufficient mechanical reliability for R2R fabrication; flexible glass will have to offer high strength edges and surfaces as well as control of stresses during device manufacturing. End users will also have to be assured that patterning from a spooled glass substrate can be effectively achieved.

About NanoMarkets:

NanoMarkets tracks and analyzes emerging market opportunities in energy, electronics and other markets created by developments in advanced materials. The firm is a recognized leader in industry analysis and forecasts for the substrate and encapsulation business for displays, solar panels and lighting and has been covering these markets for more than four years.

Visit http://www.nanomarkets.net for a full listing of NanoMarkets’ reports and other services.


Robert Nolan


(804) 270-4370



The 3rd Annual Santa Cruz Sea Glass and Ocean Art Festival Celebrates the Sea While Donating to Ocean Conservation?November 5 & 6th at the Cocoanut Grove in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA (PRWEB) October 24, 2011

The Santa Cruz Sea Glass & Ocean Art festival was created by artist, Krista Hammond in 2009. Hammond, being the owner of Santa Cruz Sea Glass; which has been partnered with the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation since 2008, wanted to create an event that celebrates ocean art while raising awareness and donations for ocean conservation.

The festivals first event was held at the Long Marine Lab, Seymour Science Center in Santa Cruz. 100% of the festival admission fees were donated by Hammond directly to the Center. Since the festival, new marine exhibits have been funded and enjoyed by many visitors to the Center. “It is a dream come true to create an event that supports local art and the local economy in such a positive way”, says Hammond.

With a line that stretched down the street in 2009, Hammond decided a larger venue was needed in 2010 and approached the iconic Cocoanut Grove on the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. The new venue was a hit with more than 3400 attendees in 2010.

The event was front page news in the local Santa Cruz Sentinel paper. With the Cocoanut Grove’s floor to ceiling windows facing the ocean and a roof-top ceiling consisting of retractable sky-light, one feels they are at the beach while browsing amazing art, educational displays and a host of amenities including a full bar.

Boardwalk owner, Charles Canfield has been a large donator to the National Marine Sanctuary Foundations funding of the new Exploration Marine Science Center being built in Santa Cruz, right across the street from the Boardwalk. The Exploration Center is scheduled to be open to the public in the summer 2012 and will be the recipient of this year’s festival donation.

With 35 unique sea glass and ocean artists displaying their creations, along with ocean conservation demonstrations, lectures, film screenings and a $ 1000 prize piece sea glass contest, this year’s festival is one not to miss.


Glass Rooms Withstand Wild Fires

Fullerton, CA (PRWEB) November 23, 2008

The wildfires that have ravaged Southern California are no match for the year-round glass room additions manufactured by Four Seasons Sunrooms and sold, installed and serviced by Ambiance Additions of Fullerton, CA.

Ambiance Additions, a local Four Seasons Sunrooms franchise serving Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Orange and Riverside counties, recently had a project approved that complies with the required sections of the stringent section 7a of the 2007 California Building Code required due to this project’s location within the wildland/urban interface areas.

The Wildfires that occurred in Southern California on November 15th and 16th highlights the need for compliance with these requirements which are all the more important for homeowners located within these Fire hazard severity zones and wildland/urban interface areas.

Ambiance Additions in Fullerton, CA prides itself on determining cost effective and practical solutions to these types of patio design requirements which have allowed us to install more than

How To Make Modern Stained Glass Windows For Fun and Profit

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