This Week in Energy News – February 8, 2013

German PV Installations Set New Record


The Federal Network Agency of Germany (Bundesnetzagentur) photovoltaic solar (PV) installation counts that set new records at 7.6 GW of PV power plants installed and connected to the grid.

First Solar Acquires New Mexico Solar Power Project


The 50-megawatt solar power project First Solar has acquired from the solar division of Element Power is billed as the state’s largest and raises questions about solar energy as a commodity.

Siemens Energy Launches New Offshore Wind Turbine


With a generating capacity of four megawatts and a rotor diameter of 130, the new design was launched at at the annual conference of the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) in Vienna.

NRG Solar Starts Operation of Alpine Solar Generating Station


NRG Energy, Inc. announced its 66-megawatt (AC) photovoltaic facility has started commercial operation, which is now California’s largest fully operational solar plant.

New Australian Proposal for Solar Use on Public Housing


Western Australia Greens have announced their $68 million plan for the installation of solar PV panels on roofs of public housing homes and apartments

Scotland to Invest in Low Carbon Action Plan


The Scottish Government announced plans to invest over $1.8 billion in the next three years on climate change strategies with goals to “cut carbon emissions from electricity generation by more than four-fifths by 2030.”

Spain Breaks Wind Farm Energy Record


The Spanish Wind Energy Association says that Spain’s wind farms produced more electricity than other power sources, delivering over 6 terawatt hours during January.

Minnesota Utilities to Phase Out Coal Plants


Minnesota Power, the state’s second-largest utility, will be phasing out coal production at two facilities and the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission ordered Otter Tail Power to stoop burning coal at one of their plants.

UK Investing in Wind Farms


The UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) is investing £50m on six wind farms through a stake in a renewable energy fund.

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First Unity Prefab Assembled in Three Days

A couple months ago I mentioned the launch of Unity Homes, a new brand of prefab homes by Bensonwood, and this is the first Unity home.  It’s located in Brattleboro, Vermont and the on-site assembly took just three days — with a weather-tight shell in two days.  The Xyla plan has factory-built wall and roof panels that are wrapped and shipped vertically.  The walls are guided in place with a crane and anchored, and then the roof panels are set.  After that the crew works on taping seams, installing trim, and finishing the siding.  It’s quite the process!

[+] More about the first Unity Home in Brattleboro, Vermont.

Credits: Unity Homes.

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CPM Unleashes The Bulldog Camera Rig Across Germany, Poland and Romania

Lusby, Maryland (PRWEB) October 27, 2011

CPM developed a system of carbon fiber rods combined with carbon-filled polycarbonate components to fill the need for strong yet lightweight camera rig configurations to house cameras, such as the Canon 5D, 7D and the Rebel line of T2 and T3, as well as Sony?s new line of Alpha cameras including the A55,A65 and A77. The system is designed as a cage, rod and bracket system to add multiple accessories providing customizable accessory mounting points to increase the overall strength of the system without adding unnecessary weight. Also light is the price, so the rigs combine well with the relatively inexpensive Panasonic GH! And GH2.

CPM has over 20 camera rig configurations available for sale. The Bulldog Shoulder Shooter Camera Rig is the workhorse of the CPM lineup of Camera Rigs. Weighing in at a mere 7 lbs., including the 2 lb. counter weight set, the Bulldog rig provides the best strength to weight ratio of any rig currently available, allowing the shooter to add multiple accessories. This proves well for DSLR style shooting since the lighter weight allows the shooter to position the accessories in a more balanced layout, reducing shooting fatigue and providing more stable shots for long sessions. The Bulldog?s composite construction is non-conductive. Heat and cold do not transfer to the shooter or the equipment, making the Bulldog an excellent rig choice for outdoor sports activities. The cage was designed for active filmmaking without the burden of excessive weight or camera restrictions. It includes cinema standard 15mm carbon fiber rods at 24 inches in length and multiple hand grip locations provide for limitless custom configurations.

Concepts and engineering to prototypes, tooling and final production, all aspects of manufacturing are performed under a single roof from CPM?s operations center in Lusby, MD. For more information on CPM Camera Rigs, visit online at or e-mail sales(at)cpmcamerarigs(dot)com.


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