Floridians Eye Hurricane Forecast At WIND Conference

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) February 01, 2013

Gulf Coast homeowners and businesses eagerly await reports as professionals related to the windstorm insurance industry and storm damage restoration assemble from across the world in Orlando, Florida this week for WIND’s Annual Conference. In the wake of massive flood and wind damage from superstorms of recent years, including Katrina, Charley, Frances, Ivan, Jean and others, alarms have been going off, and property insurance rates have gone through the roof … even if insurance is still available for such events as sinkhole and flood! These topics are front-and-center at WIND.

Since 1995, the size of storms in the Gulf has increased 35%. Having been “bulls-eye” at one point in the progression of four successive, major Florida hurricanes in a row in the mid-2000′s, the author and her North-Central Florida neighbors have experienced the fears and insurance rate hikes, with prayers for those whose homes were devastated or loved ones lost. Their eyes are now turned toward the WIND conference prognostications, insights and exhibitors.

Of local Florida interest at the conference, also, are solutions for anticipated future storm effects, the latest technologies for things such as foundation underpinning or grouting for Florida?s weak soil conditions and sinkhole remediation as presented by exhibitor, Foundation Services of Central Florida, wind and water damage repair by Florida Source Construction, and properly constructed and reinforced sea walls, a specialty of Stable Soils of Florida.

Windstorms are a serious matter, deadly serious. North America’s extreme weather disasters have increased 500% over the past three decades, according to the world?s largest reinsurance company, Munich Re. Further, strategic business futurist, Joyce Gioia, predicts continuing major changes in violent wind and rainstorms, with rising storm surges and flooding, adding: “Flooding is responsible for 36% of the loss of life from weather-related events.”

Most recently, massive Hurricane Sandy ravaged hundreds of miles from the Gulf Coast all the way up the Eastern Seaboard. This added to the hurricane devastations of 2004-2005 to force sweeping changes in insurance laws, court proceedings and claims processing concerning sinkhole, inland flooding, storm surge and wind damage, as well as new attention focused on advances in construction technologies, restoration techniques, weak soil erosion and sinkhole risk, properly designed sea walls and more.

That?s why this year’s WIND conference is highly focused on these issues, including special sessions on Florida developments, with top professionals from all different disciplines and points of view to discuss trends, research, their insights, claims processing software and predictive tools, as well as reparations and construction for storm aftermath.

Quite timely, WIND chose noted hurricane season forecaster, Dr. William Gray, for Wednesday’s Keynote Speech: “Past and Likely Future Variations in Hurricane Wind Damage.” After discussing the unusual hurricane season of 2012 (including Sandy!) and outlook for 2013, Dr. Gray shared insights into the surprisingly large multi-decadal cycles in US landfalling major hurricane activity.

His conclusion? The US has been unusually fortunate in recent years since 1995 (except 2004-2005 and Sandy) in avoiding major hurricane wind and flood damage, but should not expect this luck to continue. His research further indicates that approximately 80-85% of tropical cyclone related damage (normalized for population and wealth) is due to major hurricanes. Also, it is unlikely that there is a significant impact of rising levels of CO2 on tropical cyclone activity.

Windstorm Insurance Network, Inc. (WIND)

Full Sail Real World Education Announces the Educational Media Design and Technology Master’s Degree, Florida Educational Technology Conference to also Highlight Degree and Feature Full Sail

Winter Park, FL (PRWEB) January 25, 2008

Full Sail Real World Education (http://www.fullsail.com) announces their Education Media Design and Technology (EMDT) Master’s Degree, a 12-month online program packed with cutting-edge curriculum and technology. This innovative, one-of-a-kind degree serves as one of two Master’s Degrees currently available to bring Full Sail’s total degree offerings to 13 within the entertainment media industry. The EMDT degree tailors to creating and developing future leaders in education and corporate training fields.

“A 21st century curriculum for the 21st century learner,” said Holly Ludgate, Ed.D, Full Sail’s Program Director for EMDT. The EMDT degree spans across several areas of technology, education, design, corporate training and theoretical perspectives through a custom-built learning management system.

“Whether your passion is in the K-12 setting as an educator, or a corporate trainer wanting to learn new strategies to engage your audience, this multi-faceted degree will provide a foundation necessary to meet the needs of the students and workers of today and tomorrow,” added Ludgate. “This degree will give you hands-on experience of creating, tailoring and implementing effective uses of technology in your workplace.”

Ludgate will be at the Flordia Educational Technology Conference (FETC) on behalf of Full Sail from January 22 – 25 at the Orange County Convention Center. The annual conference brings educators together to plan the future of technology for their schools and districts. “At FETC, educators are brought together to discuss how to bring the technology that students are using at home into the classroom,” said Ludgate. “Through the EMDT degree, educators will learn how to use the technology and implement it into their curriculum, and having the opportunity to discuss it with them first-hand is invaluable.”

Since 1979, Full Sail Real World Education, a college outside of Orlando, FL, has been an innovative educational leader for those pursuing careers in the entertainment industry. With over 27,000 alumni, graduate credits include work on Oscar, Emmy and GRAMMY-winning projects, best-selling video games and the #1 grossing U.S. concert tour seven out of the last seven years. Full Sail’s 178-acre campus proudly welcomes over 5,600 students from 50 states and 47 countries.

Full Sail currently offers a total of 13 degree programs including: Associate of Science Degrees offered in Graphic Design, Recording Arts and Show Production & Touring; Bachelor of Science Degrees offered in Computer Animation, Digital Arts & Design, Entertainment Business (online), Film, Game Art, Game Development, Music Business and Web Design & Development; and a Master of Science Degree in Education Media Design & Technology (online) and Entertainment Business (online and on-campus).

Students on-campus experience a real world education with a professional class structure of 8-12 hours per day and a 24-hour around the clock schedule which earned Full Sail the Most Innovative Program Award by the Florida Association of Postsecondary Schools and Colleges. The college has also been named: The Harvard of Game Schools by Tips & Tricks Magazine; one of the top three New Media Schools by Shift Magazine (alongside the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and New York University); one of the Top Five Game Degree Programs in the world by Electronic Gaming Monthly; one of the Best Music Programs in the country by Rolling Stone Magazine; one of the Best Music Business Departments in the Schools That Rock: The Rolling Stone College Guide; and one of the Best Film Programs in the country by UNleashed Magazine.

For more information about Full Sail, please visit http://www.fullsail.com.


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GlobalMedia Joins Polycom at 2008 HIMSS Conference

Scottsdale, AZ (PRWEB) February 14, 2008

GlobalMedia (http://www.globalmedia.com), a leader in telemedicine solutions, will feature the very latest innovations in telepathology and teledermatology at 2008 Annual Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Conference & Exhibition in at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL February 25th–28th. The HIMSS conference is the biggest annual event in the healthcare IT industry. Attended by thousands of decision-making executives, the conference continues to grow in attendance, up 17% from the previous conference.

“We are excited to be teaming with Polycom to provide innovative solutions in the health care information systems and management field,” said Joel E. Barthelemy, Managing Director of GlobalMedia. “We are confident that the overwhelming majority of decision makers who attend the HIMSS conference will welcome our offering of next generation collaborative tools as means to more productively deliver health care solutions.”

GlobalMedia, a Polycom Arena Partner, will feature innovative technological advances in telemedicine applications for pathology, dermatology and diagnostics. Demonstrations of the GlobalMedia and Polycom solutions will take place in the Polycom display at booth 6785.

“Our partnership with Polycom strengthens our commitment to truly integrated collaborative solutions for health care professionals,” said Barthelemy. “The positive reception to our products and services by the HIMSS community is a significant factor in our combined leadership positions in the market. This year’s offerings continue that leadership position by providing solutions that will enhance information sharing and management in health care, leading to improved efficiencies and to improved quality of patient care.”

About GlobalMedia Group, LLC

GlobalMedia is a privately-held company dedicated to improving the delivery of global technologies that circumvent physical limitation of modern healthcare. GlobalMedia’s products give front-line caregivers, first responders, scientific and medical professionals the tools to save money, but more importantly, to improve the quality of healthcare. Headquartered in the USA in Scottsdale Arizona, GlobalMedia’s team of software developers and customer-centric liaisons work closely with clients, developing solutions to meet their present, future and evolving telemedicine needs. To learn more about our innovative and cost-effective solutions within telemedicine, visit us online at: http://www.globalmedia.com or call us at +1 (480) 922-0044.

About the Polycom ARENA Program

Polycom ARENA is an ecosystem program designed to expand the applications for Polycom’s collaboration technology and accelerate the delivery of new solutions for customers in a variety of industries by enabling software applications providers, hardware device manufacturers, and conferencing solution providers to integrate their products with Polycom’s industry leading unified collaboration platform to create new applications. Polycom ARENA ecosystem partners can develop, test and certify interoperability between their solutions and the Polycom platform of voice, video and content collaborative solutions. Customers benefit from the industry expertise of Polycom ARENA ecosystem partners who are building standards-based solutions that fully interoperate with the Polycom unified collaboration platform and installed base of video conferencing systems. Additional information is available: http://www.polycom.com


The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) is the healthcare industry’s membership organization exclusively focused on providing global leadership for the optimal use of healthcare information technology (IT) and management systems for the betterment of healthcare. Founded in 1961 with offices in Chicago, Washington D.C., Brussels, and other locations across the United States and Europe, HIMSS represents more than 20,000 individual members and over 300 corporate members that collectively represent organizations employing millions of people. HIMSS frames and leads healthcare public policy and industry practices through its advocacy, educational and professional development initiatives designed to promote information and management systems’ contributions to ensuring quality patient care.


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RISARC’s RMSe-bubble Launches at the Annual Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Conference

(PRWEB) February 22, 2008

Orlando, FL Technology has pushed modern medicine to new heights, creating greater success in patient healthcare. It’s also created new responsibilities to safeguard the privacy of patients and their health information.

With HIPAA laws placed in effect by Congress, the way doctors, hospitals and insurance providers have done business for years will change. It is an exciting time for healthcare, finally, there is technology available to catapult healthcare administration to a level on par with today’s advanced medical care.

RISARC, CEO Richard Stephenson explains: “The secure and rapid transfer of medical treatment and accounting records data will be as revolutionary in the healthcare industry as the transformation of the mail system twenty years ago by Federal Express or the introduction of the ATM machine in the banking and retail industries. Getting this technology right fulfills the revolutionary promise of HIPAA, made by Congress more than a decade ago, to finally bring the healthcare industry up to the data access and transfer standards we have all enjoyed in virtually every other area of the economy.”

At this year’s HIMSS Conference, held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando Florida from February 24 – 28, 2008. RISARC will be presenting the RMSe-bubble, an immediate security solution that facilitates health information exchange. With seamless system integration and the capability to interface with existing systems, there is no need to wait and waste time or money, while a special security system is developed. Documents in healthcare are traditionally moved through manual laborious efforts by courier or mail, opening the opportunity to lose valuable, private information and be in danger of HIPAA violations.

The RMSe-bubble changes that. It reduces the volume of mailed or couriered documents and provides complete traceability for all transactions in a secure, HIPAA-compliant environment with electronic document exchange.

But security is only a portion of what the RMSe-bubble does. It helps you concentrate on what really matters; your patients. You get to focus on delivering quality healthcare, while the RMSe-bubble increases your savings and productivity. It allows hospitals and doctors to quickly and securely exchange medical records, advancing medical research by allowing research facilities around the world to easily share information and collaborate on projects.

The RMSe-bubble also has the ability to improve the referral process by giving specialists anywhere access to receive, review and diagnose patient records in virtually no time. The RMSe-bubble offers a direct cost effective solution for hospitals, insurance companies and ancillary providers to communicate and reduce overhead and the labor costs of photocopying and mailing.

Access to data must be timely and keep tempo with diagnostic decisions and treatment plans, the RMSe-bubble allows for this. The RMSe-bubble is instrumental in helping the healthcare industry move into the EMR environment.

The RMSe-bubble is the future of healthcare, the future of patient security and the future of a healthier environment.

President and CEO, Richard Stephenson will be available for interviews at the HIMSS Conference. Please contact Monica Busby at 310-860-7735 for availability.


Local Executive Suite Owner Announces Worldwide Access and Launch of Online Conference Room Reservation Portal Designed to Meet Growing Global On-Demand Needs of Small Space Users

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) March 31, 2008

Orlando entrepreneur Catherine Price has announced a new focus on providing services that allow Execu-Suites Office Business Center clients to work from any location, whether that be in the office, at home or in another city location anywhere in the world.

Execu-Suites Office Business Centers feature the traditional business services most commonly provided by executive suite companies, such as live phone answering, receptionist services, and mail services. However Orlando-based Execu-Suites Office Business Centers goes a step further when it comes to making it easy for clients to work out of another city location temporarily for free, book conference room time in its Orlando locations online, and search worldwide for other Executive Suite offices.

Through a strategic affiliation with Alliance Business Centers Network, Execu-Suites offers choice beyond their two local Orlando locations. Execu-Suites clients have the ability to access day office or conference room space at over 600 other locations worldwide with the first 8 hours per month free. This service works well for client Kevin Burleson-Web of UDP Co., Ltd. who states: “On a recent trip to Atlanta I had some down-time between appointments. I was able to go to an office to work, pick up emails and make telephone calls in a professional and comfortable environment. The staff in Atlanta was terrific and treated me in just the same way as if I were one of their tenants. This is a good and useful addition to the excellent service I already get at Execu-Suites.”

Execu-Suites has also made it easy for clients who need to secure a permanent office presence in another city. Through its affiliation with Search Office Space of America, Execu-suites now offers worldwide search capabilities online for those needing to secure full time or virtual office space in almost any major city location around the world. Visitors to http://www.execusuitesinc.com can choose from over 1000 worldwide locations and contact a representative directly.

In addition to the expanded locations offering and worldwide search capabilities, Price has created an online portal which allows clients to check meeting room availability and book meeting room time online at her two Orlando locations. Allen Baum, Vice President of RealManage, speaks highly of the online booking program as follows: “While speaking with a prospect in Dallas, we can book the conference room by coordinating the manager’s schedule and Execu-Suites conference room availability all at the same time. Phenomenal!” The only one of its kind, plans are in the works to market the online conference room program to other independent owners around the US.

“Execu-Suites is dedicated to providing, image, flexibility and a total array of cutting edge business services designed to fit the growing on-demand officing needs in this fast paced global economy,” said Price. Execu-Suites Office Business Centers can be found online at http://www.execusuitesinc.com

About Catherine Price

Catherine Price has founded four companies and has advised small businesses for more than 25 years. During her 17-year tenure with NationsBank of Florida, Ms Price created the Florida Banks Small Business Lending Division through which she helped small and medium size businesses obtain conventional and SBA financing. Her executive suite companies have helped thousands of large, midsize, and home based businesses work more professionally, and more profitably.

About Execu-Suites Office Business Centers:

Execu-Suites has been providing cost-effective workplace solutions since 1998, offering companies and individuals the products and services required to work and thrive in today’s global on-demand economy

Services range from full time Officing to Virtual Office alternatives designed exclusively to support the growing trend of mobile professionals and those working from home. In addition to our two Orlando locations, Execu-Suites offers conference room/day office access to over 600 worldwide locations through their affiliation with the Alliance Business Centers Network. Execu-Suites also provides the ability to search for Executive Suite locations in most metropolitan cities worldwide through its affiliation with Search Office Space Of America. Execu-Suites operates locally in the Downtown and Southwest Orlando areas.

For more information please contact:

Catherine Price

Execu-Suites Office Business Centers

Phone 407.236.0400


# # #

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Full Sail University to Have Strong Presence at The Florida Educational Technology Conference

Winter Park, FL (Vocus) January 23, 2009

Full Sail University (http://www.fullsail.edu ) is exhibiting (Booth 1101) at this year’s Florida Educational Technology Conference (FETC) located at the Orlando Convention Center to showcase how Full Sail immerses students through technology, and is offering interactive stations and experts within the field of entertainment media, business and education. Full Sail will also be showcasing its Education Media Design and Technology (EMDT) Master’s Degree, an innovative 12-month online degree program.

The Full Sail Booth will incorporate four interactive stations that will include: discovering the benefits of Mobility such as Myspace and Spore, Youtube, Podcasting, and Second Life. In addition, staff from Full Sail University will be presenting at the conference featuring Dr. Richard Repp to discuss, ”How Not to Convert a Traditional Class to an Online Format,” and Kathy Craven on the topic of ”Digital Storytelling: Recipe for the Effective Educator.”

The EMDT degree is tailored to creating and developing future leaders in education and corporate training fields. “A 21st century curriculum for the 21st century learner,” said Holly Ludgate, Ed.D, Full Sail’s Program Director for EMDT. The EMDT degree spans across several areas of technology, education, design, corporate training, and theoretical perspectives through a custom-built learning management system. The degree program will also be presented through the Podcasting Network and through Apple Podcasting at the convention.

“Whether your passion is in the K-12 setting as an educator, or a corporate trainer wanting to learn new strategies to engage your audience, this multi-faceted degree will provide a foundation necessary to meet the needs of the students and workers of today and tomorrow,” added Ludgate. “This degree will give you hands-on experience of creating, tailoring and implementing effective uses of technology in your workplace.” On January 23, Full Sail will then partner with Apple in an early evening reception to showcase how the Education Media Design and Technology program utilizes Apple products to inspire filmmakers, innovators and creators on the theme of “Teachers are digital storytellers.”

About Full Sail University:

Since 1979, Full Sail University, located outside of Orlando, FL, has been an innovative educational leader for those pursuing careers in the entertainment industry. With over 30,000 alumni, graduate credits include work on Oscar, Emmy and GRAMMY

NFi Studios Attends ASAE’s Association Technology Conference and 2009 Southwest Showcase – January 26 – January 28, 2009

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) January 23, 2009

NFi Studios is pleased to announce their presence and participation at ASAE’s Association Technology Conference and Expo for 2009. This event is the premier technology conference for the association community. This conference offers more than 50 Technology Idea Labs on the most important technology issues affecting associations’ today.

NFi Studios will join one hundred exhibitors to showcase and demonstrate MemberFuse in its 2.0 version with innovative features for the association and nonprofit industry.

“We look forward to the education and networking opportunities that ASAE’s Association Technology Conference and Expo provides. We also anticipate building new relationships and acquiring current insight into the association and nonprofit industries.” (Sterling Raphael) We invite you to stopover at booth #330. You can also follow up with conference details on Twitter @Tech09.

NFi Studios will also attend the 2009 Southwest Showcase at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas presented by the Texas Society of Association Executives, TSAE – Thursday, January 29, 2009. “Southwest Showcase is the premier educational event and showcase in Texas, offering an affordable opportunity to learn from experts, discover business, meeting and hospitality solutions, network, and more – in one day, at one location.” TSAE provides association professionals a community for collaboration, learning and leadership growth. NFi will be in attendance not only to showcase MemberFuse but also to demonstrate the new website and community for our Texas client, Independent Bankers Association of Texas. We look forward to engaging other Texas associations and organizations as we celebrate our partnership with IBAT. Come visit with us at booth #633.


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