Texas Sees New Shape in Solar Technology – Austin-Based Strictly Pediatrics Installs First Cylindrical Solar Modules in Texas

Austin, TX (PRWEB) October 20, 2009

Strictly Pediatrics, an Austin-based pediatric medical and surgical subspecialty center, announced today the completion of a 23.4 kilowatt roof top solar electric system comprised of unique cylindrical solar modules, the first of their kind to be installed in Texas. The modules, manufactured by California-based Solyndra, are designed to generate more electricity on an annual basis from typical low-slope commercial rooftops, while providing lower installation costs than conventional flat panel photovoltaic technologies. Meridian Solar, an Austin-based company specializing in the design and installation of solar arrays completed the project.

Mark Smith, MD, Founder and current Treasurer of Strictly Pediatrics Sub-specialty Center commented, “We are dedicated to providing the best care to the children in this community while minimizing our impact on the environment where we live. We have earned a Three-Star rating from the Austin Energy Green Building Program and we continue to investigate how we can decrease the waste of non-renewable resources.”

The building is managed by Cushman & Wakefield and is the first in Texas to use this technology. Sharon Wilkens, the property manager of the building states, “Strictly Pediatrics and Cushman & Wakefield are committed to reducing the emission of greenhouse gases. Installing the solar modules has been a major step in our promise.” In its first year, the system is expected to produce over 32,000 kilowatt hours of clean, locally produced, renewable energy and will offset over 44,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions – the equivalent of planting about 6 acres of trees.

Andrew McCalla, CEO of Meridian Solar, the company responsible for the design and installation of the system, said, “The unique modules used in Strictly Pediatrics’ solar installation illustrates how solar technology continues to evolve to better accommodate various implementation scenarios. The ability to offer a broader range of solutions to our customers allows for more precise customization of their installations.”


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Ft. Myers, FL. Gets Its First Ever Tattoo And Music Festival in 2012

Fort Myers, FL. (PRWEB) October 27, 2011

This all ages three day mega-event features world-renowned and local tattoo artists doing what they do best all weekend. In addition to over 100 top tattoo artists coming from all different parts of the world, this event also includes clothing and merchandise vendors from around the globe, a Band Showcase with a $ 2,000 cash prize, LA Ink?s Amy Nicoletto who will be in town early for interviews, an incredible human suspension show by Atzlan Arts, pole dancing competition, sideshows, live tattooing, tattoo contests, and live music all weekend!

Ink Life Tour is not your typical tattoo convention as seen in the past. Ink Life Tour is the only tattoo and music festival designed to attract today’s mainstream audience of tattoo enthusiasts, unveiling the latest tattoo trends from local and nationally acclaimed talent. Spectators will have the opportunity to get tattooed by some of the best artists from around the world all under one roof!

“We have been doing these events all over the country for the past two years and being a Lee County resident most of my life I felt we were ready for an event like this” says Ragen St. Peter, Ink Life Tour Co-Founder and Lee County resident for 24 years. ?I am very excited to bring this amazing event and a slew of national media coverage to my home town!?

At the Ft. Myers event, participating tattoo artists will compete for bragging rights and trophies in over 20 categories. Several national publications will be covering this exciting event and featuring winning artists some publications include, Tattoo Magazine, Inked, and Tattoo Society.

In Ft. Myers, Ink Life Tour continues its search for undiscovered talent with a Band Showcase competition. The winning band receives a $ 2,000 cash prize and a photo shoot with Inked Photography?s Ernie Bustamante. Enter for your chance to rock the house at the Ft. Myers Event by emailing a link to your material to entertainment(at)inklifetour(dot)com

The Ink Life Tour includes 2012 tour dates in the following cities:

The Bay Area’s First Rate Property Inspection Provides Tips on Triple Net Leases

Oakland, CA (PRWEB) December 15, 2011

First Rate Property Inspection, specializing in commercial properties, states that accurate property condition information is a necessity for both property owners and businesses desiring a lease. There are many different types of leases and First Rate Property Inspection provides tips on using a triple net lease.

The triple net lease is very popular in commercial building leasing because it reduces the owner?s need to spend time and money monitoring property conditions and providing maintenance, repairs and/or replacement of roofing, air conditioning and other major property components. This type of lease works especially well for owners who wish to create an ?armchair investment? situation.

The basic idea of a triple net lease is for the lessee to assume responsibility for all the property?s expenses, both fixed and operating. While there are many versions, triple net typically includes taxes, insurance and maintenance.

Most triple net leases require the lessee or tenant to cover costs to maintain the various components of the building that can wear out or be damaged during the lease period. A modified net or modified gross lease is a variation of the triple net lease in which the tenants pay their own utilities, interior maintenance, repairs and insurance, and the landlord pays everything else, including real estate property taxes.

For more information about triple net lease or any of First Rate Property Inspection?s services, call 855-537-5326 or visit http://www.firstratepropertyinspection.com. First Rate Property Inspection is located at 360 Grand Ave., #194 Oakland, CA 94610.

About First Rate Property Inspection

First Rate Property Inspection?s primary purpose is to provide easy to use, high-quality home inspection and property inspection reports, which describe key components of commercial properties and provide valuable information their clients need to make important decisions on purchasing, leasing and maintaining properties. The company?s inspection services include roof surfaces, drainage and flashings, HVAC, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, structural components, plumbing and electrical systems, exterior and interior components, and surfaces.

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Full Sail University Awards Master’s Degree to First Online Degree Graduate

(Vocus) October 30, 2008

Winter Park, FL, October 30, 2008 — Full Sail University (http://www.fullsail.edu ) is honored to announce the graduation of its first online degree student from the Entertainment Business Master’s of Science Degree Program (EBMS), Matthew Schievella. The ceremony will take place on October 31 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL.

During the ceremony, Schievella will be honored as Valedictorian and Advanced Achiever, as well as receiving a Course Directors Award. He also completed his undergraduate studies from Full Sail, receiving an Associate’s Degree in Recording Arts and a Bachelor’s Degree in Entertainment Business.

“I knew that Full Sail would have creative and effective ways to deliver information and would provide state-of-the-art resources for student and faculty interaction,” said Schievella. “For the past six years, Full Sail has helped to shape my character and to develop my professional skills needed to compete in the entertainment workforce.”

While attending Full Sail, Schievella has also been involved in major projects that include a Hurricane Katrina benefit in September 2005 that generated over $ 20,000, an Executive Producer credit in 2006 for his work in the Hip-Hop industry, and started his successful record label, Verbalmunition, with his wife, Margaret Schievella.

Full Sail launched their first online degree program, EBMS, in October 2007 and currently offers five online degrees, which include Bachelors of Science Degrees in Entertainment Business and Internet Marketing, and Masters of Science Degrees in Entertainment Business, Internet Marketing and Education Media Design & Technology.

Pat Bishop, Director of Entertainment Business Programs at Full Sail University said, “Offering these Full Sail Degree Programs online has enabled our students to receive our high quality of education from anywhere in the world.”

About Full Sail University:

Since 1979, Full Sail University, located outside of Orlando, FL, has been an innovative educational leader for those pursuing careers in the entertainment industry. With over 29,000 alumni, graduate credits include work on Oscar, Emmy and GRAMMY

First North-West hosepipe ban for 14 years – How to beat the summer hosepipe bans

(PRWEB) July 9, 2010

With United Utiliies announcing it’s first hosepipe ban for the North-West of England in 14 years why not beat the ban and reduce reliance on mains water?

Rainwater is collected from the roof via the downpipes, filtered, stored and then used for non-potable purposes including toilets, washing machines, garden hoses, for cleaning cars and other applications. It is not suitable for baths, showers or washing dishes.

Nu-Heat supplies below-ground tanks, which have the advantage of being unaffected by temperature extremes such as summer heat or freezing conditions. The tanks have a flat, two cylinder design that requires less excavation than other products and offers greater flexibility. They are made of durable plastic.

Sizing depends on a number of considerations such as the average amount of rainfall, the number of occupants and the size of the roof. Tanks are available in two sizes, 3500L and 5000L. If required, two tanks can be fitted together very simply to increase storage capacity to 7000L or 10,000L.

Nu-Heat’s three packages give a flexible solution for individual properties:

Package 1 with an integrated filter suitable for roof sizes up to 150m2
Package 2 with an external filter suitable for roof sizes up to 350m2
Garden package with an inbuilt filter basket and its own jet pump
The range enables Nu-Heat to specify the best solution for any property.

Rainwater harvesting plays its part in helping to achieve required levels of the Code for Sustainable Homes. When level 5 comes into force, rainwater harvesting will be a prerequisite.

For more information contact Nu-Heat on 0800 731 1976 or visit http://www.water-harvest.co.uk

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Whirlwind Solar Installs BIPV Solar Laminate System on First Certified “Passive House” on South, West Coasts

Houston, TX (Vocus) July 13, 2010

Whirlwind Solar, a Division of Whirlwind Steel Buildings, Inc. a Houston, TX-based company announced today, in conjunction with Corey Saft, an Architecture Professor at University of Louisiana at Lafayette, the first application of Solar Laminates on a certified ‘Passive House’ home. It is the first such home across the South and West Coast. Keihly Moore, with the Illinois-based Passive House Institute US that gives the certification, says of Saft: “He is the first in the South. He’s blazing a trail.” The use of solar photovoltaics, along with the Passive House design criteria of 90% reduction in energy usage over traditional homes built to current codes, makes this an affordable zero-energy prototype for the extreme conditions in the hot and humid South as well as anywhere else.

The project incorporated many innovative thermal techniques to reduce energy consumption. Following the general Passive House strategy, the home is super-insulated and extremely well sealed, making the construction act more like a thermos to preserve the conditioned air inside and consequently requiring much less overall conditioning of air. As an analogy, think of plugging in your coffee maker to heat the water to make your coffee but then transferring the coffee to a thermos to maintain the temperature throughout the day. Once you cool or heat your house the most efficient way to maintain the temperature is not with additional electricity but through a well sealed and insulated container. In terms of energy consumption the results are obvious – and this is what the Passive House philosophy is all about. Combine this with the efficiency of Whirlwind’s solar laminate panels and you quickly see how in the first month of operation this building was a zero-energy consumer.

The systems in the house are all standard and readily available but it is their integration into a whole house strategy that makes the final product so efficient and unique. The primary system is based on a a small (1 ton) mini-split air-conditioning system and the Ultimate Air RecoupAerator Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV). With 95% energy recovery, MERV 12 filtration, and dehumidification the ERV is the black box in the system that makes it all possible. In conjunction with this primary strategy we also use an air-to-water heat pump to supplement cooling and dehumidification as well as provide hot water.

The wall assembly itself manages most of the thermal issues, as it is much thicker than normal and is made up of several parts that each play a different role in reducing the energy bill. Our wall is a wood stud assembly 24” o.c. laid out using advanced framing techniques. Half of the house is 2×6, but the other half throughout the double height space is 2×8 studs. On the inside, added mass from concrete counters, tile and extra thick drywall is used to store the cool in the summer and the warm in the winter. The space in between the studs is filled with open-cell spray foam for an extra air seal and the whole house is then wrapped with 1” of Polyisocyanurate insulation to eliminate thermal breaks throughout. There is then a radiant barrier and an air space that is used to back-ventilate the final exterior skin of fiber-cement siding. This rain-screen system also acts as a whole house sun-shading device ridding the building of much of the heat even before it gets to our insulated wall.

As well as reduced energy consumption, the design of the home focuses on a richly developed living experience. The home is a modern open plan with a full half of the house boasting a sixteen+ foot double height space. The kitchen, the mezzanine and the stairs hanging off of it create a dynamic spatial experience. Feeding this large open volume is a twelve foot bank of high north facing clerestory windows that fill almost the whole home with artist quality natural light. When artificial light is required in the evening, there is a mixture of LED and CFL lights to keep the energy draw to a minimum and allow the small solar array to balance all its needs.

This house was an experiment on many fronts. As well as being the first home anywhere on the South or West Coast to meet the stringent energy requirements of the Passive House standard, it is also designed to be a cost effective urban prototype. With a footprint of less than 800 sq ft and a total livable square footage of 1200 sq ft, it is a 3 bedroom 2 bath designed for great density. Its long, thin and tall form allows it to be easily converted to a row house or flats above a commercial base on any downtown street. The rich spatial and experiential qualities could easily be maintained in any dense urban situation while the energy requirements would be reduced because of the shared party-walls and reduced number of exterior walls. With these efficiencies and a larger roof area to strategically group the solar array, we could easily develop this project into a net-energy producing urban block.

The construction of this project was a collaboration between Saft and one of his former students, Jaron Young. Young’s company, H.J. Construction, oversaw the building process and also understood it as a unique experiment. Beyond Passive House certification this home is in the final stages of attaining the first LEED platinum rating in Acadiana from the U.S. Green Building Council.

One of the main difficulties in building a project like this is the financing. The appraisal that the underwriting of a traditional construction loan requires rarely takes into account any of the innovative efficiencies present in our home because there are no ‘comparables’ with which to judge how much a consumer might pay for them. The result is that they are just not factored in and the home is severely undervalued. It is a system set up to resist change. This, says Saft, is probably the most significant impediment to a large scale transformation of our building stock.

The solar array, which is laminated to the Whirlwind Weather Snap metal system, is sized at 3.264 kW. The solar laminate system enabled some of Corey Saft’s students to more fully understand photovoltaic’s and at the same time be involved with some cutting edge technology.

The “Made in USA” BIPV system is manufactured by United Solar Ovonic LLC, based Rochester Hills, MI, and is sold through their authorized distributor, Whirlwind Solar, a division of Whirlwind Steel Buildings, Inc. with corporate headquarters in Houston, TX.

A comprehensive video documentation of the installation is available here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48BBOLEF4gs.

The Solar laminate system is comprised of approximately 24 photovoltaic laminates each 16” wide and 18’ – 0″ long, and approximately

From Burning Man to Berkeley – Revolutionary Construction Technology Gets First Real World Application

Berkeley, CA (PRWEB) July 14, 2010

After four years spent navigating the United States Patent and Trade Office and two years being vetted by the Berkeley Planning and Building Department, AVAVA Systems is currently building the first real-world application of their newly patented construction method. AVAVA Systems uses the mechanical properties of manufactured wood I-joists and interlocking joist-locksTM as the frame, combined with plywood sheathing to construct economical and sustainable buildings up to five stories high.

David Wilson, a civil engineer, and Michael Kozel, an architectural designer, both of Berkeley, California, originally designed and tested the system in 2006, the same year they created a Burning Man art project called the Sugar Cube. The Sugar Cube, a 20’ by 20’ by 20’ open-ended structure with ladders leading to a mezzanine and roof observation deck, was built once in a backyard in Berkeley, dismantled, shipped on a flat-bed truck to the Burning Man event, erected there using volunteer labor, and then disassembled to be used again.

This project proved the efficiency and elegance of the system, based on Stuart Brand’s (editor of the Whole Earth Access and author of How Buildings Learn) concept of separating buildings into various specialized layers with different life spans and functions. The frame and skin of the AVAVA Systems building can be erected by relatively unskilled labor using no more than ropes and power hand tools creating a free-standing building shell with completely open floor plans in days, rather than weeks or months. The plywood and I-joist materials are sustainably harvested or recycled wood and up to 90% of the concrete and steel traditionally used in building construction can be eliminated in this design, thus giving the AVAVA System home or building the smallest possible carbon footprint. This construction method also allows for insulation values up to R50 in the walls thus appealing to the most stringent green building requirements. The flat roof inherent to the design is ideal for the installation of solar panels thus further reducing the building’s dependence on the grid.

While the interest of many architects, builders, and developers has been stirred, mostly through word of mouth, the next step is bringing AVAVA Systems to the construction industry and to apply it to a real project. For this next demonstration David volunteered his home in Berkeley to be the test case. Luckily the proposed house, a mid-century flat-roofed home designed by Donald Olsen, has just the right architectural style to use as the base for a third-story addition essentially consisting of the upper half of the Sugar Cube. The design was simple, a master bedroom with glass at both ends and a closet and bathroom along the same side as the interior stairs. Half of the existing roof will be transformed into a large roof deck with panoramic views of the bay. Donald Olsen will be able to watch the construction from his famous glass house next door.

Permitting the project was especially challenging due to the recent enforcement of the Berkeley Creek Ordinance. According to David, this might have been one of the only projects receiving a creek permit in Berkeley in 2010. The city’s engineer also had to be convinced that the new system was worthy of a building permit as the first of its kind, using I-joists instead of traditional 2x timber studs for the walls. The joist-locksTM are precision components made of specially cut laminated veneer lumber called LVL with mortise and tendon joints. These were manufactured by a Canadian specialty wood shop that had one of the very few wood milling machines capable of creating the required shapes.

When the crew is ready, sometime in the next two weeks, the framing will be erected and sheathed with plywood in one day. The process will look like a very rapid tinker toy assembly that will be easily woven together. The process will be documented from start to finish and both photos and video will be available on the AVAVA Systems web site (http://www.avavasystems.com/projects.html). You will also find links to the company’s Facebook page and Twitter feed for instant updates.

Robert Criviner of San Francisco joined Michael and David in 2009 and became a partner in AVAVA Systems in 2010. He brought to the table the subsequent project that is now awaiting approval from the San Francisco Building Department consisting of an 800 square foot, 2-story rear house addition utilizing the joist-lockTM technology at all three levels; construction is currently scheduled to begin in late 2010).

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Original James Bond Aston Martin DB5 Offered For Sale for First Time in 35 Years

BLENHEIM, Ontario, Canada (PRWEB) November 25, 2005 –

RM Auctions returns to Phoenix, Arizona on January 20th, 2006 for its 7th Annual Vintage Motor Cars in Arizona auction with three extraordinary “celebrity” automobiles from the Smoky Mountain Car Museum of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. The single-day event, known for it’s record breaking auctions, will kick off the collector car season with some of the world’s most legendary and historically significant automobiles.

Leading the star car line-up is the internationally famous 1964 Aston Martin DB5 “The James Bond Car” – Chassis no. DB5/2008/R, the unofficial star of the classic 007 films “Goldfinger” and “Thunderball”, which will be offered for sale for the first time in 35 years.

Formerly the property of Sir Anthony Bamford, the 007 Aston Martin DB5 is one of several celebrity cars offered from the Tennessee museum where it has been on display since the late 1970. Complete with all the exciting spy features, the DB5 is one of only four cars originally commissioned by Eon Productions and used for film, tour and promotional use. This specific example with operating gadgets was primarily used for promotion during the movie’s release in the mid-sixties.

Some of the special James Bond options include: Front and rear hydraulic over-rider rams on bumpers; Front firing .30 caliber Browning machine guns powered by trunk mounted oxy/propane system; Wheel mounted tire slasher; Retractable rear bullet-proof screen; Radio telephone concealed in secret compartment; Radar scanner in racing type wing mirror with tracking screen in the cockpit; Passenger ejector seat – with removable roof panel (seat since replaced with standard seat); Oil slick ejector from left side rear light cluster; Triple spiked nails (calthrops) from the right side rear light cluster; Smoke screen released through separate rear system – located next to rear exhaust; Revolving number plates (3) featuring licenses YRE 186H, 007JB and JB007; and Armaments drawer under front driver seat.

It is one of only three examples that exist today and remains in completely original, low mileage condition. Its occasion for sale represents a rare opportunity to acquire what is widely considered to be the most famous car of all time. (Est. $ 1,500,000 – $ 2,500,000)

RM won’t refuse any offer for Al Capone’s 1928 Cadillac Town Sedan, Model 501, Series 341 A. Used for personal transportation around his Illinois empire, this specially constructed example was originally fitted with

A Bell’s Palsy Victim Tries to Make the Best of Her Situation by Auctioning Off the First Ever ‘Eye Patch Advertising’ Opportunity on eBay

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) February 12, 2006

Tanya Spradling, an Orlando woman recently diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy, is auctioning off advertising space on her eye patch to the highest bidder on eBay. Tanya was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy on February 3rd after a visit to Florida Hospital East’s emergency room. She first noticed the symptoms of what she thought might be Bell’s Palsy when she lost her sense of taste. The next day, she had no control or movement in the left side of her face.

This occurrence is Tanya’s second bout with Bell’s Palsy, however the first time she recovered in under a week. As of this writing, it has been just over a week since she was first diagnosed, and she has not noticed any improvement in her condition. It is not uncommon for victims of Bell’s Palsy to experience a reoccurrence several times in their life. While usually temporary, 1 out of 3 victims will suffer from Bell’s Palsy permanently, and may experience facial disfigurement. Tanya has been prescribed with several medications, all with severe side effects- including nausea, dizziness, insomnia, and a few other unpleasant side effects. Her condition is only noticeable when she makes facial movements, however she does have to wear an eye patch day and night to prevent her eye, which she cannot shut completely due to the palsy, from drying out.

Since Tanya felt like everyone was looking at her anyway every time she left her home, she decided to try and sell advertising space on her eye-catching eye patch. As the saying goes, “when life deals you lemons, make lemonade.” Tanya enlisted the help of her fianc

First Release Homes Offers Homebuyers the Best Value and Selection when Purchasing a Pre-Built Home or Condo

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) June 19, 2007

Through a recent partnership with Clayton Homes, one of largest manufactured home builders in the country, First Release Homes (http://www.firstreleasehomes.com) now offers homebuyers the option to search for manufactured pre-built homes in more than 400 cities nationwide. A manufactured home is built entirely in the factory under federal code administered by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Building materials are purchased in bulk, assembled under the highest standards and delivered to the home site.

Today’s factory-built homes bear little resemblance to their predecessors – the boxy, narrow, flat-roofed mobile homes of the past. Now, uniquely designed factory-built homes are taking their places in more and more communities, including traditional subdivisions. Built indoors and shipped to the homebuyers selected destination, these new homes offer a challenge for those who think they can tell the difference between factory and site-built houses.

“Factory-built homes offer exceptional value and provide homeowners with more amenities than ever before,” says Chris Nicely, Vice President of Marketing for Clayton Homes. “Additionally, the efficiencies and quality of factory craftsmanship make it possible for buyers to get more home for their money.”

With the availability of numerous financing options and an industry-wide commitment to design excellence comparable to traditionally ground up construction, factory-built housing is now an exciting and affordable alternative for homebuyers.”

We are very excited to add one of the largest manufactured home builders to our growing list of quality builders and developers across the country seeking to showcase their pre-released or just released homes, condos, town homes, lofts, master planned and resort communities to a highly targeted home buying audience in the early stages of planning and development,” says James Uberti, President and CEO of First Release Homes.

About First Release Homes

First Release Homes, Inc. (http://www.firstreleasehomes.com) is one of the largest coming soon and just released new home resources for homebuyers and investors seeking the best value and selection to locate, track and purchase a new home the moment it’s released for sale often before the general public becomes aware of the initial release through traditional marketing and advertising. For more information about First Release Homes or to become a featured builder please visit us online or call toll free 888-907-7770.

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