MaxCon Software and Aerialogics Establish Strategic Partnership

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) May 14, 2012

Fortuna Logistics, developer of “Maxcon Construction Management Software,” (, and Aerialogics, a premier provider of aerial measurement services and reporting for roofing contractors, (, announced today a strategic partnership that establishes compatibility between their respective technologies along with vast improvement in the economics is achieved for their mutual roofing contractor clients. Technology compatibility will enable web-based, ‘point-and-click’ ordering of Aerialogics’ aerial measurement reports from the “Maxcon Pro” toolset and utilize reported data across the software’s feature set. The two companies will also offer discounted pricing on aerial measurement reports and Maxcon software licensing when contractors purchase the companion services from either Aerialogics or Fortuna Logistics.

“Our technology compatibility and affiliate pricing agreement with Aerialogics offers our mutual clients better estimating productivity, where speed and accuracy with an ‘on target’ quote is a real competitive advantage in the roofing industry,” said Joe Radcliff, CEO of Fortuna Logistics. “In the race to earn a new project, the combination of aerial measurements and Maxcon is an innovative harnessing of internet-based tools contractors can use to get more done in less time.”

Aerialogics’ aerial measurement reports are delivered in 24 hours from online order and are accurate to within 1-2% of actual roof dimensions. Reports reduce estimating costs associated with making a site trip for measurements. “Compatibility with “Maxcon Sketch” further empowers contractors to produce finished estimates at a lower cost–we are pleased to partner with Fortuna Logistics to expand the boundaries of estimating efficiency,” said Sean Green, President/CEO of Aerialogics.

Sunseeker Energy Holding AG and Nations Roof Plan to Establish a U.S. Manufacturing Center

Zurich, Switzerland (PRWEB) July 28, 2009

Sunseeker Energy Holding AG is a solar energy company committed to developing new generation solar and hybrid power technologies for sustainable energy use throughout the world. Sunseeker Energy has developed a new concentrated solar energy (CPV) unit that reduces the active solar panel area per megawatt.

Nations Roof is America’s 11th largest roofing solutions supplier and is highly experienced in providing environmentally sustainable roofing solutions and solar installations to its extensive national client base.

“With 18 branches and 600 employees Nations Roof is the ideal partner for Sunseeker Energy’s nationwide U.S. program. The two companies have significant and complementary expertise, resources and leadership platforms that can be used to maximize the project outcomes.” Antony Howard, one of the founders and a Director of Sunseeker Energy Holding AG, goes on to explain, “The Joint Venture with Nations Roof to build a major manufacturing center will allow us to compete at the forefront of the American solar energy market.”

Nations Roof was founded to give today’s businesses a clear choice for trustworthy, cost-effective roofing. Nations Roof is the only top roofing contractor in the United States that delivers customers the unique combination of locally based installers and the strength and resources of a national company.

Sunseeker Energy’s unique combination of performance efficiency and reduced active solar panel area required per megawatt, coupled with low production costs lead to a strategic cost advantage for over alternate solar energy solutions. The end result is an outstanding platform for long term alternative energy power providers across the globe. Here’s a link to Sunseeker Energy’s detailed information brochure.

Sunseeker Energy’s solar collectors are infinitely flexible. They are designed with a range of package sizes in mind to fit differing customer needs from individual residential consumers to industrial scale roofing deployment and solar farms. The company has also been successful in designing and executing their concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) systems for deployment on a mass scale, such as those seen in commercial photovoltaic farms.

Sunseeker Energy’s concentrator solar transducer systems are more powerful and energy efficient than conventional solar energy collectors. For example, flat panel and thin film products operate at efficiencies significantly lower than Sunseeker’s CPV systems, with a typical figure being in the order of 15%. Sunseeker Energy’s solar collectors are independently verified at efficiencies up to 39%.

These remarkable systems also track the sun both horizontally and vertically throughout the day, to assure maximum output as can be seen in this Video of a Sunseeker Energy CPV Demonstration System. Accurate tracking technology is critical to CPV technology. This two axis tracking system provides exceptionally high accuracy at very low cost. This unit currently produces in the order of 300 watts per square meter.

Sunseeker’s solar collectors use common materials such as plastic and aluminum for the bulk of a system, and much less solar cell material so their concentrator systems are less susceptible to supply constraints of specialized materials such as photovoltaic cells. This makes Sunseeker Energy’s technology highly scalable to large volumes of production.

Sunseeker’s concentrators present exciting possibilities when deployed in large volume, including the promise of competing head-to-head with conventional power generation from oil, gas and coal. Sunseeker Energy is committed to meeting the energy challenges facing our world.

This communication is neither an offer to sell nor a request to make an offer to buy or subscribe to securities. There is no public offering of Sunseeker Energy Holding AG securities in connection with the listing Open Market trading at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. This communication is not a securities prospectus.

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