Originals By Weber Offers New Suggestions To Help Out Of Work People Find A Job In Today’s Tough Job Marketplace

Toms River, NJ (PRWEB) October 08, 2011

The new suggestions here may help people find or create a job so they can provide support for themselves and their family. The new ideas for jobs here are merely suggestions that have been found productive in creating what are called “tide-over jobs” to temporarily provide income during those times in life when a person is “between jobs.” These are new ways to create some income that will help to put food on the table and pay at least some of the always present bills.

Some of these ideas and suggestions, but not all of them, may help someone get work in the days ahead. The idea here is that some money being earned and coming in, is much better than no money at all coming in. Therefore, a jobless person may have to lower his/her normal work standards and usual economic status for a time, by doing work that is degrading or work that puts a person into a lower income position than is normal – for a time – until the economy improves and a job similar to or better than the job the person had previously is available.

This jobless situation could continue for the rest of a person’s life. But, the challenge, for a person right now, is to find something he/she loves to do. Then do that “something” simply to make money! For example: The hobby a person loves could be changed to become a business that will make money. Then, what is required is for that person to go out into the marketplace and sell the ideas (or products) he or she discovered while enjoying with them them as merely a hobby. In other words, the things that used to be a hobby, can now be the business products and that same kind of hobby fun can now bring in the money needed to pay personal bills!

When anyone is out of work and there seems to be no prospect of finding a steady job anywhere in the near future here are a few more new suggestions to help get some money coming in to pay at least part of those bills.

Weber went on you explain the no job situation from his personal point of view in this way:

“I have often been out of work and struggling to pay bills but I have always found a way to over come that bill paying problem. How? (1) First, I always begin with prayer. I tell the Lord what my problem is and then I ask for his wisdom to help me to find a solution to the fact that I do not have a job and need work right away. This has always worked for me. God’s answer has been: Yes! Or: wait. Or: I have a better idea for you. In short, anyone can do the same. (2) Second, I spend lots of time thinking. (By the way, really hard thinking can be harder work than digging ditches!) Next, I try to observe and be aware of what is going on around me, that is, I look to see what people are buying. I look for trends. Then I examine those products and try to think up improvements. I look for something that would make those products better, more useful, less expensive, or simply more attractive to the buyers. Remember this, we are all born with ?creativity? in our genes. But many of us ignore our potential to do something creative, and then very gradually over time, our ability to create often lies stagnant and dormant within us. So, as I settle down to think, my objective is to think creatively. Anyone can do the same ? even if they think they can?t ? we need to remember the prayer mentioned before, because all things are possible with God!”


“There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age.” – Sophia Loren

Keep in mind that all of the famous inventors: Franklin, Edison, Ford, Gates, Jobs, as well as many others were persistent and determined to find better ways to do something better or to make the world a better place with their inventions. It was hard thinking – and hard work that they followed up on by taking their ideas and actually building or putting into practice whatever is was that they had invented. So, everyone in need of a job is urged to: dig in, try it! Act! Start now! Most of all, don’t merely sit back and wait for a job to come! That may never happen.

Steve Jobs quote:

?Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven?t found it yet, keep looking. Don?t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you?ll know when you find it. And, like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on.?

(Steve Jobs, Stanford Commencement address delivered on June 12, 2005.)

Maybe a person out of a job has to search for something local that needs to be done, something that no one else is doing. For example: A person without a job can look at his/her work in the past, then, use that knowledge and experience to become a consultant to nearby businesses. Read some books about “consulting” and let them guide you step-by-step.

Here’s another suggestion: Most people know that on the job they had, there were better, money saving ways to do that job. If so, write down all of those better ways to do that job. Organize them and then call the boss and say something like: “Boss, I know how you can make more money on the job I had when working with you. Let?s get together and talk about ways to make your business more profitable!? Be sure to explain, ahead of time, that payment is expected for the counseling services provided

Florida Citrus Show Brings Experts, Growers Together To Find Solutions

Orlando, Florida (PRWEB) November 21, 2011

The latest information on citrus disease control, labor management, new varieties and best practices for grove operations are the focus of the 2012 Florida Citrus Show, sponsored by Florida Grower magazine, the Indian River Citrus League and the University of Florida?s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences. The show will be held Jan. 25-26, 2012, at the Havert L. Fenn Center in Ft. Pierce, Florida.

The Florida Citrus Show features a comprehensive lineup of educational sessions designed specifically for Florida growers and packers interested in learning about the latest trends that directly impact their businesses. This year, industry experts will share their knowledge on everything from replanting groves, Asian citrus psyllid and HLB management techniques, and new variety development as well as an economic outlook for the citrus industry.

?The Florida Citrus Show continues to grow based on an outstanding education program and trade show where growers can interact in one location with vendors of products and services they need,? says Gerry Bogdon, associate publisher of Meister Media Worldwide?s Horticulture Group. ?The 2012 Show will reflect the optimism growers are feeling due to stronger prices and good signs we can learn to live with HLB.?

In addition, The Florida Citrus Show includes a large trade show with nearly 80 suppliers exhibiting the latest products and service innovations. The tradeshow and educational sessions are all under one roof, providing multiple opportunities for networking with other participants.

Admission to the educational sessions and trade show is free to qualified growers. Exhibit space also is available. This year, large equipment will be allowed inside the tradeshow hall. For complete information on the Florida Citrus Show, as well as exhibitor and sponsorship opportunities, visit http://www.citrusshow.com/ or contact Florida Grower?s Gerry Bogdon at (407) 539-6552 ext. 16 or gnbogdon(at)meistermedia(dot)com.

About Florida Grower: Published since 1908, Florida Grower magazine provides growers and other industry leaders with insight on varieties, production, pest control, irrigation, harvest and packing. Florida Grower also publishes an annual report on citrus and administers leading events and award programs. It is a publication of Meister Media Worldwide.

About Meister Media Worldwide: Meister Media Worldwide, headquartered in Willoughby, Ohio, provides integrated media solutions for worldwide specialized agriculture. A leader in the industry, the company provides information and networking opportunities to global markets, including fruits and citrus, vegetables, cotton, ornamental horticulture, precision agriculture, plant protection and Latin American agriculture. Founded in 1932, Meister Media Worldwide now produces 13 magazines, along with eNewsletters and more than 20 websites, as well as tradeshows and exchange events. In addition, Meister produces custom print products, web development, videos and strategic business development services. Contact us at http://www.meistermedia.com.


Can?t Find the Halloween Box? Helpful Storage Tips and Tools from Organizing Expert and AtticMaxx

Raleigh, NC (PRWEB) October 22, 2011

While many homeowners complain that they don?t have enough space, they may have more than they think. Surprisingly, according to a survey by the American Cleaning Institute, most clutter in the home is really the result of disorganization.

?The majority of people have plenty of space, they just aren?t using the space wisely or efficiently,? explains Perri Kersh, a professional organizer, owner of Neat Freak and member of the National Association of Professional Organizers. ?The attic, for example, is an ideal place for storing certain infrequently used items such as holiday d

Home Sellers Find New Ways to Get the Most Value for Their Home

Tampa, FL (PRWEB) March 13, 2006

Nancy Johnson is a single woman who teaches kindergarten. She had inherited her grandmother’s home back in 1995 and was looking for ways to get the most value out of the home.

Nancy said, “its a small two-bedroom bungalow that lies in a suburb that borders a large city; the home essentially sits on a small city lot. I’ve lived here for a few years, but I would like to sell so I can move further into the suburbs to be closer to my work, but I only have a couple thousand dollars to fix it up for the sale.”

The question Nancy and many others in her position ask is: Where and how should I begin?

Most experts agree that as long your roof and foundation are sound, you are in very good shape to sell, but there are steps to take to insure that you get your asking price.

William Anderson, a home consultant, reminds sellers that there are simple ways to increase a home’s value without spending a lot of money.

“The first step begins with cleaning—inside and out. Clear your front and back yard of any debris. Clear out your garage of any excess clutter. If you cannot part with garage and household items, than consider an inexpensive storage unit off the premises,” he said.

“Next, scour the inside of the house—walls, floors, sinks, tubs, doors, etc…If you have a pet, consider ripping out the carpeting; it holds odors and a bare floor can easily be made attractive with decorative accents. Do not neglect basement or attic if your home has these attributes. Once you have cleaned from top to bottom, the real fun begins,” he continued.

He noted that curb appeal, or the measure of what the prospective buyer sees first, is most important when fixing up your place to sell.

“Start outside because this is what prospective buyers will see first. If it’s a brick bungalow, than you’ve just saved a considerable expense on outside paint. If it requires a new coat of paint, than so be it,” he said.

He suggested that you choose a neutral color to the house. Even if you are more partial to lively colors, you don’t want to turn off a buyer in case they are more conservative or what a home with a traditional look. Keep it simple is always good advice.

He also noted that simple additions such as window boxes of whatever you are able to care for—green foliage plants or colorful perennials would suit. He added, “If your porch is a bit crumbly, patch it up and also give it a coat of paint. Fresh paint is the elixir of house sales. You may paint the railing as well, but spending a bit of your savings on a new one is a good option.”

Other touches he suggested would make your home stand out may be to add a brass house number and an outdoor brass lighting fixture—something hanging is more dramatic, but a sconce style works too. If brass is not to your taste, consider wrought iron. A single stone planter for the porch is another welcoming touch.

“But nothing cutesy like a plastic bunny sporting a wilting fern,” he said, “Be sophisticated and simple—even if this is not to your liking. You want to give your buyers a clean slate so they can imagine their own belongings there. Don’t forget, to keep steps and walkways clear.”

While you are out front, you have plenty to consider on the landscaping front. Be sure the plants on your property are healthy. Pruning large trees is more affordable than having them removed if they are indeed unattractive. Get rid of messy shrubbery that hides the view of your home. If the planting area in front of the house is messy, clear it and purchase some simple wooden trellises to prop against the wall. Climbing tea roses, English ivy or any other climbing plant or vine will add a delightful touch.

He continued, “A well maintained lawn instantly attracts a buyer to your house. If you have dead spots, patch them. If the edging needs to be done, do it. If you can afford a sod lawn, this might be a good place to spend some money. An alternative to the lawn would be an easy-to-maintain ground cover like creeping phlox. When it is not in bloom, it appears as tufts of luxuriant grass.”

When decorating the inside, don’t be afraid to shop at flea markets and bargain retail stores. Arrange your furniture so that rooms appear airy and uncrowded. Consider a plain hanging light fixture for the front hall and dining area. You may want to sand and refinish your wood floors; this is labor intensive, but something you could do yourself for results dramatic results. Paint your walls an antique or off white and keep pictures to a minimum. Consider adding the following accents:

Area rugs, new plumbing fixtures, new door handles, decorative fireplace screen, ceiling hooks and hanging plants for windows, painted cabinets (if they need it!), grout your bathtub and replace grimy tile and add fresh draperies or shades. Optional ideas to incorporate—if you can afford them would be to: lay a small backyard patio, new awnings, fresh mulch for flowerbeds and to ring trees, new shrubs, new bathroom vanity and toilet, newly paved walkways and drive, painted garage, new kitchen floor, new mailbox, etc…

By taking many of these measures, sellers should be able to keep their asking price firm and possibly bump up the price. No need to do anything too major like add built in bookshelves or window seats—buyers may not need or want these more permanent features. Try to fix up what is already there. to save money. Clean and uncluttered is the look you want for a successful sale.

For more tips on selling your house, here are some online resources:

More tips on curb appeal

-Remodeling ideas

-Do it yourself tips

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Vacation Rental and Lodging Website Rentalo.com Offers Comparison Shopping to Find Deals in Top US Vacation Destinations

Miami, FL (Vocus) January 21, 2010

Those who are planning a vacation getaway this year and would like to find an affordable lodging option in a popular vacation destination will be glad to know that Rentalo.com; the online lodging directory of vacation rentals, hotels, and bed and breakfasts, is currently offering discounts on its Hawaii, Oregon and Florida vacation rentals with up to 44% off. Below is a sampling of the last-minute deals listed in the website’s Special Offers section with discounts from 10% to 80% off from inventory owners.

Siesta Key Vacation Rental – 150 USD per Night (25% Off)

This spacious vacation rental townhouse has three bedrooms and three bathrooms and can sleep up to eight people comfortably. It is located among the resort community of Sara Sea Circle and has a private beach access to the world famous Crescent and Siesta beaches. The vacation rental has two fully equipped kitchens and beautiful hardwood floors throughout, tiled bathrooms, corian counter-tops, and all new furniture and appliances. An enclosed two car garage with remote is included. Nearby attractions include parasailing, tennis, restaurants, waterskiing and more. Detailed information and pictures about this vacation rental in the South West coast of Florida are available at rentalo.com/318940/siesta_key-florida-vacation_rental-townhouse.html. Optionally, you can visit rentalo.com and search on Rentalo ID 318940.

Davenport Vacation Rental – 85 USD per Night (14% Off)

This fabulous four bedroom, three bathroom townhouse can sleep up to ten people comfortably. There is ample parking for two cars/vans, a fully equipped kitchen, a washer and dryer room and all the amenities necessary to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Lounge and dinning room are fully tiled with lovely rugs; all bedrooms are carpeted with lovely comfy beds. All linen and luxurious towels provided. This fabulous vacation property is located only fourteen minutes from all major theme parks and other nearby attractions include golf, boating and surfing. For pictures and more information about vacation home in Orlando Disney area, please visit rentalo.com/203275/abeautiful4.html or go to rentalo.com and search on Rentalo ID 203275.

Lincoln City Vacation Rental – 300 USD per Night (20% Off)

A spectacular high-end home, this vacation rental offers guests four bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms. It can sleep up to fourteen people comfortably and it is located in the desirable “Road’s End” area of Lincoln City, Oregon. It is only a short walk from the beach and it offers beautiful ocean views from its many windows. Nested on 1/2 acre of land, it provides extra room for parking and outside games. Those interested in more information and pictures of this Oregon vacation rental visit rentalo.com/298165/lincoln_city-oregon-vacation_rental-home-house.html or rentalo.com and search on Rentalo ID 298165.

Waikiki Vacation Rental – 100 USD per Night (44% Off)

This charming oceanfront condo is ideally located to enjoy all kinds of activities including boating, sailing and sunbathing. It has one bedroom and one bathroom and can sleep up to four people comfortably. It has cable TV and wireless internet at no extra charge and offers guests a fully equipped kitchen and a spacious living room with ocean view for an unforgettable vacation in Hawaii. Enjoy all kinds of activities such as boating, sailing, sun bathing, fishing, jet skiing, swimming, and waterskiing. Golfing, biking, and shopping. A full description with pictures for this beautiful Hawaii vacation rental can be found at rentalo.com/308027/oceanfrontcondoinwaikiki.html or searching rentalo.com using Rentalo ID 308027.

“http://www.Rentalo.com’s special offers allow travelers to easily and quickly compare their lodging options and find the best deals. From a small studio to a Private Island or Castle, Rentalo.com has a property for everyone!” says Frank Suarez, Customer Service Manager for Rentalo.com. “Our broad inventory of lodging options, combined with our free destination-based inquiry service makes it easier for trip planners to compare their lodging options.”

To find a full list of last-minute special offers in Florida, Hawaii, and Oregon, please visit rentalo.com/Special-Offers.html page. You can also receive special offers from over 15,000 destinations worldwide by registering for free as a traveler (or traveler agent) at rentalo.com, under the ‘Sign In’ tab, or subscribing to the site’s free RSS feeds available in all many top destinations worldwide under ‘Latest Special Offers’. Social media trip planners can also receive last-minute special offers in real time by following us in Twitter at twitter.com/rentalo, and also in Facebook at facebook.com/pages/Rentalo-Vacation-Rentals/75281312181.

About Rentalo.com

Rentalo.com is recognized worldwide as a leading online travel lodging and vacation rentals website. Its broad inventory of vacation rentals, bed and breakfasts and hotels is accessible through search engines, RSS feeds, affiliate online distribution partners, as well as to tens of thousands of journalists and editors through e-mail, press releases and travel publications. Through selected partnerships, Rentalo’s inventory is available to an online audience of more than 100 million travelers, worldwide. For more information, visit rentalo.com or call (877) 710-5914, 1(305) 558-5577.

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How to Find Solar Power Systems in Australia

Adelaide, South Australia (PRWEB) July 13, 2011

There is good news for environmentally-conscientious, Australian home owners who are looking for reliable information about solar energy systems for their homes. Those interested in renewable energy can now freely browse facts and information on the Solar Quotes website, and after answering a few simple and non-invasive questions about their needs, receive three free quotes from local solar power companies.

The Solar Quotes website has created a veritable database on solar topics, in subjects as diverse as how solar panels work, to how those leading an eco-friendly lifestyle can save money. There’s even a new “Solar Panel Estimator” tool to help homeowners to quickly and easily assess the needs of their specific home, and determine how suitable it is for solar power, how many solar panels will fit on the roof, and how much they might expect to save by adding a solar system (all without a salesman in sight).

Australia is a prime location to make the switch to solar energy, and Solar Quotes explains how individuals can cut down on their monthly energy bills by utilizing the government’s rebate offer. The site’s owner, Finn Peacock, is open and honest about what he sees to be the benefits and downfalls of solar energy. In terms of the solar rebate, he says, “It is really difficult to put a dollar figure on how much each scheme may be worth… because they depend on your energy use habits and whether any electricity is exported.” However, Finn also spends extensive time detailing each Australian state’s plan, and what individuals need to do to maximize their gains.

Overall, Solar Quotes both handles the necessity of obtaining hard facts, and then allows customers to decide for themselves whether or not they feel a solar system will be cost effective in the long term. Finn has a genuine concern about the planet as he has “many years of experience working in renewable energy and energy efficiency for electricity companies,” and makes himself available to site visitors if any questions arise.

Free quotes and information can be received directly from the website…

Solar Quotes was first started by Finn Peacock in order to provide individuals with detailed facts about solar energy systems, how they can be implemented, and what they contribute to eco-friendly homes. Finn can be contacted through his e-mail, finn(at)solarquotes(dot)com(dot)au, and continues to host a solar power blog through Solar Quotes so his information is up-to-date.

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Find More Roofing Estimates Press Releases

Emergency services find an answer to the problems surrounding rapid deployment of high speed communications services at the scene of a major incident.

(PRWEB) January 5, 2004

DSL-SAT Limited announced the launch of a fully automatic mobile Internet platform designed for mounting onto the roof of a Command and Control vehicle.

Whilst DSL-SAT are a provider of satellite broadband services to commercial and home users, their specialist knowledge into the problems facing the emergency services in providing rapid deployment of a fast, secure Internet service have given birth to a product marketed under the name of SATSEEKä

SATSEEK is a mobile satellite platform that offers the ability to locate and lock onto any satellite the operator selects where the vehicle is under the satellite footprint.

Once the satellite is located the broadband service offered to the emergency services is an un-contended broadband link, which allows high-speed file transfer, essential for delivering large files such as contingency plans or building schematics directly to the scene.

The solution offered also provides the facility for the emergency services to be able to deploy portable tripod or vehicle-mounted cameras at the scene of a disaster or major incident which then allows the transmission of video or thermal imaging back to the Command and Control vehicle. Because of the dedicated bandwidth in use, this vehicle is then able to stream multiple video or thermal images back to Headquarters, allowing senior management and incident specialists, the opportunity to see first hand real time images captured at the scene of the incident, directly on their computer screens.

Additional benefits of Voice over IP services, allows voice communications over the dedicated link. This benefits the emergency services in providing voice communication in areas where mobile phone and radio communication are ineffective.

Managing Director, Steve Reed said,

It’s Feeling Very Roomy at the Orlando World Center Marriott Resort; Families Find Two-Room Package is a Steal of a Deal from Only $329 Per Night

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) March 31, 2007

It’s feeling very roomy at the largest Marriott in the world. Orlando World Center Marriott Resort boasts ample space for the extended family with the Two-Room Package, available now through September 28, from only $ 329* per night. The playground of fun begins with one night’s accommodations in the Orlando hotel’s resort view room with one king bed and a connecting room with two double beds. A host of entertaining on-site activities for any age can be found throughout the 200-acre Florida family resort.

Over 1,000,000 gallons of liquid refreshment make quite the splash with six tropical pools, including an indoor pool and two children’s pools; and six revitalizing whirlpool spas. Take turns sliding down the 106-foot waterslide or burn some energy and challenge the parents to a game of water volleyball. Parents can help children build a towering castle or bury a sibling in the sand play area. Daily poolside activities at this Florida vacation resort keep little ones ages 5 – 12 busy with face painting, movies, games and more. An expansive video arcade has every game imaginable including air hockey and ping pong. Dad and son can test the links at the hotel’s onsite Orlando golf course, Hawk’s Landing Championship Golf Club, just steps outside the atrium doors while mom and daughter bond with a memorable pampering at the Florida spa resort’s full-service spa, or vice versa. Have a family workout at the state-of-the-art fitness center and then take on a game of basketball, volleyball or tennis.

Whatever the craving, world-class cuisine can be found at any one of the 10 diverse Orlando restaurants and lounges from Tuscan, Japanese and American delicacies. Start out the morning with an incredible buffet breakfast in Solaris, or a latte at Starbucks