This Week in Energy News – February 22, 2013

This week in Jetson Green Energy News, New York City is preparing for the next big storm and a California land rush could result in alternative energy providing the state with 100% of its power needs.

New York City East River Blueway Plan

Proposed: Four Miles of Manhattan’s East River to be Redeveloped with Storm Barrier

WXY Architecture + Urban Design, working with local officials and community groups, has developed the East River Blueway Plan to redevelop a stretch of Manhattan’s waterways to combat storm water surge, calling “for the creation of wetlands, parks, bicycle and pedestrian pathways and bridges, and the redevelopment of a disused beach under the Brooklyn Bridge.”

Toyota Sponsors 4,500 Trees for New York Restoration Project MillionTreesNYC

Founded in 1995 by Bette Midler, the New York Restoration Project (NYRP) has launched the MillionTreesNYC effort, a collaboration with the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation and other local organizations that has plans to plant one million trees in New York City by 2017. Toyota has already agreed to sponsor the planting of 4,500 trees towards this year’s annual goal of 15,000.

Renewable Energy Projects in California Could Meet 100% of the State’s Power Needs

A land rush on California’s farming region to plant solar farms adds up to 227 proposed solar projects that, combined with wind and other renewable energy sources, “generate enough electricity to meet 100% of California’s power needs on an average summer day,” the California Independent System Operator says.

Net-Zero Certification Program Launched by EarthCraft Virginia

Currently in a pilot stage, a two-art certification program being designed by EarthCraft Virginia will provide projects and homeowners with “Net-Zero Ready” and “Net-Zero Certified” status for energy-neutral and energy-positive residential buildings. The program is targeted to new construction in the southeastern United States.

National Research Council Report Advises Department of Defense to Continue LEED Efforts

A new report that has been compiled by the United States National Research Council, as requested by Congress, on “the use of energy-efficiency and sustainability standards for military construction,” has reviewed previous efforts by the U.S. Department of Defense to achieve LEED Silver or equivalent ratings in new construction and major renovations and gave them the “thumbs up.”

Renewable Energy Breakthrough Uses Geometry to Trap Solar Power

Researchers at Illinois’ Northwestern University have found a way to triple the period of time that light can be trapped within thin-film photovoltaic cells by “manipulating the arrangement of a polymer layer on an organic solar cell.”

Emerging Technologies Could Affect Building Industry Sustainability Efforts

A list of the most promising technology breakthroughs, released by the World Economic Forum’s Global Council on Emerging Technologies, which are expected to enable humans to deal with problems related to tackle population growth, resource demands, and other sustainability issues, included organic electronics, three-dimensional printing, self-heating materials, and remote sensing.

Public Demonstration of Tiny Houses in Washington D.C. Aims to Change Minds and Regulations

Boneyard Studios, founded by Brian Levy and Lee Pera, has created a community of tiny, movable houses as public demonstration of the trend in residential downsizing, hoping to “encourage changes in local laws to permit smaller, more affordable living options here and on vacant land across the city.”

Changing Business Models to Embrace Sustainability Equates to Increased Profitability

A study conducted by MIT Sloan Management Review and The Boston Consulting Group has revealed that “companies reporting profits from sustainability rose 23 percent in 2012, to 37 percent of the total” and that “that companies in developing countries change their business models as a result of sustainability at a far higher rate than those based in North America, which has the lowest rate of business-model innovation and the fewest business-model innovators.”

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High-End Sustainability, Big City Tiny House, Easy Green Prefab, + Comfortable Efficiency

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Resorts West Welcomes Visitors to New Luxury Lodge at Park City Mountain Resort

Park City, Utah (PRWEB) September 16, 2009

Resorts West, the only true provider of the luxury mountain resort experience, has been selected to manage operations at Silver Star at Park City, a new luxury, slope side property at Park City Mountain Resort at the base of the Silver Star chair lift, also adjacent to the Park City Golf Club. Silver Star will be open in full completion for nightly rentals for the first time this winter season. Accommodations include condominiums, town homes and cottages, in two-five bedroom floor plans.

“Silver Star is one of the only luxury slope side properties at Park Mountain City Resort, and we feel it will be an excellent addition to our inventory.” said Joe Ballstaedt, CEO and Chairman, Resorts West. “Silver Star’s unique location and adjacent mountain village, various types of magnificent accommodations, distinctive on-site amenities and ski and golf access complement our mission to provide the best experience for our guests. We’re excited to provide this enhanced experience at Park City Mountain Resort. “

At Silver Star, guests have direct access to Park City’s incredible trail system, as well as the highly acclaimed municipal golf course, “The Park City Golf Club.” It’s a true four season destination nestled around a unique village concept at the base of Park City Mountain Resort’s Silver Star chair lift (separate from the main Park City Mountain Resort base area). Silver Star guests will appreciate front desk and concierge services; Silver Star Market & Caf

Smart Destinations’ Go City Cards Help Families Plan Fun, Affordable Vacations

Boston, MA (PRWEB) April 06, 2011

Smart Destinations, provider of Go City Cards, multi-attraction passes designed to save travelers time and money, offers the perfect solution for families who want to maximize savings and convenience without compromising on fun this travel season.

With rising gas and airfare prices, maximizing value is a key priority for most travelers this summer. A recent survey of travel preferences, conducted by Smart Destinations, found that U.S. consumers are actively seeking value, defined as savings in terms of money, time and convenience. Additionally, 75 percent of travelers actively try to get discounted admission in advance if there is a specific activity they want to do on their trip, and 95 percent of travelers would buy admission in advance if they could “skip the line” at popular attractions. Go City Cards make it easy for traveling families to get the value and convenience they crave.

Go City Cards Deliver Maximum Value with Minimum Hassle:

Myriad Botanical Gardens Selects KISSS To Irrigate Oklahoma City Garden Showcase

Longmont, CO (PRWEB) February 3, 2011

Oklahoma City has chosen the revolutionary KISSS system to irrigate the grounds of the Myriad Botanical Gardens. The installation will consist of approximately 91,184 linear feet of KISSS Below Flow Flat and Below Flow Wrap. KISSS, short for Kapillary Irrigation Sub Surface Systems, will provide efficient water saving benefits to the site as well as subsurface fertilization that will eliminate harmful chemicals from the surface to create a safe oasis for visitors. In addition, visitors to the gardens will be exposed to a safer environment free from slippery, wet walkways caused by sprinkler overspray.

The project, a part of Oklahoma City’s Project 180 Phase One, was initiated in April 2010 and is scheduled for completion in April 2011. KISSS will irrigate plants and trees throughout the 17-acre outdoor garden facility.

“The plans in store for Oklahoma City through Project 180 are ambitious and we’re thrilled that KISSS is a part of the makeover,” Dave Hunter, President and CEO of Irrigation Water Technologies America Inc., said. “Taking on such a large scale renovation that includes hundreds of live and some rare plants is a challenge, one that project planners knew the IWTA team could meet. Once the project is complete we’ll leave Oklahoma City residents with an efficient, cost-effective and safe botanic garden to enjoy for years to come.”

KISSS works by pulsing water through subsurface lateral irrigation lines to a geo-textile fabric which, using capillary action, disperses water into the soil just below the roots. The geo-textile fabric maintains moisture uniformity along its length and allows soil to absorb water as needed at a slower and more effective rate. The polyethylene backing on the fabric also mitigates the potential for water loss through downward percolation. With proper scheduling, KISSS will sustain an optimum soil water balance, eliminating the “feast or famine” soil moisture condition delivered by other systems. Fertilizers can be run through the system providing nutrients from beneath the surface while eliminating harmful chemicals on the surface and reducing contaminated run-off. The KISSS system uses approximately 50 percent less water than a traditional sprinkler system with less power, fertilizer, and other chemicals resulting better turf and plant quality.

Oklahoma City’s Project 180 is a three-year, $ 140 million redesign of downtown streets, sidewalks, parks, and plazas to improve appearance and make the central core more pedestrian friendly. The Myriad Botanical Gardens’ outdoor grounds, located in the city’s core and adjacent to the Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory, include 17 acres of gently rolling hills. Hundreds of trees, including both native and non-native species, are planted throughout the grounds and unique and popular specialty gardens dot the outdoor landscape displaying ornamental plants. Current plans call for changes throughout the garden, including the addition of a grand performance lawn, a children’s discovery garden and play area, water features, an ice skating rink, a restaurant and caf

Powerful WiFi antenna used in California and New York City now being used for Nigeria Hotspot

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) July 18, 2004

New, patented antennas from WiFi-Plus, Inc. which are being used in city-wide WiFi deployment in Lancaster, CA and electronic signage networks on the streets of New York City, is connecting Chevron in Nigeria to the world through an 802.11b hotspot.

David Clark EVP and GM of Joost™ to Deliver Keynote at AdMonsters Fifth Bi-Annual US Leadership Forum in New York City

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) March 11, 2008

AdMonsters, an association dedicated exclusively to online advertising operations and technology, today announces that David Clark, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Joost™, the world’s first broadcast-quality Internet television service, will deliver the keynote at their fifth US Leadership Forum.

AdMonsters’ Leadership Forum gathers the some of the most senior members of ad operations teams from all types of digital media companies, including media owners, advertising networks, digital agencies, and technology and outsourced solutions providers. In the past, this forum has tackled issues including handling late creative submissions, streamlining agency and publisher workflow, and identifying new and emerging advertising technologies for online advertising. The incorporated workshops guide attendees to define clear, best practices on a variety of topics related to their industries.

Mr. Clark’s keynote will examine the complex, and sometimes thorny relationships between sales teams and their peers in operations as online continues its shift from primarily a medium for direct response marketing to one of major importance to major brand advertisers. According to Clark, “operations teams at media owners must continuously expand their core competencies to handle a wider range of tasks. They must be able to target to the valuable audiences advertisers are after. This can be a tricky proposition with the growth of social networking sites and others that rely heavily on user generated content.”

Clark will highlight key strategies for successful operations teams in 2008 and how they will evolve within the industry over the next three years — as well as sharing key lessons learned that can be leveraged by the broader ecosystem that is emerging. Drawing on more than 15 years’ experience in television, advertising and online media, Clark will use a mixture of specific case studies and advertiser and agency feedback to highlight some of these key shifts in digital marketing.

As the online marketing grows “beyond the browser” to encompass an array of platforms, marketing becomes increasingly complex. It is almost always the operations teams at the media owner who bear the brunt of this growth. “This group, the ad operations teams, is now getting a strategic seat at table and truly working with commercial teams and agencies to deliver on the promise of online advertising. They’ve long ago moved from the boiler rooms to the front lines of digital marketing and are shepherding the way forward,” Clark said.

“Online Ad Opersations is made up of many complex moving parts. These include the media planning and creative agencies, sales teams from media owners, third party rich media and delivery providers, and the advertising technology and operations teams at media owners and ad networks. With online advertising growing faster than any other segment of the industry, it is critical that all these parts move together in an efficient and scalable manner. The Leadership Forum helps get us there by bringing all the key stakeholders together under one roof,” said Matt O’Neill, AdMonsters President.

He continued, “Dave is in a unique position to offer insight and clarity on these issues as he has been on the front lines of media for years. He’s directly tuned in to what advertisers want and what technical issues we as an industry must clear in order to deliver on what they want.”

The goal of the day is to identify common pain points shared across the industry and work to come up with sensible, tactical solutions to these issues. Participants will be able to return to their offices with fresh ideas for how to better deliver value to their customers as well as a specific tool to achieve this.

Past participating advertising agencies include:, Avenue A / Razorfish, Centro, Horizon Interactive, MEC Interaction, Mediavest Worldwide, Neo@Ogilvy, OMD Digital, Organic, Starcom IP, TargetCast tcm and Wahlstrom Group. Past attending publishers include: A&E Television Networks,, Bizjournals, Classified Ventures (, CNET Networks, CNN Money, Conde Nast, Cox Newspapers, Inc.,, Financial Times, Fox Interactive Media, Hanley Wood, Hearst Digital, IAC Partner Marketing, Jetix (, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, McClatchy Interactive, MSN, MTV Networks, MySpace, NBC Universal, New York Times Digital,, Sports Illustrated, The Weather Channel, Time Inc., Turner, US News and World Report, Warner Bros., WeatherBug, Yahoo! Inc. and more.

About AdMonsters

Founded in 1999, AdMonsters LLC is the only professional association dedicated exclusively to online advertising operations and technology. AdMonsters provides a unique forum for ad operations professionals to communicate, collaborate, socialize, network, and identify best practices. AdMonsters’ bi-annual conferences focus primarily on topics such as ad serving and related technologies, ad production, inventory and yield management, advertising products, policies, procedures, and industry standards and are considered to be essential by professionals in the field.

With more than 370 member companies worldwide, AdMonsters membership now includes senior leaders and decision makers in ad technology and ad operations from most of the top-tier media publishers in the US, and many in Europe. Dedicated to the ad operations industry, AdMonsters offers a full suite of ad operations training classes, consulting services and holds two conferences each year which is open to those in ad operations roles at advertising agencies, ad networks, portal and publishers. AdMonsters is supported in part by the sponsorship of companies interested in building strategic relationships with our members. For more information please visit: AdMonsters Website,


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The 39th Annual Park City Ski Swap Ushers In The Start Of The Winter Ski and Snowboard Season November 4 – 6

Park City, Utah (PRWEB) October 26, 2011

The 39th annual Park City Ski Swap will take place November 4, 5, & 6 at the Basin Recreation Field House in Park City, Utah. One of the largest, oldest ski swaps in North America, the Park City Ski Swap features over 25,000 sq. feet of new and used skis, snowboards, boots, poles, clothing and accessories all under one roof. ?The ski swap started out small in 1972 but has grown to one of the largest ski swaps in the country? said Park City Ski Team Program Director and General Manager Jesse Hunt. ?With people trying to make every dollar go further we believe this year?s ski swap will be one of the best ever and we are ready with 50% more checkout stations to improve the shopping experience.? added Hunt.

The Park City Ski Swap will operate Friday night November 4th from 8pm-1am, Saturday November 5th from 10am-6pm and Sunday November 6th from 10am-2pm. Admission is $ 10 on Friday, $ 5 on Saturday and $ 2 on Sunday. Children under 12 are always free. For more information on the Park City Ski Swap, including how to sell your equipment at the swap, go to or call 435-649-8749. All proceeds from the Park City Ski Swap benefit the Park City Ski Team a (501) c3 non-profit organization.

About The Park City Ski Swap:

The Park City Ski Swap is run by the Park City Ski Team and its umbrella organization, The Park City Ski Education Foundation, a (501) c3 non-profit organization. The Park City Ski Team relies on donations, grants, tuition and fund raising efforts to fund a comprehensive year-round ski program aimed at developing young athletes in Park City and the surrounding communities. For more information on The Park City Ski Team visit their website at


ATCO Quiets Large New York City Power Plant

Queens, NY (PRWEB) November 17, 2011

ATCO Structures & Logistics today announced that it has successfully quieted New York City?s newest power plant. ATCO?s noise abatement for Astoria Energy II, the second power block of the 1,100 MW facility in Queens, N.Y., passed the project?s strict noise level compliance criteria. New York noise laws are among the most stringent in the United States.

?I am extremely proud of the work we did on this project,? said George Lidgett, Executive Vice President, Operations and Manufacturing, ATCO Structures & Logistics. ?ATCO?s proprietary technology has earned us global recognition in noise abatement and this plant?s proximity to the world-famous Steinway & Sons piano factory, a playground and residences were crucial considerations for ATCO in designing a cost-effective noise mitigation solution for the Astoria project.?

ATCO provided acoustical consulting, mitigation design, product supply and site quality assurance for the 550MW initial power block of the new combined cycle power plant and then designed, supplied and constructed all noise abatement measures for the 550MW second power block. The second power block included all structural steel and acoustic wall and roof assemblies for a 3,600 square metre turbine hall, a fuel gas compressor building, a gas-insulated switchgear enclosure, and a freestanding acoustic wall measuring 33 metres tall and 182 metres long. ATCO also designed and supplied localized noise mitigation for the air-cooled condenser.

The construction site was small and bordered by water on three sides, creating logistical challenges that ATCO overcame through creative design, just-in-time delivery of all materials and detailed construction management.

ATCO Structures & Logistics offers modular buildings, site services and industrial noise control solutions worldwide. With manufacturing facilities in North America, South America and Australia, a global supply chain, and operations on five continents, the company has the expertise to deliver a rapid, turnkey solution anywhere it is needed. To learn more, visit

ATCO Structures & Logistics is part of the ATCO Group of Companies. ATCO Group, with more than 8,000 employees and assets of approximately $ 12 billion, delivers service excellence and innovative business solutions worldwide with leading companies engaged in Utilities (pipelines, natural gas and electricity transmission and distribution), Energy (power generation, natural gas gathering, processing, storage and liquids extraction), Structures & Logistics (manufacturing, logistics and noise abatement) and Technologies (business systems solutions). More information can be found at

For media inquiries or for more information, please contact:

John Evison

Vice President and General Manager, Noise Attenuation

ATCO Structures & Logistics Ltd.

(403) 813-1951


MIRO Industries and Rooftop Anchor Open New Manufacturing Facility in Heber City, Utah

Heber City, Utah (PRWEB) November 01, 2011

MIRO Industries, Inc. and Rooftop Anchor, Inc. have moved their corporate headquarters to a new 30,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Heber City, Utah. The new manufacturing facility will house engineering, sales, service, factory and administrative staff and include custom metal fabrication, product manufacturing, product testing and shipping.

MIRO Industries is a segment leader (47% year over year growth) in the design and fabrication of durable, pre-manufactured pipe supports for the mechanical, roofing and electrical industry. Rooftop Anchor is a new, rapid growth entry in the design, manufacturing, testing and installation of commercial fall protection equipment. The new finished facility will employ 30-40 workers by the end of 2011. ?The location and the quality of the local workforce were key points in our decision to purchase this property in Heber,? said Nate Sargent, President of both MIRO Industries and Rooftop Anchor.

?MIRO Industries and Rooftop Anchor?s collective investment in Heber says a lot about this areas strengths. We have an excellent workforce, competitive business climate, and a strong desire to work with businesses that create jobs,? said David Phillips, honorable Mayor of Heber City, Utah. Part of the catalyst for this project were the federal stimulus funds available through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act whose goals include promoting small business in historically underutilized business zones. ?Companies like MIRO and Rooftop Anchor will be the future for economic development in Heber City and Wasatch County? said Utah House Representative Kraig Powell who represents the 54th district.

MIRO Industries and Rooftop Anchor will be holding an open house for their new facility (844 South 430 West, Heber City) on Tuesday, November 8th from 11:30am ? 1:30pm. For more information visit or

About MIRO Industries, Inc:

MIRO Industries, Inc., pre-manufactures solutions for supporting rooftop pipe, conduit, duct, cable trays, walkways, crossovers and mechanical units that prevent damage to the roof membrane and effectively support a variety of loads and sizes. Since 1982 MIRO has been providing the mechanical, roofing, and electrical industry with durable non-penetrating pipe supports.

About Rooftop Anchor, Inc.:

Rooftop Anchor, Inc. engineers, manufactures and installs a complete line of roof fall arrest and fall restraint products and services to insure new and existing buildings are OSHA Code and ANSI Standard compliant in providing roof fall protection safety for window cleaners, roofing contractors, mechanical equipment technicians and other trades working at height.