NJ Pressure Washing Service Awarded Walmart Contract for Holidays

Roselle, NJ (PRWEB) December 15, 2011

AAA Mobile Wash, Inc. has announced that it has been awarded a contract for the holiday cleaning of the majority of northern New Jersey Walmart stores. This is a significant contract that will mean a lot to Walmart, its shoppers and AAA Mobile Wash as a business.

“This time of year can be overwhelming for large scale businesses like Walmart who are seeing shoppers come out in droves,” says owner Robert Campagna. “Even in this tough economy, these next few weeks leading up to Christmas and the New Year bring in a ton of traffic to Walmart and other businesses who want to keep their storefronts clean for the holidays. We have seen a record number of shoppers already this year, and we are proud to be bringing our power washing teams to the physical locations where these people are spending their time and money this season.”

Here, Campagna mentions his company’s specialty, which is power or pressure washing everything from walls, to floors, to parking lots and concrete. No matter if the surface is on the ground – in the case of tarmac or pavement in a store’s parking lot and pedestrian ways, or if it is upright – i.e. exterior walls and brick, power washing is a technique that can be adjusted to clean completely and safely without the risk of damage.

“We have built our reputation on professional service and that is what won us this contract with the Walmart corporation,” says Campagna. “We have the most advanced equipment in the industry and our service people have been trained to use it in ways that go above and beyond what people anticipate. The difference between our power washing jobs and others is noticeable, and the people of New York and New Jersey are happy to recommend us for any job – no matter if it is a family residence or large scale businesses like Walmart and other shopping centers.”

The company specializes in a number of cleaning and painting jobs, and are known in the area for their commitment to professionalism, meeting deadlines and leaving behind clean and safe work spaces. The power and pressure washing services they provide can be applied to a wide range of surfaces including concrete, tarmac, pavement, brick, siding, roofing shingles, tiles and more.

For media inquiries, contact Robert Campagna at 908-241-1000.



Olympia Steel Buildings Lands Huge Contract To Ship Buildings to Kazakhstan

Mc Kees Rocks, PA (Vocus) November 6, 2010

Olympia Steel Buildings has just landed a huge contract to ship buildings into Kazakhstan for a new state of the art manufacturing plant planned for the manufacture modular housing to meet the recent housing development boom.

“Olympia Steel Buildings has more large building projects up the road,” stated Arnold Davis, company President. “The oil boom that Kazakhstan is now experiencing has created an urgent need for modular housing and major housing development projects. It is no secret that due to earthquake vulnerability, the entire region is moving away from concrete structures toward the safety and security of solid steel I-beam pre-engineered steel building construction. Strict building codes that apply to pre engineered steel buildings and metal buildings systems assure that pre-engineered steel buildings meet seismic codes and will not crumble and collapse when the earth shakes like other structures do.”

Olympia Steel Buildings has established a good infrastructure in Kazakhstan and the surrounding region, having penetrated into markets such as Turkmenistan, Russia and Serbia that are opening to the West and Western business models after the collapse of the Soviet Union. These countries are seeking to move from Third and even Fourth World status and develop their economies, fired by their huge oil reserves, new oil pipelines and the industries that fuel them.

“Olympia Steel Buildings stands ready to deliver buildings anywhere in the world,” asserts Davis, “and, we can provide complete turnkey construction packages anywhere in the world, including labor, supervision, erection of steel buildings, concrete work, electrical. We not only prepare the foundation, erect the steel building and install all mechanical systems, we finish the building interior, install drywall, flooring and fixtures and complete all interior painting. We even provide optional landscaping services. We are very excited about the opportunity to introduce Olympia Steel Buildings into Kazakhstan and the entire region. Our experience and knowledge of pre-engineered metal building construction combined with the latest technology in building today deliver a building that is sustainable, cost-effective and energy efficient – and you get a beautiful building.”

About Olympia Steel Buildings

Olympia Steel Buildings are supplied by Universal Steel Buildings Corp, an industry leader in pre-engineered steel buildings for over 40 years, and sole supplier of Olympia Steel Buildings

Stirling Homes Shares a Spring Property Checklist & Offers Access to Services Without a Contract!

Aspen, CO (PRWEB) April 21, 2011

Spring has finally arrived in Aspen, Colorado – albeit a tad reluctantly. Temperatures are now warming up and the snow is slowly fading away.

With the arrival of spring comes the annual tasks of scheduling lawn care, regular interior and exterior maintenance, and housekeeping. Here are a few suggestions for spring maintenance:

Gutters and downspouts: Remove leaves and debris from gutters and downspouts. Inspect gutters for proper slope to the downspout. Reattach gutters that have pulled away from the house.
Roof: Inspect roof surface flashing, eaves and soffits. Check flashings around all surface projections and sidewalls. Check drainage at same time as gutters above. Check the attic for leaking.
Siding: Clean siding with a pressure washer to keep mold from growing. Check all wood surfaces for weathering and/or paint failure. Repair, paint and stain as necessary.
Exterior caulking: Inspect caulking and replace if deteriorating. Scrape out all the eroding caulk and re-caulk the needed area.
Window sills, door sills, and thresholds: Fill cracks, caulk edges, repaint or replace if necessary. Check weather stripping and replace as necessary.
Window and door screens: Clean screening and check for holes. Patch holes or replace the screen. Tighten or repair any loose or damaged frames and repaint. Replace broken, worn, or missing hardware. Wind can ruin screens and frames that are allowed to flap and move, so make sure they are securely fastened. Tighten, clean and lubricate door hinges, closers and tracks.
Landscape: Cut back and trim all vegetation and overgrown bushes that are touching structures.
And the list goes on. Clean the evaporative cooler, change the furnace filter, check the foundation, treat decks and wood fences, power wash flagstone patios, re-seal the driveway, fire up the sprinkler system.

Does your Aspen property need freshening up? We invite you to call on Stirling Homes, Inc. if you have specific landscaping, maintenance or housekeeping projects. Now thru June 15th, Stirling Homes, Inc. is extending it’s services to our non-managed property owners with rates starting at $ 50 per hour. Our qualified team believes in proactive preventative maintenance.

Stirling Homes Inc. specializes in real estate, vacation rentals, and property management in Aspen, Colorado. We emphasize customer relations, competitive pricing, and individualized service. We’re not trying to be the biggest, only the most respected and reliable Aspen property management company. The emphasis is on sustainable, preventative maintenance. We respond promptly and intelligently.


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Secrets of Successful Contract Management Optimization – Pangea3 and Cardinal Health Share Real Examples, Processes and Solutions at Emptoris Empower 2011

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 18, 2011

In an increasingly global and competitive market, it is more crucial than ever for companies to ensure their contract management strategies deliver to the bottom-line. David Perla, co-founder and co-CEO, Pangea3, a Thomson Reuters business will be a featured speaker at Emptoris Empower 2011, the premier supply and enterprise contract management conference on October 18-20, 2011 at the Westin Copley Place, Boston.

Perla and Patrick Eckhert, director, Indirect Procurement, Cardinal Health, will candidly discuss leveraging technology and legal process outsourcing (LPO) for optimal contract management in the joint session, ?Tackling the Bottlenecks in Your Enterprise: How Technology and Consulting Services Can Help Optimize Your Processes,? on Wednesday, October 19 at 2:35 pm.

?I?m thrilled to be working with Cardinal Health and Emptoris, and for the opportunity to share our findings with conference attendees,? said Perla. ?Cardinal Health is revolutionizing its contract management functions, taking progressive steps to meet its organizational objectives ? and is seeing results as measurable ROI. Phasing in LPO, for example, originally helped lift the burden of legacy contract review and abstraction. Today, Pangea3 and Cardinal Health have a true contract management partnership that is constantly evolving and we look forward to talking about this in our session.?

Bringing together executives from the world?s leading companies, Emptoris Empower 2011 features two full days of educational sessions, networking and sharing of best practices designed to drive intelligence, decision and value.

For a complete conference agenda and to register, visit the Emptoris Empower 2011 website, http://www.emptoris.com/empower/overview.asp.

About Pangea3

Pangea3, a Thomson Reuters business, is the most experienced provider of high-quality outsourced legal solutions to the world’s most respected companies and law firms. Since 2004, Pangea3 has offered under one roof the most comprehensive suite of legal solutions, including corporate, litigation, compliance and IP-related services, to hundreds of clients around the globe.

Combining legal DNA, award-winning services and process expertise with Thomson Reuters intelligent information, tools and platforms, Pangea3 delivers intelligent legal outsourcing solutions that improve clients’ efficiency, extend their capacity and provide cost and timeline certainty. Pangea3, recently voted “Best Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) Provider” in the 2011 New York Law Journal Reader Rankings, is seen as the world standard in the LPO marketplace. For more information, visit http://www.pangea3.com.


Nola Profil, U.S.A. is Awarded its First United States Contract

(PRWEB) January 7, 2000

Swedish metal roofing and siding

products never before used in the U.S.A. will be installed on a 40,000 square foot Medical Complex in Troy, Michigan. This seven-unit condominium style complex is located West of Crooks Road, on the South side of Big Beaver Road. The work will be completed in April of 2000, said Remigius Zak, CEO and VP of Nola Profil, U.S.A.” This project will be a showplace of both our products and our workmanship. The 50 year guarantee on the materials and installation is traditionally unheard of in the metal roofing industry. Unlike your typical shingle or standard flat metal roof, NP ELIT roofs are made of Swedish steel, and are profiled (formed) to look like Spanish style terracotta. The metal is dipped in zinc, primed, painted and then coated with a specially engineered sealant to give it beauty and its extensive guarantee. An ice breaker shield is applied to the roof underlayment, then the metal panels are screwed onto a fabricated wooden grid, allowing air to flow under the metal roof. This process prevents condensation damage and direct heat to the roof’s wooden underlayment. The installtion of this innovative roof allows the structure to cool in the summer and stay warm in the winter. Old shingles are ultimetely vast mountains in landfill sites. NP metal roofs are recyclable. They reflect heat, repel snow and sealout rain. The roofs come in eight standard colors, or can be custom ordered in a color of your choice.This unique style of metal roof will look beautiful on both residential and commercial structures.”These NP ELIT metal roofs will have a real impact on the residential market. Consumers are tired of not having no real choice. It’s been either this type or style of shingle or that type of color and shingle. We have a product available that will outlast shingles, carry a longer guarantee, is safe for the environment and designed with beauty in mind. As the U.S. market grows, Nola Profil, U.S.A. may open a manufacturing plant in Michigan. We will be looking for interested distributors and installers

throughout the United States,said Mr.Zak. To reach Nola Profil, U.S.A; call 810-459-9524 or E-mail to: nolausa@earthlink.net

Adacel Awarded New Simulation Support Contract with USAF

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) January 10, 2006

Adacel, an industry leader in software integration, simulation development, and voice recognition technology, announced today it has signed a new Training Systems Support Center/Contractor Logistics Support (TSSC/CLS) contract option with the United States Air Force (USAF).

The contract option, valued at US$ 3.2M, is for one year of support for what is projected to be a 10 year Tower Simulator System (TSS) life cycle.

Under this new contract option Adacel will assume full responsibility for the maintenance and support of over 90 USAF TTS’s located at sites worldwide. Services will include: configuration management and documentation, maintenance and update of software baselines, 24/7 on call trouble shooting, system repairs, spares management and reporting.

“We have worked diligently with the US Air Force to ensure that their systems are continuously and seamlessly supported, and this new contract option demonstrates the trust they have placed in Adacel,” said Fred Sheldon, Adacel CEO. “We take pride in ensuring that our systems meet the operational needs of our customers. There is little value in having a state-of-the-art simulation system that is not properly supported. With Adacel, our clients get a comprehensive long term solution.”

As part of the TSSC/CLS, Adacel will also provide a web-based Integrated Data Environment. This environment provides the Adacel and the customer direct access to all support related documentation as well as contract related plans, technical documents and performance metrics.

Adacel is the leading provider of air traffic control training simulators worldwide. Adacel’s radar and visual control tower training products are used by: NASA, the U.S. Air Force, Army and Marine Corps, the Federal Aviation Administration as well as over thirty air navigation service providers around the world.

About Adacel

Adacel provides software technology and systems integration solutions across the globe. The company is a supplier of critical security, aviation (air traffic management), speech recognition, and defense simulation and security systems for government and business entities.

Adacel’s products can be found in more than 30 countries. With a commitment to customer support and extensive research and development, Adacel is recognized as a leader in simulation, system integration and software development.

Adacel was established in 1987 and listed on the ASX in 1998 (ASX: ADA). The Company’s U.S. operations area headquartered in the I-4 Technology Corridor of Orlando, Florida. Adacel has offices in Washington, D.C., Montreal Canada, Melbourne, Australia and Manchester, United Kingdom.

For more information please visit us at http://www.adacel.com

# # #

Adacel Awarded New Simulation Contract with ENAV

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) January 17, 2006

Adacel, an industry leader in software integration, simulation development, and speech recognition technology, announced today that it has secured a new contract with the Italian air agency, ENAV. The new ENAV contract is for 26 MiniMax Part Task Tower (PTT) simulators.

The new PTT simulators employ the industry-leading MaxSim

Hotel Condo Services, LLC is Announcing its Management Contract with Destiny Palms Hotel Maingate West in Kissimmee, Fl.

Kissimmee Fla. (PRWEB) January 6, 2008

The Kissimmee, Fl. based management company Hotel Condo Services, LLC is announcing its management contract with Destiny Palms Hotel Maingate West in Kissimmee, Fl. This is the fifth contract of its type for HCS. Destiny Palms Hotel Maingate West is located at 8536 West Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway, Kissimmee Fl., and is conveniently located within minutes to all Orlando attractions.

At Destiny Palms Hotel Maingate West, you’ll experience warm hospitality and luxury amenities unlike any other condo hotel in the area. Located less than one mile from Disney’s Animal Kingdom, less than three miles from the Main Entrance to the Walt Disney World

Echo-Factory Advertising Lands Contract with Allied Anesthesia Medical Group

Rancho Cucamonga, CA (PRWEB) August 13, 2010

Echo-Factory advertising announced today that it has been selected to provide advertising and marketing services for Allied Anesthesia Medical Group, Inc., a leading physicians group in Orange County.

“We are excited to be working with such a highly respected and experienced group of doctors,” said Mike Schaffer, co-founder and Principal of the Southern California advertising agency. “Allied Anesthesia was looking to differentiate itself, and we are looking forward to working with such a well-regarded medical group.”

Echo-Factory, which is headquartered in Rancho Cucamonga California has built a reputation for bringing a creative edge to advertising projects and campaigns. The company specializes in raising exposure for clients through traditional advertising, public relations and new media, including search-engine optimization and social media marketing. The ad agency recently won “Best of Show” at the 2010 Inland Empire ADDY advertising awards.

Allied Anesthesia Medical Group provides anesthesia services for St. Joseph Hospital of Orange, Children’s Hospital of Orange County and several other medical centers. The medical group’s anesthesiologists run the most efficient operating rooms in California and are the exclusive anesthesia providers for the second busiest OR in the state.

“Allied represents the standard for medical excellence in anesthesia, and part of our job will be letting people know how important that is,” Schaffer said. “Allied physicians provide the highest quality of care.”

Echo-Factory Advertising was selected through a competitive agency review and pitch process against other Southern California agencies, and will be Allied’s agency of record.

The assignment will include market research, competitive analysis, rebranding, website development and advertising.

“I am so very happy with our choice of ad agency and look forward to the advancement we will surely achieve with Echo-Factory’s assistance,” George Kanaly, Allied Anesthesia’s chief operating officer and executive vice president.

About Echo-Factory: Echo-Factory was launched in 2008 by two ad-industry veterans, Dea Goldsmith and Mike Schaffer. They formed an agency – centered on creativity and a personal approach to projects – that brought advertising, marketing, design and photography under one roof. Echo-Factory has been rapidly growing and has tripled in size in the last two years. Last November, the agency moved from Upland California to larger offices in Rancho Cucamonga California. Echo Factory’s clients include Altura Credit Union, Kapco Aerospace and lighting manufacturer Precision-Paragon P2 among others.