Malta Home Maximizes a Small Lot With Cantilevered Design

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Located on the tiny island of Malta, this sustainable home by Chris Briffa Architects was designed on a lot only 250 square meters in size. The green-roofed, energy-efficient Hanging Home has turned into a significant design challenge, incorporating the small space with eco-friendly features into this modern yet traditional home.

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In order to bypass the zoning challenges of the small lot, nearly half of the house is cantilevered over the outdoor space, with portions of the living and dining rooms literally floating over the outdoor pool on a slab of concrete.

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The home uses low-energy radiant floor heating to stay warm in the winter, and stays cool in the summer through natural ventilation. The design allows for plenty of natural daylight and cross ventilation, keeping energy use at a minimum. Overall, the natural materials and strategic design provide a sustainable, energy-efficient home that is simple, stylish, and comfortable.

Rieteiland House Offers Energy Efficiency and Beautiful Panoramic Sunset Views

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The Rieteiland House in Amsterdam, The Netherlands is a breathtaking piece of architecture created by Hans van Heeswijk Architects.

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Designed on a newly established island’s plot of land, the box-like design features three floors and a basement with panoramic views of the beautiful surrounding landscape. The street-facing facade is clad in aluminum siding with sections that open up to display windows, and the water-facing side is made completely of glass and sliding doors. Each level has a panoramic view toward the west, the water, and the park, offering sunset views from every level.

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Special attention has been given to the sustainability features of this home, including some of the furniture, which was custom-made to accommodate the design. Thermal energy storage, a cold and heat pump, and solar collectors are all used to maximize energy efficiency and cut down on the home’s footprint.

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Blu Homes Announces Discount for those Affected by Sandy

Blu Homes Pre Fab Houses

Energy Efficient Home by Blu Homes Built To Last

For those affected by hurricane Sandy Bue Homes is offering a discount to help get you back into a new home at a discount. Along with this great offer they it in record time.

It has been a few months  now and if you are looking to get back on your feet, you can do so in an energy  efficient Pre Fab home by Blu Homes. With a host of customizable options and a build time of 5 to 9 months this is is a great offer. There is a wide range of design to chose from for your new Pre Fab home along with materials and energy saving features.

Air Sealing Rules, Affordable Efficiency, Green Roof Market, + More LEED Bashing

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September Month in Review [Outline]

It’s been another month, and here’s another outline of coverage from September. From newly published posts this month, I noticed that our articles about net-zero energy Grow Community and the not-so-big timber-frame home were the most popular. For a visual look at what’s being shared, also make sure to check out Jetson Green on Pinterest.

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Colored Solar Panels Hit California Market

I really like the dark-blue/black look of solar PV, but I suppose there may be someone that needs a different color, whether for aesthetics, compliance, or branding, etc.  Colored Solar is trying to grab a toehold in this market with red, emerald green, forest green, and polished marble panels.  In terms of panel efficiency, NREL found there is little performance compromised for a 16%+ efficiency colored 225W panel, according to Colored Solar.

The solar panels have ETL safety certification to UL1703 and a listing by the California Energy Commission, said Colored Solar in a company release.

The Stylish Solar Panels are produced and assembled in the USA and come with a 5-year workmanship and 25-year power warranty.  Colored Solar CEO Michael Mrozek said: “Our customers can be comfortable knowing that our panels have been tested to ETL’s respected standards and will meet and qualify for all rebates and tax incentives … our game changing colored solar panels are built to a higher standard.

[+] More about Colored Solar polycrystalline silicon PV.

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A House That Fits Like a Good Suit [Video]

Guy or girl, you’ve probably had the occasion to wear a business suit, right? If you have, you know what it’s like to have a good suit — the material, the cut, the look, the feel. It’s a great feeling, and that’s how Dieter Roskini describes his experience living in the first Passivhaus in Germany, according to a new video called Passive Passion.

Passive Passion is a 22-minute documentary by Charlie Hoxie about energy-efficient buildings with a specific focus on Passivhaus, or what’s called Passive House in the United States. It’s quite interesting and certainly makes a case for ultra-efficient multifamily structures.

That said, one should take the LEED comments with a bit of caution. Martin Holladay already noted one stretch of the truth in the video with respect to Passivhaus buildings being certified based on actual energy-use data. LEED, let’s remember, is a green building standard that may not be as strong as Passivhaus when it comes to energy efficiency, but there’s an argument for LEED’s superiority in terms of certifying for water efficiency, materials use and reuse, environmental air quality, and the location of a building. This is probably why some teams pursue both certifications in tandem.

In any event, this is a great intro to Passivhaus for anyone that’s interested. The video can be viewed online here, or purchased as a digital download ($12) or DVD ($15 plus shipping and handling).

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Beyond Efficiency, Greenest Approval, Hydroponic Container, + Electricity Redesign

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Cozine Creek Has a Cost-Efficient Cottage

This home in McMinnville is a 2011 Northwest Energy Star Home of the Year.  Showcasing an environmentally-considerate approach to the construction of a custom home, Cellar Ridge built the Cozine Creek Cottage for owner Pat Britton with the design by Matthew O. Daby of m.o.daby design. The cozy cottage has 1,287 square feet and was completed for $139 per square foot with a focus on energy efficiency.

To keep construction costs down, the owner and project team front-loaded the design process to avoid unnecessary change orders and work stoppages.  They decided early on to take a design, rather than a product, approach to efficiency.

So Cozine Creek Cottage was designed and built with a double-wall frame and offset 2

SolarCity Expands with Home Energy Loans

California-based SolarCity started out with solar and gradually expanded to energy efficiency services.  Now, with more than 5,000 efficiency projects completed or underway, the company wants to help the typical U.S. family save some of about $1,900 that’s spent every year on home utility bills.  The company just announced a plan to make energy-efficiency improvements more accessible with a new Home Energy Loan.

The Home Energy Loan is provided by Boston-based Admirals Bank and, of course, subject to credit approval.  Right now, there are three main loan products available, the one-year “Save Now, Pay Later” option and a three- or 10-year “Pay As You Go” option.

SolarCity starts off with a customized evaluation of a home and uses its own software to evaluate opportunities for improvement in nine area, including air infiltration, insulation, heating, cooling, and duct leakage.  The company then establishes a priority list with home improvement options based on energy and cost savings.

Homeowners can finance the efficiency upgrades, and SolarCity can implement most of the improvements (or make recommendations).  The point is not just to lower energy bills but it’s to help homeowners obtain the benefits of cleaner indoor air and greater interior comfort.

SolarCity currently has energy efficiency services available in Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Texas, and Washington, D.C.

Credit: SolarCity.

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