Port-a-Bach Features Stylish Home Design in a Portable Container

Port a Bach portable container home external

The Port-a-Bach home is designed by the New Zealand Atelierworkshop architectural firm of Cecile Bonnifait and William Giesen, whose “approach is orientated towards reconnecting people with a physical reality, a territory, its history and a cultural context.” They believe that up-cycling containers can be effective solutions in projects where site access and portability are concerns.

The prototype for the Port-a-Bach home was built in China and shipped to New Zealand where they are now looking for commercial partners to begin mass production. Designed to be a holiday home, I think that the Port-a-Bach would appeal to tiny home dwellers and perpetual travelers alike.

It is portable and secure, with a high level finish and is designed with the environment in mind.

Port a Bach portable container home internal

With space for two adults and two children to sleep, it could be used as a living space for short- or long-term use, perhaps while a custom home is being constructed or if you are leasing your land and don’t want to invest in a permanent structure.

Power, water, and sewer can be supplied independently, as it is suitable for land that has been developed for utilities or is yet undeveloped. It can be situated on a wide variety of ground conditions by way of six concrete footings that serve as a non-invasive foundation.

The Port-a-Bach can be transported by helicopter or truck and installed with a minimal amount of impact on any site. It can be folded into a fully-enclosed exterior steel shell to be stored or secured or relocated.

Features include cupboards and shelving, stainless steel fittings, and kitchen appliances. The bathroom has an open shower, a sink, and a composting toilet.

Port a Bach portable container home internal

An fabric screen system for the interior of the structure provides for the option of creating room divisions on-the-fly, and an exterior canvas can be used to cover a deck area to expand the living space outdoors.

Port a Bach portable container home unfolding

Port a Bach portable container home Night

MOSS Prefabricated Office Allows Employees to Work From Home

Moss Prefabricated Office

As a way to cut down on daily commutes and encourage more people to work from home, Victor Vetterlein has designed Micro Office Systems Space (MOSS), a prefabricated home office powered by clean energy. The offices are a 13-foot octogonal shape, designed to be either leased or purchased and installed in employees driveways, backyards, or even on the roof. The best part? They connect right into the main office.

Moss Prefabricated Office

Vetterlein sees this as a great way to boost productivity and get a few cars off the road without sacrificing environmental impact. The structure is made of laminated tree farm wood and steel connection plates, and the interior is made of Structural Insulated Panels. The cladding is made of Aluminum Composite Panels and is well insulated and weather tight to help maximize energy efficiency.

Moss Prefabricated Office

Radiant underfloor heating and a wood-fired stove keep it toasty warm in the winter, and the solar panels that provide electricity also provide shade in the summer. The skylight allows for natural ventilation and minimizes the need for lighting in the daytime.

Moss Prefabricated Office

If the standard space isn’t big enough, there is also a 3-foot add-on that includes a kitchen, toilet, and wastewater tank.

Do you think your boss would get in on this? Would it make you more likely to want to work from home?

Source and images via Dezeen

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Six Oaks Container House in California

This 1,200 square-foot home was built with six used shipping containers in Felton, California.  Designed by Modulus, the home was the subject of a 2012 Citation Award from the Santa Clara Valley chapter of the AIA.  The architect camped on the site to study light and other characteristics, according to Dwell, and designed the layout to reduce construction grading.  The containers were left exposed but painted, and the walls were covered with drywall for a clean interior look.  Inside, an atrium was used for light and to radiate heat throughout the home.

[+] More about the Six Oaks container house by Modulus.

Credits: Modulus; noticed at Dwell.

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Not So Big Timber Frame Home in Oregon

This is an 800-square-foot home in the River Road area in north Eugene. It was designed by Nir Pearlson and built by Six Degrees Construction for owners Rob Handy and Julie Hulme, who were inspired by The Not So Big House and other books by Sarah Susanka, FAIA. It turns out the owners upsized their situation by deconstructing an existing 620-square foot house built several decades ago, according to The Register-Guard.

The new home has an exposed wood structure, earthen plaster walls, a double-insulated envelope, copper-penny metal roofing, and plywood and HardiePlank siding. It was designed with open, connected spaces and abundant lighting through clerestories, skylights, doors, and windows.

River Road Residence also has a mini-split heat pump, HRV, 3.36 kW solar PV on the south-facing roof, a solar hot water collector, and an irrigation system that uses reclaimed greywater and rainwater.

The green home received gold-level certification from the Earth Advantage Institute, according to The Register-Guard, which has a full story on the timber-frame home located on two acres of land. In addition, visit the websites for the architect Nir Pearlson and builder Six Degrees Construction.

Credits: Nir Pearlson Architect, Inc.

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Sunset Idea House Prefab in Healdsburg

The Sunset Magazine Idea House that I mentioned a few months ago will open for public tours on August 3, 2012.  Located in Healdsburg, California, the $2.65 million green prefab has 3,000 square feet and a 480-square-foot guest house with a total of five bedrooms and five bathrooms, according to Healdsburg Patch.  The Idea House was fabricated by Blu Homes, developed by Rosemary Wardell, and designed on the inside by Sharon Portnoy.  Drop by and tell us what you think if you get the opportunity to visit the Idea House.

[+] Idea House a Stunner in Healdsburg on Healdsburg Patch.

Credits: Keri Brenner.

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Low-VOC Light Sheetrock for Easy Install

It turns out lighter gypsum wallboard sells well.  In July 2010, USG Corporation tested the market for Sheetrock UltraLight panels, which are anywhere from 15-24 pounds lighter per panel depending on the size, and they outsold heavier product, according to NYSE Magazine.  Since then, the panels have rolled out to several Home Depot stores and a 40% lighter joint compound was introduced in January this year.

In terms of green attributes, the non-combustible core is made with recycled content and the face and back paper is 100% recycled.  In addition, the panels qualify as a low-VOC emitting material (i.e., compliant with CA 01350).

But really UltraLight was designed to make it easier to install gypsum.  The panels are harder, up to 30% lighter, and easier to score and snap than standard gypsum, according to USG.  The product has at least 16 reviews at Home Depot and many of the comments reflect that the panels feel light and score easily.

[+] More about Sheetrock Brand UltraLight Panels.

Credits: USG Corporation. 

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50/10 Houses Aim for a Green Sweet Spot

When a large or expensive home is presented on this site, it’s common to get an adverse response from readers requesting that we feature smaller and more affordable homes.  Today, I’m going to take that opportunity to share something called the 50/10 House developed by Cellar Ridge Custom Homes and m.o.daby design in Oregon.

A 50/10 House aims for the sweet spot of performance and cost — it’s 50% more efficient than local code, and the construction requires a reasonable 10% upfront investment.

This graphic explains what goes into a 50/10 House to make it more efficient than code. There’s above-code insulation, heat recovery ventilation, energy-efficient lighting, air sealing in the gaps and cracks, a thermally broken wall system, Energy Star appliances, thoughtful overhangs, carefully placed windows, a high-efficiency water heater, and a mini-split heat pump system.

The homes range in size from about 1,200 – 1,600 square feet and will be oriented to optimize the sun. Roof lines are designed for solar panels, should an owner decide to spend a little more to reach net-zero energy or greater efficiencies.

Cellar Ridge and m.o.daby are currently offering 50/10 Houses from a starting price of $190,000, without land anywhere in the Portland metro area, or from $225,000 with the lot in McMinnville, Oregon.

Though more affordable than custom or architect-designed residential, a 50/10 House is not cookie cutter. Cellar Ridge and m.o.daby, who combined their efforts on the Morning Sun project, offer several architectural styles with alternative floor plans. Furthermore, owners have the ability to customize cladding materials and colors.

[+] More about the elements of a high-performance 50/10 House.

Credits: m.o.daby design. 

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Active House Specification Migrates to U.S.

It’s time to welcome a new green building protocol with the arrival of the Active House specification in the United States.  The specification gets a big test with this home, called Active House USA, which will be the first Active House in the country when finished.  It’s designed by Jeff Day & Associates and will be built by Hibbs Homes and Verdatek Solutions in St. Louis to test the new specification in a mixed climate.  Here’s a little more about Active House and this 2,500 square foot home.

First and foremost, Active House is a “target framework for how to design and renovate buildings that contribute positively to human health and well-being by focusing on the indoor and outdoor environment and the use of renewable energy,” according to the specification published by Active House Alliance.

An Active House is designed to the Trias Energetica concept — first reduce energy demand, then source renewable energy, and finally use fossil fuels as efficiently as possible, if necessary.

In addition, the specification has an indoor climate component that relates to lighting, views, thermal environment, indoor air quality, and noise and acoustics, as well as an environment component that relates to energy consumption, water consumption, and cultural and ecological context.

All of these will be put to the test in Active House USA, which will be built with Insulpan SIPs, triple-glazed windows, zero- and low-VOC paints and finishes, an ERV, a high-efficiency furnace, and reclaimed materials.

For extra measure, the project team will also pursue four certifications: Energy Star, EPA Indoor airPlus, Building America Builder’s Challenge, and the National Green Building Standard, according to the Structural Insulated Panel Association.  I’ll follow the project and provide updates in the future.

[+] More about energy efficient Active House USA in Webster Groves.

Credits: Jeff Day & Associates (top); Active House Alliance.

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Local Executive Suite Owner Announces Worldwide Access and Launch of Online Conference Room Reservation Portal Designed to Meet Growing Global On-Demand Needs of Small Space Users

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) March 31, 2008

Orlando entrepreneur Catherine Price has announced a new focus on providing services that allow Execu-Suites Office Business Center clients to work from any location, whether that be in the office, at home or in another city location anywhere in the world.

Execu-Suites Office Business Centers feature the traditional business services most commonly provided by executive suite companies, such as live phone answering, receptionist services, and mail services. However Orlando-based Execu-Suites Office Business Centers goes a step further when it comes to making it easy for clients to work out of another city location temporarily for free, book conference room time in its Orlando locations online, and search worldwide for other Executive Suite offices.

Through a strategic affiliation with Alliance Business Centers Network, Execu-Suites offers choice beyond their two local Orlando locations. Execu-Suites clients have the ability to access day office or conference room space at over 600 other locations worldwide with the first 8 hours per month free. This service works well for client Kevin Burleson-Web of UDP Co., Ltd. who states: “On a recent trip to Atlanta I had some down-time between appointments. I was able to go to an office to work, pick up emails and make telephone calls in a professional and comfortable environment. The staff in Atlanta was terrific and treated me in just the same way as if I were one of their tenants. This is a good and useful addition to the excellent service I already get at Execu-Suites.”

Execu-Suites has also made it easy for clients who need to secure a permanent office presence in another city. Through its affiliation with Search Office Space of America, Execu-suites now offers worldwide search capabilities online for those needing to secure full time or virtual office space in almost any major city location around the world. Visitors to http://www.execusuitesinc.com can choose from over 1000 worldwide locations and contact a representative directly.

In addition to the expanded locations offering and worldwide search capabilities, Price has created an online portal which allows clients to check meeting room availability and book meeting room time online at her two Orlando locations. Allen Baum, Vice President of RealManage, speaks highly of the online booking program as follows: “While speaking with a prospect in Dallas, we can book the conference room by coordinating the manager’s schedule and Execu-Suites conference room availability all at the same time. Phenomenal!” The only one of its kind, plans are in the works to market the online conference room program to other independent owners around the US.

“Execu-Suites is dedicated to providing, image, flexibility and a total array of cutting edge business services designed to fit the growing on-demand officing needs in this fast paced global economy,” said Price. Execu-Suites Office Business Centers can be found online at http://www.execusuitesinc.com

About Catherine Price

Catherine Price has founded four companies and has advised small businesses for more than 25 years. During her 17-year tenure with NationsBank of Florida, Ms Price created the Florida Banks Small Business Lending Division through which she helped small and medium size businesses obtain conventional and SBA financing. Her executive suite companies have helped thousands of large, midsize, and home based businesses work more professionally, and more profitably.

About Execu-Suites Office Business Centers:

Execu-Suites has been providing cost-effective workplace solutions since 1998, offering companies and individuals the products and services required to work and thrive in today’s global on-demand economy

Services range from full time Officing to Virtual Office alternatives designed exclusively to support the growing trend of mobile professionals and those working from home. In addition to our two Orlando locations, Execu-Suites offers conference room/day office access to over 600 worldwide locations through their affiliation with the Alliance Business Centers Network. Execu-Suites also provides the ability to search for Executive Suite locations in most metropolitan cities worldwide through its affiliation with Search Office Space Of America. Execu-Suites operates locally in the Downtown and Southwest Orlando areas.

For more information please contact:

Catherine Price

Execu-Suites Office Business Centers

Phone 407.236.0400


# # #

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QHR Launches Toolkit Designed for Hospital Compliance Officers

Brentwood, TN (Vocus/PRWEB) April 08, 2011

Quorum Health Resources (QHR), the market leader in hospital management and the seventh largest healthcare consulting company in the United States, has created a new Compliance Toolkit to help hospital compliance officers develop best-in-class compliance programs. The toolkit includes more than 60 sample policies, procedures, documents and training materials that hospital compliance teams can leverage to customize their own programs.

“Hospitals nationwide want to identify gaps in their compliance processes and ensure they have the key elements of a strong compliance program in place,” said QHR Associate Vice President of Compliance Carla Wallace. “QHR’s toolkit allows them to view examples of best-in-class policies and procedures, and then customize them for use in their hospital.”

Specifically, QHR’s toolkit helps compliance officers and teams:

Assess how their current policies and procedures compare against proven industry standards;
Prevent, detect and resolve compliance challenges more quickly;
Develop policies and procedures specific to high risk compliance areas; and
Educate and train staff on compliance best practices and industry trends.

QHR will launch its new toolkit at the upcoming Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA) Conference in Orlando on April 10, 2011. The toolkit is available for purchase for $ 749 at: http://www.qhrlearninginstitute.com/?page=compliancetoolkit. Professionals who visit QHR’s booth at the conference will receive a special promo code to receive a $ 149 discount off of the purchase price.

To learn more about Quorum Health Resources’ Compliance Consulting Services, visit http://www.qhr.com/consulting/compliance.

About Quorum Health Resources

QHR (Quorum Health Resources) has provided consulting, management and education resources to hospitals and health systems for three decades. QHR is the market leader in hospital management, with nearly 150 current multi-year clients across the U.S. As a consulting resource, QHR is the seventh largest healthcare management consulting firms in the U.S., and the QHR Learning Institute reaches more than 10,000 healthcare professionals each year. For more information, go to http://www.qhr.com.


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