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Object and The Echo Urge People to Throw Down at Lady Party 911, Sept. 11, 2007; Over-the-Top Hip-Hop Trio Yo Majesty Expected to Raise Roof, Female Consciousness

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) August 23, 2007

OBJECT, a fresh female forum bent on transcending the side-choosing women’s politics of yore, and The Echo welcome all to Lady Party 911, Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2007, at the Echoplex. Doors open at 7:30 p.m.; The Conversation (see below) starts at 8:00 sharp. Admission before 8:00 is $ 8.00; admission thereafter is $ 12.00. Tickets are available at the door or through TicketWeb. The Echoplex is located at 1154 Glendale Blvd., between Park Ave. and Scott Ave., in the Echo Park section of Los Angeles (no entry on Sunset Blvd.; valet parking will be available). Lady Party 911 is open to revelers 18 and older.

“We were thrilled by the turnout for our first event and are very excited to build on that momentum with Lady Party 911,” says OBJECT co-founder Lindsey Horvath. “By having music, comedy, speakers and activists, we’re encouraging dialogue on issues like empowerment and sexuality in a way that’s thought-provoking but also fun and entertaining. We guarantee the acts on this bill will get people talking.” Newly formed, with its first chapter in Los Angeles, OBJECT has borrowed the consciousness-raising traditions of the late ’60s to take up The Conversation among women. To learn more about OBJECT and The Conversation, go to

Lady Party 911 will kick into high gear with an onstage incarnation of The Conversation, featuring comediennes Jessi Klein and Jessica Chaffin hosting a debate on the burning issue OBJECT calls “Punishing the Princesses: The Media’s Obsession With Condemning Paris, Lindsay and Britney.” Their guests — sex educator Nina Hartley; Jen Sincero, author of “The Straight Girl’s Guide to Sleeping With Chicks”; and neo-feminist philosopher Tracy McMillan — promise a spirited exchange. The other gals in the joint are encouraged to join in with theories and questions.

Yo Majesty will reign over Lady Party 911 as headliners, bringing their hot booty-bass old-school jams all the way from Tampa, Fla. For those unfamiliar with the trio’s oeuvre, David Jakubiak, writing in the Chicago Sun-Times, recently acknowledged their vintage sound but also offered: “Shon B., Shunda K. and Jwl B. also bring it fully 21st century, with hyper-sexualized lyrics, a stage show that has been known to feature Jwl B. losing her top and lyric hooks that would rattle even the least prudish among the audience.”

Yo Majesty will hit the stage at 11:00 p.m., after a performance by fashion-forward San Francisco dance-punk queens Von Iva (9:30 p.m.), who are scheduled to celebrate the release of their new album, Our Own Island. Ferocity will be further fomented be Five Activists in Five Minutes – including a representative of Code Pink, the women-initiated grassroots peace and social-justice movement – and Lady Party mainstay DJ SparklePony.

Lady Party 911 attendees are expected to be a highly diverse, deeply opinionated lot. Men will be ushered in with love and respect, though OBJECT’s regular meetings are open only to women.

OBJECT coalesced in the spring of 2007 after its founding members objected to billboards promoting the film “Captivity” that presented graphic depictions of violence against women. The subsequent removal of the offensive images provided a lightbulb moment, reminding OBJECT’s initial objectors that they have the power to effect positive change. It also suggested that this power could be realized by other women and used for further good. The next step was The Conversation.

The Conversation is a safe space in which all women and girls are invited to explore the many and varied meanings of female identity and empowerment. Through The Conversation, we are committed to sharing perspectives, breaking barriers and striving for understanding. We believe in the art of conversation and that all OBJECT’s participants are artists. We trust in conversation for conversation’s sake. There are no stupid questions or wrong answers. There are no taboos. There is no judgment. There is only our mutual growth in the hothouse of open communication.

OBJECT’s participants, who meet casually once a month to have The Conversation, are writers, teachers, producers, activists, mothers, actors, publicists, students, visual artists, entertainment executives and achievers in other fields representing a broad spectrum of ages, backgrounds and beliefs.

OBJECT: It’s how you say it.

Yo Majesty:

Von Iva:

Jen Sincero:

Tracy McMillan:

Jessi Klein:

Jessica Chaffin:

Code Pink:


FiltaFry Green Service Franchise Thrives In Down Economy –

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) July 15, 2009

As struggling businesses look to cut costs, the small but growing industry of cost reduction services is flourishing in the current economic environment. In times like these, anything that helps a business lower its operation costs is going to be a welcomed service. Several companies are taking such needs all the way to the bank, but an oil filtration company known as The Filtafry found a particularly unique niche that combines the benefits of cost reduction with the social capital of going green for restaurants and commercial kitchens.

Win-win situations are rare when environmental initiatives work in tandem with profit strategies, but the company based out of Orlando, Florida is succeeding by doing just that. Called Filtafy, this green franchise focuses on environmental and efficiency solutions for restaurants and commercial kitchens. The company’s largest product is an oil microfiltration service, which allows cooking oil to be used effectively for a much longer period of time, thus improving food quality and the life of the frying systems. It is a service that most restaurants had never heard of until Filtafry started franchising their FiltaFry service in the 90′s. Oil filtration is exactly what it sounds like. The company uses a proprietary technology to filter impurities out of used cooking oil to extend its use life. The company says it can extend oil life by up to 50%, reducing costs for restaurants (far more than the cost of the service) while lowering their impact on the environment. According to Filtafry’s president Jason Sayers, the company has filtered over 250 million pounds of oil since it’s inception, or enough to fill an entire football stadium. That’s a tremendous positive impact on the environment, as well as the profits of thousands of restaurants and commercial kitchens. The word is beginning to spread.

Starwood Hotel Brands, which includes the likes of Sheraton, Aloft, Westing, St. Regis, and other hotel leaders, entered a deal with the company recently to offer Filtafry’s services to the hundreds of hotel-managed restaurants and commercial kitchens in its management portfolio. A national agreement was reached with the hotel giant after a pilot program yielded an impressive 37% reduction in costs associated with frying oil processes or roughly $ 570,000 in savings.

Other major corporations are soon to follow suit as the attraction of cost reduction, and the added social capital of going green, grabs the attention of upper financial management and sustainability managers alike. The only downside is that oil filtration services are not yet available nationwide to fill the ever-increasing demand for such a service. Analysts expect the demand for oil filtration to increase 25% annually for the next several years, as going green and cost reduction becomes the motto of every Fortune 500 company and small restaurant chain alike. Filta Group president Jason Sayers put it best, “fried food isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Fryer’s are an essential part of almost any commercial kitchen. We just found a way to make them more efficient and profitable for restaurants. If we can make a profit making their business more profitable, then we have done our job.”

Staying true to its food service cost-reduction core, Filta has also just released a new service known as FiltaCool. This unique system utilizes passive moisture-controlling technology to increase refrigeration efficiency in restaurant coolers. The move is paying off for Filtafry and clients alike. Studies have shown the system’s ability to significantly increase the efficiency of refrigeration systems to control humidity and temperature, two major factors that help decrease energy costs in cold-storage. This passive and relaltively inexpensive service allows commercial kitchens, and restaurants to reduce operations costs even further than FiltaFry alone.

If you have not yet seen a Filta mobile service van in your area, expect to see it soon. The company is barely keeping pace with the number of new requests for franchise information. In times like these, it is good to see any company thriving. Especially one that combines green initiatives with profitability. Companies like Filta are the next evolution in the new economy. They are proof that social responsibility and profit can be achieved at the same time.


RE/MAX Survey Finds Homes Become More Modest As Builders Keep Costs Down In Chicago Real Estate And Illinois Real Estate Markets

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) January 23, 2009

Not long ago, every American family seemed to be seeking a trophy house – and new homes rapidly became bigger and grander as builders responded to those demands in the Illinois real estate and Chicago real estate markets. Today, the situation has changed markedly, especially for Chicago homes priced at $ 400,000 or less, but even homes in higher price brackets are making a nod toward modesty.

“We’re seeing a definite trend toward affordability and value in new moderately priced homes in the Chicago real estate and Illinois real estate markets,” reports Debbie Maxvold, broker/owner of RE/MAX Accord which has offices in Bloomingdale, IL and Rockford, IL. Her organization is heavily involved in marketing new homes in the Rockford area.

Larger home builders are shifting away from offering homes of 2,500 to 3,500 square feet and instead are emphasizing designs in the 1,600 to 2,500-square-foot range, according to Maxvold. To make the more limited amount of space as functional as possible, many new homes now utilize a great room concept, with one large living area that is open to the kitchen replacing the separate living and family rooms of more traditional floor plans.

Kathy Dames of RE/MAX Realty of Joliet in Joliet, Illinois, is seeing similar shifts in the new homes being offered in the Chicago real estate market of Will County.

“Builders are looking at the future and scaling back. They are building simpler designs that deliver the most house for the money. Instead of building homes of 2,800 to 3,000 square feet, they are building more homes of 1,800 to 2,300 square feet. And rather than offering an oversized kitchen and family room and separate living room, the homes being built now provide a somewhat smaller kitchen and a large great room but eliminate the traditional living room. They also have 9-foot ceilings throughout rather than the volume ceilings common a few years ago,” said Dames.

Other techniques builders are using to keep Illinois real estate home prices as low as possible while still delivering the primary features consumers desire include less expensive trim and fixtures, smaller lot sizes and less extensive standard landscaping. Some designs make greater use of shared baths, rather than giving each bedroom a private bath, according to Dames.

Among somewhat more upscale Chicago real estate homes that typically sell for $ 400,000 to $ 600,000, the size and features haven’t been changing as quickly, according to Tom Oliva of RE/MAX Central in Roselle, Illinois.

Lots are getting smaller because of the high cost of farm land, he reported. For instance, in Hampshire, IL, at the northwestern edge of the Chicago real estate market, the typical new suburban lot has shrunk by about a third. Standard lots ranged from one-half to a full acre seven or eight years ago, but current dimensions are typically around one-third acre, according to Oliva.

The builders of these homes are putting more emphasis on using long-lasting materials and minimizing maintenance costs so that owning the home is less burdensome to the family budget.

To do that, said Oliva, builders are installing more energy efficient appliances and furnaces, moving from wood shake roofing to architectural shingles and replacing cedar siding with a fibrous concrete siding that is essentially maintenance free for 50 years.

At the upper end of the Illinois real estate market, keeping costs down isn’t as much of a concern, but homes are still becoming less grand in terms of design and square footage, according to Marsha Ulbrich of RE/MAX Unlimited Northwest in Lake Zurich, IL.

“We are building somewhat smaller homes in the $ 1 million-plus segment of the market, but what we are seeing more of are high-tech amenities, such as centrally controlled light, sound and security systems,” said Ulbrich. “There are still homes of 10,000 square feet or more being built, but most are two-story homes totaling 5,000 square feet, with perhaps another 3,000 square feet in a walkout basement level.”

Ulbrich also sees a new emphasis on coziness, with fewer grand spaces and volume ceilings.

“Not long ago it was difficult to sell a luxury home without volume ceilings, but now families want more of a sense of intimacy along with entertainment capabilities,” she said. “These buyers are doing more of their entertaining at home, rather than taking guests out.”

One trend Ulbrich isn’t seeing in most luxury homes is the first-floor master suite. “The families building these homes tend to be young enough so that they still have children in the house, and the parents want their bedroom on the same level as the children’s bedrooms. The exceptions are in homes built specifically for empty nesters, where a first-floor master is becoming quite common.”

According to Susan Rhoades of RE/MAX Suburban in Wheaton, IL, most new upper bracket houses being built these days are custom projects.

“The major changes we’re seeing are in the kitchen/family room area,” she said. “Kitchens have become very elaborate and are open to large family rooms, while the more formal rooms in the house, the living room and dining room, have become smaller.”

Baths, like kitchens, are getting additional upgrades, such as multi-head shower units and full-body sprays, as well as saunas or steam showers. Energy saving features, including tankless water heaters and floors with radiant heat, also are being included.

Another shift that Rhoades has noticed is the growing importance of basement areas, which have, she said, “become a continuation of the upstairs living areas.” These contemporary basements, typically accessed via a wide and open staircase, include such features as a home theater area, wine cellar and recessed lighting, allowing the builder to deliver more finished high-value space at less cost.

“Patio areas are becoming more sophisticated and have replaced decks as the preferred setting,” contends Rhoades, and they often include such features as an outdoor kitchen, fireplace and seating walls.

Two features that seem to be showing up with increasing frequency in new single-family homes across the pricing spectrum are the home office and the three-car garage.

“People want a home office because so many folks now work from home much of the time,” said Debbie Maxvold. “We even see families that would like two home offices because both spouses work at home, but in those instances, they usually convert a bedroom into the second office.”

As for garages, “the three-car garage is here to stay, but to save money when necessary, you will see more tandem designs where the third parking space is behind the other two, rather than garages with three separate doors,” reports Kathy Dames.

In the luxury home market, noted Ulbrich, four-car garages have become the standard, and most homes in that category provide even more parking because it isn’t unusual for a family to have five or six cars if there are teenagers in the house.

While new home construction nationally is at its slowest pace in many years right now, Dames believes that when the housing market does turn around, new home developments will be the first to come back, in part because many of the homes being offered will be more affordable than in the recent past.

“The homes we’ll be seeing at that point will be closer in size to those built in the mid-1980s than to the homes built between 1995 and 2005,” she said.

RE/MAX is the leader in northern Illinois real estate sales and has been number one in residential sales in the Chicago real estate market since 1989. In 2008, the RE/MAX network in northern Illinois closed apprxoimately $ 8 billion in sales.

The RE/MAX Northern Illinois real estate network consists of 3,000 associates and 145 individually owned and operated RE/MAX offices that provide residential, relocation and commercial real estate services throughout the northern one-third of Illinois. The network’s Web site system,, is an outstanding resource for buyers and sellers. RE/MAX Northern Illinois is part of RE/MAX International, a global real estate organization with 7,000 independently owned offices and 100,000 member sales associates in 73 countries.


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Dallas Air Conditioning Repair Company Cools Down The Hottest Meats in Town

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) June 20, 2011

Since 1975, Ellis Air Conditioning has been providing the DFW area with the highest level of service. As a result, they have continued to grow as a company to service an ever-expanding area. This family owned business recently took on the task of redesigning the air conditioning and air flow system at Texas de Brazil, a busy, and hot downtown Churrascaria. Known for delicious meats of all kinds, including Brazilian sausage, leg of lamb and bacon-wrapped chicken breast, Texas de Brazil Steakhouse roasts all day over open fires. While the slow roasting makes delicious meat, it also creates a hot interior. Add to this the throngs of people who go there for the extensive salad and entree bar with over 75 items, and the cooling system is always working overtime. Ellic AC expertly installed a complex system to address this problem without causing the restaurant to lose a single business day.

The Ellis Air Conditioning team set about analyzing the existing air flow system and cooling units. To replace the existing equipment, the walls were taken down and re-built after the new installation. In all, six 5 ton split systems were replaced. With a huge 55 ton crane set up on a busy down town fort worth street, eight more 5 ton roof top unit’s were hoisted into place; a total of 70 tons of new air conditioning and heat equipment, all done in a single day. Suddenly, a busy restaurant which struggled to cool their customers from day one was now able to offer a comfortable interior and great food.

Getting this job done promptly was no accident. Ellis Air hires only the best licensed and bonded technicians, each of whom has an average 15 years in the business. They also insist on factory training certifications. In an industry where fully 85 percent of technicians are not certified, this is quite an accomplishment. Ellis Air does residential and commercial work, and runs 15 trucks in their service areas. Their dedication to quality was part of the reason Texas de Brazil chose Ellis AC to do the job for them, but there are other reasons as well. The Dallas air conditioning company is a large Carrier dealer, the leading manufacturer of heating and air conditioning units in the country. Carrier is known for environmentally safe products and a commitment to excellence. EllisAC offers warranties up to ten years on new installations, and up to two years for repairs. Parts for common brands are stocked on every truck, which eliminates time-wasting trips to supply houses. They also give accurate pricing up front, so the customer has no surprises when the job is done. To ensure prompt service, a professional dispatch system is used. When they arrive at the door, the technician takes a comprehensive view of the problem. Mechanical failures may be caused by one part or multiple parts of the air flow system, and ensuring the issue is fixed right the first time prevents unnecessary future service calls or repairs.

This family owned heating and air company takes care of all related needs as well. Besides new installations, they offer air duct cleaning, attic ventilation and chimney cleaning services, and installation of attic insulation. They know that when all of these areas are clean and operational, the system is more efficient and more effective. Satisfaction is guaranteed and their track record with the Better Business Bureau proves it. Integrity is nothing new to Ellis AC, though. The business began with brothers Mark and Kent Ellis of the Oak Cliff area, who were weaned on solid work ethics by their father. The boys learned what it meant get a job done right from the man who helped install the first television towers in the 1950′s. Their lessons were well-learned, and helped them get through some rough times when the business was first getting off the ground. *Over thirty five years later, their ‘small’ family business is still taking these lessons to heart, and experiencing a healthy expansion as a result.

Although the Texas de Brazil job was relatively large, Ellis Air still considers big and small residential jobs the bulk of its business. They continue to service the DFW area with the best equipment in the industry, and constantly work to maintain integrity in their work. As part of this commitment, technicians stay at the top of their field, renewing and receiving new professional certifications as needed. For more information, or to bring a service truck to your area today, you can visit them at:

Contact Ellis Air Conditioning and Heating:

536 N. Highway 67 Cedar Hill, Texas

972-291-9316 or 972-937-4488

2633 McKinney Ave Suite 130-181 Dallas, Texas 75204


License #: TACLB002064E

About Ellis Air Conditioning and Heating:

Since 1975, Ellis Air Conditioning and Heating has provided HVAC, Air Conditioning, Heating, and Ventilation services to the entire Dallas/Ft. Worth area including the following cities: Dallas, Highland Park, University Park, Oak Cliff, Desoto, Duncanville, Cedar Hill, Grand Prairie, Arlington, Fort Worth, Irving, Las Colinas, Valley Ranch, Colleyville, Coppell, Carrollton, Southlake, Frisco, Flower Mound, Grapevine, The Colony, Addison, Richardson, Plano, Garland, Mesquite, Allen, Rowlett, Wylie, Red Oak, and surrounding areas.

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