How to Remodel with Reclaimed Wood Floor

Reclaimed wood is a growing category of floor covering, and that is good news both for consumers and for the environment.  Because of the popularity of reclaimed wood flooring, there are more and more affordable choices than ever.  Sourcing just the right material for your home is still a little more work than buying off the shelf at your local flooring store, but armed with some basic information before you start talking to suppliers will make finding your perfect floor much easier.  Not all suppliers are created equal, either.  In most cases it is worthwhile to do due-diligence to make sure the company is reliable, established and has consistent stock before you fall in love with a particular style.

As you consider reclaimed wood flooring and a supplier for your project, I hope you’ll refer to these articles for reference.  Here’s how to remodel with reclaimed wood flooring:

Step 1:  Understand the Benefits of Reclaimed Wood Flooring.
Step 2:  Select a Wood Type, Milling, and Finish for Any Style.
Step 3:  Keep Key Wood Trends in Mind When Deciding on Style.
Step 4:  Understand How to Source the Choicest Reclaimed Wood.
Step 5:  Choose and Install the Right Finish to Suit Your Needs.

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this website, the Fall Protection Experts, Offer Tips For DIY Roofers: Smart Steps To Take Before Starting – From Personal Health to Fall Protection Equipment

Mc Farland, WI (Vocus) July 6, 2009

Recently, a fall protection company who serves companies and individuals needing fall protection equipment, has developed a tip sheet to provide help and knowledgeable support for DIY Roofers. There are many different types of DIYers out there and before undertaking DIY projects they must analyze their project to see if it’s something they want to attempt after considering their ability, safety, cost and scope of project. Taking a comprehensive look at everything – from personal health to fall protection equipment means less unpleasant surprises later which cost time and money.

There is quite a bit of conflicting advice for DIYers who are considering roofing their own home. Some naysayers try to frighten with their advice while others go the other extreme, saying it’s easy. One Midwestern Roofing business said that 99% of DIY roofs have incorrect application and should leave it to the professionals. While incorrect application can cause roofing problems, this extreme advice doesn’t take into account the different levels of DIYers. Rick Hudson, a DIY who successfully roofed his own home, found that a team of friends, proper research, and hard work saved him at least two thousand dollars. “Like with any DIY project, the key is not being afraid of asking questions, even multiple times. Asking experts from where I bought my supplies and asking experienced friends was very helpful.”

One of the first questions a potential DIY roofer should ask themselves is have they considered ALL the costs?

Consider these three questions:

Safety: Can the project be done safely? Roofing a ranch style house verse a three story Victorian house is very different in safety requirements. This is not to say more complicated homes can’t be done, but different safety investments must be considered.

Health: Roofing is not rocket science but it is back breaking work. Up and down ladders, tearing off previous layers, scrambling across a hot roof and carrying heavy equipment. One must decide if their body is up for the challenge before proceeding any further.

Cost: Break down ALL the costs of the job. After proper research, DIYers can find all the hidden costs. Team of friends helping out? Great! But also consider how much it will cost to feed (and hydrate!) the team.

Equipment: Rent, Buy or Borrow?

Obviously, one can buy equipment, but if it’s only going to be used once it makes sense to borrow or rent. Many home improvement stores will rent tools by the hour, day, week or even month. Some equipment it makes sense to buy since it can be used in other capacities. If one plans on being on the roof again for cleaning eaves, chimney or the like, it may make sense to install a permanent roof anchor that can connect with fall protection equipment. Personal protection equipment, like safety glasses, are a mainstay for DIYers safety protection in most projects. Other items, like air compressors, may be better to rent or borrow unless there is a long term plan for other DIY projects.

A list (some optional) to be considered depending on the situation:

Safety Equipment: safety glasses, fall protection equipment (bucket of safety- lifeline, anchor point & harness), gloves, knee pads.

Tools: sturdy ladder, nail gun, compressor, roofers hatchet, nail pouch, flat shovel (if scraping off old shingles) chalk line, tape measure, utility knife.

Consider a powered staple gun that enables one to double their speed.

Materials: shingles, asphalt paper, nails, tubes of chalking (Blackjack)

There are a wide variety of shingles available so research this topic well. Asphalt shingles range from basically 20 year life to 40 year life. Consider how labor intensive replacing a roof is and consider higher quality shingles, unless planning on selling soon. Higher life shingles are thicker and not only wear better, but have more protection against punctures.

Other expenses to consider: permit, dumpster rental (if one doesn’t want to haul on own), plywood for rotten areas, food supplies for team, How-To book or DVD, tarps.

The Basic Process:

1. Remove all shingles. Some experts allow for two layers of shingles before ripping off. Don’t do this if shingles are curling up. Realize that this might shorten the life of the roof. However, for some home owners, this is a temporary solution that they are willing to do, knowing that the life of the roof may be shorter.

2. Make repairs on roof if necessary (e.g. replace bad wood with plywood)

3. Install ice dam protector

4. Put down asphalt paper

5. Apply chalk line at regular intervals to ensure a straight application of shingles

6. Apply Shingles – start at eaves and work up

7.Apply flashing

8. Seal flashing with caulking

9. Install ridge vent

Consider all resources. Friends who have equipment or experience with roofing. The public library is another free resource to try. Amazon has reviewed books and DVDs that deal with DIY Roofing.

As long as help and equipment are already present for roofing, some DIYers also decide to replace older, heavier, and smaller eaves and downspouts with newer, lighter, and larger eaves.

There is a wide spectrum of skills, abilities, resources and experiences for DIYers. DIYers should not attempt a roofing job until all costs are properly factored in and one knows if they can successfully accomplish the job.


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Coastal Vacations Club – “Live” Travel & Business Opportunity Seminar Will be presented by Former Youth Pastor, Jeff Mills, in a Fall Tour to Florida, California, and Hawaii.

Twin Cities, MN (PRWEB) August 2, 2004

Former Youth Pastor Jeff Mills, has turned himself into a travel enthusiast and will help anyone who wants to learn how to save up to 75% off all the vacations they will take for life discover the secrets of money saving travel deals with Coastal Vacation Club.

He will show his guests how to potentially make money at his live Coastal Vacation Travel and Vacation Seminar coming many cities in the fall.

If you are in the local area, Jeff invites you to attend his Seminar, free of charge!

September 29, Orlando Clarion Universal Hotel.

October 20, San Diego County, California, Location to be determined

October 21, Los Angeles Airport Area, California, Location yet to be determined

November 3, Waukon, Iowa – Location to be determined

November 10, Honolulu, Hawaii, location to be determined

November 17, Lahaina Area, Maui, location to be determined

If the reader is in the area or would like to travel to the vicinity, you are invited to experience a seminar like no other, and Jeff Mills is prepared to give you a free meal and also a complimentary vacation certificate good for 4 nights and 5 days near the Disney World resort, which includes ONE FREE Disney world pass to everyone who registers before up to 3 days before the events begin. Register early, as these events will be completely booked.

No walk-ups are allowed, and everyone must Pre-register ONLINE to get a seat. Space is extremely limited, so register immediately.

All one has to do, to learn more, is simply register their attendance, along with ONE guest (optional) at Jeff’s website:

If you would like Jeff to come and host a seminar for your guests, or even a small breakfast or lunch group, Jeff can show you how it can profit $ 5000-$ 25,000 for only 2 hours of your time.

Jeff also will show the audience the mathematical certainty that will allow for one to simply make over $ 1 Million dollars in one year by following his seminar techniques and teachings. For those less ambitious, Jeff Mills will also show you how easy it is to make a part-time or full-time income of $ 2000-$ 10000 a month, if that is all you are looking for.

Don’t take the writer’s word for it! Check it out Jeff’s events for yourself.

Please visit:

“My name is Jeff Mills, and I am happy to help you enjoy travel, save money, and also share with you a story of how to have more money, more free time and all the joys of a home based business. Our home based business opportunity is simple to work and makes many people happy. I have already saved over $ 6500 just using my packages and made a fortune. I can show you how I did it, and how you can duplicate it too,” said Jeff.

One Coastal Vacations Retail member, Adam Bistodeau, had this to say about his Coastal Vacation package, “Using the Coastal Vacation package, I was able to travel last minute to Orlando, where I booked a One Bedroom Luxury Condo at a resort for only $ 107 for 8 days and 7 nights! I was so stoked, I used my package to stay in another resort the following week, and got the same rate, for the same amount of time! I got two weeks in Orlando, Florida, at luxurious resorts, with no timeshare presenations, and it only cost me $ 214 out of my pocket….show me a retail vacation wholesale membership which can match two weeks in Orlando for only $ 214?”

If the readers are looking for a simple, fun and effective 9 year old company to work with, then please visit: for more info about Jeff’s unique business opportunity, which allows you to work from home.

Jeff is also available as a warm and friendly talk show guest for radio or television, and would love to come on a professional show to talk about the joys of working at home and making money with the power of the internet, as well as showing your audience, how they can save up to 75% off on all the vacations they will take for the rest of their life.

Fore More Info, Jeff can be reached at:

Jeffrey R. Mills

CEO & President

Goldmills Marketing LLC

651-769-2189 (home office)

612-518-2410 (mobile)

651-204-0236 (fax)

1-888-264-5744 (voicemail)

7393 Isleton Ave S

Cottage Grove, MN 55016

# # #

Discounts on Fall Getaways to Florida — Offers 2-Bedroom Apartments from $55 a Night

Miami, FL (PRWEB) September 30, 2007

Savvy travelers know this is the time of year to get terrific bargains on vacation rentals in Florida. And Rentalo, the leading travel lodging and vacation rental web site, gives information about and shows pictures and videos of such accommodations. It also links travelers directly with the property owners, who can even answer special requests by e-mail. What’s more, on they can click the Special Offers box and find discounts up to 43% and two-bedroom apartments and condos for as little as $ 55 per night in popular beach resorts. For example:

New Smyrna Beach. A professionally-decorated two-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bath townhouse is set in a beautifully wooded condo resort on this barrier island off the East Coast of Florida. From now until December 14, with a minimum rental of seven nights, the townhouse costs only $ 71 a night — a discount of 43 percent. It is within walking distance of the beach, shops and restaurants and three golf courses are in the general neighborhood. Two computers are available for guest use in the Clubhouse and the vacation rental itself has two patios, a heated swimming pool and a cabana.

Madeira Beach. A view of John’s Pass and the Intracoastal drawbridge from its balcony makes this two-bedroom, two-bath Gulf Coast vacation rental especially appealing. Newly remodeled, it has the most up-to-date amenities, as well as large bedrooms that sleep six people in beds rather than pull-out sofas. With a 20 percent discount, this lodging goes for $ 100 a night, depending on a seven-night minimum, until December 15. A beach trolley runs right in front of the building and the beach boasts a heated pool as well as tiki huts. Golf and fishing are available nearby, as are shops, restaurants, a boardwalk and even a casino boat.

Boynton Beach. This two-bedroom, two-bath apartment in the Key West-styled Marina Village has wall-to-wall Berber carpeting throughout and is handicapped accessible. Most of the condos in this community have Intracoastal Waterway views and many have Atlantic Ocean views. There’s free trolley service to the beach, which is only a short walk away. A nature walk; waterfront restaurants, shops and caf

Roofing Pros Advises Property Owners Not To Fall For The Hard Sell From Roofing Repair Contractors

Atlanta GA (PRWEB) September 27, 2011

Roofing Pros is well aware of the common roofing repair practice known as ?going door to door?. Almost everyone has had experience with a roofer or someone representing a roofing company knocking on their door, offering to fix or even replace their roof for what sounds like a dream deal.

In the weeks following the one two punch or Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee, however, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of high pressure operators working within the roofing arena. Between doorbells ringing, mailbox stuffing, and phone calling, it has become a nuisance for a growing number of home and business owners.

Unlike scam artists, who promise big and then disappear with whatever money they can get from their victims, these are actually reputable companies, offering a quality product, but mistakenly choosing the wrong course when it comes to marketing and promotion.

A spokesperson for one roofing company in North Carolina said that the aggressive marketing campaigns were the logical result of a bad economy, where many businesses were struggling to take as much of the pie as possible, particularly in cases like this where there is considerable need.

Donna DeCesare of Charlotte NC explains her problem, ?With a product like a roof, you really depend on and need quality roofers to be fair, accurate, and honest.? Such honesty can become suspect when it becomes perceived that a given company is pushing too hard for someone to make a decision.

The Better Business Bureau typically advises folks to beware of such high pressure sales, as some of them may not even be roofing companies. It is always advised to take the time to check out anyone that is being considered for a roofing job, follow up on references, etc. Genuine providers should be able to prove that they have a contractor?s license and any other proper credentials.

Roofing work is a complicated procedure. Any company not performing the work correctly could result in additional problem, making an already precipitous situation even worse, and doubling or tripling repair bills before the job is finally done right.

Roofing Pros advises property owners not to get taken in by the quick sell or high pressure approach.

?Your roof is the first best line of defense for your home against the elements,? said RPL Content Manager Billy Ritchie, ?which means that you only want to entrust it to the best and most qualified service providers available.?

Roofing Pros is a nationwide network of roofing contractors, certified and in good standing with the National Roofing Contractors Association. Residents requiring roofing work can contact Roofing Pros and get connected to a reputable provider in their immediate service area. It is a form of accountability designed to provide security for homeowners and business owners, as well as getting damaged roofs repaired or replaced with minimal impact on personal lives or business.


NiteLites Lights Up the Ft. Lauderdale Fall Home Design and Remodeling Show

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (PRWEB) November 16, 2005

The Ft. Lauderdale Fall Home Design and Remodeling Show will feature NiteLites of Ft. Lauderdale November 17th through the 20th at the Broward County Convention Center. This show has been described as “AN UNPARALLELED EVENT!” OPEN to the TRADE and the CONSUMER. The Home Design and Remodeling Show feature the finest in home furnishings, landscape lighting, lighting accessories, interior designs, remodeling, home improvement, appliances, audio/video, and a array of home items for the interior and exterior of the homes all under one roof. Stop by the NiteLites booth to meet Scott Biason and his staff and to learn how NiteLites exterior lighting dramatically improve the way your home looks.

NiteLites specializes in the production and installation of low voltage architectural lighting for both residential and commercial lighting applications. NiteLites provides many types of low voltage lighting fixtures including outdoor lights for architectural lighting, landscape lighting, patio and garden lighting, deck lighting, submersible lighting for fountains and ponds, and path lighting.

NiteLites is offering a free demonstration for your property. See the results of a NiteLites system before you invest anything. A NiteLites professional will temporarily install a lighting system on your property. By taking advantage of the evening demonstration, you will see exactly how your home will be illuminated and accentuated. A NiteLites designer will work with you to design a lighting application that reflects your personal tastes and fits your budget. NiteLites will also provide you with an accurate cost estimate for the finished installation. There are no surprises with the NiteLites lighting system.

NiteLites’ world headquarters, located in Franklin, Ohio, specializes in the manufacturing, design, installation, and lifetime maintenance of top-quality, low-voltage lighting for both residential and commercial applications. NiteLites’ proprietary line of copper and brass fixtures provide an inviting application of light on any project. NiteLites continually strives to elevate the standards of quality, safety, and professionalism in the outdoor lighting industry. NiteLites products and systems provide the latest cutting edge technology from their progressive manufacturers as well as a solid history of providing first rate service to every client.

NiteLites, founded in 1998, was previously distributor based and recently converted to a franchise model. President and CEO Thomas Frederick said the company is “experiencing dramatic growth” since he took over the company 3 years ago. He also relayed, “We see a real growth trend in this emerging business field and we have almost reached our goal of awarding 25 franchise locations in 2005.” Outdoor Lighting franchises in Tampa, San Diego, and Nashville will be opening soon. Franchises in Pittsburgh, Las Vegas, Dallas, Fort Worth, Phoenix, Philadelphia, San Antonio, Memphis, Boston, New Orleans, Miami, Albuquerque, Salt Lake City, Louisville, Milwaukee, Seattle, Hartford, Tucson, Denver, Lexington, San Jose are still available as well as many other locations.

For more information about NiteLites or to schedule a free evening demonstration, contact Scott Biason and his staff @ 954-384-0644, or visit and click on “free demo”.

For more information about the Ft. Lauderdale Fall Home Design and Remodeling Show, visit their website at .


Bay Area Industrial Arts School Opens Registration for Expanded Fall Curriculum

Oakland, CA (PRWEB) August 10, 2011

Registration for The Crucible?s Fall Quarter is blazing ahead with students hot for a set of courses that includes traditional favorites and 16 new classes, including 8 in their expanded glass blowing department. The Crucible?s Fall Quarter runs from September 17 to December 11, 2011. Many of the new classes will fill up quickly, so early registration is encouraged.

The Crucible?s Fall Quarter also features weekly after-school classes for youth. As schools cut many art education programs, The Crucible has become a popular spot for young artists to explore their creative side. Classes include an Extreme Gizmos kinetics class, Blacksmithing and an Introduction to Welded Sculpture.

For folks that would like a taste of industrial arts, The Crucible is offering 3-hour Holiday Tasters in blacksmithing, enameling, glass fusing, jewelry and MIG welding. These tasters are scheduled for December 17 and 18. They make a special, one-of-a-kind holiday gift.

The new glass blowing shop opened in March of this year and became a popular class at this year?s youth summer camp. This fall, the department explodes with eight new classes, including two much anticipated glass ladling courses.

The Crucible?s Founder Michael Sturtz will teach one of the new classes: Hot Glass Casting into Metal Forms. In 1999, and before “recology” was cool, Sturtz and a few friends started the Crucible in a small West Berkeley warehouse with a $ 1,750 grant.

There were 11 classes in sculpting, welding and woodworking. Sturtz, who has a master’s degree in sculpture, taught seven of them. He has recently stepped down from the role of running The Crucible to get back into teaching.

“One of the key components in starting The Crucible was to bring all of the different industrial art processes together under one roof and I have always wanted to bring glass and metal together in new ways,? said Sturtz. ?In my new class I encourage students to experiment with hot glass and metal, and to push the boundaries of what is typically done.?

?I am very proud to be a part of The Crucible faculty: the most dedicated and talented group of artists I have ever seen. Teaching sculpture is how I realized the Bay Area truly needs a place like The Crucible, and I am glad that it does.”

The Crucible?s new classes include:

Foundry Department – Design & Make Your Own Waffle Iron

Glass Department – Glass Powder Painting; Kiln-Formed Recycled Glass Tableware; Glass Blown Paper Weights; Decorative Glass Blown Pumpkins; Glass Blown Ornaments; Glass: Hot to Cold; Blown Glass Cups & Drink Tumblers; Glass Ladling into Sand Molds; and Hot Glass Casting into Metal Forms and Glass Blowing Lab

Jewelry Department – Texture Techniques for Metal Clay Artists; All Linked Up: Art Clay Silver; and Hollow Form Earrings with ARCHiTextural Ear Wire

Kinetics & Electronics Department – Intermediate Mechanics for Artists

Soft Sculpture Department – Introduction to Leather Working

The Bay Area metal fabrication and industrial art school is holding registration and classes at The Crucible?s 56,000 square foot education facility at 1260 7th Street, Oakland. Interested students can also call (510) 250-3687 or register online at Anyone who becomes a member receives a discount on class tuitions and access to the lab area.

About The Crucible

The Crucible is an educational facility that offers Bay Area art classes in the fine and industrial arts to people at all skill levels and original Bay Area team building events. What started in 1999 in an empty 6,000 square-foot warehouse in Berkeley has now grown to a 56,000 square-foot building in the heart of West Oakland. They offer imaginative and constructive Bay Area kids activities.

The Crucible offers instruction in industrial and fine art for every level from beginning and intermediate to advanced levels in formats ranging from three-hour tasters to ten-week programs. Prices vary by course and duration. Class fees include tuition, studio fees, materials, tool access and safety training. There are no shopping lists for supplies or hidden costs.


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Hollywood Remodeling Company Announces Fall Promotional Campaign, Which Includes Free Estimates for First-Time Customers

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) August 25, 2011

J. Escobar Construction Company is well known for its dependable, reliable, and quality work. Now first-time customers can discover for themselves what makes this company so successful with a free estimate.

Whether a homeowner needs a kitchen or bathroom upgrade or plumbing repair, J. Escobar Construction is dedicated to serving every customer?s need and has the experience to do the job right.

?I take pride in developing good customer relationships and give personal care and attention to every job,? says Julio Escobar, owner of J. Escobar Construction, Inc. ?I share my experience and advice with my customers to achieve a more successful outcome.?

This Los Angeles remodeler was inspired to start his own construction business by his family and teachers at Los Angeles Technical College. He enjoys the variety of work involved in the construction trade, finding solutions to problems, and being creative at work.

?I gain experience and knowledge from every job, which gives me confidence in my abilities to be successful in business,? he states.

His company is truly a one-stop shop for any construction services a homeowner may need. Their wide range of services includes bathroom upgrades, concrete work, driveways, framing, foundations, kitchen upgrades, property maintenance, retaining walls, retrofit roofing, stamped concrete, plumbing, copper re-piping, plumbing fixtures, sewer valves inspection, water and gas leaks, sewer and drain cleaning and repair, earthquake shutoff, water main installation, and more.

J. Escobar Construction, Inc. listens to customers and serves them with courtesy, honesty, and respect. The company has earned an impeccable reputation for completing construction projects on time and within budget.

?I have integrity,? Julio says. ?We work hard to earn the customer?s trust.?

To learn more about this company, please call (818) 255-0822 or visit their profile on BuildZoom.

About J. Escobar Construction, Inc.

J. Escobar Construction is a family-owned business with 20 years experience. The company is licensed, insured, and bonded and offers homeowners a wide range of services. Whether a customer needs a kitchen upgrade or concrete work, J. Escobar Construction has earned a reputation for delivering high quality work and personalized customer service. The company is located in North Hollywood and serves the Los Angeles area and San Fernando Valley.


Find More Roof Repairs Press Releases Offers Fall Savings at Radisson WorldGate Resort

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) August 30, 2007

Summer vacation is wrapping up but the fall season is hotter than ever for an Orlando vacation with smaller crowds, shorter lines, and great deals through From now , Orlando visitors can choose from one of two amazing money-saving deals at the Radisson WorldGate Resort, an official Walt Disney World Good Neighbor Resort.

“The Radisson WorldGate Resort is ideally located close to all of the major Orlando attractions,” said Sunil Govind, president of, “When you consider that fall marks the beginning of the slow travel season, visitors will be saving time and money by enjoying an autumn vacation in Orlando.”

For a limited time, is offering two vacation package deals for travelers who call toll free at 1-800-396-1883 (local number 407-239-3553) or book their trip online at Orlando Vacation Packages

The Radisson Resort Disney Package (Promo Code OE1) offers four days/three nights at the WorldGate Resort for two people–a $ 753 value–for only $ 169 per package. This vacation package includes:

Two Touch of Magic Walt Disney World Tickets good for two visits to either Magic Kingdom, MGM Studios, EPCOT or Animal Kingdom
Two one day admission tickets to any Disney water park
Two tickets to the Arabian Nights Dinner Theater (available for a limited time)
Additional hotel nights are also available for only $ 79.00 per night

The Radisson “Bonus Bucks” Package (Promo Code OE2) includes four days/three nights at the WorldGate Resort for two people at a $ 129 per night room rate with $ 100 Radisson Bonus Bucks that can be used anywhere in the resort’s food and beverage outlets, to buy theme park tickets at the resort guest service desk, or to offset the cost of the room.

Both packages include the resort’s complimentary shuttle service to Walt Disney World, SeaWorld, and Universal Orlando. Other hotel amenities at this 566-room resort include:

The Savannah Grille, open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Pralines Food Court for quick and casual meals
Savannah Lounge (non-smoking)
Hummingbirds bar (smoking permitted) with indoor and outdoor seating, plus poolside entertainment on selected days
Tennis and basketball courts, plus a complete fitness center.
Two large outdoor heated swimming pools and a whirlpoolOrlando Vacation package participants must attend a vacation ownership presentation at the Radisson WorldGate Resort. Other qualifications may apply to take advantage of this limited time offer.


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