Premier Roofing, Ltd. is Now Premier Roofing Unlimited, Ltd. and Features New Materials and Services for the New Year

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) December 25, 2012

Premier Roofing, Inc. in Orlando, Florida has rebranded. Now under the name Premier Roofing Unlimited, Ltd., Craig and his crew have rolled out with new roofing products all professionally installed by the best roofing contractors in Florida. Much more than just an additional word in the name, Premier Roofing Unlimited, Ltd. now offers more options in roofing materials to choose from and new highly skilled crew members who are drug free and friendly.

One of the newest additions at Premier Roofing Unlimited, Ltd is the option to choose metal roofing with a standing metal seam. Back in the day, metal roofing was prone to environmental corrosion risks and replacement/repair of metal roofing became very expensive. With new advancements in material and construction, the idea of raising the seams of the metal panels used to construct roofs became very popular. The concept is simple: get the known trouble spots in the roofing above where water accumulates. And thus, standing metal seam roofing became an over-night success. Standing seam metal roofing requires much less maintenance and worry than traditional roofing constructed from inferior materials and this is one of the biggest reasons this type of roofing is so popular. Premier Roofing Unlimited, Ltd. has made standing seam metal roofing a cornerstone of business and nobody installs metal roofing better than they do.

As the holiday season slowly creeps towards Christmas and the New Year, one of the smartest things a home or business owner can do for their assets in the coming year is to ensure that the roof overhead is sturdy, sound, and leak free. Now that Premier Roofing Unlimited, Ltd. has rebranded to reflect a new and deserved sense of professionalism and service, clients needing roofing work done in Orlando can be confident in their choice by hiring a roofing contractor that has the proven work ethic and practices needed to be successful.

Craig Anderson, the owner of Premier Roofing Unlimited, Ltd., has been in the roofing industry for over 26 years and he has all of the information anybody will need when hunting for a skilled roofing contractor in Orlando. All work is guaranteed and quality checked constantly during construction to ensure safety, workmanship, and adherence to regulations is closely followed and observed.

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Caruth Home in Dallas Boasts LEED Gold Features, Blends Seamlessly With Nature

caruth 1

Architect Tom Reisenbichler has designed this gorgeous Caruth Boulevard home located in Dallas, Texas. While the home is recognized for its LEED Gold design, it is also known for bringing an exceptionally luxurious style into green living.

caruth 2

The surrounding trees provided a base for the home design, which uses sharp horizontal lines that reach into the trees and seamlessly blend nature with architecture. The upper balcony is a great spot to relax in the evening, with enough shade from surrounding trees to stay cool during the day.

caruth 3

The open floor plan provides the perfect space for entertaining, and features like photovoltaic solar panels, recycled building materials, and drought-resistant native plants make it a low-impact space that is as contemporary as it is sustainable.

caruth 4

Kanga Room Systems Make the Perfect Office, Guest Room, or Studio Space

Whether your home is in need of a small studio space, office, or extra guest bedroom, Austin, Texas-based Kanga Room Systems is the perfect portable option. The modern, eco-friendly buildings are designed with portability in mind, and are custom-made to fit your existing home with bathroom, kitchenette, and multiple room options.

Prices for a Kanga Room System range from $7,150 to $15,500, with size options between 8’x10’ and 14’x24’. Each one comes with a treated skids foundation, EPDM roof membrane, galvanized fascia flashing, cedar accent siding, a metal door with full lite glass, and several other unique features made of quality materials.

The system is shipped right to your home from Texas as a kit, where you or a contractor can assemble it. Kanga uses eco-conscious, sustainable, and energy-efficient materials whenever possible, and they are always customizable for specific aesthetic or environmental needs.

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Eco Cottages Offers Smart, Energy Efficient Cabins and Guest Homes

Since 1959, Nationwide Homes has been building Eco-Cottages in 14 states along the southeast part of the U.S. The simple modular designs range from 250 to 513 square feet, with one bathroom in each design and up to one separate bedroom in the larger cottages. The pre-fabricated designs offer a sustainable option for hunting cabins, private guest houses, or separate work studios located right outside your home.

Some of the standard eco features include a tankless hot water system, LP Smart Siding, HD laminate countertops, and a PEX Supply plumbing system. A few of the personalized eco features include hardwood, laminate, or bamboo flooring at $7.00 – $7.25 per square foot, flood lights for added security at $44 each, a total home protection system with generator backup for $8,000 – $9,000, thin-film solar installation, Glass Tech windows, and a Bose audio system if you plan to use the space for guests or entertainment.

The compact, minimalist design offers plenty of natural light, making it a great space in all environments that is self-sustaining, aesthetically pleasing, and cost-efficient.

If you’re interested in an Eco-Cottage, you can find more information on how to get started at, or by contacting the company directly at 1-800-216-7001.

Images via

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Clayton Homes Intros Home Energy Guide

Clayton Homes, maker of the popular i-House, is the largest producer of homes in the country and accounted for 7% of homes constructed in 2011, according to the annual report of parent Berkshire Hathaway.  They have a large residential footprint, and their efforts to educate home purchasers can go a long way.  So it’s great to learn of their recent announcement of a new home energy label along the lines of what we’ve discussed previously with other builders.

The following Home Energy Guide has been rolled out across the country to every new home the company has on display.

Clayton’s home energy label is modeled after the DOE’s Builders Challenge label, yet it’s different in some respects.  The company took feedback and found that homeowners want four things in a label: (1) a visual scale, (2) energy saving features, (3) projected monthly costs, and (4) projected savings compared to a home without the energy saving features.

Each home will display a specific and unique label in the interior that can help home purchasers understand (and compare with other homes) the energy impact of their home under certain assumptions like utility rates, occupant behavior, and climate patterns.

Credits: Clayton Homes.

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Net-Zero SIPs Laneway House with Solar

When I first mentioned the Mendoza Laneway House, it was one of the first laneway homes in Vancouver under the city’s EcoDensity program.  The company behind that efficient SIPs home, Lanefab, and its partners, designer Bryn Davidson and builder Mat Turner, have been busy and recently completed the first Net-Zero Solar Laneway House on a corner lot at 57th and Vivian.  It’s beautiful inside and out.

The home features a warm exterior palette of black rock stucco and cedar and was built with triple-glazed Cascadia windows, 1′ thick SIPs, and 18′ multi-fold doors that create a nice connection between the great room and the outdoor patio.

Other green features include LED lighting (95% of all lighting), a 500-gallon rainwater collection tank, WaterCycles drain water heat recovery, a Venmar high-efficiency HRV, an air-source heat pump for space heating and water, and a Cent-a-Meter whole house energy monitor.

In addition, the home is net-zero energy with the help of a solar photovoltaic array of 12 panels.  The system generates extra power in the summer, which is sold to the grid, and draws on the surplus during cold winter months.

The home has one bedroom, two bathrooms, and 1,020 square feet.  The total construction cost was about $320,000, which Davidson assures me is affordable for the likes of Vancouver.

As with other Lanefab projects, this home was documented with tons of construction and other product photos in a Facebook album.

[+] More about this Net Zero Solar Laneway House in Vancouver.

Credits: Dylan Doubt Photograph; Lanefab (floor plans).

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Website’s Cutting Edge Features and Technology Shoot Members Marketing Results Through the Roof

Belton, TX (PRWEB) June 22, 2010

Long time Direct mail marketer Joe Greenfield has just released details of a new website helping other online marketers achieve results only obtained by the industries finest marketers.

His company for over 10 years was exclusively a direct mail sales entity, focusing solely on helping prospects with copywriting and offering them print and mail services. Over the past 5 years, Greenfield has been slowly transferring all of the offline material to quality solid online content through tireless testing.

This new offering, is nothing short of genius.

Here’s some of what is taught:

How to produce immediate results without bothering friends and family
How to build an organization fast…Even it you’re on a budget
How to generate free leads for this activity with a turnkey prospect generator
How to use a little-known trick to maximize marketing results
Why this team is getting such great results with our exclusive marketing strategies.
Traffic Results -

If the traffic is targeted, average opt-in rates are around 10-50%. Some traffic sources are better than others having a really high opt-in rate of 30%-50%, while others will only give results in 1% to 10% opt-in rate.

A Conservative estimate of the total average opt-in rate for all traffic sources is 10%. This means that for every 1,000 visitors who visit the site, 100 of them should fill-out a capture page and become a lead. If a business or individual is looking for 20 leads per day, the site needs to be seen by 200 people on a daily basis.

The training available from this course makes reaching 1000 visitors a day much easier than one would think.

Added Enhancements –

With the use of the screen capture software, Camtasia, training videos make setting up online marketing campaigns very simple. Just follow the onscreen and voice instructions from the website, “So Simple a caveman can do it”.

Simple systems, simple programs, that simple-follow the bouncing ball style has been Greenfield’s calling card for years. That simplicity, that ability to teach, makes following the instructions and actually being able to perform the online tasks a snap.

For example, the lead capture page. There are a number of pre-designed capture pages available to chose from, just highlight which one would work best, it’s done in 5 seconds.. Adding material to the capture page is very easy as well, simply select the file and upload. The camtasia videos cover a variety of subjects and training modules.

All of the marketing material is of course Top-Notch. Professionally produced, compelling and eye-catching. Only the top web designers where hired for this program.

As far as the copywriting, Greenfield’s team included himself and 2 other top internet copywriters. They have produced top-shelf content that is engaging, informative, and most importantly, persuasive.

This material can be utilized for many different online marketing applications. Some of the material is basic, while most of the material covers their unique marketing and prospecting styles.

This new website is one of the top marketing websites out there with useful information that actually does produce the quality results and online marketer needs, big or small, these techniques flat out perform.


Baxa Features Rapid-Fill™ Colored Labels, PACT™ Products, Exacta-Mix™ 2400 Compounders and Abacus™ Software at the ASHP Mid-Year Clinical Meeting

Englewood, Colo. (PRWEB) December 8, 2008

Baxa Corporation is featuring its new Rapid-Fill colored labels, along with the Productivity and Compliance Tools (PACT), Exacta-Mix Automated Compounders and Abacus Software during this week’s ASHP Mid-year Clinical Meeting (MCM). Featured products include the Rapid-Fill Automated Syringe Filler, the market leader for accurate and easy-to-use, automation for IV syringe batch filling. PACT products provide training and process efficiency to improve regulatory compliance and streamline pharmacy operations. Finally, the Exacta-Mix and Abacus products combine to offer a state-of-the-art system for automating multi-ingredient sterile solution compounding. In its 43rd year, the MCM takes place December 7 – 11, 2008 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

The Rapid-Fill System reduces pharmacy overhead for sterile syringe batching activities, while facilitating USP 797compliance and providing the opportunity for more adequate staff allocation and greater inventory control. Its new syringe labels — available in eight new colors (in addition to the original white) — allow customers to extend the system’s automation to broader applications in pharmacy syringe filling.

The PACT product line includes products and services designed to help pharmacies improve patient-care efficiencies and simplify compliance with state and federal regulations. Current products within the PACT line are the Skills Training, Academics and Resources (STAR) Center™, the MedBoard™ Medication Tracking System and the CriticalPoint™ online training modules.

Also featured in Baxa booth #2249 are the Exacta-Mix™ 2400 Automated Compounder and Abacus™ TPN Calculation Software. Market-leading Exacta-Mix Compounders are the only system that automates both macro and micro ingredient deliveries for parenteral solution compounding. Abacus is used for total parenteral nutrition (TPN) order entry and calculation. Designed by health-system pharmacists, the software reduces the opportunity for user error in the prescribing, calculating and mixing of multi-source solutions.

Baxa Corporation is the leading provider of solutions for improving pharmacy efficiency and promoting safe medication handling and administration. Founded in 1975, Baxa Corporation built its reputation by designing niche products that provide solutions for the transfer, delivery, packaging and administration of fluid medications in hospital pharmacy and alternate-site settings worldwide. Baxa features a number of products and services that promote pharmacy best practices and support compliance to the guidelines under USP Chapter 797- Sterile Compounding.

About Baxa Corporation

Baxa, a customer-focused medical device company, provides innovative, solution-based technologies for fluid handling and delivery. Its systems and devices promote the safe and efficient preparation, handling, packaging, and administration of fluid medications. Key products include Rapid-Fill™ Automated Syringe Fillers, Exacta-Med

Invera announces Metal Building Products & Panels Features in their Metal Service Center Software STRATIX

Houston, TX (PRWEB) November 09, 2011

Invera, the metal industry software specialist, announces the release of a Metal Building Panel Module that comprehensive set of features for building products that have been added to their metal service center software STRATIX.

These features and functions are specific to companies that produce metal building composite panels and profiled panels made from pre-painted and coated metals.


Invera’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution STRATIX addresses the unique requirements of the metal industry in the global metal market. A seamless integration of native metal industry terminology and functionality make STRATIX quick to deploy with minimum implementation costs. The STRATIX software includes sales, purchasing, receiving, inventory management, multi-step production, production scheduling, delivery and logistics planning, invoicing, and financials.

STRATIX handles all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metal products in every form, including coils, sheets, structural products, wire, pipe and tubing, rebar, mesh, bars, roll formed products, panels/profiles, and building products.

Building Products Features Overview

Features specific to building products were added natively throughout all functions in STRATIX, and are handled using the same functions that are used to produce the typical metal products such as coils, sheets, and structural products.

The building products features include: inventory changes to include additional attributes specific to painted coils and profiled panels, quote and order features for rapid entry of panels along with additional specific fields and unique packaging requirements. Also included are specialized layouts to handle the roll forming, dual composite, composite, and cut-down processes.

Veer Vasishta, President of Invera, commented, ?STRATIX is fully operational for all products and processes in the metal service center industry, and it has now been extended for the unique inventory and production requirements for panels, profiles, and unitized products in the building products industry.”

Building Products Functionality

New features in the area of inventory control include items that recognize that coils, flat panels, profiled panels, composite panels, trim and fixtures all have distinct facets and control requirements. Coils can be controlled by piece, weight, length and area.

Profiled Panels are produced by roll forming flat metal products into profiled/grooved panels. For sales and production purposes, STRATIX tracks both the consumed width of the flat metal as well as the finished width of the profiled panel. Both profiled panels and composite panels can be sold by piece, weight, lineal measure, area, or lot charge. The inventory control features also include tracking of flashing, accessories such as screws, rivets, and clips, along with roof underlayment, foam core, and strippable film that are added to finished sheets and panels.

For Sales, critical to metal centers that sell architectural products such as pre-painted coils, sheets, and panels, is a flexible pricing system that enables a product to be sold in any logical unit of measure. For example, coil and painted coil can be sold in Weight, Feet, Square Feet, Pieces, and Lot charge amounts. Panels can be sold Square Feet, Feet, Weight, Pieces and Lot amounts.

In addition, for sales, STRATIX has Project Orders that are designed to allow architectural metal product companies to set up a large job at a summary level, indicating the total quantity of each panel and the corresponding price. As the contractor issues specific releases, the STRATIX Orders can be quickly created from the Project Order for the appropriate quantities and dimensions (width and/or length) for the product.

An optional feature when entering a Quote or Sales Order is the ?Job Supply? feature, which is streamlined for use in orders that supply a series of panels where there may be different cut lengths for each panel and color specified on the order. The order entry function has been structured for this particular market sector to enable the piece and mark numbers to be recorded for each cut length.

To maximize user productivity, material handling, and packaging functions, STRATIX includes a flexible Advanced Lift Planning function that enables the content of each lift (skid, pallet, box, etc.) to be planned in advance, based on the customer?s packaging requirements. The purpose is to provide the staff that stacks the panels on skids with accurate skid content so as to eliminate the need to calculate or monitor the weight of each skid. The Advanced Lift Planning function takes into consideration certain stacking algorithms such as stacking long to short sheets.

For production, STRATIX offers specialized processing layout and production recording functions for standard flat rolled functions and functions specific to producing panels. STRATIX provides an intuitive production planning function that displays orders in logical sequence so that planners can determine what orders can be combined together.

Production Planning has a processing layout for roll-forming, which is the process of consuming coils and producing sheets that include some embossed pattern or corrugations. This layout provides a screen that has specific features for rolling-forming, and allows the planning department to create a ?layout? that provides the warehouse personnel and operators with specific instructions on how to process the material.

Production Planning also has a layout for the production of Dual-coil Composites. In this process, two coils (for the Top and Bottom sheets) are consumed simultaneously, and the Composite Panel is produced in a single step. Foam is consumed in liquid form, and is included as a ?Consumable? in STRATIX. The process enables multiple lengths to be produced from a single job. Additional layouts are available for the production of composites and a cut-down process that ?shears? a panel or composite panel to a shorter length.

Brian Partyka, President at Drexel Metals Inc., a manufacturer of painted metal for the metal roofing, architectural sheet metal, military and crop storage industries, commented, ?The STRATIX ERP product addresses this niche of the metal industry with subtle features that make a big difference in our day to day business. We were able to use the software as-is with no modifications, and we had our business up in running in five months.”

STRATIX is also live and operational at Tata Steel Building Systems in their location in Shotton, UK. This includes all sales & operational functions at Shotton. Financial functions are performed through a 3rd party financial system that is integrated with STRATIX. Andy Clay, the IT Program Manager at Tata Steel, commented, ?We currently have STRATIX live at the majority of Tata Steel Distribution Units in the UK, which includes over 40 metal distribution and processing businesses at multiple locations as well as several locations in the Netherlands and France. STRATIX has allowed Tata Steel to use a single ERP platform in the UK that can handle both our Tata Steel Distribution Units and Tata Steel Building Systems, with specific features and functions that address both divisions of our company.”

About Invera:

Invera has been providing steel service center and metal service center enterprise software (ERP) and Metal Internet systems for over 30 years. Invera is the largest software company dedicated exclusively to the steel and metal service center, metal distribution, and metal processing industry. Their metal industry software products, STRATIX and eSTELPLAN are used by more than 13,000 users at over 600 sites in the United States, Europe, Mexico, Canada, Dubai, and the Far East.

For more information contact Invera at (514)-925-8558 or visit


River Club Vero Beach’s Innovative St. Vincent Model Sets New Standard of Value: Home and Homesite from $635,000 Including Upscale Design Features in Waterfront Community

Vero Beach, Florida (PRWEB) November 01, 2011

River Club Vero Beach expands the community?s Cottage Series of model home selections with its latest floorplan, the St.Vincent model, which introduces a new price point of $ 635,000. Vero Beach-based Palm Coast Development, the exclusive builder at River Club, created the 3-bedroom, 2-bath luxury floorplan for buyers who desire a private, luxury home in a 2,200-square-foot footprint with all the details and quality expected from a waterfront lifestyle.

The St. Vincent, part of the Cottage Series, exclusively developed for River Club Vero Beach, features a Bahamian cottage-style exterior with a 2-car garage and fully covered lanai. The interior boasts an array of design touches such as high ceilings, millwork and crown moldings to complement the St. Vincent?s well-thought-out greatroom plan as well as its separate dining room and morning-room kitchen.

Timeless architecture with modern hurricane protection features, including a concrete roof and impact glass, are hallmarks of Palm Coast Development and the Cottage Series. For more information visit the website

River Club Vero Beach is a private 120-acre residential community on A1A and the last new home community on the barrier island. Amenities include tennis, swimming, relaxing on the beautifully landscaped pool terrace or exercising in the well-equipped fitness room at the Swim and Fitness Center. Located in the heart of the community, The River Club is a gathering place where residents can entertain and socialize while overlooking the unspoiled natural riverfront. Four private guest suites are available for overnight guests of residents.

About Ironshore Capital LLC

Ironshore Capital LLC invests in and manages residential real estate investments across the Southeast United States. The company?s principals average more than 25 years experience in residential and commercial real estate investment and development. The firm?s investment capital is provided primarily by institutional investors.

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