WFH House by Arcgency is a Sustainable Modular Home Made of Three Shipping Containers

wfh house 4

Located in Wuxi, China, the WFH House by Arcgency is made of three shipping containers combined to create this beautiful Nordic-style home. The sloping green roof sits atop an open, spacious interior, which is made of a single container on one side and a stacked set on the other. The style can be customized for various climates, layouts, and plots of land.

wfh house 1

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The containers are lined with insulation covered in bamboo, and the central space is airy and open with skylights that fill the area with natural light. The second floor consists of bedrooms for the kids, with a giant glass curtain overlooking the living area.

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The roof is lined with lush greenery that filters rainwater and provides natural insulation, along with solar cells and sustainable bamboo draped along the exterior. The home is a simple, cost-efficient modular design, especially for those living in areas with extreme heat or a high risk of earthquakes.

wfh house 5

The building components are simple and minimal, and undergo a graceful aging process that minimizes wear and tear and reduces maintenance costs.

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Shipping Container Home for Orphans Inspires Environmental Awareness

Container Home Build 6

Located on a 26,000 square meter agricultural smallholding in Midrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, the New Jerusalem Children’s Home aims “to become one of the best children’s homes in Africa in the provision of holistic and integrated quality care to orphaned, abandoned, abused, traumatised, vulnerable and HIV positive children.” Founded in 2000 by two sisters, Anna and Phina Mojapelo, the current facilities include nurseries, dormitories, a communal kitchen and dining area, a crèche, a Montessori preschool, play area, and a permaculture vegetable garden.

Container Home Build 9

Container Home Build 4

4D and A Architects worked with New Jerusalem to develop new housing and facilities and settled on the use of recycled shipping containers instead of the traditional brick and mortar option. In a heart-touching news story about the Home, broadcast by local news station, SABC, a reporter and cameramen visited after the first phase of the shipping container home project was completed.

The resulting structure is environmentally-friendly, after the architect, Sean Wall, and his team solved problems of waterproofing, the installation of a functional sanitation system, and providing for adequate insulation, while achieving a colorful, livable aesthetic and “environmentally pleasant” solution. The project was entirely funded by donations and houses thirty of the eighty children in the Home.

Container Home Build 2

The children who live here are mostly discarded at birth, and there was some resistance to the shipping container idea, as Anna and Phina were uncomfortable about putting abused and orphaned children in containers. However, the new structure has inspired the children into participating in keeping the area clean and recycling, even going so far as to call it a “five-star hotel.”

Adrienne Feldner, of organizational sponsor, Orange Babies, says, “I think it’s awful for the children to always be the recipients, to always be on the receiving end of charity and never to be in a position to give.” She says that the children’s involvement in the environmental concerns of the Home has “given them a sense of dignity.”

All developments of New Jerusalem are centered on the education of the children, as well as the protection of their environment.

If you are inspired to help the New Jerusalem Home to continue in their efforts, their website’s Get Involved page calls for volunteers, a wish list of needed items, and methods for donations. Orange Babies, a non-profit that sponsors New Jerusalem with food, medication, and baby things, accepts donations and sponsorships. The BackaBuddy website has a “donate now” button to facilitate online donations to specific causes, including the New Jerusalem Children’s Home.

Container Home 9

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InterModal Design Ships Prefab Homes Worldwide

Shipping Container Modular Home External outdoors

Shipping Container Modular Home External outdoors

A subsidiary of Hive Modular, InterModal Design, manufactures durable, prefabricated homes from recycled shipping containers that can be shipped almost anywhere in the world. Shipping container shelters from InterModal Design (IMD) can be used for off-the grid living as primary residence, guest house, or office space. Dwellings can be built out with essential comforts such as kitchen space, a living room that can be transformed into a sleeping area, and bathroom facilities.

With a 3-in-1 structure, the IMD home maximizes the space of the container, creating a single structure with multiple functions. Chairs can be stored flat and a bed and table are installed in a drop-down fashion to be stowed away when not in use.

Shipping Container Modular Home double story

Shipping Container Modular Home double story

Several units are available, with pricing and details in spreadsheets on the IMD website, starting at US$35,000. Upgrades can be requested and custom projects are billed at $100 per hour. You cover costs of site preparation, delivery, and setup, with many areas requiring building permits for additional costs.

While you must assume responsibility for compliance with your local jurisdiction code ordinances for container usage, InterModal Design is available to assist with modifications to containers and designs to bring it to code.

Shipping Container Modular Home Design

Shipping Container Modular Home Design

Each standard plan includes basic furnishings, plumbing and electrical, but check the spec sheets for details on specific finishes to determine your need for upgrades. As your container home is being built, you can prepare your site, set the foundation, and hookup any necessary utilities. Delivery may require a crane and set crew. IMD will assist you in determining the best solutions for foundations and installation.

All products from IMD come with a 1-year warranty, honoring any state-required home warranties in the United States beyond that period of time.

Shipping Container Modular Home internal diagram

Shipping Container Modular Home internal diagram

Shipping Container 2 story home

Shipping Container 2 story home

Shipping Container Modular Home External outdoors

Shipping Container Modular Home External outdoors

New Orleans Architect Turns a Dumpster Into a Pool

Dumpster Dive DeLux The Pool Box

Stefan Beese, a New Orleans-based architect, has dove into an innovative form of recycled design with the “Dumpster Dive DeLux”, a pool made out of a defunct dumpster. You won’t be finding any cool old furniture when you jump in, but it will definitely feel much more luxurious.

The 22’ x 7’ steel refuse container is lined with protective foam insulation and pine wood slats on the exterior. The modular design makes it simple to pack it up and move it to a new location, so you don’t have to worry about leaving your dumpster pool behind if you move to a new neighborhood.

Dumpster Dive DeLux The Pool Box End

Dumpster Dive DeLux length

Organic Farm in Shanghai Has New Visitor’s Center Constructed From Freight Containers

With the recent popularity of container architecture, we are seeing some beautiful designs from recycled freight containers, the new hotel and office for Tony’s Farm in Shanghai, by design firm playze, features traditional Chinese typologies combined with a livable aesthetic to bring an stylistic elegance to what could otherwise be a cumbersome form.

Container Architecture in Shanghai at Tony's Farm

Founded and owned by Tony Zhang, Tony’s Farm is Shanghai’s largest organic vegetable farm, providing natural, safe, organic produce to thousands of Shanghai residents each day. The farm is dedicated to soil improvement, water cycle system purification, and grows food without chemical fertilizers, hormones, or additives. No genetically-modified vegetables are permitted.

Container Architecture in Shanghai at Tony's Farm

The new 11,400 square foot visitor center at Tony’s Farm, constructed of 78 shipping containers, will be used to welcome farm guests. Hotel rooms will be built in the second phase. It features a lobby and reception area, VIP area, courtyards, operational offices, and a store, with a connection to a packaging warehouse.

Container Architecture in Shanghai at Tony's Farm

Sustainability was a primary goal in the construction and operation of the design. Heavy insulation has been used in container walls, some of which are perforated to allow for natural lighting, while retaining the exterior’s raw industrial appearance.

Container Architecture in Shanghai at Tony's Farm

To visually and physically connect interior and exterior spaces, the building is designed as a continuous spatial sequence, inviting visitors to explore.

Container Architecture in Shanghai at Tony's Farm

On the second level, two connecting bridges lead to the office wing, which is covered by an existing warehouse. Offices are sheltered beneath an existing room to form an inner facade towards a production hall.

Container Architecture in Shanghai at Tony's Farm

Container Architecture in Shanghai at Tony's Farm

Container Architecture in Shanghai at Tony's Farm

Terraces transition between interior work and leisure spaces. From the cantilevered main entrance, visitors are greeted at the reception desk in a three-story high lobby adjacent to an inner courtyard.

Container Architecture in Shanghai at Tony's Farm

Energy efficiency concerns were addressed with a geothermal heat pump for heating, cooling, and controlled ventilation. Additional green approaches include LED lighting and locally-produced bamboo flooring.

Container Architecture in Shanghai at Tony's Farm

Container Architecture in Shanghai at Tony's Farm

All photos copyright Bartosz Kolonko

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Extreme Home Built with Old Containers

The Zdroj family lost their home in the Bastrop fire, but a new one seemingly from the ashes took its place. You may have noticed it on a special episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition recently. It was built by EFC Custom Homes and designed by Danze & Davis Architects, and in fact showcased some shipping container construction with help from Numen Development, the firm behind the Cordell Residence. There’s also recycled-content Cuerda Seca by Fireclay Tile on the entry exterior and other products from green home-improvement store TreeHouse.

[+] Watch The Zdroj House episode on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.


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Choice Container Home Retreat in Spain

If you’re looking for a unique place to stay in Majorca, Spain, just minutes from the center of Palma, there’s a posh-looking home built with shipping containers which is offered for rent through startup Airbnb.  The one-bedroom, one-bathroom house has a kitchen, Japanese garden, washer/dryer, outdoor deck, and pool included in the rental from roughly $113 per night.  It’s quite the awesome abode, from what I can tell of the pictures, and provides another example of what can be done with old shipping containers.

Credits: AirBnB/Balbina and Miquel Angel; noticed at Gizmag.

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The First Container Home in the Hamptons

This is The Beach Box, a shipping container house in the dunes of Amagansett, New York, off Montauk Highway.  The home is believed to be the first in the Hamptons to be built from shipping containers and was developed by Andrew Anderson with six-modules from New York-based SG Blocks (the same company behind the Harbinger House).

The four SG Blocks containers on the ground level have all four bedrooms, while the two on top have the open kitchen, living room, and dining room.  In total, Beach Box has four bedrooms, two-and-a-half bathrooms, and 2,000 square feet with a bonus of 1,300 square feet of exterior deck space.

Beach Box, which is located about 600 feet from the ocean, was built with EcoTop counters, tankless water heating, a 16 SEER HVAC unit, spray foam insulation, a white thermoplastic roof, Energy Star appliances, and FSC-certified cyprus siding and decking and white oak floors, according to the listing by Douglas Elliman.

In addition to the cyprus siding, this home has an exterior cladding of fiber-cement and energy-efficient windows with low-E glazing.  The landscaping is finished with indigenous beach grasses.

For those in the area, owner and developer Anderson has the Beach Box listed for sale with an asking price of $1,395,000.  Meanwhile, Anderson recently closed on a lot nearby, according to the NY Times, and expects to build a more luxurious shipping container home to be valued in the range of $4,000,000 – $5,000,000.

[+] More about The Beach Box from developer Andrew Anderson.

Credits: The Beach Box.

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Eco-Pak is a New Home in a Container

James Green is an aircraft structural engineer who found a creative solution when designing a home for a remote site in Turkey (that wouldn’t allow a concrete foundation).  Green decided to structure the house around a shipping container with an extended skeleton of removable frames.  Seeing more potential, he then patented the idea and teamed up with architect Matthew Coates of Coates Design Architects in order to deploy “Eco-Pak” as modular and sustainable housing.

Eco-Pak is an interesting twist on the standard shipping container home in that the structural parts of the home are packed and shipped in a container.  The container is then integrated as a module in the structure of the home, such as for the kitchen, living room, or bedroom.

We are doing something ENTIRELY different … it’s one thing to renovate the inside of a shipping box but quite another to create an eco-friendly home that uses the box as structure,” according to a statement by Coates, an architect at the firm that designed the green-roofed Ellis Residence.

Coates and Green plan to adapt Eco-Pak to affordable, off-grid, emergency, and maybe even luxury housing.  A prototype is scheduled for completion in 2013, and I’ll keep tabs on the new modular venture to provide updates as they happen.

[+] More about the Eco-Pak at Building Container.

Credits: Coates Design Architects.

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Solar Shipping Container House in Colorado

This is a solar-powered shipping container house in Nederland, Colorado.  It was designed by Studio H:T and completed in 2010 with two shipping containers that straddle a social and open central area with the kitchen, living room, and a loft, according to ArchDaily.  Studio H:T designed to award-winning home to be off-grid with a combination of solar orientation, passive cooling, a green roof, pellet-stove heating, and solar PV.

If you like this home, view our archive full of shipping container projects.

[+] More photos of the Shipping Container House at Studio H:T.

Credits: Braden Gunem Photography.

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