Emigration Canyon Home is First Recipient of LEED Silver Green Home Certification

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Located in Utah’s Emigration Canyon just north of Salt Lake City, this contemporary 2,500 square foot home was designed for a family with small children by Sparano + Mooney Architecture. It provides breathtaking canyon views from every angle, and is the first recipient of the LEED Silver green home certification thanks to sustainable materials and energy-efficient qualities.

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The main living room consists of a 30-foot operable wall that transforms it into an outdoor room, and cor-ten steel cladding mixed with board-formed wood textured concrete create a modern, low maintenance interior that maintains a natural style. The lower level is an open, flexible design, ideal to be used as an art studio, playroom, home office, or entertainment room.

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Solatube skylights maximize the use of natural light, and an in-floor radiant system provides energy-efficient heat during cold Utah winters. The surrounding landscape complements the architecture with native, drought-resistant plants that provide a seamless transition between the cozy home and rustic canyon surroundings.

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Rieteiland House Offers Energy Efficiency and Beautiful Panoramic Sunset Views

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The Rieteiland House in Amsterdam, The Netherlands is a breathtaking piece of architecture created by Hans van Heeswijk Architects.

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Designed on a newly established island’s plot of land, the box-like design features three floors and a basement with panoramic views of the beautiful surrounding landscape. The street-facing facade is clad in aluminum siding with sections that open up to display windows, and the water-facing side is made completely of glass and sliding doors. Each level has a panoramic view toward the west, the water, and the park, offering sunset views from every level.

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Special attention has been given to the sustainability features of this home, including some of the furniture, which was custom-made to accommodate the design. Thermal energy storage, a cold and heat pump, and solar collectors are all used to maximize energy efficiency and cut down on the home’s footprint.

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Source and images via Contemporist.com

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New LED Lighting Styles Launched by Barn Light Electric

Modern Kitchen LED Red Cherry Aero

Barn Light Electric has announced its launch a a new line of lighting fixtures that utilize innovative LED technology from Cree, Inc., an innovator in LED lighting.

Barn Light is combining its vintage-styled lighting with energy-efficient, low-maintenance LEDs. Cree provides a proprietary TrueWhite® technology that transmits a warm light similar to traditional incandescent bulbs.

“While LED lighting is hardly new, many people are unclear on all of the benefits of using LEDs,” said Scott Dodson, Project Manager and LED Liaison at Barn Light Electric. “When you invest in LED lighting, it may cost more up front than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, but you’ll start saving money, through reduced energy consumption and lower maintenance costs, the minute you flip the switch.”

Barn Light Gooseneck LED light

Dodson was pivotal in the implementation of Cree’s technology into Barn Light Electric’s lighting fixtures. Barn Light has incorporated the Cree LED components into a wide range of its most popular products such as the stem mount, wall sconce, gooseneck, cord hung, and RLM warehouse shades.

Barn Light Cord Hung LED Light

In a recent press release, Barn Light explains how the newest LEDs offer bright, natural light. “The color rendering index (CRI) characterizes light sources on a scale of 0 to 100 for their ability to produce natural light. The closer an LED light comes to 100 on the CRI, the more naturally colors are rendered. The CRI of fluorescent tubes is often around 72. Barn Light Electric LED fixtures, utilizing the latest in Cree technology, have a CRI between 92 and 94.”

LED lighting does not contain hazardous materials, is approximately 85 percent more efficient, is designed to last around 50,000 hours, and lasts longer than incandescents

“You can now have all the style and charm of vintage-style barn light fixtures coupled with LED technology,” said Bryan Scott, owner of Barn Light Electric. “You can truly have the best of both worlds with energy-efficient LED lighting available in all of your favorite barn lighting styles.”

Barn Light Electric is now the exclusive United States supplier of Benjamin™, Goodrich™, and Ivanhoe™ porcelain lights.

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MOSS Prefabricated Office Allows Employees to Work From Home

Moss Prefabricated Office

As a way to cut down on daily commutes and encourage more people to work from home, Victor Vetterlein has designed Micro Office Systems Space (MOSS), a prefabricated home office powered by clean energy. The offices are a 13-foot octogonal shape, designed to be either leased or purchased and installed in employees driveways, backyards, or even on the roof. The best part? They connect right into the main office.

Moss Prefabricated Office

Vetterlein sees this as a great way to boost productivity and get a few cars off the road without sacrificing environmental impact. The structure is made of laminated tree farm wood and steel connection plates, and the interior is made of Structural Insulated Panels. The cladding is made of Aluminum Composite Panels and is well insulated and weather tight to help maximize energy efficiency.

Moss Prefabricated Office

Radiant underfloor heating and a wood-fired stove keep it toasty warm in the winter, and the solar panels that provide electricity also provide shade in the summer. The skylight allows for natural ventilation and minimizes the need for lighting in the daytime.

Moss Prefabricated Office

If the standard space isn’t big enough, there is also a 3-foot add-on that includes a kitchen, toilet, and wastewater tank.

Do you think your boss would get in on this? Would it make you more likely to want to work from home?

Source and images via Dezeen

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Windows That Help with LEED Certification

This is the third installment in our series called Energy-Efficient Windows 101 made possible by Marvin Windows and Doors. In the previous article, I discussed some of the product options available for your energy-efficient windows. For this article I want to focus on how Marvin windows contribute towards a home’s efficiency and LEED certification.

Windows and Energy Efficiency

Windows are a weak point in the envelope of a home and can make a home uncomfortable or drafty. However, that doesn’t have to be the case with products available from Marvin. Energy-efficient windows and doors can help reduce energy bills by up to 15%, according to the Energy Star website, and Marvin has more than 150,000 options for meeting or exceeding Energy Star requirements. Marvin has dual- and triple-pane windows, various low-E coatings, insulating gases like argon and krypton, and several choices of framing materials.

Windows and LEED Certification

As you probably know, windows themselves can’t obtain LEED certification but they may contribute towards certification for a project or home. Marvin windows may help contribute toward LEED-H points in several categories relating to energy performance, construction waste management, recycled content, regional materials,daylighting and views, and certified wood.

Try the Smart Performance Promotion

Marvin is running a Smart Performance Promotion giving one lucky homeowner $5,000 toward the purchase of new Marvin windows and doors. In connection with the promotion, the company published a collection of energy efficiency and other home improvement tips from Lou Manfredini, a homebuilder, contributor to the Today Show, and host of HouseSmarts TV.

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MeterPlug Helps Save Money and Energy

Here’s a neat piece of pre-production technology called MeterPlug.  MeterPlug measures electricity consumption by plugging in between any appliance and the AC outlet.  The smart plug uses Bluetooth 4.0 to send data to your smartphone and enable features like proximity control, manual on/off, and vampire power shield.  In other words, with a range of about 100 feet and a smartphone, it’s easy to shut down appliances or calculate the costs of standby power.  Each plug is a little expensive right now, but if you want to try MeterPlug, you can pledge support at Indiegogo.

[+] More about MeterPlug smart plugs via Indiegogo.

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Strawbale Housing, Eco Pragmatists, Greenbuild Infographic, + Drought Damages

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November Month in Review [Outline]

Happy holidays!  Below is our coverage from November.  From newly published posts in November, I noticed these were the most popular — Six Oaks Container House, Boulder Container House, and Energy-Efficient Windows. Here’s the outline:

Innovative Prefab & Other Projects:

Technology & Products Innovation:

Know-How & Other Green News:

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Natural Gas Myth, Container Condos, Thanksgiving Conservation, + Boosting Solar

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Best Buy to Sell Cree Insignia LED Bulbs

Today Best Buy entered the consumer LED lighting game in a major way with two Insignia light bulb offerings from Cree.  Available exclusively at Best Buy, the 40-watt and 60-watt equivalent bulbs have the shape of a traditional incandescent bulb with omnidirectional lighting and they’re sold for $14 and $17, respectively.

These LED bulbs last more than 22 years (calculated on an average of 3 hours per day) and measure 3000 K, which is warm but cooler than an incandescent light bulb (which is about 2700 K).

The 40-watt bulb is dimmable, outputs 450 lumens, and uses 9 watts of energy, while the 60-watt bulb is also dimmable, outputs 800 lumens, and uses 13 watts of energy.  A couple of online reviews respond that the new bulb “buzzes” even if not on dimmer, so you’ll want to see if that’s a problem.

Nonetheless, the Insignia bulb by Cree has a 10-year warranty and is undergoing testing to obtain Energy Star certification.

[+] More about the Insignia LED light bulb at Best Buy.

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