This Week in Energy News – February 22, 2013

This week in Jetson Green Energy News, New York City is preparing for the next big storm and a California land rush could result in alternative energy providing the state with 100% of its power needs.

New York City East River Blueway Plan

Proposed: Four Miles of Manhattan’s East River to be Redeveloped with Storm Barrier

WXY Architecture + Urban Design, working with local officials and community groups, has developed the East River Blueway Plan to redevelop a stretch of Manhattan’s waterways to combat storm water surge, calling “for the creation of wetlands, parks, bicycle and pedestrian pathways and bridges, and the redevelopment of a disused beach under the Brooklyn Bridge.”

Toyota Sponsors 4,500 Trees for New York Restoration Project MillionTreesNYC

Founded in 1995 by Bette Midler, the New York Restoration Project (NYRP) has launched the MillionTreesNYC effort, a collaboration with the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation and other local organizations that has plans to plant one million trees in New York City by 2017. Toyota has already agreed to sponsor the planting of 4,500 trees towards this year’s annual goal of 15,000.

Renewable Energy Projects in California Could Meet 100% of the State’s Power Needs

A land rush on California’s farming region to plant solar farms adds up to 227 proposed solar projects that, combined with wind and other renewable energy sources, “generate enough electricity to meet 100% of California’s power needs on an average summer day,” the California Independent System Operator says.

Net-Zero Certification Program Launched by EarthCraft Virginia

Currently in a pilot stage, a two-art certification program being designed by EarthCraft Virginia will provide projects and homeowners with “Net-Zero Ready” and “Net-Zero Certified” status for energy-neutral and energy-positive residential buildings. The program is targeted to new construction in the southeastern United States.

National Research Council Report Advises Department of Defense to Continue LEED Efforts

A new report that has been compiled by the United States National Research Council, as requested by Congress, on “the use of energy-efficiency and sustainability standards for military construction,” has reviewed previous efforts by the U.S. Department of Defense to achieve LEED Silver or equivalent ratings in new construction and major renovations and gave them the “thumbs up.”

Renewable Energy Breakthrough Uses Geometry to Trap Solar Power

Researchers at Illinois’ Northwestern University have found a way to triple the period of time that light can be trapped within thin-film photovoltaic cells by “manipulating the arrangement of a polymer layer on an organic solar cell.”

Emerging Technologies Could Affect Building Industry Sustainability Efforts

A list of the most promising technology breakthroughs, released by the World Economic Forum’s Global Council on Emerging Technologies, which are expected to enable humans to deal with problems related to tackle population growth, resource demands, and other sustainability issues, included organic electronics, three-dimensional printing, self-heating materials, and remote sensing.

Public Demonstration of Tiny Houses in Washington D.C. Aims to Change Minds and Regulations

Boneyard Studios, founded by Brian Levy and Lee Pera, has created a community of tiny, movable houses as public demonstration of the trend in residential downsizing, hoping to “encourage changes in local laws to permit smaller, more affordable living options here and on vacant land across the city.”

Changing Business Models to Embrace Sustainability Equates to Increased Profitability

A study conducted by MIT Sloan Management Review and The Boston Consulting Group has revealed that “companies reporting profits from sustainability rose 23 percent in 2012, to 37 percent of the total” and that “that companies in developing countries change their business models as a result of sustainability at a far higher rate than those based in North America, which has the lowest rate of business-model innovation and the fewest business-model innovators.”

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Alpen HPP Buys Serious Windows Assets

If you’re a designer, builder, or future owner of a high performance home, you’ll probably be interested in knowing that fiberglass window products previously sold under the SeriousWindows brand will now be sold under the Alpen brand.  Boulder-based Alpen High Performance Products announced the purchase of assets including the fiberglass window and architectural glass operation from California-based Serious Energy, Inc.

Originally, the same window and glass business was founded by Robert Clarke and sold under the Alpen brand from 1981 through 2008, when Serious Materials (a former sponsor of this site) bought the business, according to a statement by Alpen.

There will be a period of transition, but readers can now get the 525 Series, 725 Series, and 925 Series through Alpen.  In the future, expect more green building products, too.  Alpen CEO Brad Begin said: “As we grow our business to include other highly energy efficient products, we feel that Colorado offers a rich pool of talent for innovative green product development.

[+] More detail about Alpen’s purchase of SeriousWindows assets.

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Eco-Friendly Canvas Prints by UPrinting

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Let’s say you have a new home with naked surfaces in desperate need of some wall art.  You can drop coin on expensive art or splatter some color on a canvas — Jackson Pollock style — or you can turn your best photography or custom digital art into a canvas print with the help of UPrinting.  UPrinting offers canvas printing in two formats, rolled canvas and stretched canvas.

With UPrinting, you can design your canvas print online and have it made in as quick as two business days for rolled canvas or three business days for stretched canvas.

Rolled canvas ships in a tube and can be made in myriad standard and custom sizes.  Stretched canvas mounts on a 1.5″ wood frame in standard sizes from 11″ x 14″ through 24″ x 36″.

UPrinting creates these canvas prints using vegetable or soy-based inks with lower VOCs than traditional petroleum-based inks.  Also, if you wander from the canvas prints section, UPrinting uses only recycled paper, which is made from 55% post-consumer recycled content and a sustainably harvested component for the rest.

*This is a sponsored post; compensated Jetson Green, LLC.  That said, the reason we are writing about canvas prints from is we think you may have an interest in the product.  Click here to sponsor a post on Jetson Green. 

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Amvic Success Profiled in Canadian Business Journal

Toronto, Ontario (PRWEB) October 15, 2009

Amvic founder, Victor Amend, recently sat down with Canadian Business Journal to talk about the company’s beginnings and how it has climbed to a position of prominence within the insulated concrete form (ICF) industry. Amvic ICF ( debuted in 1999 as a result of Amend’s unsuccessful search for a concrete house and after discovering that the ICF market didn’t yet carry what he would consider the ideal building product. Being a scientist, Amend developed an ICF that would be stronger, easier to use and less wasteful in the construction process.

What are ICFs?

ICFs are permanent forms into which concrete is poured. The forms are made from two 2.5-inch expanded polystyrene (EPS) panels that are held together by polypropylene webs. ICFs are interlocking modular units and serve to create an insulated form for the structural walls of a building. Buildings constructed with insulated concrete forms are energy efficient, sustainable, comfortable and environmentally friendly.

The Amvic difference

“Our ICF is reversible,” says Gary Brown, Vice President of Business Development at Amvic “which means it doesn’t matter what way you stack it, you don’t have to turn it around. It makes things a lot easier in the construction phase. In addition, the webs holding the two EPS boards together are six inches on centre, instead of eight or 12 inches. The advantage there is a stronger block with more attachment areas for exterior and interior finishes. Drywall can be attached right on it without extra 2″ x 4″ strapping.”

Amvic ( has gone on to provide additional products to complete the building envelope. Amvic now offers a floor and roof system, called AmDeck and SilveRboard, a flat-sheet insulation coated with reflective lamination on both sides. Amvic has covered its bases, ensuring their high-performance product line is diverse enough to apply in any building project.

Green building

Amvic ICFs eliminate construction waste, prevent air leakage and have a long lifecycle. “Because of the EPS insulation, ICFs make a tight wall system,” Brown adds. “When a building envelope isn’t tight, energy is wasted because our heating and cooling systems have to overcompensate for the loss. You use less energy and have better air quality.”

If you ask Brown, Amvic has one main priority: to bring high-quality, energy-efficient, fortified and sustainable building systems to North America. “We want to enhance the growth of building products that will contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment,” he says. “It’s something we’re confident we can continue to do.”

Canadian Business Journal offers readers a glimpse into major Canadian industries including construction, energy, food and drink, healthcare, manufacturing and more, through comprehensive profiles of successful Canadian enterprises. To read the entire Amvic ICF article click here

For more information about Amvic ICFs or insulated concrete forms, visit their website at or contact Gary Brown at 416-410-5674.


ShoreGroup Announces Next Generation Business Intelligence Solution for Enterprise Contact Centers

New York, NY (PRWEB) June 23, 2008

ShoreGroup, Inc., a premier systems management solutions and IT professional services firm, today announced that its SextantTM Contact Center Analytics solution for Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise will debut at the 2008 Cisco Live Conference in Orlando, FL. Sextant is an easy to use, web-based business intelligence solution that empowers contact center management with the information they need to effectively manage critical business processes and performance.

To provide the visibility that enterprise contact centers require, Sextant systematically obtains contact center metrics from across the Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise, including carrier networks, IP and TDM contact centers, IVR systems, databases, desktop applications, agents and other resources. The information is stored in the normalized Sextant database, where meaningful relationships are formed that do not exist in contact center system database. Configurable logic specific to the contact center’s business processes, such as data access, geographical locations, role-based views, groupings and financial detail, is then applied to create a rich set of metadata that is presented in powerful real-time dashboard and historical report visualizations.

“Traditional reporting solutions have supplied contact center management with raw metrics. A major shortcoming of that approach is that there’s no actual correlation to the contact center’s business processes that must be managed,” said Jean-Pierre Ferrada, ShoreGroup’s Contact Center Services Practice Director and industry reporting expert. “With the size and complexity of today’s distributed contact centers the volume of data is staggering, and the need for effective visualization and management across the entire enterprise has never been greater. Sextant’s ability to transform raw data into timely and meaningful business intelligence, and to get that power into the hands that can act upon it, allows organizations to realize the full potential that Cisco’s enterprise contact center solution can offer.”

“Sextant’s capabilities were conceived from the perspective of enterprise contact center management, and what resources they need to succeed. For instance, in addition to our dynamic dashboard displays and reporting, we’ve added KPIs that continuously monitor current center performance across services, call types, skill groups and agents in comparison to established objectives. When KPIs are violated, an incident ticket is opened and management responsible for that specific business process can be immediately notified via email or mobile device,” said Robert McDermott, ShoreGroup’s Vice President of Convergence. “Together with our CaseSentry Systems Management platform that monitors the availability and performance of contact center systems and networks, the addition of Sextant forms a comprehensive integrated management portal that unites contact center engineering and business teams in a common quest for continual service improvement.”

The Sextant Contact Center Analytics Suite is a complete turnkey Reporting as a Service (RaaS) solution. It overcomes the barriers that organizations have in building and maintaining contact center reporting solutions by providing management consultation, system implementation, hardware and software, and ongoing support.

ShoreGroup’s solutions will be demonstrated June 23rd through 26th within the Cisco Live World of Solutions Expo, held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL.

About ShoreGroup, Inc.

ShoreGroup delivers a complete portfolio of industry-leading management applications, maintenance solutions, professional services and products for unified communications networks. ShoreGroup develops innovative management applications on its dynamic CaseSentry

Coastal Vacations Club – “Live” Travel & Business Opportunity Seminar Will be presented by Former Youth Pastor, Jeff Mills, in a Fall Tour to Florida, California, and Hawaii.

Twin Cities, MN (PRWEB) August 2, 2004

Former Youth Pastor Jeff Mills, has turned himself into a travel enthusiast and will help anyone who wants to learn how to save up to 75% off all the vacations they will take for life discover the secrets of money saving travel deals with Coastal Vacation Club.

He will show his guests how to potentially make money at his live Coastal Vacation Travel and Vacation Seminar coming many cities in the fall.

If you are in the local area, Jeff invites you to attend his Seminar, free of charge!

September 29, Orlando Clarion Universal Hotel.

October 20, San Diego County, California, Location to be determined

October 21, Los Angeles Airport Area, California, Location yet to be determined

November 3, Waukon, Iowa – Location to be determined

November 10, Honolulu, Hawaii, location to be determined

November 17, Lahaina Area, Maui, location to be determined

If the reader is in the area or would like to travel to the vicinity, you are invited to experience a seminar like no other, and Jeff Mills is prepared to give you a free meal and also a complimentary vacation certificate good for 4 nights and 5 days near the Disney World resort, which includes ONE FREE Disney world pass to everyone who registers before up to 3 days before the events begin. Register early, as these events will be completely booked.

No walk-ups are allowed, and everyone must Pre-register ONLINE to get a seat. Space is extremely limited, so register immediately.

All one has to do, to learn more, is simply register their attendance, along with ONE guest (optional) at Jeff’s website:

If you would like Jeff to come and host a seminar for your guests, or even a small breakfast or lunch group, Jeff can show you how it can profit $ 5000-$ 25,000 for only 2 hours of your time.

Jeff also will show the audience the mathematical certainty that will allow for one to simply make over $ 1 Million dollars in one year by following his seminar techniques and teachings. For those less ambitious, Jeff Mills will also show you how easy it is to make a part-time or full-time income of $ 2000-$ 10000 a month, if that is all you are looking for.

Don’t take the writer’s word for it! Check it out Jeff’s events for yourself.

Please visit:

“My name is Jeff Mills, and I am happy to help you enjoy travel, save money, and also share with you a story of how to have more money, more free time and all the joys of a home based business. Our home based business opportunity is simple to work and makes many people happy. I have already saved over $ 6500 just using my packages and made a fortune. I can show you how I did it, and how you can duplicate it too,” said Jeff.

One Coastal Vacations Retail member, Adam Bistodeau, had this to say about his Coastal Vacation package, “Using the Coastal Vacation package, I was able to travel last minute to Orlando, where I booked a One Bedroom Luxury Condo at a resort for only $ 107 for 8 days and 7 nights! I was so stoked, I used my package to stay in another resort the following week, and got the same rate, for the same amount of time! I got two weeks in Orlando, Florida, at luxurious resorts, with no timeshare presenations, and it only cost me $ 214 out of my pocket….show me a retail vacation wholesale membership which can match two weeks in Orlando for only $ 214?”

If the readers are looking for a simple, fun and effective 9 year old company to work with, then please visit: for more info about Jeff’s unique business opportunity, which allows you to work from home.

Jeff is also available as a warm and friendly talk show guest for radio or television, and would love to come on a professional show to talk about the joys of working at home and making money with the power of the internet, as well as showing your audience, how they can save up to 75% off on all the vacations they will take for the rest of their life.

Fore More Info, Jeff can be reached at:

Jeffrey R. Mills

CEO & President

Goldmills Marketing LLC

651-769-2189 (home office)

612-518-2410 (mobile)

651-204-0236 (fax)

1-888-264-5744 (voicemail)

7393 Isleton Ave S

Cottage Grove, MN 55016

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Bringing Home the Business:The 30 Truths Every Home Business Owner Must Know. By Kim T. Gordon. The Indispensable Home Business Guide from the Nationally Known Columnist

(PRWEB) April 5, 2000

Kim T. Gordon, author of Growing Your Home-Based Business, is one of the nation’s foremost experts on the small office/home office market. Now, with BRINGING HOME THE BUSINESS (Perigee Trade Paperback; March 1, 2000; $ 13.95), Gordon reveals the 30 essential truths every home business owner must know, not only to survive, but also to flourish in today’s competitive market.

Thanks to today’s low-cost technology, it’s easier than ever to stay at home and work. Twenty-four million Americans own their own home-based businesses and millions more will start one this year. However, the greatest obstacles most home business owners face are making sales and finding new customers while also mastering the challenges of living and working under one roof. With BRINGING HOME THE BUSINESS, Gordon has identified the 30 truths that can make the difference between success and failure in a home-based business and has translated them into action steps business owners can take to increase their success. It’s ideal for busy entrepreneurs and presents clear advice, guaranteed to help home business owners win more business, and live and work successfully under the same roof. By reading just one truth per day, in one month, readers will master a complete course on home business success.

From formulas for positioning a business and creating an image, to new technologies, Internet marketing strategies and tips for work-at-home parents, straightforward truths are illustrated with real-life stories of successful home business owners in a wide range of fields nationwide. Following each truth is a checklist for readers to keep them focused on their goals

Colorado Business Hires Despite a Still Uncertain Economy

(Vocus/PRWEB) December 14, 2010

Brighton, CO (Vocus) December 14, 2010 — Sashco Sealants, a Colorado based manufacturer of caulks and sealants, recently hired three new positions. In both an economy, and an industry where many businesses continue to face arduous times and layoffs, Sashco is employing new talent and expanding office space to accommodate future hires.

Sashco Sealants is recognized in the industry for unique product branding, packaging, and advertising. So, it stands to reason that the company would continue to invest in strong marketing talent. Sashco recently expanded their marketing team with the addition of Monica Catalani, Brand Manager, Dale Monahan, Senior Graphics Designer, and Brian Lawson, Network/Systems Administrator.

While countless other businesses in the home improvement and construction industry have closed their doors or downsized, Sashco continues to expand. When asked why Sashco has been able to buck the trend that has taken such a toll on many of their competitors, Marketing Manager, Debbie Bassett commented that, “Sashco has been in business for more than 70 years. We’ve learned from experience that whether you’re working though a thriving or unstable economy, one thing remains true; investing in good people will never fail you. Our history proves that pursuing after and hiring excellent people with character, integrity and talent will always cause us to stand apart in product excellence – excellent people contribute to making excellent products.”

As Sashco looks ahead into 2011 with plans to create more new positions and fill existing openings, an expansion project has begun on office headquarters in Brighton, Colorado to create more space. Bassett explained that, “We are excited about what the future holds for Sashco. We are thrilled and humbled to be in a position to be able to continue recruiting employees to Sashco of Monica, Dale and Brian’s caliber. Their collective experience and knowledge will be of great value to our customers as they represent Sashco.”

About Sashco Sealants: Sashco’s line of professional-grade home improvement products includes: Lexel — The Superior Alternative to Silicone; Big Stretch — for doors, windows and siding – won’t crack, just stretches; Mor-Flexx— have you ever seen mortar bend? Mor-Flexx looks like mortar and bends like rubber for mortar and stucco repair; Through the Roof — clear, flexible, permanent roof repair; MildewFree Sealant* — protects against mildew or we’ll replace the product and provide a contractor for re-installation, and most recently, eXact Color Sealant — want a custom color caulk you create in 3-minutes flat? Easy! No mess, no machines, no limits.

Contact: Sarah Shaffer, Sashco Sealants, 303-286-7271, sshaffer(at)sashco(dot)com.


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