Boots Classes Now Feature SolarBridge Pantheon Microinverter

Get Solar Trained on Commercial Monitoring Equipment

Seriously, our MegaLab is bursting at the seams with super awesome solar stuff! One of the latest to arrive is a Power-One Aurora 10.0 480V commercial scale inverter! Not only is this inverter efficient, it’s stylish too. With integrated DC & AC switches, this three-phase inverter is uniquely designed to control the performance of PV panels, especially during periods of uncertain weather. (We are also really happy to receive the 10.0’s single phase little brother, the “3.0”! It’s just as stylish as the big 10.0, but smaller.)

But Power-One does more than build beautiful inverters, they also make AuroraVision, precision monitoring equipment for larger systems. Power-One’s. Here’s a picture of our lab manager Dale, holding the Aurora Environmental Commercial Control Unit, a clever gizmo that integrates four instruments into one device, to save space, simplify installation, and seamlessly communicate with their larger Commercial PV system monitoring solution, the Aurora Vision Universal Commercial.

Given that commercial solar installations are expanding so rapidly, training on commercial monitoring equipment like AuroraVision is invaluable for companies expanding into Commercial Projects. Thank you to our partner Power-One for helping us in our commitment to keeping our Labs equipped with the most current equipment. Power-One, You Rock!

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REFUsol’s Inverter Technology meets Boots

Last week we featured REFUsol‘s super snazzy high efficiency solar transformerless inverters technology in our Commercial Solar PV Construction Mega Lab. Commercial solar is currently the fastest growing segment of the solar industry. To keep up with the current staffing demands of this expanding and rapidly transforming industry, we here at Boots work hard to keep our curriculum filled with the most current and high quality technology.

We are happy to be teaching our students on some of the best technology in the industry. REFUsol has been in the inverter industry since the 1960s, when they began building inverters for drive systems and energy converters for trains. They have now grown to become one of the top manufacturers in the world delivering 3-phase string and central PV inverters.

Students learning about REFUsol‘s transformerless
inverter technology.

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Boots Launches Commercial Solar MegaLab Training!

Something totally new is happened in solar education! Boots on the Roof just taught our first Commercial Solar installation MEGALAB!  Students loved it! What’s a MEGALAB?  We have run hundreds of solar courses by now, and even though our students love our courses, we always have students that want even more time building in the lab. This new class is just for that! It’s an almost entirely hands-on lab course! 

Because the fastest growing segment of the solar market is commercial-scale solar, (roof-top PV systems of about 100 KW or so) we stuffed this course with equipment intended primarily for commercial scale projects.  Students got to build with many different kinds of commercial racking systems, with different kinds of panels, commercial scale inverters, and even monitoring equipment! And there is even more commercial-scale equipment on trucks headed this way right now, so our next Commercial Solar PV Construction Megalab, February 20th -24th  will have even more awesome solar toys to learn with.

If your job entails planning, estimating or managing the installation of commercial PV systems, this is a great course for getting hands-on experience with a variety of solutions in a short period of time.   Those of you already in commercial PV know that correctly estimating time and labor costs for a big installations can be the difference between profit and loss, so what better way to learn about the “nuts and bolts” of big solar systems, than to get your hands-on the very same nuts and bolts, from a variety of manufacturers!

Boots receives a great new CreoTecc racking system

We like it because once the fames are up, the panels drop into place with no tools needed!

 We’re excited to have Creotecc in our new Commercial Construction Lab!

What’s Creotecc?  It’s a very innovative solar racking system, where standard solar panels just “drop in” to the frame with no tools needed.  You need to hold the panel in your hand and place it in the frame yourself to really get how cool this system is.  We need to thank our friends at Session Solar for hooking us up with Creotecc.  Session Solar works with their parent company in Germany to bring these innovative products to the US solar market, and we are delighted to add this racking system to our lab environment.

This is exactly the kind of innovative, UL listed solutions that Boots seeks out for our Commercial Solar classes.

Want a chance to get “hands on” with Creotecc, and other innovative solar racking systems? 

We’ve created Commercial Solar PV Construction – MegaLab to give PV Construction Professionals an opportunity to work with Creotecc, and other innovative commercial racking systems.

If you are planning to expand into Commercial Rooftop Solar in 2012, we’d like to talk with you about how our new courses may support your plans.

 BTW – need to put a smile in your day? – check out the video for Session Solar’s cool new song!

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Boots on the Roof rings in the new year with a new Partnership

Unirac! Wow these guys are tough! Not only are they tough… they are fast too. Boots on the Roof is excited to announce our partnership with Unirac, and the addition of their ISYS Ground Mount  to our Mega Lab! Lots of our students have requested training on larger ground mounts, which is one reason we are happy to be incorporating this system into our classes. This system is said to be one of the fastest systems to install with the least amount of labor. Unirac claims an installation time of more than 10 modules per man-hour, making it a great option to teach our commercial students!

Why do we like Unirac for our students? Ground mount systems are a growing part of solar in North America. Unirac is always looking for ways to improve the design of their products, with the intention of reducing installation time.  For this reason, the ISYS Ground Mount is an ideal option for large scale commercial projects that we are proud to offer as an option to our students. Thank you Unirac!


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Boots on the Roof partners with eIQ Energy

We are excited to announce our new partnership with eIQ Energy of San Jose! This Silicon Valley company is revolutionizing the industry with their parallel solar technology, featuring the vBoost DC to DC converter module, designed to make solar energy systems more efficient and affordable. 

Boots on the Roof is committed to teaching our students using the most innovative products available.  We are adding 12 vBoost modules to our 8,000 square foot solar training facility. Training on this new equipment will be featured in our Commercial Construction MegaLab PV 270 staring in January, and will also be added to the Parallel Solar Design Exercises of our Commercial PV design course as well. We are impressed with eIQ’s vBoost modules used in the megawatt scale project for Granite construction, and are excited to integrate this technology into our curriculum.  

Thank you eIQ Energy for your generous contribution to our training facility and in partnering with us to help provide most up to date solar training in the industry!

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Boots on the Roof Partners with Legrand

We just received a new Legrand Delta Strut racking system for our Mega Lab! This one of a kind system is brilliantly designed to integrate both support framing needs and cable management in one system. Legrand has been providing their wire mesh cable tray system for cable management on bigger projects, so it’s an evolutionary step to blend the cable management and racking into a single structural element.

We are thrilled to add hands-on construction labs with this unique racking system to our Commercial Solar PV Construction class because it’s is a great option for large scale commercial projects. This racking system is innovative because of it’s open structure design, which incorporates the cable pathway close to the panels for protection against wind, direct sunlight and extreme weather conditions. We are excited to share Legrand’s Delta Strut racking system with our students. Viva Legrand!

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Soliant Energy Supplies Commercial Rooftop Solar Solutions to Portuguese Market

Monrovia, CA (PRWEB) September 8, 2010

Soliant Energy, the leader in concentrated photovoltaic solar energy systems for commercial rooftops, today announced that it has completed the first installation of its commercial rooftop CPV solar energy solutions in the Portuguese market, in partnership with Turiprojecto, a leading Portuguese construction company. The solar energy producing system, built around the Soliant Energy SE-500X, was successfully installed by Sunwind on Turiprojecto’s corporate headquarters in Alverca, Portugal. SunWind, the renewable energy subsidiary of Turiprojecto, is also serving as Soliant Energy’s integrator in Portugal, Spain and North Africa . Turiprojecto will use the new rooftop Soliant Energy system to generate energy for company use and as a display installation for prospective customers.

“We are proud to be part of what we believe is the first rooftop CPV system to be installed and in-use in Portugal,” said Dr. Terry Bailey, president and chief executive of Soliant Energy. “Portugal, and the neighboring southern European and Northern African regions, are excellent target markets for Soliant. The hot, dry climates make solar a cost-effective renewable energy source and there are acres of flat industrial rooftops to turn into energy power plants. We look forward to working with Turiprojecto and SunWind to capitalize on this opportunity,” continued Bailey.

“For over the past twenty years we have been a leader in commercial, logistic and industrial business parks construction in Portugal. Turiprojecto’s and SunWind’s work with Soliant Energy reflects our belief in the potential of commercial rooftops to provide profitable solar energy production systems to our customers with access to the most innovative renewable energy solutions available,” said Jos

Commercial Debt Foreclosure Wave Likely, Covendium Warns

Orlando, FL (Vocus/PRWEB) April 26, 2011

The shaky recovery from the 2008 recession is starting to show some real progress, but another looming debt problem is being overlooked: Over $ 1.4 trillion of commercial debt is coming due and will require refinancing over the next three years. Nearly half of these loans are now underwater, and lenders do not have enough liquidity or incentive to refinance them. With so much focus on residential and public sector financial concerns, this issue is being all but ignored by the government and the media. Gregg Grauer, CEO of commercial debt restructuring specialist Covendium LLC, says the solution will have to come from the private sector.

“America is at a commercial real estate crossroads right now,” states Grauer on The Compass, Covendium’s blog. “We need to give honest, hard working property operators a better choice than walking away from their commercial property.”

Low interest rates in the early- to mid-2000s fueled a commercial borrowing spree, and many of those loans are coming due in the next few years. A report by the Congressional Oversight Panel (COP) estimated that more than half of the commercial loans that will mature in 2011 to 2014 are underwater, and warned of the need for action.

“A significant wave of commercial mortgage defaults would trigger economic damage that could touch the lives of nearly every American,” the COP cautioned.

The Congressional Oversight Panel explained that empty commercial buildings could lead directly to job and apartment loss, and banks’ reluctance to lend could further reduce available credit, leading to a negative economic cycle. Despite the COP’s warnings, no significant action has been taken to prepare for the potential crisis.

Lenders are already flush with more commercial property than they can reasonably manage. Unlike liquid assets, commercial property quickly degrades in value if it is not actively managed. Covendium estimates that a property taken into foreclosure can lose up to 40% of its fair market value if it is not placed back into active service within 24 months. Unfortunately, too often lenders cannot or will not refinance commercial loans, even though doing so would avert foreclosure and allow payments to continue.

Local governments, of course, have an interest in stopping commercial foreclosures to prevent the resulting loss of property tax revenue and blight that they bring to a community, but many cities and municipalities are already struggling with gaping budget shortfalls, and have no help to give. The Federal government is focused on trying to reduce the deficit, and the idea of extending any capital for commercial mortgage refinancing is extremely politically unpopular.

“The solution to this problem isn’t going to be tackled by our politicians, and the media is too focused on consumer woes to report on the commercial-private-public cooperation that must be engaged to get our economy back on its feet,” says Grauer.

Covendium says the solution is going to have to come from the private sector. Debt resolution specialists bring lenders together with entrepreneurs to restructure loans that are preventing properties from being competitive and cash-flow positive. Solutions might range from a period of discounted interest, conversion of debt to equity, a reduction in principle balance or obtaining capital from a private source to purchase the debt at a discounted price from the lender.

Private companies that are in a position to help both parties renegotiate the terms of loans must take charge of preventing this potential crisis. Grauer declares, “As business leaders, it is our obligation to encourage a rational conversation on strategies to get our nation’s economy on track.”

For more information about the wave of commercial debt now coming due, or any of Covendium’s products or services, call them at (407) 284-4000 or view them on the web at

About Covendium

Covendium specializes in comprehensive commercial debt restructuring and resolution for clients whose financial model has been adversely impacted by debt service payments that have become unsustainable.

For some clients, all they need is an experienced negotiator to provide their lender with the reality of the financial situation and the tool-set to restructure their obligations. For other clients, Covendium may assist in the replacement of the debt from a bank to a private funding source.

Their team of professional advisors has successfully restructured billions in transactions, with dozens of banking institutions (including major national, regional and community banks) and over 30 separate non-bank financial counterparties.

Bad things happen to good people. Covendium is a premier national debt resolution firm that helps their clients with everything from commercial foreclosure in Chicago to recapitalization in Miami to unpaid principal balance in Phoenix to discounted pay off in Charlotte.