Green Olympic Games, Macho Sustainability, Window Solar Power, + CFL Skin Damage

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Object and The Echo Urge People to Throw Down at Lady Party 911, Sept. 11, 2007; Over-the-Top Hip-Hop Trio Yo Majesty Expected to Raise Roof, Female Consciousness

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) August 23, 2007

OBJECT, a fresh female forum bent on transcending the side-choosing women’s politics of yore, and The Echo welcome all to Lady Party 911, Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2007, at the Echoplex. Doors open at 7:30 p.m.; The Conversation (see below) starts at 8:00 sharp. Admission before 8:00 is $ 8.00; admission thereafter is $ 12.00. Tickets are available at the door or through TicketWeb. The Echoplex is located at 1154 Glendale Blvd., between Park Ave. and Scott Ave., in the Echo Park section of Los Angeles (no entry on Sunset Blvd.; valet parking will be available). Lady Party 911 is open to revelers 18 and older.

“We were thrilled by the turnout for our first event and are very excited to build on that momentum with Lady Party 911,” says OBJECT co-founder Lindsey Horvath. “By having music, comedy, speakers and activists, we’re encouraging dialogue on issues like empowerment and sexuality in a way that’s thought-provoking but also fun and entertaining. We guarantee the acts on this bill will get people talking.” Newly formed, with its first chapter in Los Angeles, OBJECT has borrowed the consciousness-raising traditions of the late ’60s to take up The Conversation among women. To learn more about OBJECT and The Conversation, go to

Lady Party 911 will kick into high gear with an onstage incarnation of The Conversation, featuring comediennes Jessi Klein and Jessica Chaffin hosting a debate on the burning issue OBJECT calls “Punishing the Princesses: The Media’s Obsession With Condemning Paris, Lindsay and Britney.” Their guests — sex educator Nina Hartley; Jen Sincero, author of “The Straight Girl’s Guide to Sleeping With Chicks”; and neo-feminist philosopher Tracy McMillan — promise a spirited exchange. The other gals in the joint are encouraged to join in with theories and questions.

Yo Majesty will reign over Lady Party 911 as headliners, bringing their hot booty-bass old-school jams all the way from Tampa, Fla. For those unfamiliar with the trio’s oeuvre, David Jakubiak, writing in the Chicago Sun-Times, recently acknowledged their vintage sound but also offered: “Shon B., Shunda K. and Jwl B. also bring it fully 21st century, with hyper-sexualized lyrics, a stage show that has been known to feature Jwl B. losing her top and lyric hooks that would rattle even the least prudish among the audience.”

Yo Majesty will hit the stage at 11:00 p.m., after a performance by fashion-forward San Francisco dance-punk queens Von Iva (9:30 p.m.), who are scheduled to celebrate the release of their new album, Our Own Island. Ferocity will be further fomented be Five Activists in Five Minutes – including a representative of Code Pink, the women-initiated grassroots peace and social-justice movement – and Lady Party mainstay DJ SparklePony.

Lady Party 911 attendees are expected to be a highly diverse, deeply opinionated lot. Men will be ushered in with love and respect, though OBJECT’s regular meetings are open only to women.

OBJECT coalesced in the spring of 2007 after its founding members objected to billboards promoting the film “Captivity” that presented graphic depictions of violence against women. The subsequent removal of the offensive images provided a lightbulb moment, reminding OBJECT’s initial objectors that they have the power to effect positive change. It also suggested that this power could be realized by other women and used for further good. The next step was The Conversation.

The Conversation is a safe space in which all women and girls are invited to explore the many and varied meanings of female identity and empowerment. Through The Conversation, we are committed to sharing perspectives, breaking barriers and striving for understanding. We believe in the art of conversation and that all OBJECT’s participants are artists. We trust in conversation for conversation’s sake. There are no stupid questions or wrong answers. There are no taboos. There is no judgment. There is only our mutual growth in the hothouse of open communication.

OBJECT’s participants, who meet casually once a month to have The Conversation, are writers, teachers, producers, activists, mothers, actors, publicists, students, visual artists, entertainment executives and achievers in other fields representing a broad spectrum of ages, backgrounds and beliefs.

OBJECT: It’s how you say it.

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