Austin 360 Roofing Now Offering Spray-On Radiant Heat Barrier to Significantly Reduce Energy Costs for Central Texas Homes and Businesses

Austin, TX (PRWEB) July 9, 2009

Austin 360 Roofing, a leading, Texas-based roofing company, has extended its energy efficiency product and service offerings to central Texas customers by supplying a spray-on radiant heat barrier. The company has partnered with STS Coatings to immediately begin delivering HeatBloc Ultra.

“Radiant heat barriers are a proven solution for lowering energy costs, especially for homes in warm climates like Central Texas,” said Eric Trybala, president of Austin 360 Roofing. “And with its ability to be sprayed on to the underside of the roof, HeatBloc Ultra can be easily and safely applied in enclosed areas like attics. HeatBloc Ultra is an industry leading radiant heat barrier, and a great addition to Austin 360 Roofing’s service offerings.”

Radiant barriers are reflective materials that block heat transfer and reduce solar energy from penetrating roofs and increasing the temperature in homes and businesses. They are normally installed on the underside of a roof and reflect most solar heat upwards. This means that very little radiant heat is emitted down into the structure, essentially keeping a building shaded from the sun.

Austin 360 Roofing is offering HeatBloc Ultra as its radiant heat barrier of choice because it adds the benefit of being able to be sprayed on to the underside of roof decks, rafters, ridge and gable ends. By applying a thin, even coat to these surfaces, up to 75 percent of the potential radiant energy transfer into the attic can be blocked, significantly reducing air conditioning costs.

HeatBloc Ultra also does not degrade over time, like traditional foil-based radiant heat barriers which can tear and can accumulate dust, diminishing effectiveness. Also unlike foil-based barriers, it does not block cell phone, antennae, or dish signals. HeatBloc Ultra is permeable to water, and does not trap water vapor within roof decks or sidewalls, an important consideration in warm attic conditions where water damage can be particularly detrimental.

“STS Coatings has a long history of supplying high-quality radiant heat barriers and other roofing materials to Central Texas residents,” said Cayce Kovacs, President of STS Coatings. “We are proud to be working with quality applicators such as Austin 360 Roofing.”

About Austin 360 Roofing

Austin 360 Roofing is a leading roofing company in Central Texas, specializing in houses, apartment complexes, office buildings, and industrial parks. The company provides expert craftsmanship in asphalt shingles, tile roofs, metal roofs, flat roofs, and green roofing solutions. Additionally, Austin 360 Roofing manages all aspects of insurance assessments and negotiations for roof repair due to hail, rain, lightning, wind, and fire damage. The company is locally owned and operated in Austin, TX, but serves the entire Central Texas area. For more information see

About STS Coatings

STS Coatings, Inc. is headquartered near San Antonio, TX. In addition to HeatBloc Ultra, the company offers several other related businesses and products including Roof Guardian Technologies, Wall Guardian

Washington DC PR Firm Picked #4 Among Top 200 Businesses by Washington Post Readers

Washington, DC (PRWEB) December 15, 2011

ProActive Communications, a strategic communications firm based in Washington, DC, and with offices in New York, was ranked fourth on the Washington Post?s list of 200 Regional Companies of Importance.

?This selection as number four among the top 200 Regional Companies of Importance by Washington Post readers is a true honor to be shared by all of the professionals on the ProActive team,? said ProActive Communications Founder and President, Mark Serrano. ?This year has marked a new pinnacle for the business. We celebrated our 15th Anniversary of providing expert public affairs, media relations, and strategic and crisis communications services. We also established ProActive Digital, a new practice that formalizes our digital public relations and online communications services, including professional video productions, content development and online advocacy platforms, and new and social media programs, among others.?

To celebrate its 15th Anniversary in business, ProActive recently launched a new company website featuring a promotional video titled, ?Meet ProActive Communications,? which provides a view into the company?s business philosophy, service offerings, and professional talent. To view the video, visit:

ProActive Communications is a strategic communications firm offering expert public affairs, digital PR, and video productions services, all integrated under one roof. For 15 years, ProActive Communications has delivered innovative and technologically-advanced communications solutions that demonstrate impact and achieve results for the business objectives of its clients. Headquartered in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area with offices in New York, ProActive Communications has served the strategic communications needs of Fortune 500 clients as well as major trade associations and nonprofit organizations since 1996.

# # #

The NFL Lockout Will Hurt Many Small Businesses, Reports Covendium

Orlando, FL (Vocus/PRWEB) June 22, 2011

NFL owners are meeting this week to discuss the status of negotiations with their players for a new collective bargaining agreement. All 32 team owners and representatives were advised to be prepared to stay an extra day if necessary to determine whether a deal can be struck before a season is lost. Covendium, the nation?s largest debtor-side commercial debt restructuring and advocacy firm, says that while cynics like to call the lockout an argument between millionaires and multimillionaires, what doesn?t get proper coverage is the challenge for many small businesses that rely on the NFL to keep their business running.

?We have a number of clients?from hotel operators to restaurateurs?that are concerned about defaulting on their loans if there were a lost NFL season,? recounts Doug Long, President of Covendium. ?Our clients have already seen a drop in revenue from the economic downturn, and the banks are not willing to bridge any gap caused by the lockout?for those clients we must go to private capital to line up emergency lines of credit.?

And the teams, neighboring businesses and vendors aren?t the only businesses that will be affected by the lockout. ?A lot of the players did all the right things: lived within their means, invested in commercial properties or small businesses and find themselves in the same situations as any other entrepreneur,? says four-time Pro Bowl player Lawyer Milloy of the Seattle Seahawks. ?Some players are using NFL salaries to keep their properties and businesses afloat. If there is a lockout, the financial backlash won?t just be felt by the player and his family.?

NFL owners may also find themselves scrambling to meet financial obligations during the lockout, but they built into the 2009 television contract a clause that would still pay the owners if there was a lockout. The validity of this clause is currently under appeal, but most experts believe that the owners will not be as hard hit as the players and small businesses that rely on the NFL as their primary means of income.

?Covendium has built its business to support the small business entrepreneur? says Jonathan Gorman, Chief Financial Officer of Covendium. ?As the likelihood of an NFL lockout increases, more businesses that rely on a large portion of their revenue during the football season are coming to us for help in arranging bridge financing or renegotiating the terms of their debt. And while I?ll never turn away a client, I?d rather be watching football on Sundays.?

For more information about the financial consequences of the NFL and NBA lockouts, or any of Covendium?s products or services, call them at (407) 284-4000 or view them on the web at

About Covendium

Covendium specializes in comprehensive commercial debt restructuring and resolution for clients whose financial model has been adversely impacted by debt service payments that have become unsustainable.

For some clients, all they need is an experienced negotiator to provide their lender with the reality of the financial situation and the tool-set to restructure their obligations. For other clients, Covendium may assist in the replacement of the debt from a bank to a private funding source.

Their team of professional advisors has successfully restructured billions in transactions, with dozens of banking institutions (including major national, regional and community banks) and over 30 separate non-bank financial counterparties.

Bad things happen to good people. Covendium is a premier national debt resolution firm that helps their clients with everything from commercial foreclosure in Chicago to recapitalization in Miami to unpaid principal balance in Phoenix to discounted pay off in San Francisco.

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Small Businesses Share The Christmas Dream: Give Them The Gift Of Investment Via Facebook and ASBC

Cincinnati, Ohio (PRWEB) November 26, 2011

Struggling to stay afloat in a down economy, small business owners and entrepreneurs alike aren?t looking forward to spending extra funds on gifts for friends and family this year. In fact, they?re probably too busy to notice the twinkling lights, shiny bows and glistening snow.

Unsurprisingly, their priorities are elsewhere as we move into the holiday season and 2012. According to American Small Business Centers, the top challenges currently faced by our local small businesses are ?finding work,? followed by ?finding financing,? and having a ?lack of growth strategy.?

They?re preoccupied, exhausted and unable to envision where their business might be over the next year.

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IBHS urges Home and Businesses Owners to Prepare Now for Tornadoes

Tampa, FL (Vocus) February 11, 2009

Tornadoes are a grim reminder of nature’s power and unpredictability. While such destructive storms were once unexpected in winter, some of the fiercest outbreaks in recent years occurred during January, February and March, as evidenced by yesterday’s deadly storms in Oklahoma.

A tornado can occur at any time of the day or year somewhere in the U.S., according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). While activity spikes between March and August, and tornado “season” slows down in the fall, it doesn’t really end.

According to Dr. Tim Reinhold, senior vice president of research and chief engineer at the Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS), “Only a few specialty buildings are designed to withstand the direct impact of a strong tornado, but good construction choices can increase the likelihood that at least part of a home will remain standing to provide some shelter. Strengthened homes near the storm’s edge would have a good chance of surviving intact or with minor cosmetic damage.”

IBHS recommends the following property protection measures to help prepare for tornadoes or other disasters and organize important information to speed recovery if necessary.

January Sees 24% Boost in Californians Buying Businesses

Dublin, CA (Vocus) February 4, 2010

More Californians were buying businesses last month than in January 2009, according to the website that matches buyers and sellers of businesses in California.–businesses for sale in California, announced that 1,074 deals were concluded in the state during the just-completed month, up 24% from the 865 closed transactions recorded in January last year.

“We’re seeing the effects of pent-up demand,” said Peter Siegel, MBA, founder and CEO of, and an entrepreneur with a record of starting, buying and selling small businesses over the past several years.

“Buyers and sellers have been hesitating to make their moves, waiting to see how things are going to shake out in the economy. But you can’t wait forever–not if you’re an owner ready to retire now, and not if you are a buyer who needs to get involved in an enterprise that will provide an income.”

Southern California counties were consistent in showing growth when comparing January of last year to last month. For Los Angeles County the increase was nearly 29%, climbing from 227 to 292 transactions. Orange County’s increase was from 80 to 96, San Diego saw growth from 51 sales in January 2009 to 68 in the just-completed month, and Riverside County posted a gain from 16 to 25.

Northern California figures were mixed. The rate of buying businesses in San Francisco was down from 40 to 34, Alameda County activity dropped from 72 to 58, and Sacramento County sales went from 33 during January 2009 to 27 last month. Contra Costa County posted an increase to 27 transactions from 15 in January last year, and numbers were up substantially in Santa Clara County, from 30 to 83.

“It’s encouraging to look at the overall trend,” said Siegel. “One important factor is that California entrepreneurs are quite resourceful. They’re making more use of strategies such as seller financing and earnout agreements to get their deals done.

“A major problem, of course, has been the lack of the funds available from business banks that buyers need to do business. Unfortunately, a lot of buyers have seen their nest eggs evaporate and that has made it more difficult to come up with the cash and the collateral required to complete a transaction.”

Siegel said it is “too soon to tell” whether the pledge by President Obama to direct $ 30 billion in TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program) funds to the small business community through local banks will “take hold like it’s intended.

“If the plan works, it could be the ‘juice’ needed to accelerate the rate of buying businesses.”

Siegel noted the long term prognosis for the small business sales market is “headed for the roof.

“When it comes to demand, we see a growing population of unemployed Americans joining the population of people who are engaged in buying businesses.

“And the supply side of the equation includes hundreds of thousands of baby boomer business owners who are getting ready to retire and to receive the equity they’ve built into their companies.” has been matching people interested in selling and buying businesses since 1994 and furnishing all interested participants in the market with sales data for the past 12 years. In addition to the opportunities and information, the site contains ideas, news and a blog page for business buyers and sellers, and the business brokers as well as the other professionals who serve them.

January sales results by California County are accessed at BizBen Statistics

and are as follows:

Alameda: 58, Butte: 8, Contra Costa: 27, El Dorado: 9, Fresno: 40, Glenn: 1, Humboldt: 1, Imperial: 4, Inyo: 1, Kern: 20, Kings: 1, Los Angeles: 292, Madera: 1, Marin: 11, Mendocino: 2, Merced: 8, Monterey: 15, Napa: 9, Nevada: 5, Orange: 96, Placer: 14, Riverside: 25, Sacramento: 27, San Bernardino: 38, San Diego: 68, San Francisco: 34, San Joaquin: 30, San Luis Obispo: 15, San Mateo: 17, Santa Barbara: 12, Santa Clara: 83, Santa Cruz: 11, Shasta: 4, Solano: 9, Sonoma: 11, Stanislaus: 24, Sutter: 3, Tehama: 1, Tulare: 14, Tuolumne: 3, Ventura: 16, Yolo: 6

For more information: Peter Siegel

Phone 866-270-6278


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Active Hurricane Season Highlights the Need to Add Hurricane-Resistant Features to Homes and Businesses, Says IBHS

Tampa, FL (Vocus) December 3, 2010

With one of the most active Atlantic Hurricane seasons on record now over, the Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) is encouraging home and business owners to use the cooler months ahead to add hurricane-resistant features to their homes and commercial buildings.

A total of 19 named storms formed in the Atlantic during 2010 – this amount equals 1995 and 1887 for the third highest number on record. Twelve of the named storms became hurricanes, with five reaching major hurricane status of Category 3 or higher.

“The U.S. was extremely fortunate not to suffer a direct landfall hit from one of the storms,” said Julie Rochman, president and CEO of IBHS. “But we cannot rely on good fortune forever. We must prepare our homes, businesses and communities by retrofitting them to better protect against the devastating fury of a hurricane.”

While home and business owners may want to wait until spring to install a new shingle roof because heating the roof cover is required to adequately seal the shingles, there are several that can be done over the winter months. In particular, strengthening the roof structure (which requires attic access) is a great project for months when the attic is cooler.

Recent testing at the IBHS world-class, multi-peril research center in South Carolina clearly demonstrated the importance of protecting openings in older buildings that do not have the steel strapping and continuous load path development required for new buildings in hurricane prone areas.

Doors and Windows

For example, during one test at the IBHS lab, the front door of at test house blew open when winds reached only 95 mph. This conventionally built home was completely destroyed. In a similar, second test of a different conventionally constructed house at about the same wind speed, the entire roof lifted off because of the combination of internal pressure from wind entering the home and the external forces of wind as it blew around the house.

To prevent this from happening, homeowners in high-wind prone regions should: